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1. Colorado 'needs' rent control

This is a people's petition. We are not able to spend time making fancy graphs with numbers to show how we are struggling with rent increases. We are however working to keep feeding our families and remaining afloat. Wages are not increasing at the same rate as cost of living and that is why we want to share our current living conditions, which cannot be undermined.
From talking to one another, we have now been able to coincide that landlords are doing rent increases every 3-6 months. Some of these increases range from $25-100. A one bedroom cannot be found for less that $1000. Landlords are having no mercy and how can they if tenants can't fall back on any sort of rent increase written regulation.
Owning a home is far from being attainable when you are living paycheck to paycheck trying to make rent each month. Not knowing if your rent will be increased in the next few months only puts families on edge knowing they might not be able to afford it. Colorado, please hear your residents and regulate rent. We are drowning.

2. Mindfulness/Tai Chi & Life Skills in our Schools

Teaching kids about mindfulness has been a huge success in Robert W. Coleman Elementary School Baltimore. The school has replaced detention with meditation where kids feel like they are in control, no medication yelling or screaming. It has been said that since taking part in this program two years ago the school hasn't issued a single suspension!

“Studies show that grade-school-aged children who learn mindfulness and meditation are more focused and resilient,” says Sarah McKay, an Oxford University-trained neuroscientist and freelance science writer specializing in mind and brain. “It helps settle them down and improves concentration, particularly if done before school or after lunch breaks.” Taken form an article written in "The Wall Street Journal". Practicing mindfulness improves focus, reduces stress and anxiety, boost academic performance and provides a means to cope in the present moment. We spend time on worrying about the past or the future, however learning how to stop, breathe and make good choices in the present moment comes from practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness teaches us more about ourselves, our emotions, triggers and reactions. When we practice mindfulness we learn how to be aware, observe and to be present without prejudice or judgement benefiting in inner wellness, mental wellness and helping others do the same. Living in congruence means what we think, speak and act are all with the same intention coming from a place of who we truly are not what we have been led to believe by others. Kids need to learn ways to cope better and feel good about themselves this can be shown through teaching mindfulness, meditation and life skills.

3. Modernize City Leash Laws For Dogs

Existing code for the city specifies that dogs in public places must be kept under control on a 6-foot leash. It is believed that the code is vague concerning the types of acceptable leashes in that "or any other material" is included in the definition of a leash.

Citations have been issued by police to dog owners utilizing wireless static collars (shock collars) in place of a physical connection to their animals.

Wounded veterans and persons protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the elderly, and those having lesser physical strength than their dog are better able to control their pets using modern technologies and this petition compels the City of Scottsdale to modernize the code to include wireless control systems such as invisible fences and static control collars (aka shock collars and cintronella spray collars).

4. Bring Politicians Into Line With All Australians


5. Make Joe release that damn track

Joe has bars and his dedicated fans deserve to hear them!

6. ELIMINATE CANE TOADS; Introduce a bounty of 10 cents for every cane toad caught

In 1935, the Australian government introduced the cane toad to eradicate the cane beetle in the sugar cane plantations. This turned out to be an environmental disaster!

They are now eating vast native species, are highly poisonous, are killing all animals that eat them, are breeding out of control and spreading across Australia at an alarming rate.

I want the Environment Minister to introduce a bounty of 10 cents for every cane toad caught.

7. Arm Teachers to protect Children in Schools

Since the year 2000 we have witnessed 77 shootings in schools around the US leaving 165 students and educators dead.

This situation is intolerable and something must be done to end the madness! We can no longer leave students as sheep in a slaughter pen, they must be protected in the only way murderers understand and that is DEFENSE!

8. Arm School Staff

Stop blaming the NRA and blaming the responsible gun holders... stop trying to take our second amendment constitutional rights away.

Deputize all willing school teachers and staff, training them in proper defensive handgun procedures. Run them through a course at the local sheriff or police station.

Add a volunteer police station/office in every school.

9. Remove Handgun Caliber Restrictions in Australia

For a decade now, handgun caliber restrictions and magazine restrictions have been in effect after a tragedy involving a high caliber handgun.

Sporting shooters are unable to use handguns with a caliber of more than .38 inch or 9mm unless they are involved in a specialized competition e.g. metallic silhouette which requires a high caliber handgun.

The law entitles sporting shooters to own high velocity, low caliber cartridges but not the lower velocity, high caliber cartridges with a larger projectile. Sport shooters are also limited to 10 rounds or less which creates a major disadvantage during competition shooting events.

The purpose of this petition is to remove unnecessary caliber restrictions and increase the maximum magazine capacity from 10 to 15 keeping public safety in mind.

10. Review Australian Gun Laws

For 16 years now, law abiding firearms owners have had to put up with strict gun laws after the Port Arthur Massacre. It has been 16 years now since the Port Arthur Massacre, Its time the government and Gun Control Agencies stop using it as an excuse to keep our strict gun laws.

Statistics have shown Australian and New Zealand gun owners are among the best in the world, its time the government give something back to the law abiding firearms owners of Australia.



Parents are faced with impossible and unfair circumstances. If a child runs away, violates truancy, threatens or attacks their parent or parents the parent must in turn, continue a cycle of back/forth.

Our children’s defiance has grown out of control with disrespect and sometimes violence because the Dept of Social Services, Children’s Division has enabled this behavior at the cost of the parent. Everyone is intimidated by something or someone, but the kids have no rules set before them and are out of control.

A good parent goes above and beyond, doing whatever it takes to get their child inline; however, several parents are being faced with impossible unfair situations, while rearing or attempting to discipline their children. Some children believe they can fight their parents or run away and there is nothing the parents can do. Which at this point is very true. If a child runs away and the parent closes the door its neglect or abandonment, if the child isn’t attending school the parent can face criminal charges to include being placed in jail, etc.


Please take part in giving parents a voice and ask that the Officials over the Department of Social Services Children’s Division revise their goal to include better assistance for parents in need, rather than parents feeling threatened or numbed by these same goals set forth for the children.

For more information on the Dept of Social Services Children’s Division, Child Abuse and Neglect Goals go to:
or go to your local states webpage to review.

12. Beacon Hill Community Petition - Alcohol Impact Area Initiative

Beacon Hill neighbors have started a project called the Alcohol Impact Area Initiative (AIAI) in an effort to get an Alcohol Impact Area for the hill.

Several years ago the Washington State Liquor Control Board allowed certain areas such as Pioneer Square, the Downtown Core, and the University District to restrict or ban the sale of specific types of low cost, high sugar, high alcohol content beer and wine. These drinks are the beverages of choice for many chronic public inebriates.

Many neighbors have stories of people passing out on their lawn, drinking and loitering at bus stops and being harassed for money outside local stores or on sidewalks. Stories like these were the impetus to create the AIAI.

The process to get an AIA on Beacon Hill will likely be long and involved and the AIAI needs your help in supporting this effort. You can help by signing this petition and also by collecting cans and bottles of the targeted beverages for evidence to officials. A list of the targeted beverages as well as more details on the project can be found on the Facebook page (Beacon AIAI) as well.

13. Petition to End Torture, Persecution, and Enslavement

Many United States citizens are being implanted and monitored and controlled with biochips, DNA chips, synthetic Biology and other forms of devices that cause pain, steal memories and intelligence for the sole purpose of subverting the human for use as a weapon against humanity.

14. Improve Hackney’s Controlled Parking Zone policies


We, the undersigned, petition Hackney Council to change Controlled Parking Zones policies throughout Hackney to benefit local business and residents.

15. Support the Las Vegas Hip Hop Community

Las Vegas hip hop community has been shut out due to a memorandum sent out to casino's in Vegas area. Which prevent artist from performing and creating a positive outlook on our community.

We have several venues that have been closed and intimidated due to the police action. This keeps our community from creating a positive atmosphere, and generated capital.

16. Reforms In Intermediate Public Transport (Auto Rickshaws)

Dear Hon’ble Chief Minister Smt. Shiela Dikshit, Hon’ble Minister of Transport, Shri Arvinder Singh Lovely and transport commissioner Shri R K Verma

With regard to the problems commuters face with auto rickshaw drivers (ARD), such as overcharging and unruly behaviour, we wish to bring your attention to the following facts.

Out of the two types of autorickshaw drivers, 80 per cent are renter-drivers, renting autos from contractors who own multiple vehicles. They pay Rs 250-300 for 10-12 hours and earn the same amount in profit: half their daily taking goes on rent and CNG. Owner-drivers own their machines, although “owner” is misleading as most are repaying huge loans to auto-financiers from whom they purchased the rickshaw and the required permit. Monthly payments are Rs 9,000-15,000.

Two decisions have strengthened the auto-financiers’ hands. In 1997, the Supreme Court capped the number of autos, trying to cut emissions. No new auto-permits would be issued; nor could they be sold. Delhi’s size and population grew, but the number of autos did not. Consequently, the permit price rocketed and a black market emerged. Only auto-financiers won; their existing stock of auto-permits appreciated. In the late ’90s, a new rickshaw with permit cost just over a lakh. Today, after a decade of black-market inflation, the same package costs Rs 4-4.5 lakh: Rs 1.45 lakh for the auto, Rs 3 lakh for the permit. Meanwhile, demand for rented autos rose with new migrants, but supply froze, allowing contractors to hike rents.

Then, in 1998, the Supreme Court ordered public transport vehicles to convert to CNG by 2002. Owner-drivers had to pay Rs 30,000 each. In 2000, Delhi had 83,000 autorickshaws. In 2002, there were 55,000. The average owner-driver could not afford it; thousands had to sell their autos and valid permits cheaply to financiers. Others had their permits voided and were left unable to legally drive their autorickshaws: selling them to a financier was the only option. By cancelling and hoarding permits, financiers and the Transport Department managed to get rid of over a third of Delhi’s autos, sending permit prices spiralling.

Financiers now hold most of Delhi’s auto-permits — but in the names of the original owners (not the financiers), who sold their vehicles years ago. When a driver pays Rs 4-4.5 lakh for the auto-permit package, the permit will be transferred in his name only when the loan is repaid. Until then he drives “illegally”. Renter-drivers have the same problem: the auto-permit is in the contractor’s name, or a false name to cover the contractor’s activities.

Other methods exist to retain control. The financier will make the driver — frequently a new migrant to Delhi — sign several blank loan contracts. This gives him power to raise interest rates and deny the driver ownership even when the loan is fully repaid. It also allows him to charge extortionate “penalty charges”. Many of Delhi’s owner-drivers have been repaying loans for many years due to compound interest and “late payment penalties” of up to Rs 30,000. The contract maximises the financier’s ability to repossess the autorickshaw. Once snatched back, it can be sold to the next driver. Many vehicles have been “sold” and repossessed five or six times.

The over-regulatory regime demands Auto-drivers to carry around 16 documents with them at all times, “available” from the transport department on application. However, each application requires an absurdly long list of supporting documents: a 50-year-old Bihari driver may be asked for his old school certificates and Delhi ID and ration cards. Impossible requirements, of course, lead to bribes being offered.
Is it surprising, then, that in this distorted market, auto-drivers can’t rely on the meter? Somehow, in the midst of all these repayments, rents, bribes and challans, the autowallahs must feed their families.

Yet auto rickshaws are a vital part of Delhi’s infrastructure: they are efficient, affordable, economical, environmentally friendly — and iconic. They cannot be scrapped. Instead, the whole auto rickshaw sector must be reformed, starting with the issuance of new permits. To become a “world-class city” Delhi needs a bigger, better fleet of intermediate public transport vehicles that provide convenient public transport to residents respecting right to livelihood of the drivers.

The apex court-appointed Environment Pollution Control Authority in January this year cited the freeze ordered by the apex court on the number of autos at 55,000 in the city as the main reason for the financier mafia selling autos at an escalated cost.

17. Support The California Taxpayer Protection Act

An article in the Sacramento Bee on September 10, 2007 by Washington correspondent David Whitney summed up automatic citizenship: "Although Congress has never passed a law saying so, no president has ever ordered it, and no court has ever ruled on the issue, each of these babies automatically becomes a U.S. citizen when it takes its first breath." This is a taxpayer injustice.

Our citizens' movement will launch the national debate we need to bring an END to illegal "birth tourism" and AUTOMATIC CITIZENSHIP in the United States of America. The movement will uphold the recorded words and real intent of God, Jesus Christ, and the authors of our Constitution. To the authors and the states which passed the 14th Amendment "subject to the jurisdiction" is to mean that citizens are born to parents who are "NOT subjects of a foreign power."

The goal to stop illegal automatic citizenship is critical toward reducing the crime problem. A major reason deported criminal illegal aliens return immediately to the United States after deportation is because they have left behind children born here. Michael Chertoff, Homeland Security, reported there are two million criminal illegal aliens.

Illegal alien births: Approximately half of all births in Los Angeles County, 65% at Los Angeles County General Hospital, and 70% of all births at San Joaquin General Hospital. Now 10% of all births in the U.S. are to illegal aliens, about 385,000 annually. In California, 25% of all births are to illegal aliens, or about 300 births per day, one anchor baby born every five minutes in California.

84 hospitals, 65 emergency rooms and more than 70 acute care hospitals have closed in CA. in the last 10 years. $8.6 billion unreimbursed emergency care costs in 2007.

Most Californians do not know this, and the Democrat controlled Legislature is not going to tell them: Illegal aliens are paid 18 years of welfare checks for the anchor child in a child-only Cal-WORKS case, while federal regulation allows a five year maximum for citizens. (The initiative will prohibit the issuance of this welfare program to illegal aliens.)

From a NY Times Editorial referencing information from the Center for Disease Control: Hispanic girls have the highest teen birth rate, twice the national average, one-quarter of the girls are mothers by age 20, 50% of those births are illegitimate, for El Salvadorans 73 illegitimacy, Jamaican 86%. The Latin teenage birthrate is the fastest growing segment of the United States population, three times more than white, 1.5 more than black. Unmarried Hispanic birthrate increasing faster than any other. Unmarried teenage births: Mexican, 93 births per 1,000, white 27 per 1K, Asian, 17, black, 65, Italy 6.9, Japan 3.9.

Statistics show that teenage pregnancy produces high school dropouts, increases the chances of the offspring dropping out, earning less, using welfare, belonging to a gang, and these children are eight times more likely to be incarcerated. This Third World birth rate puts us on the fast track to unstoppable family breakdown and an exploding, expanding permanent underclass in the United States.

18. Mount Olive Dog Park Shelter Petition

The Mount Olive, NJ municipal dog park has been in existence for 2 years now, and we were promised a permanent shelter in the park to protect its users from the elements.

As no work has begun to install this permanent structure, the signatories of this petition would like to install their own seasonal, load bearing shelter as soon as possible, taking on all costs and its installation.

19. Stop Dog Breeding in our Subdivision

The Martins at 8116 La Fon Avenue, Zelma Fields Subdivision, in Louisville KY are breeding and selling dogs in their residence basement, garage, and privacy-fenced backyard. On multiple occasions, there have been as many as 6 adult dogs and 10-15 puppies in the backyard of this residence.

The backyard is less than ¼-acre lot, which is adverse to the new Louisville Animal Control ordinance restricting a homeowner to have a minimum of ½ acre of property for 3 dogs. This “business” results in unacceptable noise levels and sanitation concerns.

The noise problem has been addressed to the owners by the neighbors with no correction. The situation was also reported to Louisville Animal Control. When Animal Control responded, the dogs were put in the basement before responding to the door. The privacy fence hides the “business” from the street, but not from the neighbors in the adjoining backyards.

Owners of the adjoining properties in the subdivision must deal with noise, odor, and feces run-off from the dog-yard onto our adjoining properties. Clean up has been observed using a water hose with a spray nozzle to breakdown the dog feces in the yard and driveway. The run-off drains onto the adjoining properties. When the dogs are kept in the basement of the home, is cleanup of the dog breeding area washed into the city sewage and drainage system?

20. We strongly support Supervisor Chris Daly’s rent control amendments

Sign the Petition to Protect Tenants Rights During the Economic Crisis!

As the economic crisis worsens and unemployment is rising, tenants are finding it harder and harder to pay their rent. In San Francisco, we are organizing to help tenants afford their rents by supporting the following key amendments to the local rent control ordinance: 1) Suspend any rent increases which will cause a tenant’s rent to exceed 33% of their income; 2) Expand the rights of tenants to add roommates to help pay the rent; and 3) Limit the amount of “banked” rent increases which can be imposed in any one year. Landlords are building a strong opposition against these tenant rights proposals. We need your support. Please join our efforts and sign our on-line petition.


¡Firme la Petición para Proteger los Derechos de los Inquilinos Durante la Crisis Económica!

Con la crisis económica empeorando y el desempleo en aumento, los inquilinos ahora tienen más dificultad en pagar su renta. En San Francisco, estamos organizando las siguientes enmiendas a la ordenanza de control de renta para ayudar a los inquilinos a pagar sus rentas: 1) Suspenderán todos los aumentos de renta en donde el inquilino tenga que pagar más de 33% de su ingreso; 2) Ampliarán los derechos de inquilinos para agregar compañeros a compartir la vivienda para apoyarse en el pago de la renta y 3) Limitar la cantidad de aumentos de renta acumulados que se pueden imponer en un solo año. Los propietarios están montando una oposición fuerte en contra a estas enmiendas pro-inquilinas. Necesitamos su apoyo. Por favor únase a nuestros esfuerzos y firme nuestra petición en el Internet.

21. Road Safety and more lighting in the Friary community

We the undersigned would like there to be traffic control signs in place at the entrance to Frairy Park Estate, as there are big lorries that use the entrance to reverse into, this has become increasingly worrying for many residents as they have young children playing in this blind spot area.

We would also like to have more lighting erected on the Frairy Park Estate.

22. Stop L.A. County Wild Animal Killing

I am blessed to live in a beautiful neighbourhood, a peninsula with a hill surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, lots of trees, many wild living animals, peacocks, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, skunks of course and many more.

Two days ago I came home and noticed an Animal Control truck stopping behind my car in front of a neighbour’s home. The Animal Control officer took a cage and went into the home’s back yard. Shortly after he came back out with a little squirrel in the cage. Out of curiosity and because my inner voice told me to, I asked the officer, why he had the squirrel in the cage. This is what he told me:

The woman living on this property trapped the animal, because she was bothered by it. She then called Animal Control to send a truck for the pick up of this little critter. At this point I had to ask, what would happen to the squirrel now and was then told, that it would be brought to the Animal Control station to be put down.

I took a deep breath and asked if there was anything wrong with the squirrel, maybe it was sick or so. The officer then said, that there was nothing wrong with it, the woman just did not want the squirrel in her back yard and so, according to Los Angeles County policies, it had to be put down. I looked at the woman still waiting to see the animal go and she quickly closed her gate.

At this point I did what I had to do and started negotiating for the poor squirrel’s life. If this officer wouldn’t have released the squirrel in a park in the neighbourhood, I may have ended up in a straight jacket that evening. This lucky squirrel is still alive today but many other wild living animals, trapped by mean and selfish residents, who obviously still don’t understand the importance of a healthy ecosystem, are not anymore.

Thanks to the City of Palos Verdes, California, which allows residents to trap wild living animals. L.A. County offers support by renting traps to people for a fee, which also includes education and training on how to trap wild living animals properly. People then call Animal Control, they come, pick up, take along and kill.

A decision of the Board of Supervisors of L.A. County and the permission to trap make it possible.

We desperately try to save this planet and an ecosystem, which can collapse at any minute and this country fights the worst economy since the last depression.

And here Los Angeles County pays to kill wild animals that have done nothing wrong, not hurt anyone and are no danger to anybody - just because these animals are unfortunate to call their home some mean resident’s back yard, who has nothing better to do than to destroy our environment. Squirrels too are part of a sensitive ecosystem and so are raccoons, opossums, skunks, rattlesnakes, insects and many others.

California is bankrupt and our tax money is spent on Animal Control officers, having to go, get and kill. Did the L.A. Board of Supervisors get too much of the Californian sun before they came up with this?

I intend to fight this insanity, if you agree with me, please help and sign.

You can also help by investigating your own City/County’s policies to find out, if there are more such rules in other places. Together we can make a difference. It may take an effort and it may be inconvenient, but it is worth it. Not acting and accepting a madness like this is not an option for me. Hopefully it is not an option for you either.

Let’s get the ball rolling!

23. Save Our Economy: Legalize Marijuana in California! Support A.B. 390

Students for Sensible Drug Policy is asking for your support of Assembly Bill 390, the Marijuana Control, Regulation, and Education Act -- the first bill ever introduced to legalize the sale and use of marijuana in California.

As introduced, this groundbreaking proposal would raise over $1 billion in annual revenue by taxing the retail production and sale of marijuana for adults over 21 years of age.

The bill would not alter existing legislation on the use of medicinal cannabis, nor would it impose new taxes or sanctions on the medical cultivation of cannabis.

Assembly Bill 390 proposes to make California the first state in the nation to enact a rational public policy for the control and regulation of marijuana. Please show your support for this measure by contacting your California Assembly members and urging them to support the Marijuana Control, Regulation, and Education Act.

24. Alleviate Pollution and Poverty in Delhi

There is a government body called Delhi Pollution control committee existing in Delhi called DPCC basically established for controlling pollution in this national capital region (DELHI). I being an environment friendly citizen applied for a unit in prime industrial area of New Delhi only after installing and successfully running the required systems for controlling pollution and treatment of Water.

Inspite of giving all possible proofs to the department they made our consent application a big issue and keep on demanding huge amount of money from us which due to no other option we keet on giving them the amount whenever demanded from them. Since I had refused them bribe when they had their first visit after the application, they were exploiting us all the time. In the mean time they were providing consents to the people which were not having systems for controlling pollution installed at their polluting units at a nominal bribe of 12000 This procedure of providing consent to operate polluting manufacturing units after getting bribe and not installing pollution control measures is till today's date ie.27-06-2008 is kept on followed. I complained this matter to CVC (Central Vigilance Commission ) and CBI but of no use.

The member secretary Mrs. Naini Jayaseelan whose office is in secretariat building was continuously abusing me with words I have never heard. She even was torturing me of what kind of science graduation I have attained in front of excise commissioner and then deputy commissioner of DPCC Mrs. Debashree Mukherjee. She was agreeing sometimes and abusing me and my family other time.

25. Allow Myxomatosis Vaccinations for Rabbits in Australia

Myxomatosis is a deadly strain of virus that affects the European and Cottontail rabbits, and there is currently no vaccination available in Australia against this virus.

The myxomatosis virus was originally spread through the American wild rabbit population during the late 1800’s and was subsequently introduced into Northern Australia and its relative parts so as to control the rabbit problem in crops and other plantations around Queensland. It managed to control the pest problem, devastatingly reducing the rabbit population from 600 million to 100million in two years.

The ones that survived developed a strong immunity to the disease, and as a result wild rabbits are more immune now to myxomatosis than when the virus strain was implemented into Australian rabbit populations during the 1950s.

There is however, no vaccination currently available in Australia to domestic rabbits and they remain at a constant risk to contracting the virus. Myxomatosis usually proves fatal for any rabbit exposed to it, and they can die as soon as 48 hours after being exposed to the virus.

26. Help Canyon High School gain control of heating and air conditioning, not the OUSD

Orange Unified School District needs to allow the high school to control their own air conditioning and heating needs.

27. Release Rent Control (Starring Brent Spiner) on DVD

Brent Spiner (best known as Data from Star Trek: TNG) has an extensive movie, TV, and theatre career, so he has many fans.

Unfortunately, he's only starred in one movie: Rent Control (the 1981 version).

The problem with that is no one can find it anywhere. It's not on Amazon, eBay, Netflix, or any other websites, so most fans have never seen it.

They probably never will unless someone re-releases it, and that is the target of this petition.

28. Erie County needs more animal control officers! STOP SHOOTING DOGS!

I have lived in Erie County all of my life.

I know these events are true from the media, and witnesses. I also know Erie does not have a reduced cost spay/neuter program, nor a catch/fix/release program for feral cats.

29. Review Woodner Pest Control

According to the reviews at, the Woodner has a serious and dominating pest control issue occuring for about 4 to 5 years (that is evidenced). The perpetual exterminating has proven unsuccessful as evidenced by the out of control bed bug, roach, mice, and rat problem that is still existent. The management claims to do everything in their power to control the pests by: entering your apartment while you may or may not be home without guaranteeing that their employees are not spreading the problem to your apartment, suggesting to throw out your household furniture and belongings without offering reimursement, spraying insecticides that do not keep the pests away from your apartment, and spraying pesticides that irritate your pets.

30. Make Safe Sex Free

The average cost of birth control and safe sex methods in Canada for womyn over 21 is $25-50 a month. I believe that the cost of birth control is the reason that unplanned pregnancies have risen among womyn below the poverty line by 30% in the last 3 years. This is a ridiculously high number that allows the cycle of poverty to continue, and get more vicious.

Right now, there is a rise in Sexually Transmitted Infections. Between 1997 and 2004 Chlamydia rose by 70%, Gonorrhea by 80%, and Syphilis by 908% in Canada. This is likely due to the cost of condoms, and inaccessibility of free condoms in places such as bars.