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RESCUE CHILDREN is a leading independent Programme functioning under our foundation. The programme is in its initial stage to create a real and lasting change for children of war in Sri Lanka and around the world. It will an affiliated programme of this foundation. It hopes to work with local and International Children Rights and welfare organizations working around the world to ensure the well-being of children’s, whom life became a nightmare due to the Terrorism and war.
The history of Our Foundation is a story of positive change in people in Sri Lanka and among International Community about the sacrifice of our forces in the war against Tamil Terrorism and bring the everlasting peace and freedom to sri lanka and specially to the thousands of Tamil people live under the troubled North and East under LTTE Terrorists.

Today millions of children in thousands of communities around the globe — working together to create opportunities for the world's children what has been victims of war and Terrorism and to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.

In January 1989 for the first time I had setup a Individual Research Peace promotion and conflict research programme called " war cry for peace "and continued PEACE PROMOTION exhibitions in the I island and also it was the first ever exhibition was able to organize commemorative Exhibitions of World War 2 in Sri Lanka and it became more popular among public and schools.

It was the time we experienced the terror of JVP and LTTE.In 1992, with the help of group of concerned Friends volunteered to help me to setup the above foundation and gathered to respond to the needs of the foot soldiers, disabled ,and sick soldiers and their families and displaced peoples hard hit by the LTTE Terrorism and In 1992 August I founded this foundation with a few welfishers and Volunteers,
Since 1992 our foundation has committed to do the best for the foot soldiers in the war front, sick,dead and disabled soldiers and their family requirements.

Due to the continuing LTTE Crimes against children has raised the International concern including the UN but theirs nothing much they could do or interest to do but just issue statements, but thanks to the heroic effort of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces on going humanitarian mission to rescue the children and people in the North and Eastern Province of Sri Lanka gave us a opportunity to commence this programme.

To win the hearts and minds of the People who has been victims of the LTTE Terrorism and Racial conflict against Sinhalese People and thousand of Young children who lived under LTTE iron fist, The time has come and the liberation is near for these innocent children and families and as a preparation to face the after shocks of war and to assist authorities on rehabilitation of the rescued and escaped and escaping children from the LTTE Terrorists, We intend to launch the RESCUE CHILDREN Programme as a civil welfare programme.

Attend the needs of the children escaped form LTTE recruit camps, and escaped from LTTE control areas and look for a possible solution to rehabilitate their lives and return them to the society where they can have a normal life and enjoy the child rights.

Help children to reunite with their families; Rehabilitation programmes in Education, Health, Religion, Social welfare rights; Provide necessary assistance such as, Re settlement in their own homes, Help them to trace their families. (Many Children were kidnapped by the LTTE and hold them in various areas to train them as CHILD SOLDIERS, SUICIDE BOMBERS, INFORMANTS AND USE THEM IN FRONT LINE FIGHTERS,
Provide Mental healths, Religious Counseling,(Many of captured children and children live in LTTE areas lived under so much tension pressure and been abused by the LTTE and needs mental and spiritual counseling to heal their wounded hearts and minds before they ready to re enter in the normal Society.
Through the decades, we have evolved into a leading national relief and development organization. Countless events and achievements have shaped the development of our organization and helped change the lives of the we serve.
We kindly invite you to take a part of these noble programme and please contact us and let us know in which area you can help us.


Senaka Perera

Help children to reunite with their families; Rehabilitation programmes in Education, Health, Religion, Social welfare rights; Provide necessary assistance such as, Re settlement in their own homes, Help them to trace their families.

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