#Law & Order
The Speaker of the Queensland Legislative Assembly.

In 1922, the Queensland politicians of the day decided to disband the Legislative Council. The Upper House. The House of Review. It was not a decision of The People of Queensland, nor was it their will.

It was a political expedient to remove barriers to dictatorial control of the State of Queensland for the benefit of political parties and those who controlled them, i.e. companies, now more expressively known as corporations.

The passage of draconian laws recently by the Legislative Assembly, where one coalition of parties holds a huge percentage of the seats in that house, demonstrates that we need the Legislative Council as a House of Review to prevent further introduction of laws that remove the rights of The People.

The current "government" of Queensland is out of the control of The People and needs to be reined in and that can only be properly be done by a Legislative Council.

To the Speaker of the Queensland Legislative Assembly and members assembled;

We the undersigned demand that you immediately set up the legislation required to reinstate the Legislative Council forthwith, and such reinstatement to be completed within 12 (twelve) months of receipt of this petition, and include in such legislation a binding clause that requires a referendum of all Queensland voters to gain the approval of those voters in order for that Legislative Council to be disbanded at any future time.

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