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1. Keep Kandanga Pool Open Longer During School Holidays

Lets face it. The Kandanga pool is all we have - but its hardly ever open!

Those of us that live in a small rural town understand the pitfalls that come with it. Generally those are:
- lack of infrastructure
- poorly build roads
- lack of transport for all
- inadequate sporting and exercise facilities for children to keep motivated
- minimal shopping accessibility
- limited activities for teens/youth outside of the family home
- attractions for families to attend and enjoy as a family
- lacking council owned facilities for community groups to attend/flourish

However, those 'typical' rural towns have not also been slugged with:
- a flailing tourism trade
- a dam coming and then going over a 10+ year process
- a local school pool closed to the public
- a weekend market struggling to attract new visitors
- a large caravan and camping park dedicated to tourism removed from the area

However, what is more frustrating, is that locals have access to only ONE community pool between Kenilworth and Gympie (an area more than 55KMs in distance) where locals, visitors and families can meet up and escape the searing heat during summer. It is a family atmosphere, where alcohol is prohibited and kids are welcome!

The local youth can meet their friends and have some fun in a safe and friendly environment, especially with the typical heat that is dealt to these towns during the summer months.

The pool is central to the only RV friendly towns in the Valley. We see a tremendous amount of transient visitors that would continue to use the facilities daily, contributing to our already small economy.

All we ask, is that Gympie Council thinks about the opportunities the Kandanga Pool offers to ALL residents and visitors and reconsiders it opening hours over the school holiday period.

2. Motor Guzzi Brand to take responsibility of Customer Service Issues in Australia

I am a member of Moto Guzzi Owners Queensland the largest Motor Guzzi Owners Group in our state, I ride my bike nearly every day and recently I asked my mechanic (40+ years working on Guzzis) how long parts would take for my bike, he said he couldn't guarantee when as he has bikes that have been waiting 3-4 months for parts. For most of our members 3-4 months without a bike is pretty inconvenient. If there are parts in the world anywhere it is fair to think a month would be a reasonable time get parts into Australia.

I mentioned this to several other owners and they all had similar stories, there have been very poor levels of service and slow parts supply ever since PStevens became the appointed Australian Importers, prior to this 3-4 weeks for parts was quite normal.

In my opinion this is simply not good enough, so I found and contacted the people who Manage the Marketing Communications and after Sales Support Asia Pacific at Piaggio (who own Moto Guzzi) and told them of the issues, I also mentioned that I am part of an owners group and could ask the other members about their sales support and parts experiences and give them our feed back.

One of the Piaggio people forwarded my email message on to PStevens the recently appointed Australian Distributor who wrote me an email response which I can only describe as arrogant and offensive (read to the members at our last meeting) PStevens were really only interested in talking about my parts problem and admitted that they have intentionally neglected to support any of the former Dealers and Service Agents who were not reappointed, P Stevens say they do not want to maintain the status quo.....which also means any owners who chose to stay with their competent, experienced and trusted mechanics will also be neglected. They also went on to say "Our company is the largest independent motorcycle importer in Australia with over 40 years experience in the business and is more capable and qualified than any other business entity to make this happen."

When I read PStevens response letter to the members at our last meeting, they were disgusted, there was an overwhelming response, P Stevens are widely known in our group for providing very slow parts service, no one in our group would opt to use them or the newly appointed local dealer in Brisbane. They simply do not know or trust that any of their staff has had any real Guzzi factory training or experience.

In fact it was suggested by several members at the meeting that we put a Petition together with Comments and Feedback from other Guzzi Groups around Australia and present it to Piaggio Group directly in the hope that we might begin to receive a more than acceptable level of representation, support and service than we have in the recent past.

Many of our group are long term passionate Guzzi owners with multiple Guzzi's, we invest in your brand, we socialize together, we ride together, many of us participate in international events and have travelled to the Guzzi Factory together....,,,,

Moto Guzzi....we want more from you.....

3. We want a Lindt Cafe in Brisbane!

Lindt is a top quality product that is well loved in Australia.

In Queensland, we can buy the chocolates and do so in abundance. However, we crave the opportunity to indulge in the fine fare that the New South Welshman and Victorians are privileged to enjoy at the multiple Lindt Cafés in the southern states.

4. Legalise Uber in Queensland

The Queensland Government is increasing penalties for Uber drivers and organisers in an effort to eliminate the service. This service has proven itself as effective, pleasant to use and especially cost available, especially to lower income people, enabling them to have a safe trip home to their door.

Uber drivers often are themselves, university students who see this as an opportunity for earning needed funds.

Uber drivers are more well mannered than taxi drivers and drive very carefully. Their cares are generally in better condition than taxi drivers and are more comfortable. There is no known reason why driver and passenger cannot take the risk to arrange an agreed means of transport.

Uber drivers do not continue with Uber unless they meet certain criteria and the quality of their service is assessed by the passengers themselves using a rating system. Passengers do not have any idea about the personality of the taxi driver, other than that they haven't yet been refused a criminal check.

5. Respect the People's Vote first and foremost!

We saw this happen recently in the federal election. Australia voted. A new prime minister was voted in, then his own party threw him out without consideration of the people who voted for him.

It is not about who is the prime minister but rather the process. If we the general population do not vote we are fined as it is illegal not to vote in Australia. Why should we pay a fine when our vote does not count?

This has happened again in The Scenic Rim mayoral election. The people voted and we had a clear winner and then preferences reset the election and we are given a Mayor that had the nouse to conspire with other candidates to gain preference. So once again the people's vote does not count. Why do we bother?

This petition is to tell the government that we want the people's vote to count first and foremost.

6. Stand Up for the Reinstatement and Creation of Sustainable Jobs in Townsville and North Queensland

Save our town – Save this HUGE economic down turn.

This issue is above Politics - It’s about people’s lives and the welfare of the people they represent!

We the undersigned residents of North Queensland and Townsville Petition the State Government and Federal Government to provide immediately Grants / Guaranties / Loans to facilitate the reopening of the Nickel Refinery.

Background Statement
We the BUSINESS people and COMMUNITY of North Queensland demand the same consideration as the rest of Australia. For far too long the wealth for Australia has been created in North Queensland. Now we deserve the support of Local State and Federal Government representatives to support the reinstatement or replacement of the 800 plus jobs lost when QNI closed.

Business were dependent upon the income created by the QNI refinery this together loss of the 800 plus flow on effect of an estimated 2000 more jobs has decimated our businesses. More will suffer as the economic downturn flow through the community and many more local jobs will be lost. Cash Flow around Townsville is down $800,000 for EVERY WEEK.

The Federal Government is now calling for creative ideas and job creating businesses under the $ 5 Billion Northern Australian Loan Facility. QNI jobs are already created let’s not lose the jobs we have.

The PAYE tax paid by the QNI workers would have been in the vicinity of $17 million++ dollars per year so the funding will soon be repaid. This refinery is a value added processing plant contributing to the local and Australian economy.

We the people state that it is NOT about politics or Mr Clive Palmer it is about the community and the IMPACT THE CLOSURE OF QUEENSLAND NICKEL HAS HAD ON THE TOWNSVILLE AND NORTH QUEENSLAND COMMUNITY.

7. Don't Sink Our Ports

‘Priority Port Status’ for Cairns and Mourilyan Ports. The Ports must be allowed to carry out capital works dredging NOW and always. Revitalize our economy, create jobs for our youth, restore confidence and save many businesses from the brink of bankruptcy.

8. Save the Port of Cairns

Support the Sea Port of Cairns, Australia. Our port, our city, our future.

Let the politicians and their advisers know we support the Cairns Shipping Development Project that can sustainably open up one of Australia's most beautiful ports to more cruise shipping and vessels that service our region.

We love the Great Barrier Reef, our stunning beaches, the Atherton Tablelands, Port Douglas, Daintree, Innisfail and want to share it with others.

The Port of Cairns, developed over 100 years, underpins jobs, businesses and investments. Support the Cairns Shipping Development project by submitting a petition to the Queensland State Government Coordinator General.

9. Take action against the Chirn Park Death Trap!

The Chirn Park Community needs the local government to take ACTION now to fix the death trap intersection of Turpin Road and Robert Street in Labrador.

For several years Chirn Park residents have pleaded with local council to make the intersection safer. The residents have volunteered their own time, labour and money to contribute to positive change.

Apart from the trimming of a tree which was well overdue nothing has been done. No action has been taken and as a result we have seen several accidents in 2014, one involving a child being run down in a horrific hit and run and now on the 23rd of October 2014 a mother has been rushed to hospital after being cut from her car, following another tragic collision.

If action is not taken immediately it is sure to result in fatalities.

10. Heal the Future - No Confidence in Queensland's Health Minister

The draconian contracts being forced on Queensland's Medical Professionals is an attack on civil rights. With Mr Springborg applying the most deceptive of politics and calling the Medical Profession "like the worst of wharfies", the people of Queensland and the wider Australian community have no confidence that the future can be anything but adversarial.

This is a litmus test and will flow through to the rest of Australia if not stopped in Queensland.

11. AFL Footy Show Live in QLD

Because we live in Queensland we have to wait until 11pm to watch "The AFL Footy Show," while Channel 9 shows replays of "Domestic Blitz" on GEM or "Sex and the City" on GO!

Please sign this petition to show Channel 9 that Queenslanders want to see "The AFL Footy Show" live!

12. Stop Fluoridation of Biloela and Moura Town Water

Banana Shire Council is looking to proceed with the fluoridation of Biloela's and Moura's town water. This petition aims to stop this dosing system from being used on the grounds of cost, health risks and the taking away of ‘informed consent’.

• To operate the fluoridation dosing system it is estimated it would cost rate payers $70 000 a year, plus the additional cost of training staff to ‘safely’ operate the system.

• Fluoride is a toxic poison and it does not decrease tooth decay. There are no blinded studies to show a decrease in tooth decay when the water is fluoridated; however, there are studies to show harm from fluoridating the water. There is increased risk of hip fracture, birth defects, cancer, arthritis, thyroid dysfunction, and the lowering of a person's IQ. Even if fluoride did reduce tooth decay, would it be worth the risk?

• Putting fluoride in the community water takes away ‘informed consent’ and obstructs the freedom to opt-out.

If you do not wish to see fluoride added to our drinking water please sign this petition. For further information I highly recommend The Fluoride Deception by Christopher Bryson that chronicles the entire sad tale.

In the synopsis, fluoride is very important in making the atomic bomb, and in many aspects of industry. It is needed for making steel, aluminium, high octane gasoline, pesticides, Teflon, bricks, fertilizer, drugs like Prozac, and on and on.

13. Reinstate the Queensland Legislative Council now

In 1922, the Queensland politicians of the day decided to disband the Legislative Council. The Upper House. The House of Review. It was not a decision of The People of Queensland, nor was it their will.

It was a political expedient to remove barriers to dictatorial control of the State of Queensland for the benefit of political parties and those who controlled them, i.e. companies, now more expressively known as corporations.

The passage of draconian laws recently by the Legislative Assembly, where one coalition of parties holds a huge percentage of the seats in that house, demonstrates that we need the Legislative Council as a House of Review to prevent further introduction of laws that remove the rights of The People.

The current "government" of Queensland is out of the control of The People and needs to be reined in and that can only be properly be done by a Legislative Council.

14. Daylight Savings for Queensland 2013

Queenslanders deserve the right to vote on this issue. It's been 20 years since our last opportunity to vote and the State has modernized it's outlook, economy and population drastically since then.

There is simply no compelling reason not to choose daylight savings for our State. Changing clocks is clearly not a big hassle in the digital age and there will still be the same number of hours of daylight.

Our hospitality and tourism industries will grow with an extra hour of daylight after work. Our sporting and fitness community will grow with more opportunity for more people to get involved.

It will be easier for companies in other States and for global organizations to do business with us. Interstate and Queensland FIFO workers will benefit together from a universal time zone.

Queenslanders will be happier, healthier, more prosperous and united, able to make the most of our exceptional climate that is the envy of the other States.

It's time for the whole State to modernise our outlook and create a better, brighter Queensland for all.

It's time we discussed this issue again. We want a chance to vote...

15. Ban Plastic Shopping Bags in Queensland

Australians use over 4 billion plastic shopping bags per year but yet only the Australian Capital Territory, South Australia and the Northern Territory have bans on them with fines for breaches of their laws.

A clear majority of people strongly supported the measures in these states. Campbell Newman recently scrapped plans to ban single-use shopping bags in Queensland citing cost of living reasons. The fact is that most people can afford to spend small change on reusable shopping bags when it can make such a big difference.

Single-use non-biodegradable plastic bags also cause injury to animals. Plastic bags look like jellyfish and as many as 30% of turtle deaths in Moreton Bay alone are attributed to them. One crocodile was reported to have 25 plastic bags in its stomach which prevented it from digesting its food and resulted in it dying from starvation.

Just remember that these bags are non-biodegradable when they enter landfill and take up to 1,000 years to breakdown. They are a short-term convenience with long-term impacts and a sign of our throw-away society.

For more information please read the report at:

16. No Broiler Farm Cooroy

Milligan's Chicken Meat Farm is awaiting approval to open a Factory Farm on Top Forest Road, Ridgewood, which will be 8 sheds housing thousands of chickens in extremely crammed conditions.

Please see below a selection of animal welfare, environmental and concerns for public safety, as reasons why we can NOT ALLOW this to go ahead.

1. “They (the chickens) have got so much space…” “He said the size of his sheds was chosen to allow for a lower density inside.”

FACT: A simple calculation shows that the 30,000 chickens per shed will have an average of less than half a square metre per bird – about the size of the average home doormat.

2.“These birds actually have to have full exercise components – that’s built into (the Ingham) agreement). They just don’t stay there … they’re not just bred to have large breasts.”

FACT: According to industry documentation, the birds are always confined to the sheds and are selectively bred to grow a large breast and to attain market weight with a high nutrition diet in less than six weeks.

3.While noise, dust, odour and visual amenity issues are of great concern to property neighbours, the wider community will be affected by potential water pollution and heavy vehicle traffic.

4.The annual 1,460 semi trailers (including B Doubles) and other associated vehicles using the winding sealed and unsealed rural roads will pose a danger to locals and tourists. This is especially acute to those who all have to share the Cooroy-Belli Creek Road, which recently has seen fatalities, with wide, heavy vehicles.

5. And while Nitrogen levels were discussed, there is no mention of how the applicant intends to ameliorate the excessive levels of Phosphorous which are found in composted broiler shed litter, and which, not being readily absorbed into the ground, are quickly leached into the surrounds and end up in the waterways. And since the endangered Giant Barred Frog is believed to be in the local waterways, there needs to be an EIS on the potential threat to its habitat.

Let us work together to prevent this atrocity happening in our own back yard!

17. Bring back AFL State of Origin

The AFL are being absolute morons in not bringing back State of Origin.

18. A State Bank for Queensland

The State of Queensland parliament requires a State Bank to finance the States fiscal needs in order that it need not borrow money from private banks when it can create its own credit for the needs of The People of Queensland.

Debt free credit created by the State itself means no interest payments to only-for-profit greedy banks. Debt free credit created by a State Bank run under binding legislation can be spent into the community by the government and need not be taxed out to repay to private bankers along with the extra interest required by them.

In other words if you earn money from government work such as construction of hospitals, roads, railways etc, it belongs to you.

19. Do not sell or develop the Wondai Airport

The Wondai aerodrome public terminal buildings are currently locked by a neighbour who wishes to develop the facility for personal gain.

Dialogue with the council has been fruitless and we wish this facility to be open for flyers as it was designed for, and the facility kept as a vital part of community infrastructure.

The council has announced a program of selling assets and we are concerned this facility is one of them as developers have been trying to develop the area.

20. Don't sell Calliope High School Land

The Petition of the electors of the Division of Gladstone draws to the attention of the House:

That the State Government of Queensland is selling a parcel of land that has been put aside as the proposed site for a High School in Calliope, 55 Don Cameron Drive, Lot 126, CTN 1493, Parish STOWE, an area of 14.7 Hectares, Zoned COMMUNITY USE.

This is the only remaining parcel of land in the area left for a proposed high school as the Labour Government in 2008 sold the other proposed site.

It would have adverse affects on our community and our future generations to sell this parcel of land for residential development, particularly with the forecast population growth of this area over the next few years, the lack of other available parcels of land and the hours our local children spend each day on a bus to get to school.

21. Prevent cuts to Genetic Research in Queensland

The research into genetic causes of major illnesses is a vital part of early risk diagnosis and prevention of many serious illnesses, such as bowel cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer. These illnesses are among the most common serious illnesses affecting the Australian population.

As part of Queensland state governments cost cutting strategy, funding to Genetic Health Queensland (GHQ) has been cut.

Under previous funding arrangements, many separate organizations have been incorporated into Genetic Health Queensland and as their cost structures are now being closely scrutinized by the government. Genetic Health Queensland may be forced to further reduce many vital and life saving programmes.

Among these programmes are the support for those families who suffer from Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (FAP). This terrible condition is incurable, it often runs in families and last for generations and causes untold emotional and physical suffering. The cost of treatment and the subsequent social costs are enormous. It is a painful and debilitating illness.

We will be told that they are RESTRUCTURING not stopping funding for FAP sufferers. This restructuring could mean one person, a councillor, will be taking on the responsibility of up to 2,000 FAP families in Queensland, the concern being that people could slip through the cracks and suffer the consequences of this illness. This MUST not happen.

These facilities for the surveillance of FAP are worldwide, and have been found to SAVE MANY LIVES, please do not compromise these lifesaving facilities by fund cutting and personal cutting, they are far too important.

We greatly fear that the ongoing monitoring and support for sufferers of this condition, among others, will suffer as Genetic Health Queensland has slashed funding to this particular programme. The data collected on sufferers of FAP, is combined with data collected from around the world and contributes greatly to saving lives, improving quality of life and in increasing the knowledge pool on genetic disorders worldwide – this affects everyone. This is a priceless knowledge bank.

Please support us in our quest to stop the Queensland government’s cuts to Genetic Health Queensland, and also to ensure that the current support programme for sufferers of FAP and their families does not suffer any funding cuts.

22. P Platers should NOT have to display P plates on car in QLD (Queensland)

As a law abiding P plater, I have found that when P plates are displayed, many drivers (including those with Open licenses) behave in a completely unsafe and inappropriate way around P Platers on the road.

Such behaviour includes: Tailgating, engine revving, overtaking at high speeds (near misses often a result), provocative behaviours (in attempts to start an illegal street race). Drivers will also not allow P platers to merge in multi-lane situations.

Having travelled with drivers who are holders of Provisional, Probationary and Open licenses, I have found that many drivers have pre-conceived ideas (most likely stemming from various media reports) about what kind of drivers P platers are. Unfortunately a few people have created a reputation for everyone else with the same licence type.

It has become really unsafe to drive as a RECOGNISED P plater.

This is NOT a proposal to change the licensing system (or the various restrictions) in place in Queensland, but one that requests that P plates DO NOT have to be displayed whilst driving. The various restrictions would still apply, and licenses would still show each persons licensing level.

It would still be acceptable for repeat offenders to have to display P plates (especially those who are place on their Green P's after coming off a suspended license).

23. Stop Uranium Mining in Queensland

Concerned residents of North Queensland formed the Anti Nuclear Group in 1980, after the State Government gave approval of a Uranium Mine in 1980.

Residents feared that water supply to North Queensland would become contaminated. After a spill in January 1981, this group was formed has protect Queensland since, but now the 29 year old ban has been overturned and the Ben Lomond mine could be reopened.

24. Do not sell our Public Park to a private enterprise

The Sth Burnett Regional Council have indicated that they want to sell almost half of Adermann Park in Kingaroy to St johns Lutheran School.

The School should purchase land elsewhere for their plans to accommodate Yrs 7,8,9 and allow for future expansion to 10,11,12 when required.

This park is for the use of residents within the Shire. The sale of Public assets has to stop before we have nothing left for future generations.

25. Boat ramp at Wiaben should be installed with floating pontoons

For the safety of all! We need to have the boat ramp at Wiaben installed with floating pontoons down the break wall to allow the safe entry and exit of the boat ramp at all times day or night.

The amount of incidents that occur at the ramp is unbelievable, including trips and falls not including many boats being damaged. I believe it’s only a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt.

The use of this ramp is a vital part of community life for the Torres Strait people and it’s vital that the safety of our families and friends comes first.

26. Catholic Secondary School for Ormeau, Queensland

The northern corridor continues to be the fastest growing area on the Gold Coast in terms of population levels, with three of the top five fastest growing Statistical Local Areas located within this region. This has resulted in a surge in residential development projects in the region over the last 12 months, according to the latest research from Colliers International.

Lynda Campbell, Gold Coast Research Manager, who compiled the report, said of the suburbs addressed in her research, which includes Ormeau, Jacobs Well, Norwell, Yatala, Pimpama, Stapylton, Steiglitz and Willow Vale, three are among the top ten fastest growing Statistical Local Areas in Queensland.

In 2007 the Ormeau population was 19,065 and it continues to grow on a daily basis. The size of Ormeau is approximately 24km2. The population in 2001 was 4,221 people and by 2006 had grown to 8,506 showing a growth of 96%. The predominant age group in Ormeau is 0-9 years. Households are primarily couples with children. Most are repaying mortgages with a 70% owner occupancy rate.

Of the 38 SLAs within the Gold Coast (C) LGA, almost 95% experienced population growth in the year to June 2009. As in previous years, Kingsholme-Upper Coomera was the largest growing SLA, with an increase of 2,100 people (9.9%), followed by Southport and Ormeau-Yatala, which increased by 1,400 (5.0%) and 1,300 (9.5%) people respectively.

27. Support to Allow prospecting & fossicking In Queensland State forests

We are trying to get support for allowing prospecting and fossicking in Queensland state forests. This will allow the growth of this past time in Queensland, and bring in valuable tourist dollars to Queensland.

We are using this petition to show the Queensland government of the support in wider community for fossicking.

We have seen a slow erosion of prospector’s rights across Australia, with the Northern Territory and Tasmania being the latest to bring in rules heavily restricting fossicking and prospecting.

Like Hunters, shooters, 4 wheel drivers and other outdoor pursuits we find the areas we can go smaller and smaller.

With Queensland in diabolical debt again, we should bear in mind that it was the common prospector finding gold at Gympie that dragged Queensland out of its worst financial problems.

The Eureka Stockade gave us rights and privileges bestowed by Queen Victoria back in 1853. The most important item that resulted from that rebellion was the Miners Right. The premise was and still is that the crown (Commonwealth) owns all mineral rights and has the right to dispense leases and Miners Rights on all crown land occupied or unoccupied. This legal document gave us the right to access land (like old gold fields) to engage in prospecting or fossicking for minerals and gemstones.

The Miners Right was taken away from Queensland in 1989 with the introduction of the Mineral Resources Bill.

The Miners Right was a very powerful and useful document that helped regulate mining and prospecting in an orderly manner for more than 150 years. It is a belief in some quarters that the removal of the Miners Right was done illegally. Suddenly with the Miners Right gone we had no rights of access..

State forests used to be available to prospect, but this was stoped as well. I spend a lot of time in these supposed ”managed” forests and constantly find evidence of no management, like noxious weeds out of control, large trees over fire trails (very dangerous in case of a fire- suddenly your trapped).

Prospectors can advise the relevant authorities of these issues and help resolve them.

Please support this petition.

28. Queenslanders Against Unfair Anti-Hoon Laws

Car Enthusiasts in Queensland have been treated unfairly for too long due to a small number of 'hoons' who bring down the reputation of real Car Enthusiasts.

The Car Enthusiast Community consists of huge numbers of law abiding citizens who deserve the right to be heard.

29. Start Members of Parliament on realistic salaries

When elected by the people to government, many MP's are young and have only been voted in on a wave of discontent with the current government.

They have not had to prove themselves and in some instances have no work or life experience.

This inexperience is rewarded with a 6 figure salary. After the last pay hike, a state backbencher's base pay rose to $130,540 - more than double the average wage in Queensland. Allowances range from $36,652 to $72,741 depending on the size of the electorate.

It's time we the public, have a say on what pay is given and how the MP's are measured and appropriately rewarded!


Energex have plans to construct high voltage (Dual 33kv -110kv )cement poles & power lines through an area that has been classified as remnant vegetation containing endangered ecosystems.

There is an abundance of wildlife such as platypus , birds, bandicoots, koala habitat, butterflies and much more. Rare flora have been recorded in this unique regional importance ecosystem.

Energex refuse to even look at the option to place the power lines unground through this portion of sensitive Glasshouse Mountains land. They deny any accountability for tree clearing, claim no accountability for the destruction and annihilation of 1000 to 2000 + trees & shrubs! There are other viable alternatives for Energex to consider!

MOU standards dictate they must source alternate options when endangered environment is present & living!!