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1. Term Limits Now for ALL elected offices

Many elected officials forgot the citizens that elected them into office. We see it all the time. They become surrogates to the big donors, lobbyist and party affiliation.

It's time to end the corruption that has invaded our political system. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Let's demand that term limits become the law. This will be our first step to end the cycle of corruption in politics.

2. Reinstate the Queensland Legislative Council now

In 1922, the Queensland politicians of the day decided to disband the Legislative Council. The Upper House. The House of Review. It was not a decision of The People of Queensland, nor was it their will.

It was a political expedient to remove barriers to dictatorial control of the State of Queensland for the benefit of political parties and those who controlled them, i.e. companies, now more expressively known as corporations.

The passage of draconian laws recently by the Legislative Assembly, where one coalition of parties holds a huge percentage of the seats in that house, demonstrates that we need the Legislative Council as a House of Review to prevent further introduction of laws that remove the rights of The People.

The current "government" of Queensland is out of the control of The People and needs to be reined in and that can only be properly be done by a Legislative Council.

3. Pass The New York State Dream Act

In the 2013 New York State Legislative session, New York State Assemblyman Francisco Moya, representing District #39 (Corona, Jackson Heights and Elmhurst) introduced bill A2597, entitled "The New York State Dream Act".

This bill would allow undocumented students who were brought to the United States as very young children to be eligible to receive Financial Aid for a College Education within New York State.

The Bill increased Financial Aid by 25 million dollars, in support of this initiative. The Bill is supported by Speaker of the Assembly Sheldon Silver. A similar bill was introduced in the New York State Senate bill #S2378, but is being blocked by the Republicans Led by Senator Dean Skelos. Senator Skelos does not want the bill to reach the floor because he is afraid to put the State Senators on the record to either support or object to the Bill. Senator Skelos, does not want to loose power in the Senate. Senator Skelos is putting Politics above People.

We need to contact Senator Dean Skelos and tell him to support The Dream Act.

4. Tobago's Voice Must Be Heard - Reject the Green Paper; Accept the Bills!

WHEREAS, we, the people of Tobago, have been involved in the process for the Review of the Tobago House of Assembly Act and the relevant amendments to the Constitution of Trinidad and Tobago, over a four-year period;

AND WHEREAS the Bills which represent the views and recommendation of the people of Tobago, were approved by the Tobago House of Assembly and transmitted to the Prime Minister, the Attorney General and the Cabinet of Trinidad and Tobago;

AND WHEREAS the Central Government has totally disregarded those Bills and is attempting to force Tobagonians to accept Attorney General - Anand Ramlogan’s Bill.

We, the people of Tobago, hereby reaffirm our support for the Bills approved by the Tobago House of Assembly and demand that those Bills form the basis of a Green Paper to be published for urgent public consultation.

5. Support a People's Constitution

1. Make a new people's constitution where all are accountable to the people;

2. A fully transparent system run by the people for the people with the environment taking the lead.

6. Save Swansea Slipbridge

Swansea City Council is proposing to extinguish the right of way which is still in existence at the site of the former Swansea slipbridge at OystermouthRoad (and thereafter demolish the abutments on which the bridge span was supported.)

This matter has now been referred to The Welsh Assembly for a decision on 22nd June 2010. The bridge has been an important part of Swansea since its completion in 1915 and had been well used, as of need, by the public until the bridge span was removed in 2004. The Council originally stated that such removal was to be for repair and/or reinstatement with a similar span. Such action has never been taken.

The span was removed to Swansea promenade by the Council at a cost of some £308K, where it is now not able to serve its rightful purpose. A Consultation exercise by the Council costing £35K was deliberately ignored as the outcome stated that the bridge should have been put back. It is also a historic landmark in Swansea and has been a focal point for tourists visiting the area due to the wonderful views over Swansea and Mumbles. The Swansea Slip Bridge Civic Society and its supporters are challenging the right of way extinguishment order.

We want the right of way to remain and the bridge reinstated. This bridge provided a safe way to cross a very busy road and we want it reinstated at public expense.

7. Give the Welsh Assembly further powers, away from London

The Welsh Assembly is increasingly important to secure Wales' identity. It is not a part of England as many would happen to believe.

More powers should be given to the Welsh Assembly to work for Welsh people.

8. Save Our Economy: Legalize Marijuana in California! Support A.B. 390

Students for Sensible Drug Policy is asking for your support of Assembly Bill 390, the Marijuana Control, Regulation, and Education Act -- the first bill ever introduced to legalize the sale and use of marijuana in California.

As introduced, this groundbreaking proposal would raise over $1 billion in annual revenue by taxing the retail production and sale of marijuana for adults over 21 years of age.

The bill would not alter existing legislation on the use of medicinal cannabis, nor would it impose new taxes or sanctions on the medical cultivation of cannabis.

Assembly Bill 390 proposes to make California the first state in the nation to enact a rational public policy for the control and regulation of marijuana. Please show your support for this measure by contacting your California Assembly members and urging them to support the Marijuana Control, Regulation, and Education Act.

9. Remove the 'terrorists' tag from Maoists in Nepal

After a decade-long civil war in the country, we appreciate the Maoists in Nepal for their agreement on ceasefire, involvement in the Interim Government, and then their participation in the elections in a largely peaceful and fair manner.

While it is true that, in the course of the Maoist revolution in the past decade, many lives were lost and human rights were seriously violated by the rebels, it is important to note that the same took place from the side of the government, too. Unfortunately, some biased reports from the media prevented the world at large from understanding this. As a matter of fact, more Maoists than people from any other group were killed in the recent struggle against the monarchy towards the re-establishment of democracy.

The realities from the past are still subject to different interpretations, but keeping in view the need for the stability and legitimacy of the future democratic government, it is important that the international community stand in support of Nepalese people who have decided to forgive both the sides in order to help them forge a partnership to rebuild the country.

The election manifesto of the Maoists appears impressive, particularly, in their assurance about the continuity of multiparty democracy in Nepal. Their approach to ‘industrial capitalism, geared towards socialism’ holds a great potential for positive socio-economic reforms in the country. Nepalese people have for long been victims of gender, racial, and ethnic discrimination. In the midst of these challenges, it is encouraging to see the Maoists demonstrating their commitment, again and again, to social equality, which has been vividly reflected by their nominations for the election. With the representation of people from diverse backgrounds, the new constitution to be drafted seems to be promoting pluralism and inclusiveness as a consequence of which, for the first time in the country’s history, elected women and indigenous people are joining the House in substantive numbers and proportions.

After years of bloodshed in the country, there is, thus, a glimmer of hope and we feel that international support is extremely necessary for building a ‘New Nepal’ to which all the political parties and their representatives seem to be committed. We feel that this support is cherished by every Nepalese citizen for three different reasons – one, it is more than just a voluntary choice for the Nepalese because there is hardly an alternative to it both technically and non-technically; two, the urgency of such support is likely to grow in the near future; and three, the support of international community lends the process a certain legitimacy, ownership, and sustainability that play a positive role to universalize the twin processes of democratization and development.

It has been really encouraging to see Mr. Jimmy Carter’s request to the US government to reconsider the tag on Maoists on the basis of his direct observation of the polls followed by the strong support the Maoists have been able to garner in the polls. The recent official statement from the Indian Ambassador to Nepal also indicates that the Indian Government accepts the newly formed government as a “legitimate” one and that India will provide unconditional cooperation to the Maoist government. It is, therefore, time that the US Government reconsiders its position, too.

In case the terrorist tag is not removed, the relations between the US and the incoming government is likely to remain frigid leading to further complications, whereas a positive decision to remove the tag is likely to send positive message to quite a few hard regimes around the world. It will also help in dispelling the conservative image of the ruling US regime amongst the Nepalese people. Above all, such a step will protect Nepalese in Nepal and abroad from the wrong image that the Nepalese at large may have acquired over the years and from the undeserved persecution that they may be subjected to from time to time as a result of the tag.

We deeply appreciate the US Government for extending its support to Nepal in conducting the Constituent Assembly Polls and in the creation of an environment conducive for peace. As global citizens, who wish the welfare of Nepalese people, we appreciate the assurance given by the United States to “continue assistance to Nepal”, following the Maoists’ victory. Given the deep commitment that the United States has and the support that it has given to fledgling democracies the world over, what decision the United States takes at this particular hour can be of critical relevance in making and marring the relations with the regime that will soon be formed in Nepal. We, therefore, urge you to help remove the terrorist tag on the democratically elected party, which, we are certain, would go a long way to strengthen US-Nepal relationship.

10. Support Pull Tabs, Punchboards, and Tip Boards

To:The Honorable Members of The Indiana General Assembly And The Honorable Governor Mitchell E. Daniels

11. Change legal requirement to have front license plate in New Brunswick

In Canada; Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador, the Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and the Yukon, do not require mounting of a front license plate on your vehicle.

Why should New Brunswick be any different?

Citizens of New Brunswick deserve the same freedoms as other Canadians to decide whether or not they should have to mount a front license plate or if so desired, have a custom license plate mounted.

Update 27th September

UPDATE 02 October, 2007

12. Pennsylvania House Bill 760

This Bill was introduced by repersentitives Cruz, Youngblood, Parker, Wheatley, Bennington and Curry on March 19 2007. It calls for the registration of all firearms within the state of Pennsylvania on a yearly basis with a $10 fee per firearm.

The petition reads if a gun owners application is denied for any reason athe gun owner must turn over all guns to the state police. This rule in itself is unconstitutional.

We have a right to bare firearms, They are trying to take that right away.

13. Ban Graduation in a Church

The idea of graduation in a church imposes on personal belief and the decision to practice religion as an individual. The new principal, Sid Bailey, is a member of the Phoenix First Assembly.

The idea that our football field is too small to hold a graduation is false. Football games alone have been known to hold over 2,000 fans. Administration has refused to accept reasonable solutions to the issue and have listened yet not taken into consideration of what the students would prefer.

14. Cancel Rego Plates Involved in a Fatality

June 26, 2006

Lee Charles McIntyre 5/1/74 - 26/11/04 beautiful son, brother, grandson, partner, adoring daddy, workmate and friend. Lee was the innocent victim of a careless driver who failed to give way at traffic lights.

Three months after the major crash this insensitive driver advertised his personalised plates for sale for the amount of $3,000 which at the time coincided with the Clipsal 500 weekend.

This added further to the pain and suffering of the victim's heartbroken family. No thought was given to the victim's family, nor did the offender reveal the history of the plates to the unsuspecting buyer.

15. Remove Thaksin as Prime Minister of Thailand

June 17, 2006

As you might already know, there is a conflict going on in the country of Thailand.

There are protests and arguments against the Thaksin regime.

What is wrong with this guy? Thaksin Shinawatra, prime minister of Thailand, is robbing the country and allowing corruption.

16. Bush, Cheney Impeachment - California Petition

June 16, 2006

California State Assemblymember Paul Koretz introduced Assembly Joint Resolution AJR39 in the state legislature to call for the impeachment of President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

Passage of this resolution will be determined by a groundswell of support by California residents.

If you are a California resident, please sign the petition today and bring us closer to holding our elected officials accountable for their actions.

17. Give Taiwan a hand

May 18, 2006

The 59th World Health Assembly (WHA) is scheduled to take place at the Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland from May 22-27, 2006.

In the renewed outbreak of the avian flu in Indonesia and Laos, the Assembly will discuss several draft resolutions recommended by the Executive Board.

These include the strengthening pandemic-influenza preparedness and response, the application of the International Health Regulations 2005 and whether or not to let Taiwan become an observer.

For the past nine consecutive years in the WHA, the annual meeting of the World Health Organization's (WHO) 192 member states has denied Taiwan bowing to China's obstructions.

The exclusion of Taiwan violates the principles and spirit of the UN Charter, in particular the fundamental principle of universality, and of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

To uphold the basic human rights of the 23 million people in Taiwan and to achieve global diseases prevention and to uphold the goal of the WHO on the attainment by all peoples of the highest possible level of health, Taiwan should not be denied in WHA.

This year on May 15, 2006 with ensuring optimal national and global health Security in mind, Taiwan have voluntary declared its early compliance with all the Provisions of the IHR (2005).

Please kindly support Taiwan to be an observer in the World Health Assembly (WHA) -- the highest decision-making body of the WHO.

Let Taiwan be an observer and participate in the WHO's Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network, a "one-stop shop" of global resources to help manage public health emergencies of international concern, and a key tool to help support the International Health Regulations.

Your gracious support will be highly valued by the 23 million people in Taiwan.

18. Recognise Universal Children's Day

On the 14 December 1954, the General Assembly recommended that all countries institute a Universal Children's Day, to be observed as a day of worldwide fraternity and understanding between children.

It recommended that the Day was to be observed also as a day of activity devoted to promoting the ideals and objectives of the Charter and the welfare of the children of the world. The Assembly suggested to governments that the Day be observed on the date and in the way which each considers appropriate.

The date 20 November, marks the day on which the Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, in 1959...The United Kingdom, however does NOT officially recognise this day....we want to change that....register here to help us have this as an official day to recognise the welfare of children worldwide

19. Say Yes to Taiwan's Bid to WHO

Updated March 22, 2007

Taiwan has been excluded from the United Nations and its related organizations since 1971.

Since then Taiwan has neither been privy to the health related work of the World Health Organization (WHO) especially regarding the spread of infectious diseases. With the recent warning of many countries on the possibility that avian influenza could evolve into a pathogen deadly to humans, we face the threat of a worldwide epidemic.

The goal of the World Health Organization is the "attainment by all peoples of the highest possible level of health." Taiwan's exclusion from the WHO is basically contradictory with this objective. It places the health of not only the Taiwanese but also the entire global community at risk. Taiwan qualifies as an independent and sovereign state with a defined territory, a permanent population, an effective government, and a capacity to enter into relations with other states.

Despite exclusion from the WHO, Taiwan actively cooperates on numerous international health projects and provides much humanitarian assistance as part of its responsibility to the international community. The latest example, Taiwan International Health Action (Taiwan IHA), established in February 2006, aims to integrate Taiwan's human and material resources into an international medical and health affairs network. These efforts have been highly recognized and praised internationally.

This prohibition can be rectified by allowing Taiwan to participate when the World Health Assembly (WHA), the WHO's decision-making body, meets in Geneva in May 2007.

20. Christ Assembly Fellowship

Christ Assembly Fellowship is a christian church with a small congregation; that has purchased land to build a new edifice for worship. We welcome all members of the community to worship with us in our new sanctuary.

This site is currently vacant land that was owned formerly by Rogele Construction which used it only for a dump.

We Christ Assembly Fellowship intend to improve the vacant land and build our new edifice, that will be open to everyone in the community for worship service.

21. ClubsNSW Axe The Tax

A petition against NSW Treasurer Egan's proposed increase in Poker Machine Tax.


To the Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of New South Wales.

The Petition of residents of New South Wales brings to the attention of the House:
• the proposed sale of approximately 1.6 hectares of State Transit Authority land at 67a Alison Road, Randwick by way of public tender;
• the heritage and conservation significance of the site;
• the increased traffic congestion and transport dangers if the site is sold and developed;
• our objection to the proposed sale of the land to developers; and
• our support for the retention of the land as "open space" to be managed and utilised by the Australian Jockey Club for and on behalf of the community.


Petition submitted to the Quebec National Assembly for the adoption of an anti-dolphinarium law.

For the attention of the Quebec National Assembly and, especially for the attention of the Prime Minister of Quebec and the Ministry of Tourism.

This said petition is for the adoption of an anti-dolphinarium law in the province of Quebec. Strongly convinced that the Government is in a position to accomplish tremendously for the protection of species, by creating this law;

WHEREAS zoological parks and other similar associations or establishments cannot offer adequate conditions to maintain dolphins alive;

WHEREAS captivity conditions lead to distressing behaviours and even to death on the part of dolphins;

WHEREAS the risks of injuries are very real for the dolphins as well as for the humans within the scope of swimming programs with the dolphins;

WHEREAS numerous deaths have been recorded as a result of dolphins being kept in such captivity;

For all these reasons and many more. We, the undersigned, request that the Quebec National Assembly take the necessary steps to adopt a law against dolphinarium projects of any type in the Province of Quebec.

24. Don't Ban Reptiles in New York State!

Acting under pressure from animal rights groups such as the HSUS, ASPCA, and PeTA, NY State has proposed to ban the keeping of "exotic animals", including reptiles as pets throughout its territory. It claims in Assembly Bill A07375 that "across the country, children have been asphyxiated by pythons" and that reptiles are a threat to the health of people because they carry Salmonella.

However, these supposed threats to public health are negligible. If a reptile is properly maintained and its keeper practices an appropriate regimen of personal hygiene, the threat of the reptile transmitting Salmonella is nonexistent. Also, as John Coborn, a noted herpetologist, once said, "it is easier to get Salmonella from the supermarket chicken roaster than from your snake."

The allegations of children being killed by pythons across the country are also incorrect. When a reptile escapes, it rarely hurts anyone, as any respectable herpetoculturist will tell you. If it does hurt or kill someone, that person is almost always its owner. Finally, most people bitten by snakes were drunk at the time.
When a wild animal hurts someone, it is not usually a snake, and some say these bills were spurred by Serval Cats scratching people.

I am not saying that reptile owners should not be required to have permits; several states require this. Florida is one such state. Reptile owners in Florida are subject to inspections by the Fish and Wildlife Commission, and this system seems to work well for everyone. I am only saying that we should not ban reptile keeping outright.