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1. Approve Harris County Texas Loud Noise Ordinances

Harris County Texas has No Loud Noise/Music Ordinances.

2. Death of Lance Corporal Nitin (Nathan) Sarangapani, USMC

January 21, 2006

Lance Corporal Nitin (Nathan) Sarangapani, USMC was brutally murdered on his 24th birthday in Houston, Texas, in the early hours of September 25th, 2005.

According to the police investigators, he was fatally shot by the father of the girl he had been seeing for a couple of months.

The details are still sketchy, but from what we know, Nathan was celebrating his 24th birthday at a friend's place. Around 12 midnight, he went to drop off the girl at her home. It seems that about 30 to 40 minutes later Nathan and the girl's father had some conversations over the phone and Nathan went back to their house. The father of the girl shot Nathan, about 30 feet away from the front door and near the street.

The suspect is claiming self-defense and that he was afraid of Nathan. Nathan was totally unarmed. The suspect claims he was afraid of Nathan. If that were the case, why would he risk opening the front door to face a potential threat? Did he know Nathan was alone? He claims he had called 911 first. The question then comes up is why he did not wait for authorities to handle the matter? There are still many other questions.

He also claims that he had never met Nathan before, but we know for a fact that Nathan had been to their home many times to pick up and drop off his friend and was even had lunch or dinner. In typical Indian families, it is very strange that a father would be unaware or not know of a young man his daughter was seeing.

While the police have not yet provided the family with all the details, we have the utmost confidence in their expertise and faith in them. Upon questioning, the police advised the family that the process involved an investigation. Upon the completion of the investigation, the case would be submitted to the District Attorney, who in turn would submit it to the Grand Jury. The Grand Jury would then either indict or No-bill the assailant.

Harris County Police Department is currently working on the case, but the facts are that the department and the DA's office are overwhelmed. We just want to make sure that Nitin's case gets the attention it deserves and the case doesn't fall through the cracks and become one of those statistics.

All we are asking is that this matter be examined very carefully so that justice will be served.

3. Rename W. Washington Dr. to Willie C. Harris Dr.

This is a petition to rename W Washington Dr. in Cairo, Georgia (The Heights), to Willie C. Harris Dr. in honor of his outstanding accomplishments as a professional baseball player (2005 World Series Champions Chicago White Sox) and as a role model to the community.

4. Minorities learning Tennis - Harris Park Tennis Court

The influence of television has greatly effected the way youths today think. Minority athletes are publicized more and they are greatly influencing the younger generation.

Tennis has become a very popular sport for young minorities, especially with the popularity of the William sisters. Yes, there have been others before them but these sisters have given new hope to a more vocal and can do generation.

The resources are here, we just need to make sure that they are well maintained. On Front Street there are numerous tennis courts and they can be reserved. There is also an unused tennis court at Harris Park. The only problem with the court at Harris Park is that it needs resurfacing. There are still barriers that need to be broken. Minorities are somewhat intimidated by the uptown park and would feel more comfortable in a more familiar setting.

It takes time to properly build self esteem, and a familiar setting helps the process. The resurgence of an old park would bring back some old memories as well as starting new ones. Remember the old saying "Let's put the spark back in Harris Park".

Children deserve the chance to experience new things. For some it is a chance to something new for others it could be a tool used to open a new door. Many children today are either running the streets or hanging around the house eating and not exercising. They are getting lazy, heavy and very disrespectful.

Tennis lessons offer; structured guidance, physical endurance, the chance to meet new people, and really learn a new sport. Tennis lessons are also available for older youths and adults. Your signature and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

5. Reinstate Hill Country Village Secretary, Susan Heck

The city council of Hill Country Village voted 3-1 on 11/12/03 to place city secretary, Susan Heck on paid leave. This action was taken at the request of the city administrator, David Harris. Mr. Harris presented as his reasons for requesting Ms. Heck's removal a list of nonspecific and undocumented charges.

All of the many citizens who addressed the council spoke favorably on Ms. Heck's behalf, providing testimony to her 10 years of loyal, efficient, and honest service to everyone in the Hill Country Village residential and commercial district. Disregarding the tax payers stated wishes, the city council proceeded to vote to remove Ms. Heck from her job and fill her position with the complaining party, David Harris.

6. Keeping Hyperia Open

This is a petition to decide if Hyperia should stay OPEN or to be closed.

Opened just over 2 years, the popular club, "Hyperia" is now under scrutiny by Harris County Attorney, Mike Stafford. Let's keep this place alive so us Houstonians can have a place to hear quality music, and DJ's.