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From what I've seen, alot of Habbos have been banned off the UK website because of the moderators not actually looking into a report.

This is annoying because when we report someone for a serious matter they do nothing, then if we say the word 'Cam' they send in the army and you will never see habbo again.

Let's stop unfair bans like this one.

2. Isis and Ishka for Supermod

Isis and Ishka have the knowledge and wisdom to be APS Super Moderators!

3. Review Gosupermodel Moderators

Ok. Before i begin i just want to say, Moderators of Gsm, this is nothing
personal. I just think that it is time for a change. I think that we should get rid of
or, at least change the GSM moderator system. Heres why.

1. i think that it is unfair that they should get to read private club forums.
Mabey they should Keep the club safe be respecting the members and apllying.
Like everyone else. By respecting members, you might gain the respect of

2. I dont think that they should be able to put people in time out of ban them.
Mabey there could be a system where they file a report to admin who would be
able to Veiw them all when she logged on. This is nessascery because
sometimes the moderators abuse there powers. (no offence, if any of you are
reading this)

3.I think that every 2 months the moderators should have to Check in with
admin who would make sure that they are still desverving of this postion.

4. I think that the beheivor of the moderators should be moniterd more
carefully. They get away with alot of stuff.

5. I just hope that admin is making sure that there "Moderator Club"s private
forum does not become perosonal attack central. Because in the forum "No
more Not fair posts" it metions that the moderators discuss "who to look out
for" which can turn into personal attacks very easily. I think that they should
not be aloud to discuss people. They should leave it at GSM events and changes
that would do more to make GSM better

If you do not make these changes, get rid of moderators all together

4. Credit our weeks supply of sweets

The moderators of the site Talk Freebies which currently has 52,000 members. Us moderators were all asked to put a pic of ourselves as our avatars. As an incentive for doing this he would credit a weeks supply of sweets. We still have not had these credited and it has been about a month and we still havent had the sweets credited.

5. Neopets Neochat Moderators

This is a petition to have neopets appoint people on the site (yes, neopets members) to become neochat moderators to prevent people like gorwall, the countless dating services, and nasty posts from happening so often. These moderators will be able to lock usernames out of neochat for a period of 24hrs for innapropriate chatting.

6. Reform the Moderator situation at the E3 Forums!

To all of the Elder Scrolls 3 Forum users: It has become painfully clear that the moderator situation has grown out of control. Moderators with too much power are oppressing the forums users, and they are using their power to fulfill personal vendettas that they may have with certain users.

Supervision of these Moderators is almost non-existant, because only TWO Administrators actually lay claim to the responsibility of maintaining the forum and its moderators. As anyone can tell, there is too large a load for too few people to handle, and this is why ALL the users of the forums demand a reform of the Moderator staff and power.

We feel the new Moderator Structure should be as follows:

1.) Moderators do NOT have the power to BAN users from the forums.
2.) Specific individual Moderators shall be assigned a specific forum and is held responsible for actions in their forums.
3.) Only Administrators shall be permitted to BAN users, AFTER a hearing has taken place with the Moderators about the offending user.
4.) If a BAN is executed, the BANNING ADMINISTRATOR shall issue a detailed email to the BANNED user stating, in depth, the details of their offence, the reason for their ban, and where in the User Agreement they violated the terms they agreed to when they signed up.

To elaborate these reform options:
1.) Too many chiefs and not enough braves is the sentiment there. If every moderator is allowed to ban any user at whim, a vulgar display of power is inevitable, such as the current state of the forums!
2.) If you read the forum information, you'll notice a huge moderator/administrator mix is responsible for ALL the forums. This is too much work, and more than HALF those listed Moderators/Administrators are actively involved in Moderating the forums. If you assign two or three Moderators to a forum, its much easier for them to keep it under control, and you have no overlapping and hasty desicions made.
3.) This is a given. If every policeman was allowed to carry out Judge, Jury, and Executioner with every person he arrested, you would have many many dead people. Simply because the wrong people have all the power. Responsible Administrators should be responsible for making banning decisions, based on a general Moderator consensus that deals with the problem causing user, the number of offences they made, and where exactly in the user agreement they are violating. Only after this is accomplished can a ban be executed with 100% flawlessness and justice.
4.) Banned users have a RIGHT to know WHY they were BANNED. A simple vague reason provided by the forums with a equally vague error message is NOT good enough! Banned users need to know what they did wrong, where they violated their user agreement, and what their being banned for. This way, there is no way a user can have any grounds to cause more trouble or question the decisions made against them.

This petition is to establish order on a ramshackle slip-shod poorly managed forum, whose users are FED UP with being miss-treated by the power-abusing Moderators, and the unprofessional methods of their actions.

The forum users want JUSTICE!

7. Abolish Racism On The Kerrang Message Boards

This petition is aimed at preventing the racism that continues on the Kerrang message board. It also aims to stop moderators from preventing users posting messages OPPOSING racism. For more information visit


Loserbutt has been taken hostage by the evil mods at the weezer web site!!!!! everytime he pops his head up they handcuff him and delete all his posts!!!! THIS INJUSTICE MUST BE STOPPED!!!! IT IS NOT ONLY A THREAT TO LOSERBUTT BUT A THREAT TO ALL INTELLIGENT POSTERS ON THE WEEZER MESSAGE BOARD!!!!!!!!!!!

9. Food and Beverage For All!

We the People of VWVortex Discussion Forums, in Order to form a more perfect Forum, establish Food & Beverage, insure domestic recipes, provide for the common meal, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Grace to ourselves and our food, do ordain and establish this Petition for the Creation of a Food & Beverage Forum.

Section 1
All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Moderator or Moderators which shall consist of existing VWVortex Members.

Section 2
No person shall contribute to the Food & Beverage forum without first attaining membership in this Great VWVortex. Any citizen shall be allowed to read and review all postings therein without prejudice.

Section 3
No member shall be a Moderator who shall not have attained to the Age of ten Years, and been one month a member of VWVortex. Members may petition the Founding Fathers to have said Moderator or Moderators removed from power. No Moderator shall be removed from power without consent of the Founding Fathers.

Section 4
Members shall convene at least once a month to contribute and promote the general welfare of the Food & Beverage forum. Lack of contribution shall relegate known members to the status of Newbie and said member must re-establish his good name.

Section 5
Any Moderator may determine the Rules of Posting, punish members, and, with the Concurrence of the Founding Fathers, expel a member.

Section 6
The Moderators and/or Founding Fathers shall receive no compensation for their services. They shall in all cases, except treason, felony, or breach of VWVortex Rules, be privileged from flames during their Attendance and Moderation of the Food & Beverage Forum.

Section 7
Every poll which shall have been created in the Food & Beverage forum, shall, before it become valid, will have added a Porcupine clause. No poll shall be locked or otherwise restricted until a Porcupine Amendment has been added.

Section 8
Members shall have these uniform powers in the Food & Beverage forum as indicated herein;

To ridicule or belittle a member in good standing as long as it shall be in good fun.

To declare a verbal or emotional war on other members as long as the flame fest does not breech the Rules of VWVortex.

To explain to new members and discourage the use of any variation of posting or entering before a lock.

To borrow recipes from fellow Members.

To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Members in such Gatherings or GTG’s they deem fit to attend nationwide and local where they shall Enjoy their shared

To provide and maintain a Hollandaise Sauce

To determine the exact Use of the Spices so as not to overburden the

To be a merry bunch on those nights deemed worthy of a Drunktex.

A Member charged in this Forum for Treason, Felony, or posting some such
recipe found to be so foul as to be considered Butt, shall be delivered
up, to be removed to the Forum for having offended our very Souls.

The Ratification of the Conventions of the Founding Fathers shall be sufficient
for the Establishment of this Forum for the discussion of Foods and Beverages.