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1. Coastline Cycleway

There is fantastic potential for a 20-mile seafront cycleway from Folkestone Harbour to Dungeness, a high grade recreational facility for visitors and residents alike that will boost health, tourism, transportation and the Shepway economy.

Like the safe and scenic coastal cycleways of North Kent and Nord Pas de Calais, a dedicated cycleway from Folkestone to Dungeness would put Shepway back on the tourist map - a destination attraction for cyclists, be they long distance riders or a family with bikes on a day-trip from London.

The Folkestone-Dungeness Cycleway is the ambition of Damian Collins, MP for Folkestone and Hythe. The campaign for its realisation is headed by Cycle Shepway, the pressure group for better cycling that must lobby, cajole and propel our authorities into coordinated action.

This petition will be presented to Shepway District Council, Kent County Council, the Environment Agency, the Ministry of Defence and other interested parties such as town and parish councils.

2. Cycle Route Through A3 Butser Cutting

In the early 1990s the A3 road north from the A3(M) was replaced by a dual carriageway that, for the vast majority of cyclists, does not offer an acceptable safety level. The Highways Agency built cycle tracks alongside the A3, south from Queen Elizabeth Country Park to North Horndean and from Petersfield to Liphook.

The critical section for cyclists, through the Butser Cutting, was left without cycle provision with the loss of the primary cycling route across Hampshire’s South Downs. Over 10 years of campaigning by a large number of cyclists has so far failed to get this unacceptable road design rectified.

The Opportunity
At a recent meeting with HCC staff the Highways Agency agreed to reconsider their objection to a cycle track alongside the dual carriageway, in the Butser Cutting, between the south end of the unused Old A3 and the QE Park entrance. Even so HA still say they don’t have funds for the work. This link would allow the reinstatement of a primary north south cycling route through the South Downs using the now unused Old A3.

With approximately 80,000 people living within 10km of QE Park, the attractive location, the consequential improved access to the South Downs National Park and the mild inclines would suggest that within 5 years the average daily transits of cyclists would be likely to exceed 200.

Advantages of link
The advantages of building the proposed cycle link would be to:
• Maximise the number of cyclists who can cycle across the Hampshire Downs;
• Enable cycle commuting between the Waterlooville/ Horndean area and Petersfield;
• Enable cycle access from south of the Downs to Petersfield Railway Station;
• Improve cycling access from the north onto Butser Hill and into the Queen Elizabeth Forest and the wider South Downs National Park;
• Improve the safety of those who already cycle along the A3 route;
• Increase the level of cycling by making additional cycle routes accessible.

Cost of work
The cost has to be established. A feasibility study is required to define the work needed on the 600m section along the A3. Also a 500m long section is required between the Old A3 and the north end of the lay-by on the dual carriageway and the Old A3 needs obstructions cleared and the surface patched. The route length being 3.3km

Cyclists' petition
The Highway Agency’s more relaxed interpretation of the technical criteria suggests that this is the right time to increase political pressure for the reinstatement of the cycle route. The initial action is for a cyclists' petition that you are invited to support.

3. We Support cycling routes on the University of Leeds Campus

Evidence shows that providing cycling facilities such as cycle lanes encourages people to cycle. It also makes it easier and more pleasant for current cyclists.

4. Bring the London Bike Hire Scheme to Stockwell!

The Cycle Hire scheme currently covers Vauxhall, Kennington and Oval which border Stockwell. Extensions to the Cycle Hire Scheme will ease pressure on the very busy Northern & Victoria tube lines that converge at Stockwell.

5. Secure bike parking at Bishops Stortford station

There are only very limited secure bicycle storage facilities at Bishops Stortford station. The vast majority of the cycle bays are old fashioned types which grip only the wheel edge and do not allow the frame to be secured to modern standards. This has led to competition for a small number of locking points, such as the vertical supports of the bike shelters.

Cycles are not only being stolen because they are insecure, but also numerous arguments and friction are arising between cyclists and motorcyclists over obstruction caused by cyclists being forced to lock their bikes against the supports in the designated motorbike section.

This continuing situation is unacceptable, particularly as provision of proper locking points would not be disproportionately expensive.

6. Bicycle Transit Station for Perth City

Update 26/Sep/11: the original petition used a funding model based on a developer sponsored Bicycle Transition Centre and the development land suggested was 3 Cliff Street. The developer funded model still may be the way to go and other locations for the centre may be considered.

To promote easy cycling to work and reduce traffic congestion a Perth bicycle transit station is a step forward.

The Station shall provide:
• 24-hour, 7 days/week access to bicycle storage, showers and lockers with key card access.
• Bicycle servicing and retail shop on site.
• Tea, coffee and a bite to eat.
• Wi-Fi access.
• Dry cleaning and laundry services while the cyclists are at work.

Around the globe bicycle stations commonly operate like a health club. They make cycling to work easier, and they build a community.

The Web Site Link above links to a full proposal for the development of a Public Bicycle Transit Station located at 3 Cliff Street, Perth (next to the Jacob’s Ladder, with access from both the top and bottom of the ladder).

7. Turn The SafeWay Property In Chilliwack Into A Skatepark

The City Of Chlliwack needs a safe place for bicycle riders of all sorts/skateboarders/scooter riders etc to ride safely. Just last week i witnessed my best friend get beat up by 4 gang members because he was merely at the skatepark.

A safe place provided would help keep the children who use the parks to be completely safe due to the entry cost, which would deter crime perpetrators. Consider all the possible other thing young teens could be doing besides have an normal evening doing what they love, in a safe and healthy environment.

8. Mark Beaumont For Knighthood

Mark Beaumont cycled the world in 195 days, smashing the previous record by 81 days. He endured everything from uncooperative police, to extreme food poisoning, to near-kidnapping by Afghan insurgents.

I, for one, feel that this feat is certainly worthy of Knighthood.

9. support a sefton dirt park

this petition is an aid to a group of youths in the liverpool area who would like to get the council to build a dirt park for bikes.

10. Angle Parking for 61st and 34a ave (cal-de-sac)

Over the last 30 years we have all been parking angled in the vicinity of our coinciding homes, we have never had a dilemma with parking over the years. Our neighbourhood (cal-de-sac) has encountered an issue, the city of edmonton and a plaintiff have enoforced that we must abide by the law that of Bylaw No.5590 (621,622) all subsections. Bylaw No.5590 (621,622) states that:

PARALLEL PARKING (1) When parking a vehicle on a roadway, a person may only park a vehicle

(a) with

(i) the sides of the vehicle parallel to the curb or edge of the roadway, and
(ii) the right wheels of the vehicle not more than 500 millimetres from the right curb or edge of the roadway,

(b) in the case of a one-way highway where parking on either side is permitted, with

(i) the sides of the vehicle parallel to the curb or edge of the roadway,
(ii) the wheels that are the closest to a curb or edge of the roadway not more than 500 millimetres from that curb or edge, and
(iii) the vehicle facing in the direction of travel authorized for the highway.

(2) Notwithstanding subsection (1), a person may park a motor cycle

(a) at an angle, other than perpendicular, to the curb or edge of the roadway, and

(b) with

(i) a wheel of the motor cycle not more than 500 millimetres from the curb or edge of the roadway, and
(ii) the motor cycle angled in the direction of travel authorized for the traffic lane that is adjacent to the lane on which the motor cycle is parked.

(3) Subsection (1) does not apply where angle parking is permitted or required.

11. Protection of the community from child sex offenders

May 26, 2006

This Petition will be mailed to All Australian Members of the Senate in Parliament.

Child abuse is way out of control and it is time to turn the light on these sex offenders who have been getting away with the most Unacceptable... Who have been interfering with the rights of others, who have denied and exploited their responsibility as role-model and guardian.

We must All make ourselves accountable… it is time to face this front on, together!

What's needed is Prevention and Zero tolerance!!!

What's needed is Greater public awareness through Education!

CONSIDER THIS: The word Victim should not be used. We do not want to encourage victimhood; 'Fear' This word implies one person is victorious over the other who is helpless, this word gives power away. The word predator should not be promotes domninace to one side and instills fear and helplessness to the other side. Instead the abuser should be understood through description... as very sick, deeply immoral, deeply selfish, out of control, deficient in remorse therefore completely untrustworthy, sly, manipulative, unpredictable, harmful, violent... this would help avoid manipulation.

We can no longer function from fear...and we can no longer remain ignorant as ignorance is the greatest breeder of fear.

We are no longer victims when the so called predator sees we are the ones watching them...When what we say and what is done speaks the message that abusive behavior will not be tolerated the dominator will loose his power.

12. Automobiles sold in Canada to be recycled in Canada

Manufactures of automobiles sold in Canada bare a responsibility for the enviromental impacts of their products throughout the product's life cycle.

13. Glenlawn Students Against the Six-Day Cycle

This is a petition to recogize the views of the staff and students at Glenlawn Collegiate regarding the implementation of the six-day cycle.