#Human Rights
Federal, State and Local authorities

Paedophiles are known to be able to access two significant and extensive points of communication that cross local and international boundaries. That is, Freight Forwarding and Ham Radio. These two points of communication provide paedophiles with largely uncontrolled open slather to individuals including information of families business personnel credit card details private home data [dates of birth home addresses and telephone numbers family members number of children where schooled private interests et al] as well as Shipping and Trucking data including access to Customs and Government.

Not realising the dangers of a paedophile in the Freightforwarding business it is open slather for the paedophile as is access to and use of Ham Radio that reaches innocent people with children throughout the world as well as locally in Australia.

I call for Police checks and Bans on paedophiles in these areas vital to human existence, movement and well-being.

I/We, the undersigned, call for Police Checks and Bans on persons in and wanting to access the Freight Forwarding Business and Ham Radio in Australia.
I/We call for the Introduction of a 'Blue Card' clearance to persons in these two areas.

Signed With Respect to the Ongoing Preservation Protection and Value of the Child for Whom we are Each, as Adults, Responsible.

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