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1. Accountable and open government - REALLY? – POINT OF ORDER!

“The Hon. Tony Abbott, MP, leads an accountable and open government” … REALLY? – POINT OF ORDER!

To: ABBOTT - Grow a spine! Stop “ending” questions every time a Point of Order is raised …

To: Speaker of the House - THE DISHONORABLE BRONWYN BISHOP - Stop shutting down Points of Order when the question has clearly NOT been answered …

2. Make American DJ ADJ Advantage Points Available Worldwide

ADJ Advantage™ Rewards Program is a very simple straight forward program that awards you points for purchasing and registering American DJ® brand products in the United States. Your points can be redeemed for a wide variety of American DJ® offered items. You are automatically enrolled when you send in a completed warranty card and or fill out the on line registration form.

This is a “web based” program and a valid email address is required for enrollment and administration.

Brian S Redd Video:

3. Get rid of the points and levels system on yahoo answers

The points and levels system on yahoo answers is not necessary and it causes nothing but trouble. It causes chaos! It has a high range in which it takes A LOT of work to get your full rights.

It even limits some of the rights that you do have! I got an answer that said "thanks for the two points!'. They answered just to get points and didn't even answer the question! Here is the link that shows you the system:;_ylt=AjtxrNrLoJ6raGPmmJPBAizj1KIX;_ylv=3

We must ABOLISH it!

4. Reduce the price of premium points on Tribalwars, all servers

From 8 April, Tribalwars will change the prices for premium accounts.

Comparing the new prices with the old system, you will find out that they raised the prices in all levels.

5. Winster changes

Member of winster since July 2007, unhappy with the price changes, changes in the amount of spins, and changes that make it too difficult to earn prizes.

6. Get rid of the 10 times rule and let people play

The law should simply state you can not pay cash, receive gift cards, or gift certificates, it should not say what points a person can take out and what or how much they can redeem with their point cards. It's not gambling it is for Amusement.

7. Come back JSF

Rires pour des points qui valent pas des prunes !

8. Award Fremantle 4 points for St Kilda game Apr 30, 2006

Today we saw a debacle of the highest order at Aurora Stadium in Launceston, Tasmania in an AFL game between the Fremantle Football Club and the St Kilda Football Club.

At the completion of the game, the siren was blown with Fremantle leading by 1 point. Due to the siren being very low in volume, the umpire controlling the game claimed he didn't hear it, depsite the Fremantle players raising their arms in triumph upon hearing it, the St Kilda players dropping their heads in defeat, and another field umpire appearing to run in to rectify the error.

Play continued and in the ensuing confusion a St Kilda player scored a point before the game was officially brought to a close, with a draw being the result. Clearly the Fremantle Football Club were robbed of the win and were the true winners of the game.

We demand that the point scored by St Kilda be removed from the records and that the Fremantle Football Club be awarded the game and the 4 premiership points. In the ineterst of fairness and for the sake of preserving the integrity of the game and the AFL competition, this move is essential and must be irrevocable.

The following questions must also be answered for the public and supporters of AFL in Australia:

(i) How long was the final siren sounded for?
(ii) Did the Timekeeper sound the siren a second time?
(iii) When did the field umpire signal the completion of playing time?
(iv) If the field umpire did not hear the 2nd sounding why was the game stopped?

The integrity of this great game must be preserved and the correct club must be rewarded for its win in Tasmania.

9. Keeping extra credits for honarary classes at Pebblebrook

January 11, 2006

My name is Chasidy Walker and I attend Pebblebrook Highschool of Mableton, Georgia and as of today January 11, 2006 I was notified by my school teachers that there will no longer be extra credits given to the students who attend honor classes.

We work hard, we strive to bring home the best grades to show our parents our ability, not just our parents but ourselves! One of the people or groups of people we reflect with our outstanding progress is our own school... the very school who comes to take away the privilege we recieve along with grades; when one attends a honor class and makes a passing grade we recieve points, extra points that goes toward our GPA.

I belive this was an unfair act, no reward for working hard, but yet and still those students on level and below are now going to recieve the same credits we recieve?

Why take something away from us that we worked hard to earn?

10. Remove XXX Footpath Signage

XXX World is placing signage on the footpath on the corner of Sydneyham & Pittwater Rds Brookvale. The signage stating XXX World Now Open has an arrow that points directly to Marvic House.

XXX World is not located within Marvic House.

11. Police Checks and Bans on Paedophiles Applying for Access to Freightforwarding Industry

Paedophiles are known to be able to access two significant and extensive points of communication that cross local and international boundaries. That is, Freight Forwarding and Ham Radio. These two points of communication provide paedophiles with largely uncontrolled open slather to individuals including information of families business personnel credit card details private home data [dates of birth home addresses and telephone numbers family members number of children where schooled private interests et al] as well as Shipping and Trucking data including access to Customs and Government.

Not realising the dangers of a paedophile in the Freightforwarding business it is open slather for the paedophile as is access to and use of Ham Radio that reaches innocent people with children throughout the world as well as locally in Australia.

I call for Police checks and Bans on paedophiles in these areas vital to human existence, movement and well-being.

12. Horseland --- Redo!

Horseland has become too full of people who only care about points. We want to redo horseland, make it as it was before.


We, the people (players) of Outwar (, are getting ANGRY with outwar. We have the "No ads" upgrade in the point store; as in, we bought that upgrade throught points. When we go on, we are FORCED to download programs, with viruses, interstitial ad delivery, and other SPAMM.

When we try to unistall the programs,we get even more pop-ups. WE DEMAND, that you (outwar) make the rinoblocker free, so we can stop your ads from annoying us. If you do not reverse the ads, we will take imedite legle action.

14. Hire Kareem Abdul Jabbar

A 2-25 season. RECOGNIZING that Columbia scored fewer points last season than any other college basketball team.

ASSERTING that Kareem Abdul Jabbar, having scored more points than any player in NBA history, possesses a unique expertise in remedying Columbia's inability to score points.

ENCOURAGES that the Athletic department and John Reeves take action to hire Kareem Abdul Jabbar as men's basketball head coach with all deliberate speed in the interest of the program's future and all despondent Columbia rooters.

15. Make Groundball an Officially Registered Sport

More information about Groundball can be found at
Groundball is a relatively new sport, only a few years old. The concept of groundball is simple. Groundball is played on a court made up of two triangular boxes placed 10 metres apart. Players win points by achieving to "ground" the ball in the opponents triangular. The first to 19 points (2 points clear) wins a set, matches being the best of 5 sets.

Groundball is hugely popular amongst it's players, and many people enjoy playing. The World Groundball Association are now petitioning to make Groundball an officially registered sport.

16. More BTO Options from Apple Computer, Inc.

In the Wintel hardware world, there are hundreds of choices of different motherboards, video cards, and cases from dozens of different manufacturers at various price points, depending on the features you want or don't. This is one of the few features I admire about the Wintel world.

Wouldn't it be great if we had similar choices in the Mac world? While I wouldn't expect Apple to license their technology any time soon to companies like Asus or Abit so that they could build all kinds of different Mac motherboards, maybe we could get Apple to rethink their "BTO" Power Mac strategy. At the minimum, it would be great if Apple allowed us to purchase only the components we needed to build or re-build our own Power Macs. However, I don't think this would ever happen, at least not as long as Steve Jobs is the CEO at Apple. Maybe we could convince Apple to re-think their BTO Power Mac options:

This is what I propose - Lets start a petition to get Apple to offer REAL BTO options whenever someone goes to buy a Power Mac at the Apple Store. This petition would collect the names, e-mail addresses, and comments of all Mac users who'd have an interest in seeing Apple offer TRUE BTO options. What do I consider "TRUE BTO OPTIONS"?

A - Three (minimum) different motherboards - Low, Medium, High End - with different price points to match:
- Low End: 3 PCI slots, 1 AGP, 1 USB, 1 Firewire, 10MBps Ethernet, 1 UDMA66 Connector (Supporting 2 Hard Drives)
- Medium End: 4 PCI slots, 1 AGP, 2 USB, 2 Firewire, 10/100 Ethernet, 2 UDMA66 Connectors (Supporting 4 Hard Drives)
- High End: 5 PCI slots, 1 AGP, 2 USB, 2 Firewire, 10/100/1000 Ethernet, 2 UDMA100 Connectors (Supporting 4 Hard Drives)
- G4 Processors - 733Mhz, Dual 733Mhz, 800Mhz, Dual 800Mhz, 867Mhz, Dual 867Mhz - These would be able to be used with either MB.

B - Three (minium) different Tower Case Designs - Small, Medium, Large (possibly with different colors) - with different price points to match:
- Small: (1) 5.25" External Drive Bay, (1) 3.5" External Drive Bay, 2 internal Hard Drive Bays for SCSI or IDE drives (3 different color options minimum)
- Medium: (2) 5.25" External Drive Bays, (1) 3.5" External Drive Bay, 4 internal Hard Drive Bays for SCSI or IDE drives (3 different color options minimum)
- Large: (3) 5.25" External Drive Bays, (2) 3.5" External Drive Bay, 6 internal Hard Drive Bays for SCSI or IDE drives (3 different color options minimum)
- Power Supplies: 250Watt, 300Watt, 350Watt, 400Watt - with different price points to match - any of which can be used in either case.

C - Video Cards - As it now stands, the choice is decent, but lets throw a 64MB ATI Radeon 8500 AGP, 32MB ATI Radeon AGP, Formac Proformance 3 and 4 AGP into the mix as well.

D - BareBone Power Mac: Any MOTHERBOARD from above, with any CPU from above, in any CASE from above, with any VIDEO CARD from above -
- This should require the purchase of the lastest version of OS X.
- NOT NECESSARY to purchase - RAM, Hard Drive, DVD/CDRW/SuperDrive

Unfortunately, I do not have my own website where I could host this porposed petition. If anyone who reads this likes this idea, please feel free to "take the ball and run with it." Feel free to use any ideas/wording from this posting in the petition. Lets try to get Apple to Re-think Differently about their BTO Power Mac Strategy. Lets let them know that we want more choice. I would love to be the first one on this petition. My idea would be to run this petition for at least 1 month if not 2 to collect as many names as possible.

While this type of BTO system would increase the cost of Apple's R&D, and as a result increase the price of Macs or BareBone Macs, I believe the price increases would not be dramatic, and it would in my opinion be worth it to get the kind of Mac motherboard/case/video card that I would want.

I believe this would also have a good chance of increasing Apple's market share and OS X adoption. Consider one scenario - Joe, a life-long Wintel "Poweruser". He's seen OS X and is interested - Unix core, reliable, powerful, with plenty of eye-candy too. Maybe he even likes the design of Apple's hardware. He'd like to give it a try, but he doesn't want to spend a minimum of $1699 for a low-end Power Mac since he spent about $1300 not too long ago for a high-end 1.4Ghz Athlon. But for say $1000 (or somewhat close to this) he could get a Low End motherboard, 733Mhz G4 CPU, Small Case, 32MB Radeon AGP Video Card, and OS X. Then all he'd have to do is take the RAM, Hard Drive, DVD/CDRW from his Athlon and put it into his new BTO Power Mac (or at worst spend another $150-$200 on some RAM and a Hard Drive from any reseller for his new G4).