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1. Mr. Zuckerberg, Tear Down The Political Filter Bubble's Wall!

The Filter Bubble term was coined by internet activist Eli Pariser in his book by the same name; according to Pariser, users get less exposure to conflicting viewpoints and are isolated intellectually in their own informational bubble.
The existence of The Filter Bubble "closes us off to new ideas, subjects, and important information" and "creates the impression that our narrow self-interest is all that exists". The invisible algorithmic editing of our Facebook Newsfeeds limits our exposure to new information and narrow our outlook. According to Pariser, the detrimental effects of filter bubbles include harm to the general society in the sense that it has the possibility of "undermining civic discourse" and making people more vulnerable to "propaganda and manipulation".
He wrote: "A world constructed from the familiar is a world in which there’s nothing to learn ... (since there is) invisible autopropaganda, indoctrinating us with our own ideas."
— Eli Pariser in The Economist, 2011
The Facebook algorithm divided us up into sub-groups of like-minded people who become insulated within their own online community and fail to get exposure to different views.
Today like never before we need to narrow the divide between liberals and conservatives - we have no platform to even get to know each other, Facebook has a unique chance to become The Bridge we need in America.

2. Better Mobile Coverage in Ely, Cambridgeshire

The importance of mobile communication infrastructure for the support of activities and wellbeing in rural Ely cannot be under estimated. Access to an effective communications network is an economic and social lifeline and a necessity if people are to participate in modern society.

Modern communication is the key to improving access to education, employment opportunities and the delivery of services and the subsequent injection of life into local economy. Having the infrastructure to make this happen right now is crucial to Ely’s development and future posterity.

In some areas of Ely city centre, including outlying residential areas, there is limited - and in some cases, no-mobile phone coverage. These areas are known as not-spots, and their existence has important implications for the ways in which individuals conduct their work, family and social lives.

Ofcom identifies five categories of not-spot: complete not-spots (no coverage at all), gaps in 3G coverage where only 2G coverage is available (i.e. mobile broadband is unavailable), not spots affecting a specific network operator, and poor or unreliable coverage either on the move or indoors, where networks are ostensibly available.

This petition is to call for action from the MP for South East Cambridgeshire, Ofcom and mobile operators to improve mobile phone coverage in rural Ely, including an exploration of the reasons why many not-spots exist.

Thousands of consumers who are accepting poor service without a fuss is simply wrong. Whether or not the provider thinks signal issues are serious, they are, in each case.

3. Improve DSBONE Communication

In light of events from the past few years, we wish to address serious communication / public relations issues within the District School Board of Ontario North East.

We do not doubt the difficulty of trying to balance your duties to us, the tax payers and parents, and your obligations to the board and Ministry (cf. Good Governance, chapter 3, pg. 22-23), however, reviewing local situations, i.e. NLPS merger, Charlton-Savard, Cobalt & Temagami schools, DSBONE continuously drops the ball.

In every piece of literature surrounding school boards and how they should govern themselves we see the importance stressed time and time again of:

• Public confidence
• Engaging the public
• Communication

As a result, we, as citizens across the area where DSBONE operates, have lost confidence in you as a board and find your communication to be virtually non-existent.

4. Italics and Bold for Facebook

Text has a way of inhibiting communication. While efficient and utilitarian, text just lacks emphasis. I would have italicized emphasis, um, for emphasis, but I can't do that. I also can't do that on Facebook.

5. Soutenir une infirmière libérale qui ne travaille pas

je suis infirmière libérale en guyane depuis 2006 et je suis exclue du système.dans une zone sinistrée .toute une minorité de soignants a monté une cabale contre moi. J'ai des preuves concernant cet état de fait.Il m'est impossible de les produire pour le moment, mais ici, aucune déontologie et éthique n'est respectée.

Je sais que c'est insolite, mais je refuse de me mettre en faillite comme l'ont fait d'autres. Mon but est de faire connaitre ce mode d'exercice et de permettre au public de "casser" ses préjugés concernant cette profession. Comme quoi, il est impossible qu'une infirmière n'ait pas de travail.

6. Swiftly Bring Back MSN Sharing Folders!

We do realize that Msn Messenger Version 9 has a "publish share folders online" feature located in the files drop down box, however, we all believe sincerely that the MSN Sharing Ability (without use of the Internet, with personal sharing between person to person) brought about on Version 8.5 was absolutely superb!

7. Support the establishment of Community Libararies and Tele centres in Nepal

Nepal: you may all know that this beautiful country still lives as third world country. The researches shows that more than 40 percent of people still live below the poverty line.

Regarding literacy about 50 percent of people are uneducated in the country.
Only 8 percent or people have access to communication (internet, email).

So with these things in mind I with my friends are planning to establish a community library and ICT centers for the marginalized people and communities in rural areas of Nepal.

Your simple support would be great.

8. Sign Language should be FREE for Deaf People

Medway Council are making DEAF people pay to learn British Sign Language.

"ESOL (English for Speakers of other Languages) courses are FREE to people from minority ethnic groups who are permanently resident in the area" Medway Adult Service Learner Handbook 2006/07

I am deaf and I have had to pay £150 to learn sign language. Sign Language is a basic communication method.

9. Ellington Community wants Board Step Down

There are a few reasons we want the board to step down and here are some supporting evidence:

1. Grounds are not maintained consistently.

2. Rare communication from board members.
a. Do not return emails
b. Do not return phone calls

3. There is limited communication between board members and also with the community.

4. Money is being spent without proper authorization from community:
a. Purchased a tractor.
b. Hired a maintenance man.
c. Hired someone to put out newsletters.
d. Hired officers; we don't know what their contract
states, how many there are, how much they are
getting paid, etc.

5. Individuals are added to payroll without proper
authorization from community.

6. Vendors come out and are not met by any board
member and leave.

7. Pool is not up to code.

8. Club house dues were raised without proper

9. Board members have been rude and obnoxious with
the community.

10. Promises are made and not kept.
a. The opening of the club house on Sundays.

11. Board members do not show up for scheduled

12. Emergency meeting called by previous treasurer,
which was denied by board members.

13. Not a fully functional board with only 4 members.

14. Monies sent in by homeowners have not been
cashed after months of being held onto or they
have been lost by the board.

15. The board is not forthcoming with information that
is privileged to the community.

10. DHP Letter of Concern

Letter of Concern regarding suggestions to restore fair and harmonious communications to the DHP.

11. Remove Mrs. Robino as an animation instructor

May 4, 2006

Look at this comparison between Mr. Byer's achievments in animation, and Mrs. Robino's:

Mr. Byers:

Recently taught Advanced Animation and Audio/Video Productions at the School of Communication Arts.

2 years experience in Game Production. Character animator for Rules of the Game.

Produced game art and animation for Video Casino Extreme.

12 years experience in Animation and Video Production.

Advanced Animation/Graphic Arts Certificate-School of Communication Arts.

Award- Oustanding Achievment in Advanced Animation.

Owns and operates Cyclops Animation.

Mrs. Robino

Taught 2 years of middle school technology.

Taught 4 years of visual communications at WCTHS in Mayland.

Ajunct instructor at Hagerstown Community College, Maryland.

20 years of graphic design.

Certified in Graphic Arts + 2 years

I sometimes wonder why she is not a Graphic Arts teacher instead of being an animation teacher.

12. Reduce communication costs for our deployed soldiers

Feb 01, 2006

Deployed soldiers are being charged outrageous rates to call home to their families and for use of the internet.

Some soldiers are not able to afford to call home or use the internet.

This petition is designed to ask Congress to help reduce those rates for the Morale of the soldiers deployed and their families.

13. Stop "Lawful Access" in Canada

October 27, 2005

The Canadian government's proposed legislation to tap public communication is totally unnecessary. The idea is to make communication companies install wiretaps to allow the government to eavesdrop on phone and internet conversations. This bill was named "Lawful Access", and must be stopped.

Prime Minister Paul Martin has stated that the plan is to keep tabs on known or just-released criminals, but if the access is at that high of a level (arguably the highest in Canada) the way that the information is actually used and what is done with it would not be known to the public, or anyone else except who is doing it, especially if this is across the entire country.

The proposed anti-terror legislation is contrary to our civil rights. Regardless of the fact if you had something to hide or not, would you want even your next door neighbour, or a close friend or family member possibly listening in on every phone call you make and reading every e-mail or instant message you send or reveive? Probably not.

I personally do not want some anonymous "Big Brother" figure perusing over my personal and private correspondances, but if PM Paul Martin and Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan get their way it will become reality.

The main point is not to actually monitor the population, but make them understand that they COULD be monitored. This was employed famously in Germany during World War II. Remember the Gestapo? This is exactly the same type of tactic Hitler used to keep his citizens in line. Why was it wrong when Hitler did this to Germany, but in Canada of all places it's deemed acceptable? Is this what our Veterans died for?

More information:

14. Ourt rights as US citizens to choose our own communication network!

When residents moved into the community, all kinds of documents were signed (ie.e no drugs will be used in the unit, and documents, the rental office having access to the units at all times). We were not notified, nor signed documents that stated that Star Power was the only communication network that we could get in our units, due to the owner of the community's buget plan until we were in our units.

We as residents that pay market rate rent, are requesting that other options be avalible to us by law to have the right to choose, as residents of Doglas Knoll Apt. community and citizins of the United States of America.

15. Police Checks and Bans on Paedophiles Applying for Access to Freightforwarding Industry

Paedophiles are known to be able to access two significant and extensive points of communication that cross local and international boundaries. That is, Freight Forwarding and Ham Radio. These two points of communication provide paedophiles with largely uncontrolled open slather to individuals including information of families business personnel credit card details private home data [dates of birth home addresses and telephone numbers family members number of children where schooled private interests et al] as well as Shipping and Trucking data including access to Customs and Government.

Not realising the dangers of a paedophile in the Freightforwarding business it is open slather for the paedophile as is access to and use of Ham Radio that reaches innocent people with children throughout the world as well as locally in Australia.

I call for Police checks and Bans on paedophiles in these areas vital to human existence, movement and well-being.