#Children's Rights
Putnam City Public Schools
United States of America

Bullying is a form of victimization, or abuse, and it is wrong. Children should be able to attend school or take part in activities without fear of being harassed, assaulted, belittled, or excluded.

Studies show that 15%-25% of children are bullied at school with frequency. The children being bullied may have reduced self-esteem or depression, drop in school performance. Some emotional scars from bullying can be lifelong. Young people who bully are more likely to miss school or drop out. 60% of boys who were bullies in middle school had at least one criminal conviction by the age of 24.

Bullying creates a climate of fear and disrespect in schools and has a negative impact on student learning.

We, the undersigned, call on the Putnam City Public School District to stop any form of bullying in every level of education (Pre-K through 12) by incorporating a "non-bullying" program in place.

This program would include instruction to all students as follows:

Demonstrate, and encourage students to demonstrate, understanding, respect and valuing of themselves and others.

Empower students by teaching, practicing and supporting constructive communication and conflict resolution skills.

Reinforce playground behavior guidelines and positive social relationships.

Develop opportunities and skills for social interaction (through play, games and 'hanging out'), which contribute to positive peer relations and networks.

Review bullying and safety issues by surveys and observations.

Provide safe places for students.

Develop and maintain peer, help and formal networks and support systems for early response — for example, peer support, peer mediation.

Follow school guidelines on incident response and ensure understanding of the consequences and goals of reinforcing everyone's right to be safe at school.

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