Dean of Pharmacy
United States of America

Signing this petition states that you agree that Hanumara's exam was too long for the allotted time given to us in class. Hence not allowing us to perform to our full potential, and therefore dramatically lowering our grades on the exam. Signing this also indicates that you are aware that all prior attempts to converse with Hanumara have been met with contempt and a very unprofessional attitude. Signing ones name on this petition is equivalent to filing a formal complaint stating that the exam was an inaccurate representation of ones knowledge of the material due to time constraints, and in turn lowering your test average dramatically.

Signing this petition indicates that you feel that the exam given in Biostatistics by Hanumara on 2/21/2003 was far too lengthy for the allotted time slot given us therefore dramatically minimizing ones ability to complete the exam or perform to full potential. Signing this petition is equivalent to filing a formal complaint stating that Hanumara's exam was not an accurate representation of the knowledge one has of the material covered in the course due to the fact that time constraints kept one from completing, contemplating or rechecking ones answers.

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