Petition Tag - formal

1. Stewart Middle School 8th grade formal dance

We recently found out that Stewart Middle School will not be hosting their annual 8th grade formal dance for the students.

2. Abolish Assesment Feedback Boycott at UWE

April 6, 2006

For those of you who are not aware, certain lecturers within UWE are currently on a feedback boycott; meaning they are willing to mark work but they are not willing to provide students with their marks or any appropriate feedback in a formal manner.

For those of you about to graduate this could mean that you do not receive formal classification of your degree. For those of you in your first and second year this could mean that progression onto your next year, any masters application and even module choice options could be hindered.

The action is being carried out because certain union members feel their pay should be higher and they feel the best way to achieve this rise is to carry out the above mentioned action.

I am not against strike action but I am against students being used as pawns in pay dispute claims; if you would like to see this action ended and if you would like to receive feedback and module grades please sign this petition.

3. Alternative Methods to Dissection at University of Wisconsin, Superior

March 09, 2006

A formal program needs to be in place for alternatives to dissecting in the Biology department at the University of Wisconsin, Superior.

Students need to be aware that these alternatives are avilable.

4. Petition against Prf. Hanumara

Signing this petition states that you agree that Hanumara's exam was too long for the allotted time given to us in class. Hence not allowing us to perform to our full potential, and therefore dramatically lowering our grades on the exam. Signing this also indicates that you are aware that all prior attempts to converse with Hanumara have been met with contempt and a very unprofessional attitude. Signing ones name on this petition is equivalent to filing a formal complaint stating that the exam was an inaccurate representation of ones knowledge of the material due to time constraints, and in turn lowering your test average dramatically.

5. Bring Back the Former Photograph Library

The AVSA's former website was an invaluable resource, particularly because of its extensive and informative photograph library which provided formal descriptions of the African Violets varieties displayed.