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1. Petition to Stop People Liking, Sharing and Signing Petitions


This is a Petition to Stop People Liking, Sharing and Signing Petitions

Why? . . . . .Because, they are very annoying!

Use your democratic right and vote, complain to the council, the major, your commune leader, your prime minister or your Mum and/or Dad. But please don't feel the need to tell the world your high and mighty opinion and then tell everyone to sign a petition to agree with you.

Have you too had enough of TheCopyandPasteLikeandShareifyouAgreeBrigade? Most people copy and paste the message out of guilt. Enough of the guilt, stand up and say 'No', I'm not going to share your stupid petition anymore. There are way too many petitions now. Lets face it, what are you after? Likes? Real Change? Woo Hoo! Now you have a list of a 1000 names to take to 10 Downing Street , but guess what? They ain't gonna read it out in the house of commons, in parliament or in an important committee because that is still a tiny number.

Please sign this petition, to make a pledge that this will be the last one.

2. Bring Xenia Goodwin and Alicia Banit to Brisbane!

Xenia and Alica are having a DVD signing in Melbourne but not Brisbane.

They should come to Brisbane as they have a large fan base and we do not want to miss out on having our DVD's signed by them!

3. Get Miley Cyrus to do an instore signing in HMV

As a fan of Miley Cyrus like many others i would love to meet her even if it is for one minute. HMV is a big entertainment retailer and have many instore signings. It would be amazing if they got Miley to do a signing session with them and give her fans the opportunity to meet her

4. Immigration Law Society at Wash U

The purpose of this petition is to gather enough signatures of currently enrolled law students at Washington University in St. Louis to formally create an Immigration Law Society at Wash U.

The Law School has never had an Immigration Law Society, yet St. Louis is the home of a surprisingly large population of new immigrants and refugees. Immigration is a topic commonly intertwined with employment and labor law, criminal law, health care, international law and foreign policy, among many other areas. The Immigration Law Society at Wash U would allow students to explore immigration law through direct community outreach, local and national speakers, fair-minded debates, contacts with employers and professional organizations, and advocacy and awareness events. Furthermore, the community outreach and volunteer aspect of the organization would provide students another avenue to obtain real-world legal experiences while in school, giving Wash U law students a competitive edge in the job market, even in areas other than immigration.

If you support the creation of this new organization, please help us by signing this petition. Under the Bylaws of the Student Bar Association, a new organization needs at least 10 registered members and twenty student signatures supporting the group’s formation, among other things. Please note in the space provided whether you would like to sign as a "Member" or "Supporter."

Thank you!

5. IRAN Islamic Republic (No)


6. Bring The Mighty Boosh book signing to Wales!

A petition to request that The Mighty Boosh do a book signing in Cardiff as they have done one in every other country in the United Kingdom except Wales.

The Mighty Boosh have many Welsh fans as they found out in the three sold out live shows they had in October and November, 2008.

7. Arirang TV Back In Sky Cable's Silver Plan

For the past nine years since Sky Cable had included Arirang TV in its roster of cable channels in 1999, Philippine viewers have been enjoying and learning about the Korean culture through the variety of shows they offer.

Since 2006, Sky Cable had removed Arirang TV from its channel listing offered in their basic Sky Silver Plan available at PhP 680.00 , and moved it to the premium Platinum Plan offered at PhP 2020.00. Because of this, Philippine Arirang TV viewers are left with no option but to upgrade their plans to a more expensive one should they want to continue watching Arirang TV.

Arirang TV is the only Korean TV station with a multi-lingual format, with Korean shows translated or subtitled in different languages (Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Bahasa, Spanish, Vietnamese and English).

By signing this petition, you are supporting the cause of the Philippine Arirang TV viewers in their endeavor to bring Arirang TV back to the channel listing of Sky Cable's basic Sky Silver Plan so that everyone can enjoy the viewing pleasures - both entertaining and informative- of Arirang TV in a much affordble cost.

8. Seniors of Buffalo County, Nebraska Pushing for more than a $10 Food Stamp Supply

People in Buffalo county that are disabled or of the age of Senior acceptance only receive ten dollars in food stamps on a monthly basis.

This can't be accepted, because of the fact that seniors and people with a disability consume more than ten dollars of food in one month, and people who are in this age or disability range may not be able to work for themselves in an income manor.

9. Opposing Bath Bus Rapid Transit To Run Along The Disused Railway From Brassmill Lane To Win


The Proposal:

£54 million of government money may be awarded to the City of Bath for a new transport plan. B&N.E.S intend to invest a massive chunk of this public money on a 'Bus Rapid Transit System' (BRT), which will run from an extended Newbridge Park and Ride before adjoining onto a former railway line (a mile long stretch of green land), between Brassmill Lane and Windsor Bridge Rd.

This is part of a wider proposal to join Newbridge Park & Ride in the west of Bath, to a Park and Ride at Bathampton Meadows in the east, via the city centre.

The council estimates that the new route will benefit customers by saving them an average of two minutes on a trip from Newbridge to the City Centre, in a diesel, bendy bus.

The segregated route will bypass the Upper and Lower Bristol Road in the west, both of which are both relatively un-congested. The buses will then travel on existing roads in the city centre and the east, where congestion is a real problem.

Why Oppose The BRT Route?

Unproven benefits and uncertain outcomes:

The claim that the BRT will reduce congestion is very debatable. It is basically a decentralised car park scheme which will encourage people to drive rather than use public transport. Car users will be attracted to the P&R which is in a residential area on the outskirts of Bath. The scheme will displace some city centre traffic, but not enough to make a real long term difference.

The BRT will add to congestion on Park and Ride access routes and at congestion "hotspots", such as Windsor Bridge road and London Road.

Through traffic and “school run” traffic will not be reduced by the BRT

Unrealistic costs and high financial risk:

Costs will definitely rise far above the over optimistic estimates put forward.

Complicated road junctions, bridges, re-engineering of major sewers and contested compulsory purchase orders all add up to serious risk which has not been properly assessed. Major works, new to the plan, have not been accounted for within the budget.

Council tax will be raised and residents of Bath will end up footing the bill when the costs exceed the agreed national funding.

Inadequate consideration of negative impacts:

The scheme will have significant negative impacts which have not been properly considered.

An established green lane, habitat to diverse wildlife and mature trees will be destroyed. Hundreds of households will suffer air, noise and light pollution, vibration and loss of privacy. Businesses will be demolished and forced out and private gardens will be taken by force. Local people will lose a significant green space, currently used by many for recreation. The new road will form a hard physical barrier between communities and will be a magnet for anti social behavior at night. Large, diesel bendy buses will affect the character of narrow city centre streets and harm trade.

A 21st century vision should aim for zero on street emissions and put people first.
The people of Bath are being let down by the council’s lack of vision.

Join us in a peaceful protest, as we deliver our petition to the council at The Guildhall, Bath, 6.30, 20th November.

Please choose to save the green corridor and support local people by signing our petition!

10. Prevention of Influencial Neighborhood Store Closing

The residents of 17th West Oxford Street is writing this petition in reference to the closing of our neighborhood store. For the pass few years this store has served our community and created a positive environment for our community.

Having this store within our community provide a convenient and exciting outlet for their customers. If this store was to be terminated it would create a negative prospection in the community.

With signing this petition you will be supporting the remaining open and continue serve within the community.

11. Keep Scottsdale Closed Petition

Join us to say “NO” to opening Scottsdale!

On Wednesday, April 25th, the BHC MUD Board voted against opening up Scottsdale Road to Hwy. 183-A by sending a resolution to the City of Cedar Park and Williamson County offices, stating to vacate their right-away to the MUD. Since this time, a small number of Block House Creek residents decided to re-open the issue and ask BHC residents to sign a petition to open Scottsdale.

Our opinion to this is that we to want another alternative road opened within Block House Creek, but not for the safety of our children and the peace of our neighborhood. We believe, in time, Block House Creek Road makes the most sense to open up rather than Scottsdale. There are no houses that face the road, only fences.

We are asking you to join fellow neighbors that will be directly affected by the opening of Scottsdale Rd. to access 183A and say "NO" by signing this online petition.

Harm that will potentially come with opening Scottsdale:

1. Serious injury or a death of a child or pedestrians
walking or riding their bikes along Scottsdale.

2. High speed drivers exiting 183A onto Scottsdale from 60+ MPH onto a 25 MPH zone.

3. Accidents with residents cars when they’re backing out of their driveways onto Scottsdale.

4. Accidents with residents who are trying to get their mail from the mailboxes built on Scottsdale.

5. Accidents involving school children who are getting on/off of school buses at 2 corners on Scottsdale.

6. Two homes on Scottsdale potentially losing their home and/or yard, which will put those families in a financial bind.

7. Increase in traffic from non-residents cutting through Block House Creek to get to Horizon Park, Ridgewood and also to get to their homes that are across 183, by using our main exit.

8. Ruin the quality of life that we have living on and near Scottsdale.

9. The value of our homes (that are specifically on or right off of Scottsdale) will potentially go down because our driveways will be difficult to get in and out of, drive by traffic will be heavy, front yards will no longer be family friendly and our once peaceful area would be filled with traffic and back-ups.

10. Increase in crime rate and access for DWI drivers to drive right past our homes

Please help our families by signing our Petition AGAINST extending Scottsdale Drive onto HWY. 183A! Thank you!

If you would like to help us in the fight to keep our families safe and choose a better solution, please let your voice be heard by:

1. Call or email our County Commissioner Cynthia Long at 260-4280 or to let your feelings be known

2. Participate in the online survey on the BHC Owners Association at

We sincerely thank you for your support in helping us maintain our quality of life and the safety of our families!

12. We want Blue back!

Blue Bomber, one of the most thoughtful, coveted, advice-giving, Dear Abby-like posters on all of the internet was banned from RPGForums unjustly. His knowledge and heart are worth more than words can describe, and he is greatly, greatly missed.

13. Kid Couragous NOT to support Panic! At The Disco on their Australian tour

July 10, 2006

Panic! At The Disco are coming to Australia in October and A BILLION FUC*ING PEOPLE on their myspace are posting for Kid Couragous to support them.

Now, those who know Kid Courageous, know that they are a shi**y, whiny, untalented, words-cannot-describe-how-sh**-they-are band.

By signing this petition, you agree that you do NOT want Kid Courageous to support Panic! At The Disco, on their Australian tour; or God help us, if they become known overseas, we do NOT want them to support Panic! At The Disco, EVER!

If, in the worst case scenario, they do end up with the support slot [fu**ing bastards], we will ...

14. Act Urgently - Do Not Let Opponents Block Civilian Nuclear Cooperation Between the US and India

The time has come for you to act now and make a forceful statement of your support to the historic transformation in U.S. - India relations. We are witnessing a shifting of paradigms, and you can play a critical role at this juncture when the entire world is watching the outcome of the civil nuclear agreement between the U.S. and India.

You can act and make a difference. A difference that will be remembered by generations to come. Or you can choose to do nothing.

President Bush's visit to India has brought the story of India to the fore of global attention like never before, and opponents of enlightened U.S. - Indian interests are out in force and trying to change the opinions of individual Congressmen and Senators. We cannot afford to let them scuttle the visionary path of U.S. - India relations. Those who oppose the civil nuclear deal oppose the rise and development of India.

We urge you to act. We urge you to act by signing the following petition to U.S. Congress.

The Issue

The U.S. and India have resolved to progress on civil nuclear power cooperation between the two countries on March 2, 2006, during President Bush's visit to India. This agreement requires certain laws to be changed and amended in the U.S. Congress, for which the Bush administration will soon approach the Congress. The Congress has to give its approval to the deal. By signing this petition you will convey to the Congress that you strongly support this deal.

USINPAC has been working in support of civil nuclear cooperation since its beginning stages, including meeting with key Members of Congress in both the House and Senate, and also senior officials from India, in support of this cooperation. By signing this petition you will add significantly to U.S. - India relations.

15. End Legal Action Against Rancored_Elf!

Jan 30, 2006

This petition is an argument against the legal action taken by Wizards of the Coast (creator of the trading card game Magic: The Gathering) against Rancored_Elf (of

In it you'll find an argument against their case, as well as the means to sign.

By signing, you're asking WoTC to drop the suit against him.

16. Pro Gay Marriage

January 1, 2006

In the United Sates, as well as other countries of the world, gay marriage is illegal.

As many people who are against gay marriage say, heterosexual marriage is for reproduction, and of course there is no reproduction in gay marriage. However, nowadays and for many years now, people have not necessarily gotten married to have children, but because they love each other : so why can`t homosexuals have the same happiness through marriage?

Everybody is different and unique but they must be respescted and have the same rights as everyone else. As for religious issues on gay marriage, not everybody in the world is Christian (or any other religion that bans gay marriage), there are about 4,200 religions in this world.

By signing this petition, you are helping the world be a fairer, better place for everybody, regardless of sexual preferences or religion.

17. Shiima Xion Newcomer of the Year 2005

In the year 2004 AD, a trashy Filipino male supermodel named Shiima Xion debuted in the International Wrestling Cartel. Shiima put on stellar performance after stellar performance in IWC throughout the remainder of 2004 and even more so in 2005. IWC rightfully nominated Shiima as a contender for the "2004 Newcomer of the Year" award.

Shiima won the award in a landslide victory, but somehow ended up sharing that victory with his then arch-rival, Jason Gory (aka angry mime). Rumor has it that Jason Gory simply voted for himself on every computer in his school computer lab...twice! (he erased cookies on every freakin PC) which led to the tie occuring. Shiima, irate and confused, chose to disregard Gory's attempts at stealing his spotlight, and proceeded to declare himself the official Newcomer of the Year.

For whatever reason, IWC promoter Norm Connors booked a match on July 29th, 2005 between Gory and Shiima to determine the undisputed 2004 Newcomer of the Year. Shiima lost to Gory on that night, and unwillingly passed his 2004 Newcomer of the Year torch to the little fairy boy. Since that loss, Shiima Xion has received an IWC World Title shot, IWC Tag Title shots, IWC International Title shots, and wrestled in notable promotions such as Chikara and Pro Wrestling Unplugged. What has the "undisputed" Newcomer of the Year done since winning the award? Well..he won the Tex-Arkana Title for a couple seconds. Enough Said.

Shiima Xion proved in 2005 that he is once again deserving of a nomination for the Newcomer of the Year. Some may say, "Shiima isn't a newcomer anymore, though." Understandable, but one must remember that Shiima Xion is a supermodel. How is that relevent? Simple. A supermodel never gets old, never gets routine, never gets stale...and is ALWAYS in season. Shiima Xion is not last season, nor is he "last year." Shiima Xion is the future, and by signing this online petition, you the fans (aka Shiimarks) are recognizing that you want the future to look bright in IWC. Let's make it happen.

Let's get Shiima Xion a nomination on the 2005 Newcomer of the Year award, and allow our beloved Virgin Slayer to be the only TWO TIME Newcomer of the Year in the history of professional wrestling.

18. Right Our Wrong while Keeping the Tradition Alive

It has been a tradition at Sumner Academy of Arts & Science for years for a person to sign their name in the theatre dressing rooms and on the walls. Some students took it a little too far this time with spray paint and upset the director.

Now he wants us to paint over the entire dressing room and all the walls. We agree to correct our wrong but to go through and erase all that history is just ridiculous and we refuse to do it.

19. Abolish the X Mark

This is Loreena Minaudo, and thanks to Rep Leon Drolet and Rep Fred Miller who made it possible for Bill 4258 to pass through the House. This was our second try, and my DNOM's friends, along with my brother Joe supported me in everyway. It happened on September 7th 2005.

Please digest these following questions. Did you ever consider how demoralizing it is to sign your own name with an X when you're disabled? And what if someone would come up to you and remark, "Anyone can write an X!" What would you say? Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, I can't speak for the others, but in my own life, these questions are asked.

My name is Loreena Minaudo, and I have cerebral palsy - a birth defect. Through no fault of my own, my arms and hands don't have the motor control to write my name. It isn't because I'm not educated. In fact, in 1991 I did not only receive an Associate of Arts degree from Macomb Community College, but President Al Lorenzo published my first book called A Cry for Education. So, for someone to say," Anyone can sign an x," I feel like saying - Does the word STUPID appear on my forehead?

I am often ignored, talked down to, or smirked at by able-bodied men and women out in society. Unfortunately, due to my affliction, I find that the disabled and the elderly communities are the most targeted by not so honest people. Then, I have heard too many horror stories about Personal Aides, Con Artists, and family members who forge the X signature to get our money.

This is why I, as well as the rest of the physically challenged people who have arm and hands limitations, need something more than an (X) when signing our names. We would like to use a thumbprint or fingerprint for signing our names.

According to the Academic American Encyclopedia it says that fingerprinting is one of the earliest forms of scientific evidence to be recognized in the courts of law. An individual's ten fingerprints form an indelible, unchangeable signature, and fingerprint records can be used for identification, despite changes in an individual's appearance or age.

The Bill had voted unanimously. But in later months, HB 4258 was attached to the Garbage Bill, and they were both trashed down. But despite this, Colleen Manning pushed Rep Leon Drolet to reinstate the Bill again, which he did.


Loreena Minaudo


Update October 29, 2006

sorry guys, duran duran didnt make it. Its such a shame. Once they put in patti smith & the stooges duran druan will be next.

Update July 22, 2006

Thanks to all who have signed. The rock hall nominees will be annoucned in September.

Update: July 5, 2006

The petition was sent last week so hopeflly the Rock hall committee are reading it. Thanks to all who signed. Results will be posted.

May 30, 2006


October 8, 2005

Duran Duran are one of the best ever electronic pop/rock band from the 80's 90's & now. They were one of the first bands to create a music video.

In the UK alone Duran Duran have had two #1 hits, eight top 5 hits, Fifteen top 10 hits & Thirty top 40 hits. In the US alone they have had two #1 hit, nine top 5 hit's, eleven top 10 hits & fifteen top 40 hits.

In 1984 Duran Duran won both music video grammy awards.

Duran Duran are one of many artist that performed at both live aid & Live 8.

Duran Duran have sold 12 million albums in America & over 70 million albums around the world.

The band released their first album in 1981 which makes them eligible for the rock hall ballot in 2006.

Last September the rock hall had snubbed many artist & bands that debut in 1980. Well if Duran Duran is going to have any chance to be inducted into the hall, then the fans must speak by signing this petition.

The committee will meet after next year's induction to decided which artist/bands will be on the final ballot for the 2007 rock hall induction.

21. Bring Back The Rainbow Pool

October 4, 2005

Everybody wants to paint their neopets a cool colour, right? Well, we need the rainbow pool!

Neopets, make the quests a little more common if you want to be stingy, or if you wanna be nice, make it active all the time!

22. Doing he RIGHT thing for our CHILDREN

This is a supplementary petition due to the fact that our hearing officer Ed Lockwood, has made his ruling in opposition of the annexation.

Please help us by signing this petition to show the State board of Education that it needs to go to a vote.

Our kids' future depends on it.

23. Save Our Soldiers (S.O.S)

Save Our Soldiers (S.O.S) is a primary response designed to give moral support to British soldiers serving across the globe who are currently under investigation from the British Government.

Father's, son's, brother's, uncle's all of whom have families, all of whom need Government support, politically, financially, and morally.

By signing this petition you support the British troops and give them hope that the British people are with them in their hour of need. Thankyou.

24. Dream Act should be passed immediately

This petition is in accordance with "The D.R.E.A.M. " Act. This act is a bill that needs to be reintroduced before the Senate and the House to help those who where brought to this country of no fault of their own and have live the vast majority of their lives in the U.S.

This bill being passed will allow these people the right to an education and the right to work. By signing this petition you will be helping alot of people become productive law abiding citizens and possibly deter them from illegal means of supporting themselves.

25. Stop Horse Slaughtering

This petition is to help stop the slaughtering of horses. There are only a few places in the United States that slaughter horses. Even though its a few I still think it is wrong and shouldn't be allowed.

Also to ship horses to slaughter houses in Canada or overseas is wrong. Please help by signing this, I hope you feel the way I feel about horse slaughter.

26. Lower Racer Test & Tune Night Price

Lower Test and Tune Price.

You are signing this online petition to ask Thunder Alley Dragway to lower their racer entrance fee for Test & Tune night, to a lower reasonable price, ($15 or $20).

27. The Joan of Arcadia stuggle

As you might know, the CBS Television Network has decided to cancel the beloved TV show - "Joan of Arcadia". And so this petition was created to prevent this mistake!


Other than signing this petition please write to CBS, They count one letter as the equivilant of a lot of people watching. You can send a letter to:

CBS Television Network
51 West 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019

Or you can send them an e-mail through this link:

Or even call them although writing a letter is more powerful: (212) 975-4321

*** COMMENT! - To all of the people that are signing this petition - please write your real E-mail address so when we will send this petition they could see that it's authentic!

28. Confederate Flag rights

We are the people who you see everyday. Yet we are looked upon diffrently because of our shirts. Now we are banned from expressing our heriatage only bacause it might "offend" someone.

Now we are tired of having to go and buy new shirts because all of ours might offend. We are signing this because this treatment is un-constitutional and we are tired of covering up our southern pride shirts.

29. Revote on recruitment

On November 14, 2004 a vote was held among the members of Tau Lambda Sigma. They voted not to have recruitment with a vote of 15 against 14. Two-thirds of the sorority was present, but did not vote. Some members were unsure of which way to vote and did not vote at all.

With the uncertainty and concern presented at the meeting that occurred on November 18, 2004 it has been proposed to reconsider the issue of recruitment and to revote with more informed members.

30. Save The Cast of Days

This petition was started out of frustration over the lack of airtime for the key cast members of "Days of Our Lives" such as Deidre Hall, Matthew Ashford, John Aniston, James Reynolds, and many others who have had many years of experience with acting compared to the younger cast members.