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1. Extend the Penalty Relief Program

Thousands of local existing and current cannabis operators were disqualified from participating in the commercial cannabis permitting program due to a variety of restrictions set forth in Ordinance 6189, passed in December 2016. These disqualifiers range from current zoning banned, cost of compliance to obtain the necessary licensed professional reports, to simply not having enough time or access to accredited funding to transition onto new properties or to bring existing property up to code.

With the cost of real estate skyrocketing in Sonoma County, there are simply not enough properties available for displaced operators in AR/RR to move and afford the cost of permitting in just eight months.

Many licensed professionals have increased rates, and are difficult to book for timely reports, many operators are unsure if their property will comply, and submittal of their applications are pending a due diligence period before paying thousands of dollars to submit an application.

It seems that the Penalty Relief Program deadline for submitting permit applications, August 31st, was developed to incentivize farmers to participate before harvest. However, this timeline gave local operators, many of whom were disqualified or displaced only eight months to raise banking capital, find appropriately zoned parcels that meet the stringent and necessary environmental requirements and prepare an application.

While the ‘existing’ transition operators are allowed to submit an application without the required reports until December 31, 2017, these reports are in fact their due diligence before paying thousands of dollars in application fees.

Many licensed professionals who conduct the various services required for permitting, such as biotic assessments, water and wastewater studies and plans, site plans and permit preparation have expressed they too are overwhelmed with the deadline, as the quantity of inquiries and contracts have created a logjam.

Your local operators need more time to transition. Eight months would not work for any other agricultural industry to transition into major regulatory changes, and traditional ag businesses have a robust support network with grants, subsidies, and access to bank loans for the infrastructure investments to bring their operations into compliance.

The State of California has acknowledged this very difficult transition to come into compliance and will allow operators until January 2019 to shift from caregiver/collective model to submitting a commercial cannabis license. That is a three-year window that was set and is still an ambitious timeline for government and operators alike.

If Sonoma County truly intends to realize a successful implementation of the commercial cannabis program that includes cottage operators and small businesses, it must nurture the process. The resources are minimal and the expectations for performance are high. If there are no other programs offered by the county to assist operators in this transition, then time must be extended to allow operators to come into compliance. The alternative will create a deeper divide between the well-financed operations that can develop quickly and the thousands of local citizens that risk being treated like black market criminals because they couldn't procure funding and resources to re-establish in just eight months.

2. Support Lidl in Huntingdon

Lidl was granted planning permission back in November 2013 for the redevelopment of the Former Stukeley Nurseries site in Huntingdon for a foodstore with a 1,063sqm sales area and 78 car parking spaces.

Lidl’s business model has since evolved in order to provide an improved customer experience through more space between aisles and checkouts and to create operational benefits arising from a more efficient store layout. The result of this being that Lidl now have a requirement for a slightly larger footprint and as such a revised planning application has been submitted to construct a store with a sales area of 1286sqm and 104 car parking spaces (including disabled and parent and child spaces).

The store will provide the town with a much needed discount food store, bringing more shopping choice to the local community and would create approximately 40 new jobs.

3. Reject Application to Rezone and Increase Density on S 32nd Street / S 690

The property development company M/I Homes filed an application with the Town of Purcellville to upzone land at S 32nd Street (S 690), just off Purcellville’s Main Street, that is historically zoned for low-density by-right development (R-2). The property is in the town's historic overlay district. The developer seeks to remove by-right zoning of the property from residential to increased-density mixed-use zoning that includes commercial options, among other things. This type of zoning is called planned development housing, or PDH. The current application seeks a density increase to build 42 duplex residential units that would include 21 5000 sq foot 1.5 - 2 story buildings on 10 acres, surrounded by parking for 229 vehicles.

M/I Homes’ request for PDH zoning would provide it with multiple dense-development options. Were the request to be approved, the land could be developed for commercial and industrial purposes, as well as residential. Please see Section 12 of Article 4 of the Town of Purcellville Zoning Ordinance to understand the possibilities opened up by PDH rezoning.

Please see this link to Virginia Fair Housing laws for more information about age-restricted housing:

We believe the application’s traffic assessment is unrealistic. M/I Homes is planning for parking to accommodate 229 vehicles (both resident and visitor parking). The additional volume would have a negative impact on the neighborhood. The increased traffic on nearby narrow residential streets J, K and L would alter the charm and character of these streets and endanger pedestrians.

Furthermore the development would create a separate community within a community that is already - and always has been - multigenerational.

Review the application documents here:

*the rezoning would give developers flexible development possibilities;
*the rezoning would limit citizen's ability to oppose development changes;
*the proposed development is out of character in the town’s historic overlay district;
*the proposed development would increase traffic congestion along S 32nd Street / S 690;
*the development would increase traffic congestion at S 32nd / S 690 and Main Streets;
*the development would create busy through-ways of nearby quiet, narrow neighborhood streets including K and L Streets.

Please contact town council members directly to request that they reject this application.

4. Amend Moose license application regulations in New Brunswick

Mr. Northrup, it is time to make changes to the regulations regarding the application process to obtain a moose license.

We believe that if you do not fall under the Grandfather law that you should need to input your Possession & Acquisition license number when applying NOT your medicare number.

This would not only increase the legitimate hunters chance in the lottery pool but decrease the amount of un-experienced hunters in the woods.

To recover the loss of revenue from the applications that would no longer be submitted, we would agree to a hike in the cost of application.

5. Save Ingles Meadow

The Radnor Estate has recently submitted amended plans to build a 59 dwelling housing estate on land currently occupied by Folkestone Garden Centre and close to Grade II listed Ingles Manor and historically termed Ingles Meadow.

Approaching 100 individuals and groups have submitted objections on the SDC website and a group of concerned local residents have already collected over a thousand signatures on a handwritten petition, which they intend to present to the Shepway Development Control Committee before it meets to determine the planning application.

There has been a garden centre on the site since the early 1970’s. When planning permission was originally sought for the Garden Centre, the amenity value for local residents was emphasized. The town centre location means it is accessible on foot or by public transport and it also draws a huge number of visitors from outside Folkestone. The parkland setting is a green oasis in the middle of the town, an important centre for the community and a haven for wild life, complete with badger setts. There is widespread distress at the prospect of losing Folkestone Garden Centre and the popular “Blossoms” café. Folkestone Town Council policy 3, which is a constraint on the site’s development, makes provision for keeping important groups of trees. Despite this the plan is to fell over 60 of them.

Grade II listed Ingles Manor dates back to the late 17th or early 18th century when it was constructed as a farmhouse and a number of farm outbuildings still exist. It currently houses the Channel Business Centre. According to council policy, any development should respect Grade II listed Ingles Manor and the special nature of the conservation area and yet 3 storey town houses, 11 metres high, are proposed in front of Ingles Manor, dramatically changing the nature of this part of the Conservation Area.

The Draft Core Strategy document for Shepway states that the area which includes the proposed development site, entitled the central/west development arc, provides for some residential development provided it can be justified by enabling the full commercial potential of the area to be realized. 70 people are currently employed here but this number may reduce dramatically if the application is given the go ahead.

The site is bordered by Jointon Road and Castle Hill Avenue which are in the next phase of the parking scheme introduced to ease congestion. The sewers on Castle Hill Avenue and Shorncliffe Road flood after heavy rain, making life difficult for pedestrians and drivers. There have been a number of road accidents in the section of Castle Hill Avenue which will carry increased traffic if the proposed development goes ahead.


Everyone who understands the title knows exactly what this petition is all about.

One of the best fb games of all time, with zillions of players every day has only a few months left.

We do not know the reason, but whatever it is, it cannot be urgent or important enough to cancel a Legend just like that.

The entertainment industry suffers from profit-hunger like never before. Movies not made, shows cancelled, decisions made by people who care about money, and not about quality and artistic value.

Several examples could be made from any branch of the global entertainment industry, from music to (video) games, but for obvious reasons, they will be not named. It is enough to know that we all could mention something dear to us that was cancelled, declined, dropped... destroyed.

Knights of the Crystals is not an imax movie with a billion-dollar-budget, it is a facebook game. The purpose of such games is to entertain, and KotC fulfilled this duty at it's best.

It has a unique system, the only real collectible game that can be found, not to mention the beautiful and immersive artwork.

More than enough said already.

7. Loss of SMS messages with ios5 update on apple iPhone. We want a fix!

Ever since apples update of ios5 there has been a few bugs. One that has me and a lot of other people going crazy trying to get answers for I'd the lack of keeping SMS messages after updating to ios5.

Some people cannot text, some people cannot bring there SMS messages from 4.3.3 or 4.3.5 over to 5.0 or 5.0.1. We have all took time out to try and get this resolves by calling emailing going into the store starting up a forum about it. Restore after restore after restore Still nothing. It looks like we're the only ones trying to do Somthing about it.

I have had the 2g,3G,3GS,4 and now the 4s (MacBook and iPad as well). I am a loyal customer to apple. We need this get fixed!!!!

8. Say no to Planning Application for Salmon Fish House, Peterhead

Ugie Salmon Fisheries have put into Aberdeenshire Council a planning permission to extend on the current shed that they have at the moment to expand their current business.

I understand that this is good for business and will create jobs but I object to the where they are building. That area means a lot to me and to see the area filled with masses of traffic, noise and unbearable smells is a travesty! I just think it would spoil a very nice area within Peterhead that is peaceful and content place to be.

There are gorgeous views of the sea, beach and golf club and I just do not want it spoiled by this. If you agree please sign my petition!! The more people that do the more chance we have of stopping them!

9. Support Moments Sports Pub - Parys, Free State, South Africa

Support "Moments Sports Pub" in its Application for a Liquor/Other Licence. No reasons have been given to justify the rejection of this Application.

10. Stop Land into Trust for Cayuga Indian Nation

WHEREAS, the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) has released a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) supporting the proposed fee-to-trust conveyance of certain real property owned by the Cayuga Indian Nation (CIN) and located in Cayuga and Seneca Counties in the State of New York; and

WHEREAS, the DEIS acknowledges that the property in question is on "ancestral land" and therefore net en a current reservation, thus the CIN application is being treated improperly as an "on reservation" rather than an "off-reservation" application; and

WHEREAS, the DEIS concludes erroneously that there would be no signiflcant environmental impact if the approximately 125+ subject acres owned by the CIN were taken into federal trust for the use and benefit of the CIN because it fails to address, analyze and consider mitigation of significant negative impacts that will result from such action; and

WHEREAS, taking the subject land into trust weuld render it sovereign territory and therefore exempt from lecal property taxes, special district charges and other fees, thus reducing the revenue of relevant counties, tewns, villages, and schoel, fire, water, and sewer districts; and

WHEREAS, despite the fact that the stated purpose of the CIN application is to foster activities that will result in economic growth for the Nation, the DEIS nevertheless contends incredulously that the CIN has "no plans for further development .on the properties subject te the proposed action;" and

WHEREAS, the DEIS fails to take into consideration the fact that the CIN already owns same 765 additional acres in the Counties and intends to buy mere with the intent of making future trust applications, and allegedly intends to acquire up to 64,015 such acres of ancestral land that the Nation contends would thereby become eligible for trust status;

11. Barn aside Bottom Farm, Beacon Hill, Penn

If you care about our AONB, please sign this petition by March 30, 2010.

The Barn aside Bottom Farm (at the bottom of Beacon Hill) is owned by a Ferrier with horses located in a field (owned by Sita Waste Management Company) behind his residence in Denham. The official application for this barn on Beacon Hill is to store farming vehicles and hay for his farm in Denham!

The barn is larger than in the submitted drawings, and is almost complete, even though planning permission has not been granted yet.

No doubt you have seen the lorries up and down the lane. Local residents have witnessed waste materials delivered and burnt on site.

If this barn is really for storage of large farming vehicles and for hay both required by horses in Denham, then there will be frequent haulage of large vehicles on Beacon Hill.

There may be an ulterior motive with this building.

In 2006 the owner had a plan rejected by the Denham Council for a similar styled barn to be used as a Sand School and hay store. Sand School/Dressage training may be a possible connection with this construction.

Nevertheless, it certainly is an eye sore in an AONB for the many walkers who pass by.

If you are resident of Penn/Tylers Green, you can sign this petition to have your say. It must be done by March 30, 2010.

12. Petition Against Floodlighting at St Aloysius School

Developers Balfour Beatty have applied for planning permission to erect eight 23 foot (eight metre) high floodlight columns on the sports and games areas at St Aloysius School in Hornsey Lane. The pitches are next to a woodland conservation area and the floodlights will be clearly visible to homes on all sides of the school. This contrary to policy.

The facilities can accommodate 3 football games, the users of a large sports hall and associated spectators. The planning application requests permission to use floodlights until 9pm weekdays and until 7pm weekends and Bank Holidays.

13. Religious Discrimination by US Department of Transportation

Source: New Britain Herald

Ad Id: 14145954

LEGAL NOTICE Notice is hereby given that a public hearing will be held by the Bureau of Finance and Administration 2800 Berlin Turnpike Newington Connecticut on Friday May 8 2009 at 10:00 a.m. in Conference Room B on Docket No. 0811-N-181-L for the application of Ajmal Mehdi DBA Medics Transportation. Pursuant to the provisions of Sections 13b-103 and 4-177 through 182 of the Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) Ajmal Mehdi DBA Medics Transportation seeks authorization to operate four (4) motor vehicles having a passenger seating capacity of ten (10) adults or less in general livery service between all points in Connecticut from headquarters in Bristol. Parties and interveners requiring an interpreter (translator) for this public hearing may make arrangements by contacting the Department of Transportation 's Administrative Law Unit at (860) 594-2875 at least five (5) working days prior to the hearing.

Deaf and hearing impaired persons wishing to attend this public hearing or requiring an interpreter may make arrangements by contacting the Department of Transportation 's Office of Communications at (860) 594-3062 (VOICE ONLY) at least five (5) working days prior to the hearing. If the hearing is postponed due to inclement weather the hearing will be rescheduled for the next available date. For any questions regarding postponements please call (860) 594-2875. CONNECTICUT DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Linda Dillon Secretary Bureau of Finance and Administration

14. Save green space, stop building in Hayburn Lane, Glasgow West End Conservation Area

A planning application has been lodged for a small plot of semi natural woodland to be developed into housing. 10 (7+3) terraced courtyard houses are proposed.

The plot consists of an east facing railway embankment; a narrow strip of land between the railway and Hayburn Lane, with around 80 mature and semi mature trees, bushes and natural undergrowth, which is bordering a recognised wildlife corridor running along the railway.

This small bit of Hayburn Lane is a quiet back lane, belonging to the properties of Hayburn Crescent, Victorian blond sandstone tenements, built in the 1880s.

The railway embankment and the lane are used by local children as a ‘wild’ place where they can play and build dens. A lot of people walk their dogs along the lane, and it is also used as a shortcut by pedestrians and cyclists. The trees form a natural screen from the busy railway line. The only traffic in the lane is currently the refuse collection and the odd delivery to the back gardens of Hayburn Crescent.

To make way for the buildings the developers would have to remove all trees, bushes and ground covering vegetation, dig out and remove the railway embankment, which would completely destroy the green space.

There have never been any houses or mews here before, and it would change the back lane into a street with traffic. The proposed courtyard houses are not in keeping with the buildings in the conservation area, nor to the required standard for new builds.

There have been 3 earlier planning proposals, which have been rejected due to the plot’s unsuitable position and size, as well as problems with access and traffic.

Therefore we ask you for your support, and by signing this petition request Glasgow Glasgow City Council Development and Regeneration Services to stop this development, and instead keep the railway embankment at Hayburn Lane as a green space and amenity for the good of the community!

15. Alleviate Pollution and Poverty in Delhi

There is a government body called Delhi Pollution control committee existing in Delhi called DPCC basically established for controlling pollution in this national capital region (DELHI). I being an environment friendly citizen applied for a unit in prime industrial area of New Delhi only after installing and successfully running the required systems for controlling pollution and treatment of Water.

Inspite of giving all possible proofs to the department they made our consent application a big issue and keep on demanding huge amount of money from us which due to no other option we keet on giving them the amount whenever demanded from them. Since I had refused them bribe when they had their first visit after the application, they were exploiting us all the time. In the mean time they were providing consents to the people which were not having systems for controlling pollution installed at their polluting units at a nominal bribe of 12000 This procedure of providing consent to operate polluting manufacturing units after getting bribe and not installing pollution control measures is till today's date ie.27-06-2008 is kept on followed. I complained this matter to CVC (Central Vigilance Commission ) and CBI but of no use.

The member secretary Mrs. Naini Jayaseelan whose office is in secretariat building was continuously abusing me with words I have never heard. She even was torturing me of what kind of science graduation I have attained in front of excise commissioner and then deputy commissioner of DPCC Mrs. Debashree Mukherjee. She was agreeing sometimes and abusing me and my family other time.

16. Reject the latest planning application for The Hamptons!

Whether you blame the arrival of the Hamptons development for the increased traffic problems on Central Road or not, the fact remains that these problems exist and will not be alleviated by the addition of a likely 343 new residents with accompanying vehicles on the site.

We are worried that already over-stretched GP provision will struggle, and may have an impact on other local services.

17. Say No To Childcare Centre @ 84 Villiers Avenue Mortdale Nsw

This is a petition to OBJECT to the PROPOSED CHILD CARE CENTRE Development Application 2008/DA-00182, 84 Villiers Avenue MORTDALE.

* Villiers Avenue is clearly a residential street with no commercial buidlings or businesses.

* The style of the proposed commercial building will be out of character with the entire streetscape and will detract from the residential atmosphere.

* A business such as a Childcare Centre will dramatically increase the road traffic and associated dangers of increased road traffic on this normally quiet street.

* There is already one (1) Childcare Centre operating in the adjoining street - MORTS ROAD as little as approx 100 Metres away from the proposed site.

* Childcare Centres are notorious for the amount of noise generated by 40 Children at play, especially in the outdoor play areas.

* There are a number of elderly or retired persons residing at premises surrounding the proposed site of whom will be directly affected by ongoing noise pollution which will be taken out of their control.

* The proposed site borders directly onto seven (7) separate dwellings. These seven dwellings will all be directly and severely affected by the noise. (the wider community ie. those living opposite the site will also be severely affected)

* These seven dwellings will all be severely disadvantaged by loss of property value ( nobody wants to live next to a childcare centre)

Considering Mortdale has so much other land already zoned for commercial use in areas that are historically commercial bothin design and appearance, it seems scandalous that a commercial venture could be proposed in an area that is purely residential. What makes this proposal even more insidious is that it will directly and severely affect the welfare and financial state of the seven families in the dwellings that directly border the proposed site.



18. Save Lichfield's "Cathedral Walk". Vote No To Darwin Hall

Darwin Hall - Planning Application (07/00528/FUL)

Lichfield City Council has filed an application for permission to site a Community Hall (Darwin Hall) at the southern end of ‘Cathedral Walk’.

Cathedral Walk - is a 1Km long tree-lined avenue running from Sante Foy Avenue (soon to be Lichfield's southern bypass), through the heart of the new Darwin Park estate, emerging at Friary Gardens. Through its entire length ’Cathedral Walk’ offers stunning views of Lichfield’s greatest building, its 3-spired cathedral.

Whilst both ends of 'Cathedral Walk' are presently hidden from view by a scruffy overgrown hedgerow, as the accompanying pictures show, once the hedgerow is removed it reveals itself as a new ‘gateway to the city’ and becomes a strategic asset with the potential to boost the city’s image, business and tourism and enhance the welfare of its citizens.

Placing Darwin Hall at the location proposed in the planning application will obliterate the stunning views along ‘Cathedral Walk’ and destroy this new ‘gateway to the city’ and strategic asset.

‘Cathedral Walk’: “as iconic as the Cathedral Spires and Beacon Park - don’t let the decision-makers destroy it”

You may inspect the application and download associated plans online here:

19. Save Lichfield's 'Cathedral Walk'. Urge Decision Makers to Re-think Darwin Hall

Darwin Hall - Planning Application (07/00528/FUL)

Lichfield City Council has filed an application for permission to site a Community Hall (Darwin Hall) at the southern end of ‘Cathedral Walk’.

Cathedral Walk - is a 1Km long tree-lined avenue running from Sante Foy Avenue (soon to be Lichfield's southern bypass), through the heart of the new Darwin Park estate, emerging at Friary Gardens. Through its entire length ’Cathedral Walk’ offers stunning views of Lichfield’s greatest building, its 3-spired cathedral.

Whilst both ends of 'Cathedral Walk' are presently hidden from view by a scruffy overgrown hedgerow, as the accompanying pictures show, once the hedgerow is removed it reveals itself as a new ‘gateway to the city’ and becomes a strategic asset with the potential to boost the city’s image, business and tourism and enhance the welfare of its citizens.

Placing Darwin Hall at the location proposed in the planning application will obliterate the stunning views along ‘Cathedral Walk’ and destroy this new ‘gateway to the city’ and strategic asset.

‘Cathedral Walk’: “as iconic as the Cathedral Spires and Beacon Park - don’t let the decision-makers destroy it”

You may inspect the application and download associated plans online here:

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20. Support UN Membership for Taiwan

Proclaiming once again the determination of Taiwan’s 23 million people to take their rightful place in the family of nations, President Chen Shui-bian submitted an application for membership in the United Nations to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on July 18.

In response, a UN Secretariat spokesperson told the press on July 23 that Taiwan’s application “could not be received and was, thus, returned” in keeping with “the one-China policy of the United Nations” enshrined in General Assembly Resolution 2758. This behavior is shocking, both for its arrogance and its ignorance.

The UN Charter and UN procedural rules unambiguously stipulate that the secretary-general shall immediately refer membership applications to the Security Council. The Security Council must deliberate the matter and make a recommendation to the General Assembly, whose members are to discuss the matter and vote on it. The UN Secretariat, however, has co-opted the UN member states’ deliberative and decision-making powers.

The UN chief’s action is disturbing also because he has grossly misconstrued both the nature of Taiwan’s membership application and the import of Resolution 2758. The application in no way constitutes a challenge to the right of the government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) to represent China. Nor does the resolution imply that Taiwan is a part of China.

At a great price in suffering over the course of 38 years of martial law, the people of Taiwan have created a vibrant democracy, rated Asia’s freest country by Freedom House in its 700-page Freedom in the World 2006 report.

For this reason, and in order to underline the fact that Taiwan makes no pretense of vying for the right to govern China, President Chen’s application requests “the admission of Taiwan as a member of the United Nations,” not of the “Republic of China.” This follows the well-established precedent of employing names for participation in the UN and other international organizations that are different from domestically used, constitutional names.

Irrespective of the status of Taiwan, the Taiwan Strait is indisputably one of the world’s most dangerous flashpoints. Given that China threatens to launch a war of annexation, has deployed a thousand missiles targeted at Taiwan, and refuses to talk directly with the democratically elected government in Taipei, it devolves upon the United Nations to fulfill its role of international peacekeeper in the region. At the very least, it should facilitate communications between all parties who have a stake in preserving peace in East Asia before a crisis situation develops.

UN organizations and officials must therefore cease allowing themselves to be intimidated by the totalitarian PRC government into making unwise decisions. In particular, they must stop kowtowing to its claim that Taiwan is a province of the People’s Republic of China. Nor is Taiwan part of a “divided China” comprised of PRC and ROC segments.

The UN Charter mandates membership for all states. Taiwan indisputably is a sovereign state, having for nearly six decades fulfilled all of the criteria for statehood stipulated in the 1933 Montevideo Convention. Unlike the PRC, Taiwan is also a state in which sovereignty rests in the people, as prescribed by the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Therefore, all nations that champion rule of law, freedom, and human rights are morally bound to support UN membership for Taiwan. We will never trade freedom for tyranny.

21. Deny Curative Amendment Request: Cali Entertainment

Cumberland Township is being forced through Pennsylvania Law (Landowner Curative Amendment) to entertain an application to cure our zoning laws of an omission of the term "water park" on behalf of Cali Entertainment, Mechanicsburg PA. Cali Entertainment wants to purchase land, develop a "mixed used facility" including a hotel/theater/indoor out door water park and condominium space/retail space. The land in question, 96.7 acres of privately owned parcels is located at the intersection of Business 15 & Cunningham Road, Gettysburg, PA.

Cumberland Township residents, Freedom Township residents/businesses in the impact area were invited by certified letter to attend a special April 17th 2007 Curative Amendment Application Hearing at the Cumberland Township Offices, Fairfield Road. The residents in attendance who expressed opinion did so overwhelmingly against this curative amendment application and in fact against this project as a whole. The residents were not expecting such a high density development with multiple and ongoing demands of water and septic when the area was rezoned 3 years previous. Additionally, the size of the facility and it's components remove every spectre of real nature and wipes forever the serene bucolic quiet views. This facility will operate days, nights, weekends and all season long.

The attendees were informed that there is no public referendum required or permitted to deny this application at the outset. The Township soliciter advised that current PA law permits for only acceptance of curative amendments - there is no denial in a direct sense. They have to approve it and take the time and money to research what changes need to be made to the plan to make it happen.

Cumberland and Fairfield Township residents have grave concerns regarding the consequences of such a project from water use of this facility: not only the pools proposed but the regular commercial use. This project presents a bevy of environmental concerns from loss of habitat for native creatures, loss of greenspaces (note: handy landscaping does NOT replace greenspaces) to increased noise pollution from traffic, congestion on this road as there is no possible way this can go in without a traffic light; light intrusion from the facility, visual intrusion of this facility the folks who have to face this compound.

The plans as originally stated call for 85% impervious coverage which nearly doubles the current standards in the township of no greater than 45%.

In adequate EMS support in terms of manpower and equipment and water resources is a huge safety issue.

In this particular case harm comes to not only the quality of life for Cumberland Township residents but Freedom Township residents in the immediate impact area. Given the two townships being governed by separate entities and the final say being in the hands of Cumberland Township, the rights of those in Freedom Township appear to be swept under the rug as their supervisors have left them alone with their issues with no hope of support or protection.

We the undersigned are resolved that future problems resulting from approval of this curative amendement will be caused by a flurry of land speculation and rampant residential development. This will cause an influx of more residents to an area that will be woefully unprepared for their immediate and future needs, including but not limited to water, septic, educational, emergency/medical and professional services. The loss of greenspace and the further flushing of our wildlife from rural areas will also be devastating.

We also believe that despite the thousands of dollars and time spent rezoning the area over 3 years ago were not adequate to meet the savvy methods of developers/builders of this era.

22. IB result to be lowered to get into universities

Currently, for many universities, they ask around 32 points minimum to get into courses at university. The amount of work neede to get these points is phenominal, and when compared to what they ask from A-levels it is horrifying, as if they are trying to stop us from going to university.

To get into Oxford, for instance, they ask for a minimum of 38-42 points, which is the equavalent of five A-levels at an A grade (acordicng to UCAS). Yet for A-levels they ask only 3 As, which is a lot less work, and therefore it is totally unfair.

Universities need to realise the difference; UCAS certainly does.

23. Opposition to amendment to Clarington Zoning By-Law

It has come to our attention that Prestonvale Heights has completed an application with the municipality of Clarington to change the original site plan.

The development of twelve townhouse units where originally planned to front onto Meadowglade Road. However, Prestonvale Heights has completed an application to change the original plans so that the townhomes front onto Beckett Crescent.

24. Support of Bountiful Early Learning Centre's Application for an Additional 3 Child Care Places

Bountiful Early Learning Centre (BELC) is an approved Child Care Centre in Old Toongabbie, being in the Parramatta City Council's jurisdiction.

BELC has been approved by the Department of Community Services (DoCS) for thirty Child Spaces and has been purposly built for such.

Parramata City Council has approved the centre for only Twenty-seven places.
BELC has lodged an application to Parramatta City Council requesting for their three extra Child Spaces as approved by DoCS

25. Earlham Mast Fight

Welcome to the Earlham Mast Fight campaign.

!!HELP STOP THE ORANGE 20M MAST OFF GUARDIAN ROAD!! (Planning Application 09/00326/FT)

Together we successfully stopped the 02 mast and Orange's mast (planning application 08/01106/FT).

Contact the organisers at


26. Northern Road Nursery Development

Petition against development – Planning Application S/06/2223

We the local residents strongly appose Planning Application S/06/2223

This comprises of the demolition of 1a 9 and 11 Northern Road. Garage lockups, nursery glasshouses and erection of 31 2,3,4 bedroom dwellings and associated works - to include a new access road.

Having seen the above plans and spoken to a planning officer we are writing to express our concerns and strong objections to this proposed development.

We submit the following reasons for this objection:


The demolition of the 2 houses and the build of the new road and 31 dwellings will invariably cause a huge amount of noise, disruption and general disturbance to residents and commuters along the length of Northern Road.

There are 2 primary schools on this road. As this will be the main route in and out of the development, the increased traffic flow at peak times causes us great concern. In addition the local amenities will not stretch to an increased population – in particular the schools and car parking.


We fear that the added burden to the Utilities could in turn be passed onto the residents – increased Council Tax, extra demands on refuse collection, road maintenance, street cleaning and lighting, and sewage costs.


The proposed road would run within feet of, and in parallel to, the full length of the rear gardens of no's 7 & 13.

This would greatly increase noise and environmental pollution levels, be a potential risk to both home and personal security due to the public highway access, and result in a loss of privacy to surrounding houses.


An established tree at the front of the properties would need to be


The proposed 31 dwellings - comprising of 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms is extremely excessive given the space available, as well as incredibly intrusive to the existing properties - a one metre gap between our rear gardens and the new buildings is just preposterous!

27. Rizo Asian Bistro Cocktail Lounge License

April 18, 2006

The undersigned support the application of RIZO ASIAN BISTRO for the establishment of a cocktail lounge in conjunction with a restaurant operation at 757 Corydon Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Accordingly, the undersigned request that the Order of the Board of Adjustment be maintained and the appeal of such order be denied.

28. Chestnut Avenue/Lime Grove residents' concerns

March 21, 2006

This petition is in support of letters of objection to the proposed building plans for further development of Nutten Stoven Residential Home for the Elderly at 81, Boston Road, holbeach. Application no. H09/0279/06.

Previous application of building plans H09/1610/04 were refused on the grounds of over development of the site.

We the residents of all the homes in Lime Grove no. 1-11 and the two homes either side of the entrance to Lime Grove at no. 3 and 5 Chestnut Avenue are opposed to the newly submitted plans.

29. Oppose Rezoning neighborhoods to the North and/or East of the University of North Dakota

The Grand Forks City residents below are against the rezoning application Z54 for the purpose of rezoning the present R4 and R2 neigborhoods to the north and/or east of the University of North Dakota, (the area between 1st Avenue North and 10th Avenue North and the area between Columbia Road North and North 20th Street) on 6.583 acres located at the northeast intersection of Mars Hill Road and Burnt Hickory Road to the proposed suburban condominium zoning.

We are against this application due to concerns over spot zoning precedent; where one condominium is allowed more can follow, impact on our roads; we contend that 28 units regardless of age restriction will impact more than the current residential zoning, and the overall concern over the enforcement of the senior restriction and the resulting impact on our schools and roads.


Dear Mr Clarke,

Re: Hossein Siavoshy Home Office Reference S1086061

We ask that you allow Hossein Siavoshy, an Iranian man to stay in Britain with his wife, Jessica, who is a British Citizen.

Hossein met Jessica in London and they married in 2003. An application was submitted but this was refused in February 2004. They are now waiting for their 2nd Judicial review application to be processed.

The Home Office wants to remove Hossein to Iran but this would result in the couple's forced separation. There are several in surmountable obstacles that would prevent them living together in Iran. Iran does not recognise dual nationality. It is likely that Jessica's British passport is confiscated. In order for the Iranian authorities to recognise their marriage Jessica would be forced to convert to Islam. Jessica has no knowledge of Iran's language or culture and it is very unlikely that she would be able to find employment in her current field.

It is also uncertain what would happen to Hossein on his return especially given the current political climate, his political views and previous opposition to the government. We believe that a forced, indefinite separation would be unjust and inhumane.