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1. Do not grant environment Clearance for the Mundra SEZ

Nearly 10000 artisanal fisherfolk, and other traditional communities - farmers, livestock rearers, salt pan workers in Mundra, Gujarat, India are facing threat of being deprived of their traditional livelihood which has sustained them for centuries.

Industries like Adani's Mundra SEZ are planning to occupy the entire Mundra coast in complete violation of Coastal Zone Regulations. This will destroy the fragile ecology of the Mundra coast and also deprive the traditional communities of their livelihoods.

Deprived of their livelihoods, the fisherfolk will slowly, but surely perish. They are now fighting for their rights to live a dignified live.

To read more about the Mundra Fisherfolks' struggle, visit

2. Bring Back All Abouts!

For over 5 years one of my biggest selling cookies has been the All About. Every All About had a unique quality of Girl Scouts written on them; caring, respectful, and many others.

To many buyers and Girl Scouts of all ages, the All About was one of the original cookies, with its simple taste. Simply a flatbread cookie with a thin chocolate bottom, this cookie was a great snack and a commonly known cookie.

I took a vote around my area (Brewster, New York) and now that Girl Scouts isn't selling these anymore, our (Girl Scout) sales have dropped. Not only that, but people are complaining, "Where's my favorite cookie?"

3. Prevent NJ DCF Regional Schools across NJ from closing!

The DCF Regional Schools across NJ are very beneficial to disabled, “at-risk” high school students (students who would regularly have to drop out or fail in the traditional public school setting because of legal troubles, parole, multiple explosions, etc…) and pregnant and parenting teens who want the best for their futures and the futures of their babies and don’t want to be another static and drop out.

The State of New Jersey wants to get rid of these programs to “save approx 4,000,000 dollars in the 09-10 year” but think of all the welfare costs that are going to skyrocket if the 500+ students who attend a DCF Regional School across NJ have to drop out because of lack of accommodations, childcare, and because they just can’t mesh with the normal high school setting. Most school districts do not provide any form of childcare for teen students who have infants and toddlers.

The Project TEACH (Teen Education and Child Health) educates teen mothers about proper care and nutrition for their children on top of letting them get their high school credits and finish high school months earlier than the traditional high school student.

Please help keep our schools open!

4. TMSA's Scottish Traditional Arts Declaration

Scottish traditional art forms are intrinsic to defining the uniqueness of Scotland as a nation. The recent major funding decisions by the Scottish Arts Council resulted in many traditional arts and voluntary organisations losing funding.

The Traditional Music and Song Association of Scotland (TMSA) and other organisations are campaigning to have the intrinsic value of Scottish Traditional Art forms recognised and to secure current and future funding for them.

5. No to only simplified chinese characters

Traditional characters are meaningful, easily recognized characters being used by countless people over many decades.

6. Keep showings of "The Snowman" to Christmas Eve

Twenty five years ago, Channel Four started in Great Britain. On Christmas Eve 1982, the animated film "The Snowman" premiered on Channel Four, and has been shown every year since.

In recent years Channel Four has seen it fit to move The Snowman around in the Christmas schedules, showing it either on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and sometimes even Boxing Day, whereas if it was kept in it's original and traditional slot it would gain a much bigger audience than it would on another day.

If you feel The Snowman is more suited to an afternoon teatime slot on Christmas Eve, and feel it should be in that slot this year to celebrate it's 25th anniversary, and should remain in that slot permanently, then please sign this petition, which will be forwarded on to Channel 4 at the end of October.

7. Reinstating the Flint Central Indian

In 2003 the Flint BOE directed Flint Central's staff and faculty removed all images of the Indian from view.

8. Do not swap simplified Chinese for Traditional!

Traditional Chinese has 5000 years of history compared to Simplified (created by the Chinese Communists which has only less than 60 years duration).

Imagine that Lee Pei's poem be changed to that ugly characters. It would be a shame to all of Lee's family and all other names, home [including China, Taiwan, Hongkong,...] and abroad.

So I would strongly say NO, NO, NO!!!

9. Objecting to abolishing traditional Chinese in UN records

The simplified Chinese (hereunder as SC) add recognition load and confusion to readers who were brought up and educated in pre-50 years. It also introduces blindness in understanding the formation of the Chinese characters, particularly in studying old days Chinese history and culture.

Being an intelectual and professional person, I was born and educated in Chine till 1957 and are aware of daily use of the SC and am qualified to comment on this matter.

10. Call on the UN to keep on using traditional chinese characters

The traditional chinese writing has a tracked history of over 3000 years. The simplified chinese writing does not have any logic in its formation, whereas each word of traditional chinese comes under 4 classification. The changeover of chinese character will by all means sentence the death of history.

11. Keep Traditional Chinese in UN 2008

I want to keep Traditional Chinese in UN 2008.

Please don't take a away from UN. lot of people still understand Traditional Chinese. if you take a away from UN become Simplified Chinese lot of Chinese they don't know what it is News.

Traditiional Chinese it is part of Chinese Culture. Only living at People's Republic of China Chinese they know simplified Chinese.

12. Protect the real spirit of the Chinese character history

I growing up in a country where everybody using traditional Chineses.

Traditional Chinese is a real part of culture of Chinese History.

We have to protect it and shouldn't let it disappear.

13. Keep Cloverdale Traditional School Open

Regarding the possible closure of Cloverdale Elementary

On November 20th 2006, the Greater Victoria School Board of Trustees passed a motion, “That the Cloverdale school transition to a traditional school in September 2007 be approved by the board as a school of choice, and that this decision will be reviewed in May 2008.”

Unfortunately, on January 29th 2007, the same Board that voted in favor of us to become a school of choice, passed another motion, “That the Board approves a consultative process to consider closure of Cloverdale Elementary School and Lampson Elementary School effective July 1, 2007 and that the Board agrees to commence the consultative process as follows:…”

If the Board chooses to close Cloverdale, they will be:
• Closing a local, well loved school with a rapidly expanding and desperately needed Out of School Care facility.
• Denying all Capital Region residents a new and promising School of Choice – Traditional Public School.

You are welcome to find out more information about our fight to keep Cloverdale Traditional Elementary School open at

Thank you for your support.

Cloverdale Elementary Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

14. UN must not ban Traditional Chinese

I want to say NO to united nations' abolishment of Traditional Chinese in 2008.

You have no right to do that! This is regarding about the culture we have for more than 5000 years. We want to continue to use it!

Barbara Tang

15. Keep schedule at 4 periods for School District of Hillsborough County

The school district of Hillsborough county is changing all block sheduling to traditional.

This change neglects the students that have planned there next school year around block schedule. This change is going to mess up the GPA of the students.

16. Availability of the Traditional Latin Mass

Working within the church with reference to the Ecclesia Dei adflicta 1988 of Pope John Paul II.

17. Respect the culture of Traditional Chinese

May 17, 2006

Do not abolish Traditional Chinese.

The United Nations has an obligation to protect cultural assets, not to abolish!

There are 36 million people in Taiwan that use TC and double that in the whole world.

Computer aids have eliminated all the disadvantages of Traditional Chinese.

Keep TC in the free world.

18. Please support Traditonal Chinese Characters

April 9, 2006

Traditional Chinese character has its own abundant culture & meanings beyond the characters themselves.

The UN shouldn't offically stop using it. To Save tradtional Chinese character means to save Chinese culuture, we do hope UN can think twice again.

For the Chinese govenrnment, we are appealing for your support as well. After all, the existence of traditional character has its cultural value. Although China has dispute with the Taiwanese government, do not be the killer of our own Chinese culture.

19. Against UN abolishment of Traditional Chinese

April 4, 2006

Against UN abolishment of Traditional Chinese.

20. OSU LIBRARY REFORM - Weekend Hours

Nov 17, 2005

On the branch campuses, where many of the students are non-traditional, have jobs, families, and responsibilities other than being full time college students, our Library has let us down.

We, who work, raise families, and have other responsibilities that take up our time throughout the week, and only have the weekends to utilize the Libraries as facilities for study, learning, and as a hub to our educational experience are shut out! The Branch Campus Libraries' hours are all shorter on the weekend than throughout the week.

This is a terrible example of discrimination based on the status of the non-traditional students. It is unfortunate that the University is so intolerant and unresponsive to the needs of students, but as exemplified in Issue I, The Ohio State University is not interested in us, in our educations, or our lives…The Ohio State University is only interested in generating revenue and doing what is easiest for them!

We need to act! Attached is a petition seeking to force The Ohio State University Marion to offer the same hours of operation for the Library on the weekends as throughout the week, thereby ending the discrimination inherent in this policy toward non-traditional students.

21. Bring the Bulldogs Back to Belmore Sportsground

Canterbury Council wholly owns Belmore Sportsground. The Bulldogs hold a lease on the sportsground, which expires at the end of 2006.

The club has been situated at Belmore since their inception in 1935 but facilities are now dilapidated and the club has not been given council or government funding to redevelop the sportsground.

In April 2005, Canterbury Council made it clear that they were happy for the club to upgrade Belmore but would not pay for any of the ground or facility's development. This has led the Bulldogs to seek another home base. The sportsground is central to Belmore's identity and is the heart and soul of the Bulldogs.

For 70 years, as players and fans, people of all nationalities in Belmore have come together under the royal blue and white banner. The Bulldogs played 1st Grade games at Belmore Sportsground. Our community has gathered as one at Belmore Sportsground. Our past, our tradition and memories are at Belmore Sportsground. Our future should include Belmore Sportsground.

An upgraded Belmore Sportsground will surely attract the fans the Bulldogs need, and Canterbury Council must seriously consider how to help the Bulldogs.

Whatever is decided, the answer is not to force a traditional club, with a traditional support base in Belmore and some of the most devoted fans in Australian Rugby League, to relocate elsewhere. It is a recipe for disaster and disharmony in every way.

22. Resurrect traditional census

The last traditional census was taken over twenty years ago. The forms were detailed and lengthy. We, the undersigned, believe that a new form of the traditional census should be resurrected.

23. Change Central Valley School District Grading Scale

Central Valley School district's grading scale is ridiculous. The bottom of an A is a 94% rather than the traditional 90%. In the western united states, this is a challenging grade scale to top. Colleges do not consider grading scales when accepting students. Many of my friends have chosen to enlist because Colleges won't accept them due to grades that would be a whole letter higher if the scale was changed.

24. Save the UT Snipers!!!

In the three years following the initial release of Unreal Tournament, a thriving community of UT Snipers has developed. This community has now grown to include thousands of online gamers who regularly populate servers in an attempt to perfect strategies of stealth and the element of individual aim. Despite this, the developers of UT2003 have declined to include the traditional sniper rifle in their new release. Instead, they have replaced the rifle with a "lightning gun" which is so vastly dissimilar from the pre-existing rifle in terms of mechanics and operation as to be an entirely different weapon in essence and performance.

To this end, this petition requests the inclusion of a sniper arena mod for UT2003 which includes the traditional sniper rifle or some reasonable fascimile thereof.

As loyal supporters of the Unreal series of games, we express our gratitude for the creative work of Digital Extremes, Epic and affiliated organizations involved in the effort to continue the standard of excellence manifest that they have so ably established on our behalf. We only ask that the skills and strategies that we have labored so dilligently to possess and perfect not be ignored or abandoned for the sake of a "balanced" gameplay which eliminates many elements of performance which have attracted us to Unreal and held our interest over the course of several years. Although the mod community would undoubtedly move to rectify this situation, such a mod could concievably result in weeks or even months of delay for those UT weapons players and snipers who seek only to move quickly to support UT2003 with our purchase and our play.

To this end, we, the undersigned, request that UT2003 be made to include a sniper arena mod which contains the traditional sniper rifle or some reasonable fascimile thereof.

25. De Soto Locker Situation

We, the students of DeSoto High School, request that the Administration reconsider the proposed policy change with respect to locker assignments for next year. We would like the seniors to be assigned to the traditional senior hallway, the sophomores and juniors to the main hall and the freshmen to the traditional freshmen hall way.

Some reasons include tradition, feeling a sense of accomplishment once you pass from the other lockers to the senior hall, and will also promote class spirit.