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Newbridge, Bath
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The Proposal:

£54 million of government money may be awarded to the City of Bath for a new transport plan. B&N.E.S intend to invest a massive chunk of this public money on a 'Bus Rapid Transit System' (BRT), which will run from an extended Newbridge Park and Ride before adjoining onto a former railway line (a mile long stretch of green land), between Brassmill Lane and Windsor Bridge Rd.

This is part of a wider proposal to join Newbridge Park & Ride in the west of Bath, to a Park and Ride at Bathampton Meadows in the east, via the city centre.

The council estimates that the new route will benefit customers by saving them an average of two minutes on a trip from Newbridge to the City Centre, in a diesel, bendy bus.

The segregated route will bypass the Upper and Lower Bristol Road in the west, both of which are both relatively un-congested. The buses will then travel on existing roads in the city centre and the east, where congestion is a real problem.

Why Oppose The BRT Route?

Unproven benefits and uncertain outcomes:

The claim that the BRT will reduce congestion is very debatable. It is basically a decentralised car park scheme which will encourage people to drive rather than use public transport. Car users will be attracted to the P&R which is in a residential area on the outskirts of Bath. The scheme will displace some city centre traffic, but not enough to make a real long term difference.

The BRT will add to congestion on Park and Ride access routes and at congestion "hotspots", such as Windsor Bridge road and London Road.

Through traffic and “school run” traffic will not be reduced by the BRT

Unrealistic costs and high financial risk:

Costs will definitely rise far above the over optimistic estimates put forward.

Complicated road junctions, bridges, re-engineering of major sewers and contested compulsory purchase orders all add up to serious risk which has not been properly assessed. Major works, new to the plan, have not been accounted for within the budget.

Council tax will be raised and residents of Bath will end up footing the bill when the costs exceed the agreed national funding.

Inadequate consideration of negative impacts:

The scheme will have significant negative impacts which have not been properly considered.

An established green lane, habitat to diverse wildlife and mature trees will be destroyed. Hundreds of households will suffer air, noise and light pollution, vibration and loss of privacy. Businesses will be demolished and forced out and private gardens will be taken by force. Local people will lose a significant green space, currently used by many for recreation. The new road will form a hard physical barrier between communities and will be a magnet for anti social behavior at night. Large, diesel bendy buses will affect the character of narrow city centre streets and harm trade.

A 21st century vision should aim for zero on street emissions and put people first.
The people of Bath are being let down by the council’s lack of vision.

Join us in a peaceful protest, as we deliver our petition to the council at The Guildhall, Bath, 6.30, 20th November.

Please choose to save the green corridor and support local people by signing our petition!

Please choose to save the green corridor and support local people by signing our petition!

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