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1. Support : don't stop our bus, (removal & changes to 8 and 9)

From September Arriva are changing the bus service 8 and 9 it will no longer go around Hockley Road, Hedging Lane, Ninian way. Meaning there is no bus service for the people who work and live in that area.

A lot of elderly use this service so how are they going to get about? Disabled people how can they walk to nearest stop? And shops such as coop, wicks all will be effected by staff that cant get to work, even school children use the bus to get to school. It's going to effect lots of people in many different ways.

So please support this petition to help show Arriva we need the bus route to stay.

2. Keep Route 65

OC Transpo is trying to approve their proposed business plan,
which would be implemented in September 2011. One of the
routes under review for consolidation to reduce duplication is
route 65, a bus servicing North Kanta. If route 65 is
removed, its usual passengers would be forced to take one of
two buses, depending on their location, the 60 and 68, both
of which are always at maximum capacity by the time they
reach stops accessible to the passengers of the 65.

3. We Support cycling routes on the University of Leeds Campus

Evidence shows that providing cycling facilities such as cycle lanes encourages people to cycle. It also makes it easier and more pleasant for current cyclists.

4. 230kV Transmission Line Golden Valley, Arizona

This petition is to the Arizona Corporation Commission regarding Unisource's proposed 230kV Transmission Line through Golden Valley, Arizona.

We are asking the Arizona Corporation Commission to look at alternative routes to the ones proposed by Unisource and Transcon.

5. Build the Horsley Overpass

WEST DAPTO/HORSLEY OVERPASS, Wollongong City Council's inability to implement correct infrastructure to sustain harmony in the environment of a thriving suburb/economy, and their complete lack of of vision for this growing community.

This bypass has been planned for 20 years and yet they still find excuses or better yet more financially viable ideas for themselves.

6. Route 92 Later PM Service Needed

The Palm-Tran route 92 is an East-West bus route that runs from Hwy 441 /
Sandalfoot Plaza all the way out to Camino Real & A1A / Ocean Blvd.

The route has low ridership, and always has, and the reason that not many
people ride the bus, is because the last route back to Sandalfoot Plaza from
Camino Real / A1A is at 4:30pm. Not even a standard 9-5 job can be
considered, living on this bus route.

People who use the bus to go to work can't get home from work. This is the
earliest ending route of the entire Palm-Tran system(excluding the jury shuttle,
and an inlet route).

The route has been cut back by removing service to the community hospital,
and has stopped servicing Logger's Run, a large residential portion of the
western Boca Raton area. These were all methods of saving money on the

Instead of trying to increase ridership, Palm-Tran also decided to terminate
service for this route on Sundays.

Later service for this route is NEEDED. It is one of the three routes that runs
through Boca Raton's downtown area, and one of the two that connects the
western Boca Raton area to the eastern Boca Raton area. It connects the
Broward County Transportation system, and the unincorporated residential
areas of southwestern Palm-Beach county, to the eastern 'working' area of Boca
Raton, and services 3 major bus stops that serve the entire county. Later night
service is desparately needed by all the riders on this route, indefinitely.

7. Opposing Bath Bus Rapid Transit To Run Along The Disused Railway From Brassmill Lane To Win


The Proposal:

£54 million of government money may be awarded to the City of Bath for a new transport plan. B&N.E.S intend to invest a massive chunk of this public money on a 'Bus Rapid Transit System' (BRT), which will run from an extended Newbridge Park and Ride before adjoining onto a former railway line (a mile long stretch of green land), between Brassmill Lane and Windsor Bridge Rd.

This is part of a wider proposal to join Newbridge Park & Ride in the west of Bath, to a Park and Ride at Bathampton Meadows in the east, via the city centre.

The council estimates that the new route will benefit customers by saving them an average of two minutes on a trip from Newbridge to the City Centre, in a diesel, bendy bus.

The segregated route will bypass the Upper and Lower Bristol Road in the west, both of which are both relatively un-congested. The buses will then travel on existing roads in the city centre and the east, where congestion is a real problem.

Why Oppose The BRT Route?

Unproven benefits and uncertain outcomes:

The claim that the BRT will reduce congestion is very debatable. It is basically a decentralised car park scheme which will encourage people to drive rather than use public transport. Car users will be attracted to the P&R which is in a residential area on the outskirts of Bath. The scheme will displace some city centre traffic, but not enough to make a real long term difference.

The BRT will add to congestion on Park and Ride access routes and at congestion "hotspots", such as Windsor Bridge road and London Road.

Through traffic and “school run” traffic will not be reduced by the BRT

Unrealistic costs and high financial risk:

Costs will definitely rise far above the over optimistic estimates put forward.

Complicated road junctions, bridges, re-engineering of major sewers and contested compulsory purchase orders all add up to serious risk which has not been properly assessed. Major works, new to the plan, have not been accounted for within the budget.

Council tax will be raised and residents of Bath will end up footing the bill when the costs exceed the agreed national funding.

Inadequate consideration of negative impacts:

The scheme will have significant negative impacts which have not been properly considered.

An established green lane, habitat to diverse wildlife and mature trees will be destroyed. Hundreds of households will suffer air, noise and light pollution, vibration and loss of privacy. Businesses will be demolished and forced out and private gardens will be taken by force. Local people will lose a significant green space, currently used by many for recreation. The new road will form a hard physical barrier between communities and will be a magnet for anti social behavior at night. Large, diesel bendy buses will affect the character of narrow city centre streets and harm trade.

A 21st century vision should aim for zero on street emissions and put people first.
The people of Bath are being let down by the council’s lack of vision.

Join us in a peaceful protest, as we deliver our petition to the council at The Guildhall, Bath, 6.30, 20th November.

Please choose to save the green corridor and support local people by signing our petition!

8. Shuttle America: Extra stops for Route 426

Route 426 will be cancelled on 9/21.

Shuttle America will take over the routes and will not make stops at pace bus stops.

This will have an effect on a lot of students and staff that use the shuttle.

9. Improve the 393 bus route from

The 393 bus travels a route that is particularly busy on weekday mornings and the irregularity of the buses means that buses are always full to capacity and often do not stop at the bus stops.

There is increasing frustration at the low number of buses on the route in the morning when many people use the service to travel towards Holloway to Highbury and Islington train and underground station.

Parents with children and the elderly have been left at bus stops when the buses are too full and it is a regular occurence to wait 30 mins for a bus that is supposed to arrive every 12 minutes.

Tempers are beginning to fray with an increased number of arguments between bus drivers and passengers with little resolution to the problem.

I personally have made complaints and a number of people I know that use the service have also logged their frustration at the service.

We call on Arriva and Transport for London to increase the number of buses to service the greater number of passengers using the service in the morning.

10. Loi plus sévère pour l'ivresse au volant au Québec!

Depuis quelques temps, des campagnes de publicité de la S.A.A.Q. ne cessent de passer pour contrer l'alcool au volant. Mais ces campagnes semblent être ignorées par la population.

Selon la Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec, il y a eu 50 443 victimes de la route dans la province en 2006, dont 717 qui ont perdu la vie, soit 10 de plus qu'en 2005. L'alcool au volant demeure l'une des principales causes d'accidents avec une moyenne de 30 pour cent des conducteurs décédés présentant un taux d'alcoolémie supérieur à 80 milligrammes d'alcool par 100 millitres de sang en 2005.

Pour contrer ce fléau, une solution s'impose! Il faut augmenter les peines. La ministre des transport du Québec (Julie Boulet) devrait s'inspirer de son homologue Ontarien pour ainsi instaurer des lois et programmes plus sévère envers les conducteurs fautifs. Tels que :
- La suspension immédiate du permis de conduire;
- Des amendes plus élevées;
- Des périodes de suspension plus longues;
- Des programmes obligatoires d'éducation et de traitement de l'alcoolisme;
- La mise en fourrière des véhicules; et
- Le programme d'interruption d'allumage (Anti-démarreur);
- Minimum d'incarcération pour conduite avec falculté affaiblie causant des lésion ou la mort;

Pour plus d'information sur le modèle Ontarien, cliquez sur le lien juste en haut de la description.

11. Open Block House Drive Petition

Dear BHC Residents,

As many of you know, Block House Creek needs another entrance/exit to our neighborhood. Currently, there is a petition online to open Scottsdale Drive as a solution and we are adding Block House Drive as the solution.

On May 27th, the Blockhouse Creek MUD Board approved a resolution to be sent to the City of Cedar Park and Williamson County offices, to open Block House Drive to 183-A, as another exit/entrance as they would keep it a private road for BHC residents (unfortunately, this isn't enough and it is why we have this online petition for the residents of BHC to voice their desires).

We believe, Block House Drive South is the most logical solution, because it does not compromise the safety of BHC children and/or disturb the peace of our neighborhood. It is why most of us purchased a home in BHC. Scottsdale is probably the quickest solution but unfortunately it compromises what many of us believe in (indirectly or directly). Scottsdale opens up to driveways, neighborhood children and potential disaster. We understand that Block House Drive may take some time to open up but it is the best solution for EVERYONE in the neighborhood. There are no houses that face the road, only fences and the safety of BHC children is not compromised and the peace in the neighborhood is sustained. It's the perfect solution.

We are asking you to join fellow BHC neighbors by signing this online petition.


The main points for opening the road are:

Traffic congestion in front of the elementary school, traffic backups on Creek Run, Blockhouse Dr. to New Hope. Our children walking to school need to be safe!

Emergency vehicles do not have a clear route to the back part of the neighborhood. In case of an emergency they need a quicker route to us!!

Quicker access to the new Hospital/Medical Center being built.

In case of an emergency evacuation, residents should have more exits than we currently do.

The city of Cedar Park has a proposed fire and EMS station at the corner of New Hope and 183-A.

When the commuter train begins, the RR Track will be extremely busy. Traffic will become backed up on BHC and New Hope during rush hour.

Environmental concerns because of the extra mileage we have to drive to get to our destinations.

The routes we do have to travel take us by school zones, and thru other neighborhoods.

There is no evidence that crime increases because of more access to neighborhoods.

Easier access for the new shopping centers, potential buyers will not move here if they realize how difficult it is to get to the shopping/hospitals.

There are not enough exits/entrances for our 2200 residents!!

12. Save the #3 bus

Vallejo Transit is planning to eliminate regular bus service on the #3(Glen Cove) bus route.

The City Council will vote on June 5th on this issue.

13. Herefordshire Council should supply a bigger college bus

Since the beginning of the new college term (11th September 2006) there is a distinct lack of seats on the bus number 802 that runs from Leintwardine, via Mortimers Cross, Kingsland, Canon Pyon to Hereford.

This has resulted in a number of students being refused on the bus as it is already full, by the time it gets to Kingsland. There are still another 20 students to be picked up from Canon Pyon.

The result of this is that students are forced to take an earlier or later bus, resulting in arrival at college before it is open or arriving late.

14. Traffic Concerns of Station Hill Residents

The speed limit is 25 miles an hour from NMMC till you leave Fort Kent. I have clocked 10 ton trucks going approximately 38-42 miles per hour.

This is a high pedestrian and children area. This is the normal speed not a few individual trucks or companies.

I am trying to prevent a tragedy before it occurs.

15. First Cymru bus route no.43

January 15, 2006

On the 8th January 2006 a new bus schedule started with significant changes to bus routes in the area of Swansea east.

This resulted in the removal of the bus route no.43. The sudden change has caused great difficulty to the residents of Swansea to have the ability to travel around Swansea.
Affecting the elderly, disabled, workers, mums, dads, children etc.

16. Extension to the number 28 School bus route

July 23, 2006

This petition is now closed.

September 22, 2005

The number 28 Route runs hourly between Morrisons, Evesham to Stratford-Upon-Avon Bridge Street. However on the school bus for this route which leaves Stratford at 4:00 terminates at Evesham Bus Station. The bus station is nothing more than 6 bus stops.

It would make great sense to continue on for the rest of the route, where the 28 would start as the normal 28 bus from Morrisons, Evehsam but instead it starts at Evesham Bus Station and is not a place where the buses are stored or kept.

I have seen at least 20 people who catch the bus from Morrisons, Evesham, and that was just in one day all getting on at the same time.

17. Getting a Bus Route for Community

This Highland Park Community would like the MTA to provide a more convenient, faster and safer way to travel up or around the Miller Avenue/Highland Blvd. hill for the residents that live on top of the hill .

18. Keep The Society Hill II Bus Route

The Society Hill II Association and some residents (2) took a vote on whether or not to keep the current bus route that runs through our community and voted to stop the bus from coming through the community.

The new bus stop will be located across route 440 where the bus depot is curently located. The problem is that there was no posted notice of the upcoming vote and many residents did not know about the upcoming issue therefore not allowing them to vote.

19. Childrens safety/schoolbus at Lakeview

My grandson is a kindergardener. He gets picked up on the schoolbus 2 doors down and gets dropped off 3 BLOCKS away. There are 5 little ones that have to walk 2-3 blocks home. There are No sidewalks and curvey streets with blind spots. There are hills on one side,the other side the houses go down a hill. Nowhere for children to walk but in the street.

We have contacted the bus garage, they say this is the way it is. What about our childrens/grandchildrens SAFETY? The bus route is only 20 min long. There is no reason these children can not be dropped off where they are picked up.

20. McCoy Road should be maintained by Portage County

McCoy Road, located West off Industry Road near the intersection of State Route 224 in Atwater, Ohio has been declared a State Route. It is currently maintained by the Ohio Department of Transportation. The condition of the road is poor. Snow removal by ODOT is nearly nonexistent. Residents of McCoy Road have taken the responsibility of snow removal upon themselves to be able to enter and exit their homes. It has know come to the point where children attending the local school district, Waterloo, have been denied transportation due to the poor conditions of the road. Therefore, resulting in the distribution of this petition.

21. Removal Of Bus Driver "Arletha Appea"

For the last month Arletha Appea, has been the bus driver for the 79X (5:20pm bus Jefferson Rd. & Smith Rd.) Leaving from Parsippany arriving to Newark.

Arletha is reckless with her driving and we the passengers are requesting that NJ Transit please remove Arletha Appea from this route.

Arletha drives the bus as if it was her own personal sports car. She drives on the rear bumper of the car in front of her. At times forcing them to move out of her way. Arletha likes to drive in the far left lane of Route 280. She has a habit of braking shortly and therefore thrusting the passengers forward and back in their seats. When attempting to make a turn or drive around curves, she does not slow down resulting in the bus seeming like it will overturn.

With all this said the safety of the passengers are at risk and Arletha acts as if she does not value her life or the life of these passengers. We are requesting that she be removed from this bus line immediately.

We the Passengers of the 79X leaving Parsippany to Newark are requesting her removal.

22. Reduce Speed Limit on Buckshoal Road (SR 601)

Buckshoal Road is a rural country road that starts at it's intersection with Highway 58, in Halifax County, and ends at Arron's Creek where it crosses the county line into Mecklenburg County. This road has had a history of suto accidents, some resulting in death. Speed seems to be the major factor in all the acidents that have occurred on the Road. Many people use this road to attend church, or communte to work. Farmers use this road extensively, child play near this road daily. Bicyclists and horesback riders also use this road. We the undersigned formally request that speed limit be restricted and enforced to 35 miles an hour on the complete route of the road. This is a safe speed for this dangerous and winding road.

23. Replace the Driver of Bus #29

We the students of PHS Bus Route #29 seek the help of the administration to relieve or replace the bus driver, Teresa. We feel that Teresa is unfit to drive our bus. Those on this list agree that the removal of, or replacement of Terasa for a new bus driver is necessary. We all agree to individual interview by the administration to prove our position on this statement.

24. Abandon the Proposed Route 29 Bypass in Charlottesville, VA

This petition is intended promote fiscal responsiblitiy with federal and state taxpayer money by calling for the abandonment of this unneeded and unwanted road building project. U.S. Route 29 Bypass in Charlottesville, Virginia is one of the biggest pork barrel road projects in the nation, according to Taxpayers for Common Sense (TCS), a national budget watchdog organization.

The Bypass will again be ranked as one of the nation's 25 most wasteful projects in its 2002 "Road to Ruin" report. The total cost of the bypass would exceed $200 million -- about $30 million per mile or more -MUCH of which would be shouldered by federal taxpayers.

The local county Board of Supervisors does not want it. The majority of residents does not want it.

For years, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has tried to run this 6-mile bypass as their solution to growing traffic on Route 29. However, their own studies show this will not be a good solution (see petition below).

Furthermore, the proposed bypass would cut through the watershed of the community's main drinking water supply and pose an unacceptable risk from erosion, polluted runoff and potential toxic spills.

Under Governor Warner, the Virginia Department of Transportation has undertaken a realistic assessment of its projected revenues and project cost estimates and discovered that it has a major funding shortfall for the projects in its long range plan. It is fiscally irresponsible for VDOT to go forward with this expensive, wasteful project. Governor Warner can put an end to this project.

We now have a rare opportunity to stop the bypass for good. We need your help.