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1. Pave Havens Road

Whereas, Havens Road is a two way road half of the way down. It presents a significant hazard to anyone travelling by vehicle on the road when having to go to a one vehicle road.

The large hazard is a sharp curve you cannot see around. When it rains it washes the road into in places. The constant regrading of the road produces delays and dangerous conditions for anyone traveling on Havens Road.

Whereas the constant regrading has been progressively less effective with every rain. Limestone and dirt has to be brought in to build the roadway back up. And ditches to be cleaned out. The town is incurring unnecessary expenses due to constant regrading and etc.

We the undersigned, respectfully request that the unpaved road immediately be properly prepared for paving and then paved as soon as possible. And to include repair or make ditches to accommodate the flooding of the road.

2. Opposing Bath Bus Rapid Transit To Run Along The Disused Railway From Brassmill Lane To Win


The Proposal:

£54 million of government money may be awarded to the City of Bath for a new transport plan. B&N.E.S intend to invest a massive chunk of this public money on a 'Bus Rapid Transit System' (BRT), which will run from an extended Newbridge Park and Ride before adjoining onto a former railway line (a mile long stretch of green land), between Brassmill Lane and Windsor Bridge Rd.

This is part of a wider proposal to join Newbridge Park & Ride in the west of Bath, to a Park and Ride at Bathampton Meadows in the east, via the city centre.

The council estimates that the new route will benefit customers by saving them an average of two minutes on a trip from Newbridge to the City Centre, in a diesel, bendy bus.

The segregated route will bypass the Upper and Lower Bristol Road in the west, both of which are both relatively un-congested. The buses will then travel on existing roads in the city centre and the east, where congestion is a real problem.

Why Oppose The BRT Route?

Unproven benefits and uncertain outcomes:

The claim that the BRT will reduce congestion is very debatable. It is basically a decentralised car park scheme which will encourage people to drive rather than use public transport. Car users will be attracted to the P&R which is in a residential area on the outskirts of Bath. The scheme will displace some city centre traffic, but not enough to make a real long term difference.

The BRT will add to congestion on Park and Ride access routes and at congestion "hotspots", such as Windsor Bridge road and London Road.

Through traffic and “school run” traffic will not be reduced by the BRT

Unrealistic costs and high financial risk:

Costs will definitely rise far above the over optimistic estimates put forward.

Complicated road junctions, bridges, re-engineering of major sewers and contested compulsory purchase orders all add up to serious risk which has not been properly assessed. Major works, new to the plan, have not been accounted for within the budget.

Council tax will be raised and residents of Bath will end up footing the bill when the costs exceed the agreed national funding.

Inadequate consideration of negative impacts:

The scheme will have significant negative impacts which have not been properly considered.

An established green lane, habitat to diverse wildlife and mature trees will be destroyed. Hundreds of households will suffer air, noise and light pollution, vibration and loss of privacy. Businesses will be demolished and forced out and private gardens will be taken by force. Local people will lose a significant green space, currently used by many for recreation. The new road will form a hard physical barrier between communities and will be a magnet for anti social behavior at night. Large, diesel bendy buses will affect the character of narrow city centre streets and harm trade.

A 21st century vision should aim for zero on street emissions and put people first.
The people of Bath are being let down by the council’s lack of vision.

Join us in a peaceful protest, as we deliver our petition to the council at The Guildhall, Bath, 6.30, 20th November.

Please choose to save the green corridor and support local people by signing our petition!

3. Forest Lake at Bear Creek Entry Sign and Landscaping

Demien Development Incorporated and Gittemeir Homes Incorporated are not meeting their obligation to the Forest Lake at Bear Creek homeowners on several issues and it is negatively impacting our property values.

The entry monuments and signage have not been erected as promised, there is a chain link fence at the entrance to the development which is in direct violoation of the Master Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions of Bear Creek Estates("Covenants and Restrictions") Section B Item 2, the cart path connecting Oak Creek Drive to the existing cart path on the golf course has not been installed, and the empty lots and common areas are not being maintained properly as per Item 11 in Section B of the Covenants and Restrictions.

4. Review Spanish 2 Honors class Midyear exam

We feel the World Language Department at Milton High School failed to properly hire a Spanish teacher for the 2006-2007 school year. The originally hired teacher, Ms. Burnett, did not properly teach the required information during her one-term teaching career at Milton High thus leaving Ms. Barron in a difficult place when she came and took over through December 22, 2006. During her short teaching career, Ms. Barron was able to instruct us in the book Ven Conmigo through Chapter 3, Section 2.

On January 4, 2006, we received a review sheet stating what was going to be covered on the exam. It states Chapter 4 will also be included in the exam. Yes, we have a new teacher on the way, however, until he comes, we will have substitute teachers in the classroom. There is no way we will be able to learn everything we have to learn in time for the exam.




6. ASFCME - stop the current addendum vote

On Friday September 29, 2006, a union vote took place concerning modifications in the Driver and Monitor Contract. Many union members feel that they were not properly notified or given accurate information concerning the vote.

Specifically, members were not notified in a timely manner to make arrangements or allocations of their time to participate in the vote. Some members were notified the very day of the vote and some were not notified at all. The preferred current ASCME communication style is to put paper flyers in the transportation building lounge. This style operates under the assumption that all drivers and monitors visit the lounge, which is not true.

Additionally, the amendments to the contract were not given to each union member in a timely manner to develop an opinion of good or evil. Only two pieces of paper that were confusing to some lay next to the vote box for drivers and monitors to make a very quick decision to vote yes or no. Furthermore, union members were not provided their own personal copy

7. Sign the AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Pet Promise!

This petition, originally published in August 2006, has been republished as of today's date: September 19, 2013.

We are petitioning America's pet owners to remind them of everything that is required to be a responsible dog owner.

The AKC Responsible Dog Owner Pet Promise, created to bring the spirit of AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day to life and adapted from the AKC Canine Good Citizen Responsible Dog Owner's Pledge (, reminds us that raising a happy and healthy pet is more than just playtime and pampering.

For more information visit

8. Controlling pests in Community - Arbuta Arms Apartments

Arbuta Arms Apartments have a pest control issue, which has not been addressed properly in the last three years or so.

We are aware that you, Arbuta Arms, have a contract with a Pest Control Company, which comes two to three times a month exterminating the premises. However, it does not help rid our apartments of mice. A few of the tenants have invested in a cat, to help keep our apartments in safe and healthy living conditions.

Of course, you aware of the diseases and germs manifested by mice and other rodents, that are quite often seen in our apartments, especially during fall and winter months. The tenants of Arbuta Arms are suggesting that we have the opportunity, choice or better terminology, the right to have a cat in our home to keep these pests away.

We are fully aware of the lease and its prohibition to have pets, but it also says, "Without a consent of an Agent." But you must understand our concerns and how disgusted many of us are with these living conditions.

Having pests in our homes violates the Health and Safety laws and we, the tenants should have the right to rid our homes from pest in any way we see fit as so long it does not harm or hinder our neighbors.

9. Petition For Paving And Dredging Allison Loop Road!

Whereas many deep potholes on Allison Loop presents significant hazards to anyone traveling by vehicle on the road. The constant regrading of the road produces delays and dangerous conditions for anyone traveling on
Allison Loop.

Whereas the constant regrading has been
progressively less effective with deep
potholes reappearing within one to two
days of regrading.The town is incurring
unnecessary expenses due to constant regrading.

Whereas the ditches need dredging to prevent further flooding.

We the undersigned, respectfully request that the unpaved road immediately be properly prepared for paving and then paved as soon as possible.

Also the ditches should be dredged to immediately.

10. TLC Promotion

To get TLC's new album promoted properly. Directed to Arista Records.

11. Save the music department in schools!

This is for children. Let's save the music in schools around the world.

Everyone that LOVEs music in school needs to have music. If we [students] lose the music, not many of us will have the chance to learn how to sing properly. So sign this petition and be proud that you have learnt or taught someone to sing.

12. Help Lee get a Cowboy Bebop Art Box

Anime on DVD is running a contest to give away several Art boxes for the quality anime series Cowboy Bebop. This is a petition to try to let Lee P. Bailey receive one of these boxes to properly house and proudly display his set of DVDs.

13. Support a Ney Mello Video production

This message is part of a campaign to gather support for an educational video by award-winning jazz/rock/electric-acoustic guitar virtuoso Ney Mello. It arose from discussions on the bulletin boards. Ney (who has been playing for 29 years and is highly praised by among others living legend Al Di Meola) is a frequent contributor on these boards and he mentioned that he would like to make a video to properly explain his knowlege of the development of picking technique (since there are no detailed videos available).

For the video to be made, the guitar education video companies (Hot Licks Video Productions or Hal Leonard Productions) would have to be convinced that there is a market for it.

It is currently intended that the subjects covered by the video will be:

Basic multi-functional pick grip
How to hold the pick for maximum efficiency
Index and thumb movement: when and why
Forearm motion and its importance
Wrist motion
The free stroke and its function
The contact stroke and its function
Specific training methodology to develop both strokes to speeds as high as 16th notes @270 bpm and higher
Strumming: 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 string strumming variations and how to execute then properly
Muted rhythm playing for metal guitar
Muted single notes for all styles
Metronome practice: the proven methods
Pure speed training: the conceptual and mental angles needed to make it a reality
Visualising your licks and runs mentally and in your inner ear
Strength training and easy to make training devices to accelerate your progress
The importance of stretching and how to do it properly to prevent injury
Tendonitis prevention with the right training and practice pacing
The influence of dynamics in specific technique selection
Variety in hand positioning for stylistic expression
Pick angles: when and why you need more than one
Mental clarity and imaging: drawing in space with the pick
Incremental growth in tempo and note groupings for maximum gain in the shortest time
How to let the music steer you to the right technical choices in electric and acoustic guitar

14. Stop the Pollution: 40% of U.S. Waterways are too polluted to swim in

The historic Clean Water Act has been in place nearly 30 years and yet 40% of the nation's waterways are too polluted for Americans to use for swimming or fishing.

A report from Environmental Working Group showed that 42% of state inspections at facilities that had already been found to be in breach of the Clean Water Act in the past were "Drive By" where inspectors were not required to leave get out of their car… and 280 facilities run by known polluters were not inspected at all!

In some cases the fines for breaching the Act are so small that it is cheaper for polluters to pay the fine and keep polluting than to take action to stop the pollution.

The Clean Water Act is in place to improve the waterways of America. If it is not enforced properly water quality will not improve.