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1. Request that Merriam-Webster revisits the definition of "Bacon"

There are regulations in place protecting us from misnomers in the food market. However, it would seem that one of America's most beloved meats is being openly counterfeited. Bacon, as one of the cornerstones of our society, is a very specific product. Almost every rational adult (and some rational children) recognize that bacon is a product deriving from the pig (scientific name: Sus).

To the horror of bacon consumers nationwide and to many interested third parties, the turkey (scientific name: Meleagris) is somehow flying under the bacon flag. There is already a term for butcher cuts which would be considerably more applicable to this bird-meat while remaining independent from true bacon: "strips". Thinly sliced turkey muscle should be coined "turkey strips" to avoid the confusion and maintain the sanctity of the bacon name.

This petition is an attempt to reach the renowned dictionary company, Merriam-Webster, to correct this misnomer. Turkey simply cannot be compared to bacon and the time has come to stand up for reason.

2. Solidarity with Turkey’s threatened academics and other critical voices

With the latest Decree No. 686 of February 7th, signed under the State of Emergency, Turkey has stepped up its crackdown on academic freedom once more, dismissing 330 academics at 49 universities. 77 of these were employees of Ankara University, whose political sciences’ faculty is renowned for its critical positioning vis-à-vis the government.

115 out of the 330 dismissed were amongst the over one thousand academics who signed an “Academics for Peace Declaration”, which denounced the way Turkey had stepped up its operations against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in the Southeast of the country since the summer of 2015, turning the centers of several Kurdish cities into war zones, causing the death of hundreds of civilians and the displacement of over 350.000 people . These events threaten to undo many of the steps that had been taken towards a peaceful resolution of the conflict over the last two decades.

Since the failed coup attempt of July 15th, 2016 the Turkish government has purged the public sector dismissing more than 100,000 civil servants including teachers, judges and prosecutors and more than 7,000 academics. Following the coup 1,577 deans of universities were forced to resign, many to be replaced by government trustees, in an effort to curb the autonomy of academic institutions. Apart from academics and other civil servants, numerous journalists, NGO employees and activists, and politicians from Kurdish and Kemalist opposition parties are being prosecuted.

The government accuses those dismissed and prosecuted of ties to the movement led by US-based Islamic cleric Fetullah Gülen, whom the authorities accuse of having plotted the coup attempt of July 15th. Yet the ongoing purges have targeted a broad range of individuals, many of whom do not have any proven links to the Gülen movement, as alleged by government authorities. Moreover, as Human Rights Watch (HRW) notes in its World Report 2017, “the crackdown also extended to the pro-Kurdish opposition party, with two leaders and other MPs arrested and placed in pretrial detention, along with many of its elected mayors, denying millions of voters their elected representatives.” HRW has consequently criticized Turkey’s president and government for instrumentalizing the violent military coup attempt of July 2016 to crack down on human rights and dismantle basic democratic safeguards.

The current purges, the attacks on academic freedom and freedom of the press have to be recognized as systematically undermining the conditions of free speech and critique in Turkey. This is not a question of targeting a few bothersome individuals, but of systematically dismantling the very conditions for critique and critical reflection. Moreover, the ongoing purges have to be understood in the context of the crackdown on the country’s Kurdish opposition that preceded the July 15th coup attempt. The attacks on Kurdish democratically elected representatives risks excluding the Kurdish opposition from political decision-making processes and paves the way for a renewed escalation of violence in the country’s Southeast.

With this petition we want to express our profound indignation as to the current state of affairs in Turkey and underline our solidarity with co-academics and critical voices inside Turkey. The way Turkey has been silencing dissent is devastating for its democracy, undermines the human rights its citizens – without exceptions – are entitled to, and risks setting the country onto a path into violent conflict. As scholars with long-standing research experience in and on Turkey who are closely following the current developments, we call on our colleagues at the University of Ghent and other Belgian universities to share these concerns and sign on to the petition below.

3. Professor Niyazi Eruslu must be released

This petition is in support of my friend, Professor Niyazi Eruslu of Turkey, who has been detained since the failed coup of 15 August 2016, without trial.

4. Stop military operations in Kurdistan by Turkey

I'm a doctor from Iraqi Kurdistan, raising my voice highly to condemn what is happening in Kurdistan of Turkey.

The situation consists of fierce attacks by the armed forces of Turkey on the villages and the cities of Kurdistan.

I call upon the owners of power and affairs in Turkey as well as the world to intervene and stop the operations of curfew, shelling and siege in the villages and cities of Kurdistan.

The killing of innocent men, women and children alongside the destruction of dwellings and homes characterizes everyday life. Prohibiting food and water, electricity and the means of treatment to the needing people in these areas is inhumane.

These military operations will not benefit anything, but further anger the people and drive them to revenge that will lead to increased and expanded violence. Peaceful dialogue is the only way to solve these problems in order to calm down the situation.

The concerned authorities must investigate complaints of the people and work to compensate those affected by these military operations.

Dr. Abdulbaghi Abdulrahman Ahmad
6 January 2016

5. We are demanding for fair treatment of Meisam Roodaki and his transfer to a third country

Meysam Roodaki Is at Risk of Imminent Deportation.

Meysam Roodaki, 34, who has spent more than three years in Turkey is at serious risk of imminent deportation, whereas, he had been imprisoned due to his activities in 2010.

The deportation letter has been submitted by Intelligence Police of Turkey on 17 March 2015.

His situation is suspended by UNHCR officials of Ankara and they ignored and turned blind eye to his situation. He had been accepted as refugee by UNHCR of Ankara, but, he is on third country row since 2012.

Meysam had been kept in Evin prison on the charge of acting against national security and propaganda against the regime of Iran by Intelligence Service officials on 2010. He was frequently arrested by officials of the regime during 2006 till 2010.

Meysam had started the sit-in protest earlier morning in front of UNHCR office due to the negligence and suspension by UNHCR office of Ankara on 9 March 2015. Nevertheless, officials refused his demand despite all the justification documents.

He had been reportedly asked to attend in Intelligence Police office of Turkey to interrogate his case on 19th March that the situation could be deteriorated further.

It is worth noting that he is suffering from chronic migraine, severe pain in his leg and sciatic artery disorder.

6. Save the Child Orphans of War

There are over 5 million orphans in Iraq alone! This statistic is over 3years old!

The recent persecution of minorities by ISIS has led to a new wave of refugees into Turkey. It is estimated that of the 500,000+ refugees there are at least 10,000 orphans!

If they can escape further persecution then they face a desperate existence, With no one to care for them!

The Spanish government have already agreed to save 100 children from this tragedy partnering with World in Harmony and have the procedures in place to extract these children.

Ireland must do something to concrete to answer this tragedy, especially now that a way has been made.

The reason I’m getting involved is I’m a father myself and I can’t imagine how anyone would ignore my kids if I were gone!

Ireland, is the country it is, based on what is important to us as individuals! I know we are a nation of decent people who at the end of the day want the right thing to be done!

This is our chance to be the Schindlers of our age!

Please sign so that as a nation we can do something great!

7. Support Hamed Javanmardy's asylum case

Iranian asylum seeker and Kurdish political activist Hamed Javanmardy is in dire need of an appropriate action to be resettled in a safe country.

Due to his political view and having affiliation with Kurdish dissident parties of Iranian regime Mr. Javanmardy was subjected to prosecution and constant harassment by Iranian security forces which eventually left him no option except fleeing from Iran.

In 2004 he left Iran to avoid any probable arbitrary arrestment and intimidation with a strong prospect to save his live from imprisonment and chastisements, but unfortunately since 2004 he has been through lots of harder circumstances in Turkey. His refugee eligibility was denied and his asylum claim was rejected by UNHCR. It’s been 10 years that he is waiting for reconsideration and reopening his case and changing above mentioned unfavorable decision. He also has been suffering from many problems which have paralyzed his daily life including: health and psychological problem, intensive anxiety of being deported to Iran, and unpleasant life conditions which all refugees in Turkey encounter. Above all aforementioned afflictions his asylum claim and rejection decision by UNHCR as well as Turkish police negligence to reopen and address his case, has put Mr. Javanmardy’s life in an infinite abeyance.

Although we deeply respect Turkey’s UNHCR prior decisions and conclusions, we consider that there are much more new elements and developments has taken place since the last rejection decision; and these elements combined with the previous elements will create danger, risks and threatening situation that are amount to persecution according to 1951 Refugee Convention if Mr. Jabvanmardy eventually is deported to Iran. More importantly, during these years of living in Turkey; in collaboration with Iranian regime opposition parties Mr.Javanmardy constantly continued his political activities as an Iranian regime dissident.

8. Free Iranian Turkish Political Prisoner Esmaeil Barzegar, In Failing Health Due To Repeated Hunger Strikes

Esmaeil Barzegar is an Iranian prisoner of conscience of Turkish ethnicity. He was sentenced to seven years and six months in prison by the notorious Judge Pir-Abasi of Branch 26 of the Revolutionary Court, on charges of anti-national security acts.

Barzegar was arrested by IRGC forces on April, 8, 2011 in Tabriz and was transferred to Evin prison in Tehran. He was incarcerated in solitary confinement for six months.

He is currently on hunger strike to protest the injustice of his sentencing and treatment in prison. It is not his first hunger strike and concern for his health is growing. As of November 16, 2013 he was on his twenty second day of hunger strike.

Each time he was on a hunger strike, the Judiciary officials promised a review of his case but that has not occurred as of yet.

Mr. Barzegar has denied the charges of espionage, separatism and Pan-Turkism that are mentioned in his case.

He considers himself an Iranian believing in the sovereign nation of Iran, and has shown his dedication to the Iranian nation and it’s culture by attending many of the ceremonies commemorating the martyrs. He is also a talented signer and song writer and has written many nationalistic songs such as “Iran, my home”.

9. University of London 4 Gezi

Solidarity from Academics across University of London condemning state violence in Turkey.

10. Stop the killing & execution of innocent Syrians in Syria!

Over 60,000 deaths have occurred in Syria since the first and peaceful protests against President Assad began. In addition, Turkey and other neighboring countries, are overfilling with fleeing refugee's who do not want to die in Syria.

Hundreds of thousands of Syrian's have fled the bloodbath in Syria. Children lay dead on the Syrian's streets, women are being raped, and men are being tortured by the Assad regime.

11. Turkish Government - Free the Innocent

People who have shared news about Redhack on social media sites have been arrested and remanded in prison.

Prosecutors are demanding 24 years for them and the only intention of this case is to stop the support for Redhack who have surfaced lies and deceits of the government.

12. Academics and Scientists for Peace

We, as academics and scientists, anxiously follow the recent cross-border incidents that have been taking place between Turkey and Syria. We may disagree about the particular dynamics of the turmoil in Syria; however, we strongly agree that any foreign intervention is not the answer.

We believe that military interference in Syria will contribute to the escalating tension between the countries in the region as well as among their international allies. Considering the disorder in Syria and the current fragile political balance in the region, we are tremendously concerned that these critical actions against Syria will lead to more casualties within the country and trigger further wars in the Middle East.

Wars kill people, destroy millions of lives and deteriorate living conditions of the poor and lower strata; but also demolish world’s cultural heritage, historical resources, and intellectual accumulation of thousands of years and leave permanent damage on public health and ecology. We witnessed, with sorrow, the most recent example of a cruel demolition of this sort during the occupation of Iraq.

Therefore, we object Turkey’s ongoing aggressive policy and any possible NATO operation in Syria. We are against any foreign operation that violates the Syrian people's right of self-determination. Herein, we call for world's attention to the wide-spread and strong anti-war sentiments of the people in Turkey, contrary to the deceitful representations of the international mainstream media.

13. Stop dog poisoning in Turkey

Street dogs are still being poisoned in Turkey. The dogs suffer a horrible dead. This kind of poison is even harmful for small children. This is injected in meat or even bones, it is odorless or taste less.

Every year before the season starts the government "cleans" the streets. That means that the animals are being killed before the tourist arrive. Every year hundred of animals are being killed. This has to stop!

14. Koreli oyuncu Jung Il Woo'nun Türkiye'ye gelmesini istiyoruz!

Büyük hayallere küçük adımlarla ulaşılabilir!

Jung Il Woo Koreli ünlü bir oyuncudur ve bizler Jung Il Woo'nun Türk fanlarıyız. Il Woo'yu Türkiye'ye getirmek için bir imza çalışması yapmaktayız. Toplanan imzalarla konsolosluğa başvuracağız. Bir elin nesi var, iki elin sesi var hesabı... :)

Attığınız her imza Il Woo'ya biraz daha yaklaşmamızı sağlayacak. Hala bir imza atmadıysanız umuda dair hiçbir fikriniz yok demektir... :)

15. Freedom for Basak Suhin Duman

==Please do not use anonymous signatures==

The Turkish Republic has adopted a very harsh interpretation of anti-terrorist laws which has been imposed in every single sphere of the country. The enacted measures are rather extreme in the sense that with the vague definition that purpo... rts the term “terrorist,” there are a near limitless number of categories/manifestations in which the term can be imposed on an individual or group of people.

Staging protests resembling the likes of Occupy Wall Street are virtually banned in Turkey. There is a silenced apartheid that is going on within the Turkish Republic which bans its people from taking to the streets in a way where grassroots activism can ensure government transparency at the highest levels.

In this case, an activist by the name of Basak Suhin Duman who was protesting against these harsh reactionary measures within the Turkish Republic was detained in Croatia and can potentially be extradited back to Turkey where she awaits criminal charges for political subversion. The worst activity pursued by this individual was undertaken at a protest in a country that does not take too kindly to protesting activists; she has never been involved with terroristic activity of any kind and protesting through a force of civil activism does not produce any evidence whatsoever to single anyone out as someone who could qualify for the makings of a terrorist.

Turkey has been a close ally of NATO and the Western bloc since the inception of its republic after the end of the Ottoman Empire. Therefore, INTERPOL has intervened on behalf of the Turkish Republic to honor the extradition order of Basak Suhin Duman in order to stand trail for participation in publically orientated protests staged against the Turkish Republic’s anti-terrorist measures. The tenant of this cause presents the citizens of the world with an implication which does not just impact one individual in a single country, but directly impacts us as peace and freedom loving citizens of the world. Overzealous authoritarian governance condoned in the name of anti-terrorism will inevitably bring about the makings of a totalitarian Orwellian state/society.

We must endorse the petition that is being pitched toward the Croatian government which insists upon the termination of the extradition order so that she will not have to serve as a political prisoner in a country where torture is still a common tactic utilized and observed in its national prison systems. In addition, the same individual would be heinously punished for an activity that is widely practiced in a carefree manner all over the Western world. I would like to thank any additional support for the advancement of this cause. Irrespective of our national identity and where we reside, we must stand for what is right, dignified, and justified at all costs. Further research and inquiry is always welcome.

Please sign the petition to prevent her extradition!

==Collected signatures will be added to signatures collected on the ground in Zagreb==

16. Syria Must Free Turkish Journalists Adem Özköse and Hamit Coşkun

Turkish journalists, Adem Özköse and Hamit Coşkun disappeared in Idlib March 2012, and were reported to have been kidnapped by Syrian regime agents along with their fellow Bhaa Al-Deen, who was released later, They are being detained in Security Branchnumber 285 in Kafr Souseh, Damascus in the northern prison and they are kept in a 1.5 M. solitary confinement.

Reporter Özköse and cameraman Coşkun entered Syria over a month ago in order to film a documentary and report on developments there, Ali Adakoğlu, chief editor at their newspaper, Milat, told IPI Turkey at the time. Özköse is also a correspondent for Gercek Hayat (Real Life) magazine, reports say.

Their last contact with their offices was on March 10. Later that month, Turkish officials confirmed that the journalists were alive and said the Syrian government had confirmed it knew of their whereabouts, but denied reports suggesting Turkey would consider exchanging a number of Syrian generals who had defected for the journalists.

At least one of the detained journalists is reported to have been tortured.

"We are deeply alarmed at suggestions that Adem Özköse and Hamit Coşkun appear to be in the custody of the Syrian government, and that at least one of the two journalists may have been tortured,” said International Press Institute Acting Deputy Director Anthony Mills. “If the two journalists are in fact in the hands of the authorities then they must be released immediately, along with all of the other Syrian reporters who have been detained. Furthermore, those responsible for maltreatment in any form must be held accountable.”

17. I'm an animal loving tourist - I think?

Did you know that before and after the European tourist season, governments clean the streets from cats and dogs in, for example: Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Turkey?

Many animals are poisoned and die a very painful death, others are beaten to death, or hanged and strangled. Many are hit by cars and left to die.

Some end up in horrible captivity where life is frightening and tormenting, and many die of disease or starvation. Enclosures in these countries are hot in summer and cold in winter. The animals die from heat stroke or freeze to death. The country and the business sector does not want that these animals disturb the good impression of their country and affect tourism negatively.

None of these countries have made efforts to curb the stray animal population by neutering campaigns, or information about neutering to the public. Instead, these countries chose to poison or otherwise get rid of their abandoned, unwanted companion animals. Never or rarely do they punish someone for abuse or murder of animals. These countries are making a strict difference between an animal with an owner and an abandoned animal. In these countries, an abandoned animal can be treated as badly as you like and in many eyes they are seen as unwanted debris that disrupts the community.

Some of these countries still enjoy the torture of bulls during bullfights and have a variety of traditions in which animals are involved and tormented. In all these countries, dogs are used for hunting. These dogs are treated very badly and starvation to death is common between the hunting seasons. They are often killed or abandoned after a bad game.

18. President B. Assad should be brought to Justice

In the past few months Bashar Al Assad, the president of Syria, has used his country’s military against his own citizens. Furthermore, he has ordered for a mass execution of those who have been rebelling against his dictatorship.

Syria is not the only country that is being pressurized for the reforms and changes in its governing practices. Some other conflicts occurring in the same region include Hosni Mubarak’s removal from Egypt, as well as the rebellious activities, in Libya, Bahrain, and Yemen, following this event. Libya, currently under pressure through NATO attacks and other sanctions, imposed on the Gaddafi regime to stop innocent killings and brutality.

In Syria the current ruling government is Shia Islam whereas the majority of the people are from Sunni Islam. Assad has kept the country under a state of emergency since 1963, suspending the constitution and overruling many human rights. Broadcasting, foreign media and other sources of communication are being strictly monitored in order to prevent rebel activity. Assad has murdered thousands of protestors and there is little known information concerning the numbers still suffering from his brutality.

Syria’s ruling Shia government claims to have an Islamic constitution and leadership. According to any Shia law, mostly followed through the first Imam (leadership position in Shia Islam), and the preaching’s of Holy Prophet Muhammad (the prophet of Islam and the last messenger of God), killing an unarmed civilian is against the law and is strictly condemned by previous Imams. Not only condemned but many examples have been left behind by them as to how they dealt with revolts and rebellions without killing any innocent civilian.

Assad’s acts have not condemned by any religious cleric nor has any fatwa (a legal pronouncement in Islam, issued by a religious law specialist on a specific issue) been passed by the supreme leaders of Shia Islam. A list of previous fatwas passed by religious clerics can be viewed at the following link One example listed here is that of the famous fatwa to kill Salman Rushdie due to blasphemy against the prophet of Islam. Someone who has not been ruling according the proper laws of Islam, although he may claim to be doing so, is a blasphemy against the teachings of prophet of Islam and a misrepresentation of the religion.

The killing of protestors in Bahrain has been recognized by many Shia leaders and clerics, since the majority population of Bahrain is Shia Muslims ruled by a Sunni Government, but in contrast to Syria the ruling government is Shia Muslim in a Sunni dominating population. In taking a broader look at these countries current governmental situations, it is not religion that rules, but rather dominating and power-hungry dictators.

On a positive note, unlike Syria, Bahrain’s situation is under control and the media was given permission to carry out independent news reporting. In Syria it has been more than a few months and thousands have been executed without any valid reason, except for the sole purpose of protecting the ruling government.

It is mentioned in the Holy Quran (the holy book in Islam claimed to be God’s word) that killing any innocent person is equal to killing the whole of mankind. (5:32): “For that cause we decreed for the Children of Israel that whosoever killeth a human being for other than manslaughter or corruption in the earth, it shall be as if he had killed all mankind, and who so saveth the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind. Our messengers came unto them of old with clear proofs (of Allah's Sovereignty), but afterwards lo! Many of them became prodigals in the earth.”

19. Appeal to stop the intimidation of Kurdish activists

In the first week of December 2010, leading members of the Kurdish community in the UK were questioned by MI5. In total 16 individuals were visited at home and informed that their movements had been under surveillance for some time and that some of their activities constituted a breach of UK law. Furthermore, they were instructed that they should cease these activities forthwith.

We are deeply concerned that this questioning referred to the individual’s relations with their community in London and the UK and their open solidarity work in support of the Kurdish movement in Kurdistan.

The Kurdish movement only seeks a peaceful resolution of the 30 year armed conflict between the Turkish state and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). The PKK was forced to take up arms in defence of the Kurdish people’s right to self-determination as no other option was available. The origins of the conflict lie in the brutal suppression and genocide of the Kurdish people.

Today, pro-Kurdish political parties are banned, Kurdish politicians, journalists and activists jailed for simply speaking about the Kurdish issue and extra-judicial punishments and disappearances continue.

It is against this backdrop of human rights abuses that Kurds in the UK work in solidarity with Kurds throughout Europe and Turkey, to bring the abuses to an end through democratic means. In the past year, a new wave of repression of Kurds across Europe, Australia and the US indicates a pattern whereby Turkey’s allies are seeking to suppress the legitimate democratic rights of the Kurds to support the Kurdish movement.

There has been absolutely no suggestion that the individuals questioned have been engaged in any criminal activities. To date, no-one has been charged with an offence.

These incidents expose the fundamentally unjust nature of the UK’s current anti-terrorist legislation and its misguided foreign policy which supports repression abroad in the erroneous name of fighting alleged “terrorist” threats.

The root of the problem consists in the failure on the part of Turkey and its allies in the UK and Europe to acknowledge the denial of the basic rights of existence to the Kurdish people under the Turkish constitution and its state ideology.

The numerous opportunities for peace between Turkey and the Kurds offered, for example, by the latest Kurdish ceasefire and the constructive proposals for a just settlement repeatedly made by Kurdish leaders remain unreciprocated.

20. 슈퍼쇼 4를 터키에서도 해주세요!!! / Lütfen Super Show 4'ü Türkiye'de de Yapın!

터키는 슈퍼주니어 팬이 많은 나라입니다. 그리고 터키에 있는 ELF는 슈퍼주니어를 눈앞에서 볼수있기를 원하며, 슈퍼쇼4를 볼수있는 운이 좋은 ELF가 되길 바랍니다.

터 키에서 제일 개발된 이스탄불은 아시아와 유럽을 잇는 다리가 있으며 유럽과 아랍쪽에 있는 팬들이 쉽게 올수있는 곳입니다. 거기에다가 풍부한 문화는 많은 관광객들의 관심이기도 합니다. 슈퍼쇼4가 이스탄불에서 열린다면 많은 ELF들이 행복해하는것을 넘어서 슈퍼주니어를 세계에 더 알리는거에도 많은 도움이 될겁니다.

번역: Olivia Bae

土耳其這個國家有很多ELF。故此我們希望看到Super Junior的現場表演,並成為能夠觀看Super Show 4的幸運兒。伊斯坦布爾是世界上一個著名的城市,也是歐洲和亞洲之間的橋樑,來自歐洲和亞洲的歌迷都可以輕鬆到達那裡。
伊斯坦布爾擁有很多文化遺產,吸引了世界各地的遊客。因此,在該城市舉行演唱會將有助於 Super Junior在國際上提高知名度。

Credit: Michelle Fung

Turkey is the country that houses a lot of ELFs.So we want to see Super Junior live and be the lucky ones who are able to watch Super Show 4. Istanbul, one of the well-known cities in the world, is the bridge between Europe and Asia, fans from both Europe and Asia can reach Istanbul easily.
Having so many cultural heritages, Istanbul draws the attention of tourists from all over the world. So, holding a concert in Istanbul will help Super Junior to be well-known worldwide.

Credit: Gökçe

Türkiye Super Junior hayranlarının bolca bulunduğu bir ülke. Ve biz Türk ELFler Super Junior'ı canlı izlemeyi, Super Show 4'ü izleyebilen şanslı ELFler'den olmayı çok istiyoruz. Türkiye'nin en gelişmiş şehri olan İstanbul, Asya ve Avrupa arasında bir köprü niteliği taşıdığından ötürü hem Avrupa'daki hem de Arap Yarımadası'ndaki hayranların kolaylıkla ulaşabileceği bir konuma sahip.

Ayrıca çeşitli kültürel miraslarıyla turistlerin de ilgi odağı. Super Show 4'ün İstanbul'da yapılması pek çok ELFi sevindirmekle kalmayıp, Super Junior'ın dünya çapında daha fazla sesini duyurmasında da büyük katkısı olacaktır.

Güncelleme: İmza kampanyamız Korece bir haber sitesinde bir habere konu oldu! Daha çok kişiyle paylaşırsanız nice yerlere daha adımızı duyuracağımıza eminim.

Ve işte konu olduğumuz haber! ^^

Super Junior’ın Türk ve Endonezyalı hayranları Super Show 4 konserinin kendi ülkelerinde yapılması için imza kampanyası düzenliyorlar!

Super Junior Hallyu gücünü kanıtladı.

Son günlerde Türk ve Endonezyalı ELFler "Gopetition" adlı site yoluyla Super Junior’ın Super Show 4 turunun kendi ülkelerinde de yapılmasını istediklerini belirten online imza toplama kampanyası başlattılar.

İlk olarak Türk ELFler “Türkiye Super Junior hayranlarının çok olduğu bir ülke. Super Junior'ı ve Super Show 4’ü gören/izleyen ELFlerden olmayı umut ediyoruz.Asya ve Avrupa arasında köprü olan ve Türkiye’nin en gelişmiş şehri olan İstanbul'a Avrupa ve Arap Yarımadası’nda bulunan ELFler kolayca ulaşabilirler.Bu yüzden Super Show 4 konseri İstanbul’da yapılırsa bu konser Super Junior’ın tüm dünya tarafından bilinmesine katkı sağlayacaktır.” diyorlar.

(Endonezyalı ELFlerle ilgili olan kısım çıkarılmıştır)

Korece-Türkçe Çeviri: Gökçe Talay(
Orijinal Haber Metni:

21. Poultry Lovers against long show penning

Poultry lovers petition to stop the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW from making exhibitors at the 2011 Sydney Royal Easter show keep their chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys and Guinea Fowl penned for the entire length of the show being 15 days.

The poor birds will be kept in small cages and have crowds poking and prodding them for this length of time. Not to mention little room to move around in. This will lead to disease, illness and possible death through physical and mental breakdown of the birds.

22. Free Abdullah Ocalan

Dear Friends

Since 1997 the South African Kurdish Human Rights Action Group (KHRAG) has been engaged in seeking peace, human rights and democracy for the Kurdish people in Turkey. The similarities between the struggle of Abdullah Ocalan and Nelson Mandela are striking. The struggles of the South African and the Kurdish peoples are not dissimilar. The South African people have achieved their objective. The Kurdish people are still struggling to achieve their rights. In their struggle Abdullah Ocalan has been instrumental for the rights of the Kurdish people in the same way as Nelson Mandela was instrumental in the fight for the rights of the South African people.

Nelson Mandela’s release from prison 20 years ago on 11 February 1990 was the key to peace and democracy in South Africa. Demanding the release of Mandela and other political prisoners was a precondition to negotiations for a democratic constitution. Abdullah Ocalan has persistently, over the last decade, advocated a peaceful solution to the Kurdish issue, based on dialogue and negotiation. Ocalan has proposed a non-violent resolution of the conflict so that real democracy, justice and human rights can be afforded to the Kurdish people. Last August Abdullah Ocalan presented a road map to peace in Turkey. Like Nelson Mandela, Abdullah Ocalan, can play an important role on behalf of the Kurdish people to find a lasting solution between the Kurdish and the Turkish peoples.

In recognition of this role the Kurdish Human Rights Group in South Africa is launching an international campaign “one million signatures for the release of Abdullah Ocalan, the legitimate leader of the Kurdish people”. The European Court of Human Rights Court (ECHR) have found that the trial of Abdullah Ocalan in Turkey before a semi military tribunal was unfair. This effectively means that according to the findings of the ECHR his continued imprisonment “on Imrali an island off the coast of Turkey” is unlawful.

We call on all peace loving people in South Africa and the World to show their support and solidarity for the Rights of the Kurdish people and demand the immediate release of Abdullah Ocalan. I herewith request that you personally join our campaign by signing our petition publically on Sunday 21 March 2010 at 3pm in the Cape Town Company Gardens at the Cape Town Festival. In the unlikely event of you being unable to be with us, I request that you please sign the attached declaration.

Yours sincerely Essa Moosa (Chair – KHRAG)

23. We condemn the brutal police intervention against the peace demonstration in Silopi, Turkey

The turkish police harshly attacked a peace demonstration organized by the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) in silopi Sirnak on June 3, 2010. Over ten thousand people attended the demonstration.

In addition to dozen of BDP polticians BDP MPs Sevahir Bayindir, Hasip Kaplan, and Hamid Geylani were among the demonstrators.

24. Do not let 26 pedophiles get away with the rape crime to 12 year-old girl!


According to the indictment, the 12-year-old N.C., one of the seven children of a poor family, was sold to many men in the southeastern province of Kiziltepe by two women: Turkan Temel and Emine Akyol. It is alleged that tens of men (26-28, that is revealed) raped the child time after time on village roads, empty villages, public buildings, workplaces and cars.

A deputy elementary school principal, a top official from the district head's office, a head man of the village, and a businessman are among the 28 defendants who are now standing trial for raping N.C.

The trial is about to be prescribed according to Turkish juridical laws after 7.5 years time of trial period.

Please do not let these pedophiles get away with this sickening rape abuse action, by signing this petition. Otherwise, the trial will be prescribed in a few months...

In the news:

25. One Cyprus

Cyprus is a small country and a member of the EU. Two fifths of the island are populated by over 50,000 Turkish troops which is the basis of the division on the Island. Over the last 5 to 10 years all the Greek and Turkish Cypriots have been working hard and unceasingly to show the world they are one people and wish to live together in peace and harmony.

However until a few months ago very little news of this has reached the media in the outside world. Now, in a changing world we see the EU, America and the UN speaking out in favor of Cypriot unification. Ban Ki-moon (Secretary General UN) said; "As I walked down Ledra street people from both communities began chanting- 'Solution NOW Solution NOW!'"

In addition, in the EU Parliament a resolution was passed on the 10th February, calling on Turkey to immediately begin withdrawing her troops from North Cyprus, to give back the closed part of Famagusta to the Republic of Cyprus and to address the issue of over 200,000 settlers form mainland Turkey who have been moved into North Cyprus. We feel that time is running out for a solution and to echo the voices of all the hopeful Cypriots; "The time for a solution is NOW!"

26. Please Keep Marmaris Alive! Bring back LongBeach

In November 2009 the Mayor of Marmaris,Turkey bulldozed Long Beach. A devastating tradgedy that shook Tourism in Turkey!

27. Support the imprisoned elected Kurdish politicians and human rights activists in Turkey!

Yüksel Baran, Leyla Güven, Abdullah Demirbaş, Firat Anli and Yurdusev Özsökmenler are some of the 80 democratically elected mayors and politicians who are now detained on charges of terrorism. Not only the elected politicians were arrested but also Muharrem Erbey, Chairman of the respected human rights organization IHD in Diyarbakir, and the organization's office was searched by the police. This is the fourth major crackdown on Kurdish politicians since DTP won a landslide victory in the local elections in March 2009.

The arrested politicians belong to those who worked hardest for local democracy in their communities. They have worked for women's rights, started women's centers and in spite of constant harassment from the Turkish state they have tried to build a functioning infrastructure in their municipalities.

As municipal politicians we are deeply outraged over the treatment of the elected politicians. Unfortunately, the Turkish state wants to crush the democracy that they are strenuously trying to build up in the Kurdish municipalities. It is time for local politicians in Sweden and politicians throughout Europe to declare that this is not acceptable. Turkey has signed the UN Declaration on Human Rights and as a signing country you are pledged to follow the declaration. Respect for national minorities and the right to freedom of expression is a prerequisite for membership in the European Union and Turkey have agreed to negotiate for membership on this basis.

If Turkey is to have any credibility left as a modern country towards democracy, they must have the imprisoned elected politicians and human rights activists immediately released.

Ann-Margarethe Livh
Opposition city commissioner (V) in Stockholm,
Chairman of the Stockholm Committee for Kurdish rights

Naile Aras
Local politician (V) in Järfälla,
Board member of the Stockholm Committee for Kurdish rights

28. Translation Services at Didim Tapu & Belediye Office

There are some 10000 foreign residents living full or part-time in or near the Turkish Tourist Resort of Altinkum, which come under the office of the local council, Belediye and TAPU Office. The predominate number of foreign residents are British and many of these have chosen Turkey after substantial advertising in the UK by Invest in Turkey and goTurkey.

The area has quickly developed into a thriving mixed community, where people come to holiday or retire and most the businesses like banks, restaurants and supermarkets have understood that Turkish is a difficult language to learn for people of more advanced years so they have employed English speaking assistants to cater for, attract and provide customer service to this large English speaking community, who have invested their money and dreams in Turkey.

Sadly both the local council, Belediye and TAPU Offices in Didim who receive a vast revenue in taxes and water charges from the foreign residents have not followed the business lead and there is a great deal of frustration and many misunderstandings caused when dealing with simple matters, through language. In many instances both The Belediye and TAPU Office will not deal in person with residents without a translator being present and even the simplest of form or correspondence has to be translated, at a cost to the resident, which a Turkish resident would not be subjected to. Translators in Didim are not regulated so the costs and quality can vary and many residents have further problems brought on by poor translation or pay more because the translator has no understanding of The Belediye or TAPU Office procedures, leading to more frustration and cost to the resident, who has invested in the local area.

A simple solution for this problem would be for both The Belediye and TAPU Offices to employ a qualified translator for 2 mornings a week and for English speaking residents to book appointments in these periods. The income from foreign residents is substantial so the service should be free, though if not the petition is sure residents would be willing to contribute a small hourly fee in the knowledge that the service is fair, regulated and consistent.

It is suggested that any scheme should be trialled for 3 months, with feedback from individual residents who have used the service assessed to prove its value and effectiveness.

This petition understands fully that Turkish is a sovereign nation and the language of that nation is Turkish. It is also a fact that the Turkish Government and Didim Council have gone to great lengths to encourage foreign investment and that in this instance a small compromise to make foreign investors feel more secure and welcome would do a great deal to lesson many of the unpleasant tales people looking to visit or invest in Turkey are reading in local papers like Voices or on the internet and make new investors confident that they will be looked after and treated fairly once they get to Didim.

29. August 29 Worldwide Michael Jackson Day

We want to create an International day for ALL children in the world to be honored and celebrated, and call it "Michael Jackson Day" in honor of the one and only person who cared the most about the world, and the children.

And also on this very special day let's unite, come together, sing and dance with Michael Jackson songs on every 29th of August. Let's celebrate this day like the 4th of July and like all other special days. Make something special for Michael. MAKE A CHANGE FOR MICHAEL! Show how much you love and miss him.


Dünyayı ve tüm çocukları en çok önemseyen tek insan olan Michael Jackson'ın anısına 29 Ağustos gününün TÜM DÜNYA ÇOCUKLARININ günü olarak ilan edilmesini ve bugüne "Michael Jackson Day" olarak kutlanmasını istiyorum.

Aynı zamanda bu çok özel günde her yıl biaraya gelip toplanalım, Michael şarkılarıyla dans edelim ve şarkılarını söyleyelim. Evde yalnız bile olsak bu özel günü kutlamayı unutmayalım. Michael için birşeyler yapalım. Onu ne kadar sevdiğimizi ve özlediğimizi gösterelim. Tanrıya bu kadar mükemmel ruha sahip bu muhteşem yeteneği bize verdiği için şükredelim. Ve her 29 Ağustosta Michael için akşam saat 9'da ışıklarımızı 2 dakika için açıp kapamayı unutmayalım. Böylece Dünyadan Cennete Michael'ın bulunduğu yere selamlarımızı yollamış olalım.

Aynı zamanda bu günü (29 Ağustosu) resmileştirmek için bu imza kampanyası başlattım. Bunun tüm dünya hükümetleri tarafından da kabul edilmesi için elimden geleni yapacağım. Eğer Michael'ı gerçekten seviyorsanız ve mirasını devam ettirmek, onun bizimle gurur duymasını sağlamak istiyorsanız lütfen bu kampanyaya katılın.


Queremos crear un día internacional para TODOS los niños en el mundo para honrar a michael jackson , y lo llame "Michael Jackson Day" en honor a la única persona que se preocupaba más por el mundo, y los niños.

Y también en este día tan especial vamos para cantar y bailan con canciones de Michael Jackson en cada 29 de agosto. Vamos a celebrar este día como el 4 de julio y como todos los otros días especiales. Haz algo especial para Michael. muestra cuánto lo quieres y lo extrañas.

30. Equal Holiday Rights For Women

If Turkey is happy to benefit from British holidaymakers, then Turkey must adhere to Britain's standards of justice, honesty, fairness and sexual equality.