Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI)

As most people are already aware, the swastika symbol (manji 卍 in Japanese language), has been a symbol of controversy and Fascism since the German National Socialists adopted this symbol into their national flag during WWII.
This brought about a false interpretation and conception of swastika which was originally a symbol of peace and harmony incorporated by various Asian religion such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism to name few.
Although, this misunderstanding gave birth to a destruction and suppression of culture influenced by ignorance.
According to BBC, in 2016 Geospatial Information Authority of Japan proposed to remove all manji (swastika) symbols from maps or any locations related to Buddhism in order to avoid Nazi connotation until 2020.
Not only is this an infringement to freedom of religion, but ratifying this change will also further perpetuate the misleading connection dictating swastika = Nazi, which is not true.
Religious Swastika is NOT the same as the butchered version that the Nazis possess. Again, swastika is a symbol of peace and harmony, so please sign this petition to put an end to this ignorance and close mindedness.
Help us in reclaiming our culture and spread the awareness.
Source: https://www.google.co.jp/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/amp/world-asia-35349619

We, the undersigned, call on Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI) NOT to remove or replace the Swastika (manji 卍) symbols from maps or anyother locations which incorporate this symbol due to fallacious connotation with Nazism, but instead educate the foreign visitors that this is our precious symbol of peace and harmony.

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