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Auburn Council

Lidcombe railway station is a major junction station on the CityRail network and many people catch the train from there, mainly to travel to work or to travel to Olympic Park for an event.

In order to catch the train at Lidcombe station, many commuters choose to park their cars near the station.

There is a free public car parking lot near the station, however there are insufficient car spaces to facilitate the growing number of train commuters. In partcular, commuters who hold a full time job. This is especially indicative during weekdays when all the car spots in the all day parking areas have been taken before 8.00am.

In desperation, I have often seen cars parked illegally on the ramp or risk getting a fine by parking in the 4 hour car parking levels.

Street parking near the station is not an option because they are limited to half an hour.

Many people are choosing to travel by train, because of the high cost of fuel, the lack of car spots where they work or because of the convenience. Whatever the reason, the increase number of train commuters is resulting in an increase number of people parking near the train station. As such, Auburn Council needs to provide more free unlimited car parking. It is in the best interest of the commuters and also in the best interest of the environment. Train commuters need somewhere to park their cars near the station, so they can remain train commuters - rather than being another car commuter contributing to air pollution.

We, the undersigned, call on Auburn Council to provide MORE FREE UNLIMITED CAR PARKING SPACES near Lidcombe station.

A suggested solution is to extend the 4 hour car parking limit at the public car parking lot, to all day, unlimited parking.

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