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1. Concessionary transport for carers

The proposal is that the government take the initiative to offer free / concessionary transport for carers to allow them to better care. This could be possible either through adapting the the concession and companion card which currently allows the carer to travel with the cared for but not seperately which in most cases is needed or through some form of add on to carers allowance for those in receipt of it though preferably carers wouldn't need to be in receipt of carers allowance as not every carer who could benefit from this travel are.

My petition has currently reached over 1600 signatures and is being backed by my local council's petition board (Renfrewshire Council), in lobbying the Scottish Government to provide free/concessionary transport for unpaid carers.

Some other supporters of my petition include; Cosla, The coalition of carers, Carers UK, Enable Scotland and many MSP's.

Any support you show would be truly appreciated.

The link below directs you to my petition. I would truly appreciate your signature and if you could encourage others by sharing it on your social media pages.

2. Give Murad's parents a visit visa to the UK

My name is Abdelrahman Murad and I am a 27-year-old from Gaza. I managed to leave the city in October 2014 in order to take part in a five week training course at the United Nations in New York. One year later I qualified for a scholarship to pursue a master’s degree in the UK. I graduated in February 2017 and my graduation ceremony will be held in July (2017), for which I desperately want my parents living back in Gaza to attend. To my dismay, the UK embassy has refused to grant them a visa to visit, assuming they may not return. In reality they have no interest in a long stay. My father has a family to take care of and a business to run. Please, if you can, help me and my parents meet up for this special occasion after nearly three years of not seeing one another.

In nearly a decade, exiting and entering Gaza has been difficult, if not impossible, for its two million residents. This poses a particular challenge for students looking forward for a better education.

My case was no exception. I made it through the Rafah Crossing, Gaza’s only gateway to the world which opens only several times a month, after two failed attempts in a week. Desperate, I did not have the chance to say goodbye to my family on the day of departure. I only just made it . I wrote more about this experience, which you can read on my personal website. See:

In February 2017, I graduated from the University of the Arts London with an MA in Media Communications and Critical Practice. My graduation ceremony is due for 28 July 2017. In April 2017, I began work in the field of communications at the London Centre of International Law Practice (LCILP). Because of the unreliability of the Rafah border and the risk of being stranded inside, I opted to not take a break from my studies or work to travel back and see my family.

I am writing to ask for your kind support of my petition to the UK Embassy in Jordan, which calls upon them to give my parents a visa to attend my graduation ceremony in London. I have already asked my parents to file a new visa application, after the first was refused.

The visa application was refused despite being well supported by documents. I even advised my parents to attach documents providing proof of their intention to return to Gaza. I bore in mind the unmeritable humanitarian and economic situation of Gaza. I believed it is enough reason for visit visas to be refused, let alone the having the infamous Palestinian passport.

Whilst I felt let down by their decision, and have even at times considered giving up and simply not attending my graduation, I have now decided to make a challenge. Their explanation simply has no substance, and is based on the unfair judgment that my parents intend to remain in the United Kingdom beyond the expiry of their visa.

Here is the explanation put up by the embassy:

“You have not shown from the supporting documents you have any family members living in your country of residence or other countries and therefore consider you have very little in the way of ties to provide you with enough incentive to leave the UK on completion of your proposed visit”

With your support, I hope to see my mum and dad soon.
To read the response from the UK Embassy, please see the original document below:

3. Re-instate Visa Waiver for SA

New Zealand and South Africa agreed to a visa waiver in 1996. In 2016 New Zealand removed the Visa waiver based on the fact that too many South Africans were denied entry into New Zealand. South Africa retaliated and did the same.
In 2016, 48 South Africans were denied entry. Malaysia had the 138 of their citizens denied entry yet still enjoy a visa waiver. In 2016, 237 visitors with visas were denied entry into New Zealand. This proves that a Visa does not stop travelers from being denied entry into a country.
There are many South Africans who live and work in New Zealand. It is important for our well-being that we are able to travel freely between our two countries without the hindrance of a Visa application to share both happy and sad moments. Many of us including me have missed our parents funeral in South Africa for no other reason other than not being able to get an emergency Visa as this does not exist for us. South Africans experience a similar fate where they are unable to visit sick parents or attend funerals of their loved ones in New Zealand. A son could not enter New Zealand to perform his mum's last rites because he had an expired Visa. This is most inhumane and I believe needs to be fixed.

4. Oppose Trump Travel Ban

The Trump Administration has issued a travel ban on immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries, many of whom seek asylum from persecution. We call on U.S. congressional representatives to stand firm in denouncing the Trump Administration’s efforts to create policies that are both divisive and dangerous and further call on the Democratic National Committee at its upcoming meeting to affirm through this resolution that its shared values of equality and tolerance extend to immigrant communities traveling to and residing in the United States of America .

5. Petition Salisbury council to allow 100% NON FOR PROFIT $10000 carp fishing comp

Due to the soon to be released carp herpes virus, waterways around Australia will soon loose all fishing accessibility for families within city limits and national waterways across the nation.

Our plan is to lobby local council to support a yearly carp fishing competition called the "Mawson lakes $10,000 golden carp comp," so that our organisation can run this event as a " NON FOR PROFIT" gold coin entry donation, to raise money to help fund native restocking and habitat before the virus is released in approx 2018-2020.This will also bring a much needed boost to state economy and will create employment potential opportunity.

We have been informed by several fish related government departments that with council support THIS WILL BE THE FIRST TEST SITE OF ITS KIND IN AUSTRALIA, FOR THAT MATTER THE WORLD! and that funding ( $100,000 though not limited to ) also exists and can be applied for . These grants can only be spent spent on fish and fish habitats,and ecosystems , the grants would be MUCH easier to obtain if we had council /government support to access permits needed for the native fish release and a scientific ecosystem study and grants for restocking and habitat ..

We plan to sell advertising space ( website, banners , flyers , national radio , state/national tv and also vendor sites during the comp ) to all whom are interested, to promote business in SA, and guarantee this event will run on a non for profit basis, with funds raised going back into the project and future comps and also to further projects up stream. We already have the backing of major camping/boating/4x4 retailers/fishing retailers and local tackle stores, major sponsors and fishing distributors and banks.

thank you for your support , and the kids of today will thank you in the future!

6. Support Short-Term Rentals in Chicago

The Chicago Short-term Rental Alliance is an advocacy network of homeowners, property managers, residents and members of the Chicagoland business community dedicated to the responsible management, hosting and regulation of short-term and vacation rentals. We advocate for an equitable system of governance that supports tourism and a strong local economy.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the City Council of Chicago have proposed a dangerous set of burdensome regulations that threaten the short-term rental industry in the city.

This proposal places liability on short-term rental owners and managers for any criminal activity committed by a renter. Additionally, short-term rental owners and managers who rent their property for over 90 days per year will be vigorously regulated. This legislation would impose heavy costs on Chicago-area short-term rental homeowners and managers as well as the local economy. Join us in fighting these over burdensome regulations!

7. Let us compare & buy Latin American bus tickets online

Sign the petition on the right-hand side of this page to get bus companies to sell tickets online!

We are a group of backpackers and travelers who want to promote travel throughout Latin America.

The process of purchasing bus tickets is outdated, time consuming, and sometimes downright impossible. Plus, it’s challenging to travel by bus when you’re traveling by yourself or don’t know the language. We want to be able to compare bus prices and amenities, read reviews, and purchase tickets online just as we can with flights and accommodations on sites like Expedia, Despegar, and HostelWorld.

A multilingual website connecting the network of Latin American bus companies will make traveling easier and more reliable. It will facilitate international travel between countries and will help us travel to more parts of the continent.

Join us in convincing bus companies throughout Latin America that you want to be able to buy your bus tickets online. We want to stop worrying about logistics and spend more time doing what we all love - traveling, exploring, and meeting people from around the world.

Disclaimer: We are a group of travelers who founded a company called Our mission is to help fellow travelers explore Latin America by giving them the ability to compare and book bus tickets online (at no additional charge, of course!). By signing this petition, you agree to receive some company status updates. Of course, you can always unsubscribe at any time.

8. Permit every train to stop at Energlyn & Churchill park Railway station

There is a lovely new station at Energlyn & Churchill park, yet not all trains stop there.

This makes the stop difficult to use and means that people in the area have to go to the next stop, which is quite a walk!! Please sign the petition to get ALL trains to stop at this station and make full use of the money spent on it!

9. Allow the rights of Driving and Traveling in Alaska

We the people of Alaska, grateful to God and to those who founded our republic nation and pioneered this great land, in order to secure and transmit to succeeding generations our heritage of liberty to travel unrestricted within the Union of States, do ordain and establish and give this Command.

10. Save the Port of Cairns

Support the Sea Port of Cairns, Australia. Our port, our city, our future.

Let the politicians and their advisers know we support the Cairns Shipping Development Project that can sustainably open up one of Australia's most beautiful ports to more cruise shipping and vessels that service our region.

We love the Great Barrier Reef, our stunning beaches, the Atherton Tablelands, Port Douglas, Daintree, Innisfail and want to share it with others.

The Port of Cairns, developed over 100 years, underpins jobs, businesses and investments. Support the Cairns Shipping Development project by submitting a petition to the Queensland State Government Coordinator General.

11. Support Grandparents' and Great Grandparents' rights

Grandparents and Great Grandparents do not have rights to their grandchildren and/or Great Grandchildren in the state of Florida.

We are petitioning for this right to be made available to all Grandparents and Great Grandparents.

12. London Underground Station at Upper Norwood, Crown Point

In the London South-East postcodes travel options have been narrow historically due to geology factors. However improvements and innovation in tunnelling have now removed these constraints.

13. Get Ryanair to accept Driving Licenses as photo ID on all UK/Eire Domestic Flights

Currently all airlines other than Ryannair accept photo ID on Domestic flights between UK and Ireland.


A valid passport;
A valid National Identity Card issued by the government of a European Economic Area (EEA) country. (Only the following EEA countries currently issue National Identity Cards acceptable for carriage on Ryanair flights: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France*, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden (not accepted on non Schengen flights), Switzerland. *The validity of French National ID cards (issued for adults) has been extended from 10 years to 15 years ONLY for cards issued between 2nd January 2004 and 31st December 2013 (except flights to/from Malta).
A valid German Government issued ‘Kinderausweis’ travel document
A valid Greek National Police identity card
A valid Spanish Family Book (for use by children under 14 years travelling with their parents/legal guardians on Spanish domestic flights only)
A valid Italian ‘Certificato Di Nascita’ with photo (for use by children under 16 years) which has been endorsed as ‘VALIDO PER L'ESPATRIO’ for travel on international flights, no endorsement is required when travelling on Italian domestic flights.. It is the passenger's personal responsibility to ensure that this document meets the requirements of immigration and other governmental authorities at the destination airport.
A valid Italian AT/BT card (for Italian domestic flights only).
A valid UN Refugee Convention Travel Document – (issued in accordance with Article 28(1) of the 1951 UN Convention, by a Government in place of a valid passport.)
A valid Convention Travel Document – (issued in accordance with Article 27 of the 1954 UN Convention for Stateless Persons, by a contracting state in place of a valid passport)
A valid Collective Passport issued by an EU/EEA country.

14. Let our children go to Paris

Research has found higher grade point averages and graduation rates among students who study and travel abroad.

Traveling abroad brings a high school student's educational experience beyond the classroom and plays a significant role in the advancement of 21st century learning.

15. Pets should be alowed in the cabin when traveling to or from UK

This is important as curently pets must travel in cargo on internal UK flights and also on flights into the UK. There are some airlines which allow travel in the cabin, such as the following: Lufthansa , Thomas cook ..and many more.

All flights outbound and inbound should be available to pet owners, so their pets can travel safely with them. Likewise travel on eurostar should do the same allow travel inbound and outbound of the UK available to pets.

Clearly some breeds may be excluded should it be deemed necessary.

16. Review the Eurostar Musical Instrument Policy

This petition concerns the new policy on Eurostar trains for musical instruments, notably 'cellos.

I recently took the Eurostar from London St Pancras to Paris Gare du Nord on Thursday 29th August 2013 at 17h31, train 9044.

Just as I reached the check-in barriers, I was approached by a Eurostar member of staff who asked if what I was carrying was a 'cello. The answer being yes, I was informed at that moment that I must buy a seat for the 'cello, according to a new policy.

I was escorted to the business premier desk where this purchase was forced to be made. I asked at the desk how long this policy has been in place. The answer; 3 months. I made a journey from Paris to London on 16th July at 17h13, train 9047, at which time no mention of the policy was made, nor a purchase of an extra seat made obligatory. It seems this policy depends on the keen eye of whoever happens to working at the check-in barriers at the time.

The Eurostar website does not by any means make it clear that an extra seat much be purchased for a 'cello. The statement that can be found is extremely misleading.

"If your instrument is over 85cm long and can fit on a Eurostar seat
If you and your instrument would prefer to sit together, you can buy a companion fare ticket (in the same travel class), which means your instrument will travel on a seat in your carriage."

No-where in this statement do I see any sign of obligation. May I also add that there was no effort made to make this new policy known to those travelling by Eurostar.

Having traveled with my 'cello before on the Eurostar, I know that in it's particular case that it fits in the overhead luggage area without any problem, which I explained. I was still forced to buy an extra ticket because that's "policy".

Would this be the same for other large musical instruments? I feel that 'cellists have been put in a position of discrimination. If for example somebody with a trombone or tuba wishes to travel by Eurostar, would he/she also be targeted in the same manner? I would think not, since their instruments are often less recognizable and their cases could pass for general luggage.

17. Build the Entperise

Most people know of the USS Enterprise in the First Series of Star trek. Under the command of the mighty Captain Kirk with Spok, Scotty, Bones, Sulu and Uhura by his side and the odd redshirt ensign.

If only a small amount of money each year was put into the project we could build a Modern day equivalent of the USS enterprise to Seek out new worlds, explore strange new planets and bolding go where no man has gone before Queue Intro music.

18. Restore and Maintain the "Virgin Mary's Tree and Well" site in Cairo

The village of Mataria (part of Cairo) was popular among pilgrims from the Holy Land and was considered one of the holy sites and a blessed place. Of all the sites visited by pilgrims after Christianity was declared the religion of the Roman Empire at the beginning of the fourth century, this tree was regarded as the most holy.

It is told that as Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus tried to escape from those pursuing them and the trunk of the sycamore tree miraculously opened its bark where they hid inside, escaping detection. The tree is said to have medicinal properties, which is the reason why its branches are depleted.

Nearby it is believed that a spring of water gushed out of the ground forming a pool where the Virgin Mary bathed Jesus is also said to be part of the miracles of the place because of its healing water. This is now known as the "Well of Mary"

19. Stop the implementation of body scanners in Australian airports

Everyone should care about this due to TSA agents in America starting to get cancer from these machines.

The type of radiation that comes from these machines damages your body in every way from mutating cellls to contributing to destroying your fertility.

Just think about an X-ray and what they give you when they do the scan and why they cover what they are not after.

20. Free bus passes for disabled persons before 9:30 a.m. in Cambridgeshire

We believe in free transport for all disabled people within Cambridgeshire by bus.

Unfortunately we are unable to use buses before 9:30 in the morning.

I have talked to allot of disabled people and its a really big problem for us.

21. Fast train for Watford-Richmond

Journey from Watford to Richmond is between 57 minutes-112 minutes minus the walking time to and fro stations with 2-3 changes. I am working mum and now spend 3 hours travelling because I started working in Richmond.

The Train Track used for slow service can be modified to introduce faster services from Watford- Willesden Junction- Richmond and improve life of Tax paying individuals who spend a considerable amount of time travelling and penalising the family life in comparison to people who do not work or stay at home.

I feel Mayor of London and Watford should work together to improve the transport link and help improve quality of life.


The UK Government plans to making drastic changes to the Disability Living Allowance including taking away many of the current travel concessions thus leaving many disabled UK Citizen's housebound.

Whilst we at the National Liberal Party would understand a "means" test to assist in stopping benefit fraud, we oppose the changes being put forward by the UK Government and would ask you to support us on getting these changes stopped.

23. Fair funding for concessionary fares

Many councils in England are struggling to fund the national concessionary fares scheme, which allows eligible older and disabled people to travel free on buses.

Central government has passed the funding of the scheme to local authorities, but in many cases with large shortfalls in what it actually costs to run it.

Rural English shire counties are suffering the most, with their funding from the government to run the scheme reduced by over £60 million.

In Norfolk alone, the funding shortfall this year compared to last amounts to £4.5m.

A similar story applies across the country, in counties East, West, North and South.

The concessionary fares scheme is a very positive one. All councils support the principles behind it and recognise the value it offers pass holders.

But the present funding shortfall is resulting in them having to cut public transport budgets elsewhere to meet the gap meaning other transport users are suffering.

If you think it is only fair the government thinks again and provides adequate funding – sign our petition now.

24. Introduce a new U.S. visa free system for the Irish

There are approximately 36,278,332 Irish Americans living in the United States of America, estimated at 11.9% of the total population. This information was provided by US citizens who reported Irish ancestry in the 2008 American Community Survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Eight Irish Americans signed the United States Declaration of Independence, and 22 American Presidents, from Andrew Jackson to Barack Obama, have been at least partly of Irish ancestry, this shows that the people of Ireland and people of the United States share a close bond and this bond should be celebrated with an introduction of the visa free system.

The current Visa Waiver Program is an ineffective solution for most Irish tourists as the program has restrictions of 90 days which is too short to meet family and friends who have emigrated and enjoy the beautiful country and all that it has to offer in relation to touring and travelling the 50 states.

25. Stop Unnecessary Quarantine For Pets Entering Australia

At present, there is compulsory quarantine for all pets entering Australia, from 1 month to 6 months depending on where the animal is coming from. There are also some countries from which animals must complete 6 months quarantine in another country before being allowed to do some quarantine in Australia.

Apart from the fact that quarantine is exorbitantly expensive it is also considered inhumane in many countries, particularly when pets are coming from countries that do not have rabies or vaccination rules that are equally stringent to Australia.

Europe introduced the PETS program which allows pets from most countries in Europe and a large number or non European countries (including Australia) to move freely around Continental Europe and the UK without any quarantine.

Animals face an extremely long and stressful flight from other countries to Australia and are then expected to stay in a concrete floored barred cell for at least one month rather than experiencing the comfort of being with their families. It is true that families are allowed to visit their pets, but quarantine places are usually in distant locations with their permitted visiting hours usually only during working hours, when presumably pet owners will be at work.

26. Concession Travel for All Students

The State Transit Authority are now disallowing student's who are employed to obtain a concession travel card.

This means that students who only work four hours a week are now ineligible for a concession card.

It is unacceptable for the right of concession travel to be taken from students on the grounds of employment as most working students are struggling to provide themselves with food and shelter whilst trying to complete their studies.

The government should be encouraging students to work rather than scrounging this money from them.

Without concession, it will cost students an extra $1020 a year in travel expenses, and it will mean that most working students will be working to pay for their travel to their educational institution rather than for necessities such as food, shelter or educational fees.

27. Repair Boughton Road in Bolingbrook, IL

In the Village of Bolingbrook, IL between Weber Road and Illinois Route 53, the far right (southern) East-bound lane of Boughton Road is splitting down the middle and has uneven (not level) pavement. In certain sections, there has been maintenance work and there are two rectangular man-hole covers approximately every 500 feet.

The patched pavement around these covers is rough and in places higher than a speed-bump, which can cause severe strain or damage to vehicle tires, struts, and shocks.

28. Save Castleford Interchange

Castleford's long-awaited £14.5m bus and rail interchange could fall victim to government spending cuts.

The Department for Transport is due to make a decision on whether to provide funding for the transport hub later this month,

29. Fort St John wants WestJet Airlines

Let's reduce transportation challenges in and out of Fort St John.

If you'd like to see WestJet Airlines come to Fort St John, then we need a petition big enough to show strong support. Please sign your name then we need you to forward this to everyone you know.

The more names, the stronger the petition.

30. Bring Back Death Penalty In South Africa!

For the past fifteen years there has been a RAPID increase in murder, rape and all other incredibly savage acts and crime in general. South Africa is currently NUMBER ONE on in the world for murder, rape and all crime and therefore earned the name "CRIME CAPITAL OF THE WORLD".

More then THREE THOUSAND FARMERS have been murdered since 1994 and nearly more then 50 South Africans are murdered PER DAY! A BIG portion of that are CHILDREN that were RAPED TO DEATH!

These SAVAGES are seldom caught and only a few gets captured and convicted. Most of these murderers actually prefer being in jail. They receive clean beds, three meals and free education if they so desire.

This becomes another burden on the taxpayer. With other words the law-abiding citizens of South Africa actually are then the ones getting punished for the murderer 's heinous acts! More then 600 South Africans have actually successfully gained refugee status in other countries! HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS South Africans have already fled the country in fear of their lives! This resulted in the ultimate "Brain Drain" of the country.

Instead of keeping the LAW-ABIDING, EDUCATED citizens of South Africa IN the country, the Lack of the South African Government's involvement and lack of proper punishment has secured South Africa 's first place as a MURDER/RAPE/CRIME - CAPITAL IN THE WORLD!

I am of the strong opinion that Capital Punishment for murder should be reintroduced to South Africa! Amnesty International states that the Death Penalty 'violates the right of the life as proclaimed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.' The question - What about the lives and rights of the victims? Were they not entitled to the Right of Life and Prohibition of Torture?

The person that takes the life savagely of another should no longer benefit from the protections afforded under any legislation. The failure of the government to actually ensure the citizens of South Africa a safer country is no longer expectable.

A Jail term is no longer a deterrent. BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY IN SOUTH AFRICA! PLEASE VISIT our pages on FACEBOOK -