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1. Ban BART Strikes

BART carries nearly 375,000 passengers on an average week day. The Bay Area Council Economic Institute estimates that one day of a BART strikes cost the Bay Area economy $73 million. It also hurts our environment, wasting 800,000 gallons of gas each day of a strike and putting 16 million lbs of carbon into the air.

New York, Chicago, Massachusetts, Washington, and San Francisco restrict transit strikes. Due to the crippling impact a BART strike would have on the Bay Area and California economy, it is imperative that the State Legislature provide a backstop to the regional BART Board through a ban on BART strikes.

2. Review Kingswells Roundabout

This petition is designed to encourage Aberdeen City Council to reconsider the changes made in Autumn 2008 to the approach to the Kingswells Roundabout.

It is intended for commuters who are now seriously inconvenienced by the tail-backs on the approach to the roundabout from the north.

3. Keep the B37

The MTA is looking to once again increase fares on the backs of this city on our local buses, express buses, and subways by more than 25% next year in addition to cutting back or in some cases ending service on it's routes.

Most affected by this would be the commuters who use the B37 bus which runs from Downtown Brooklyn to the most southern tip of Brooklyn.

The B37 which stretches nearly the entire Third Avenue connecting several neighborhoods especially for those who live in Bay Ridge Brooklyn depend on this bus especially seniors who use this bus as a way of life, commuters who look to avoid the Fifth Avenue B63 handicapped who cannot take the Fourth Avenue R Subway line, and for connections to other buses along Third Avenue which travel all across Brooklyn.

By cutting this bus it will severely impact nearby buses such as the B63 which is already maxed to capacity, the B70 which is one of the slowest buses in the city possibly the free world, and the B16 especially during the school season.

Bottom line this decision will make everyone life's a little bit harder, and their commutes a little bit longer...

4. More free unlimited car parking near Lidcombe station

Lidcombe railway station is a major junction station on the CityRail network and many people catch the train from there, mainly to travel to work or to travel to Olympic Park for an event.

In order to catch the train at Lidcombe station, many commuters choose to park their cars near the station.

There is a free public car parking lot near the station, however there are insufficient car spaces to facilitate the growing number of train commuters. In partcular, commuters who hold a full time job. This is especially indicative during weekdays when all the car spots in the all day parking areas have been taken before 8.00am.

In desperation, I have often seen cars parked illegally on the ramp or risk getting a fine by parking in the 4 hour car parking levels.

Street parking near the station is not an option because they are limited to half an hour.

Many people are choosing to travel by train, because of the high cost of fuel, the lack of car spots where they work or because of the convenience. Whatever the reason, the increase number of train commuters is resulting in an increase number of people parking near the train station. As such, Auburn Council needs to provide more free unlimited car parking. It is in the best interest of the commuters and also in the best interest of the environment. Train commuters need somewhere to park their cars near the station, so they can remain train commuters - rather than being another car commuter contributing to air pollution.

5. Support Portland AirJet Commuter Service

Over the past 15 years, over 1,000 people live nowhere near Portland, Oregon and have jobs there. People are tired because it's a long commute, getting up early and trying just to stay up.

Yes, bus transportation is a good option, but again, you have to get up early and sit in an uncomfortable seat for 1 1/2 Hours or so.

Hi! I'm Joshua Myatt! I am a transportation whiz. I research and know everything about any type of transportation and all the systems. I just came to an idea that having air travel from McMinnville, Oregon, stopping at surrounding airports and heading to Portland International. Fly as cheap as $2.00! No seriously! I have a system planned called PCS (Portland Commuter Service) and I need help.

The fleet you ask? A bombardier CRJ-900. Need additonal Information? contact

Or visit

6. Save Chennai trees

Several large, shade-giving old trees are being cut along Besant Avenue in Besantnagar in the name of decongestion of traffic. So far two trees outside Olcott Memorial School have been cut and one more gulmohar and two tamarind trees have been targeted by the Chennai Corporation to be cut in the coming days.

These trees are more than 20 years old and have been providing shade and safety for lot of commuters on the road as well as for the chidren of Olcott Memorial School.

So for whose convenience are they being cut ?

1. Besantnagar residents are fully aware of the location of these trees along and on the road and the majority have been adjusting to their presence. The trees are well indicated by large signs along the avenue. The warning signage can be further improved

2. These trees are more than 20 years old and have been providing shade and safety for lot of commuters on the road as well as for the chidren of Olcott Memorial School.

3. . Rash driving is rampant, particularly on Elliots Beach, 5 th Avenue and Besant Avenue and particularly on weekends. These trees provide a good check to rash driving. If they are removed and the roads are widened, instances of rash driving will only increase, making it difficult for local residents .

4. The shade provided by these trees makes the whole road very cool thus making it a favourite spot for early morning walkers and joggers especially senior citizens .

5. These trees are home to many birds and insects and we would be robbing them of their habitat if the trees are cut.

7. Union Street Reroute

This petition is for the MCT commuters that reside in or near the Woodcrest Apartment Complex on Union Street. The Madison County Transit Organization intends to propose a reroute of the #16 bus in order to serve residents that reside on Union Street, primarly the Woodcrest Apts.