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Metro Transit Authority
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June 20, 2006

In Early August Here In Los Angeles, I, The Petition Writer, Disabled, Was trying to take the bus here in the San Fernando Valley. It was a day that had 100+ degree heat.

The Bus Line I was trying to take runs only once an hour. The first bus arrived after waiting for some time. The bus was packed! The few able bodied people that were waiting with me, were able to squeese themselves onto the bus.

When It came time for me, the driver just said "Sorry, we're full. There's nothing I can do." With that, he drove off. Another hour goes by, and the next bus shows up. By this time I'm over heated, dehydrated, and angry.

The second bus is also overloaded with riders, and I could'nt get on that one either. That's when I had enough.

I pulled out in front of the bus and said, "If I can't get a ride, then you are'nt going anywhere either! After a short time, the bus line supervisor arrived. At that time, I figured I got my point accross, and allowed the bus to go.

I explained the entire situation to the supervisor, He took a written report, and since then nothing else has been done to remedy the problem.

Due to consistent over crowding of busses in the San Fernando Valley during peak hours, the settlement made in the copied document on the attached page in 1998, is currently insufficient. Furthermore, MTA is currently in violation of this court injunction. And has been, ever since it was written.

Those disabled, are still being left behind. Particularly during the peak rush hour due to overcrowding.

Therefore, more must be done to give disabled, and elderly riders sufficient service. Many of the bus lines located in the San Fernando Valley, have running times of one hour.

During peak hours, weekends, and during the summer season, this practice is not only insufficient, but a danger to those who rely upon this service as their only source or transportation.

An elderly person, or anyone that is in a type of frail health should never be forced to wait sometimes up to an hour in summer temperatures of up to, or over 100 degrees, or forced to wait for upwards of another hour for yet another bus due to extreme over crowding during these peak hours.

Being subjected to such circumstances, is not only an inconvenience, but is a considerable physical danger to those placed in that situation. Furthermore it is negligent, and due to the bill passed on the previous page, of which they, "MTA" are as previously stated above, currently in violation of this court injunction..

This is a document petition designed to force MTA "The Metro Transit Authority" to place the proper amount of transportation needed during these peak hours in to the areas where they are needed most. And to abide by the court injunction placed upon them back in 1998.

The Answer To The Problem: This could be easily done so by pulling busses from other less used areas, to those areas that are more congested.

Furthermore, this signed petition would make "The Metro Transit Authorities", MTA's continued lack of proper action concerning this issue, a criminal act of negligence. And therefore should be subject to legal action to the fullest extent of law.

The following is a statement from MTA of its policy regarding disabled patrons. As you will read, it does not go far enouph to ensure the safety of its patrons. Below the statement is the changes that must be made to ensure the safety of not only those patrons that are disabled, or elderly but all patrons.

"Metro has procedures in place which are to be implemented when a wheelchair patron cannot be boarded. The following procedure is to be taken when an operator cannot board a wheelchair patron.

The operator must stop and explain to the customer that the bus is full and when the next bus will arrive. Central Instructions has been requested to re-issue a bulletin to operators to this affect. The operator must also contact Bus Operation Control and inform staff that a wheelchair patron was not boarded and the reason why. Bus Operation Control Staff will:
1.) Assign a Field Supervisor to the location to contact the individual.
2.) Check the following bus to determine available capacity.
3.) Contact the nearest Division to determine if there is an Operator and bus available to transport the patron." (End Of Statement Of MTA Metro Transit Authority Policy.)

As of: June,15-06, the above policy of MTA (Metro Transit Authority) is inadequate, and needs to be changed immediately.

The MTA (Metro Transit Authority) bus operator should immediately, after explaining to the disabled patron that the bus is full:

A.) Contact Bus Operation Control while still on site with that disabled patron.

B.)Upon contact with Bus Operation Control, the driver must confirm to the effected patron that the contact has been made, and that another bus is then being added to the affected bus line to relieve the overcrowding problem on that line.

Driver must then be able to tell the effected patron the time that added bus will arrive. The replacement bus must then arrive vary soon there after.

C.) A written record of when and where this incident has occurred is to be made.

D.) A weekly review of these records should be done so that during peak congested hours when incidents like this occur, a bus can then be added to the effected line or lines during those hours, to relieve the overcrowding, and allowing adequate access to both able, and disabled patrons.

E. Furthermore, during extreme heat, NO patron should EVER have to wait an hour or more for a bus. Many patrons that rely on this transportation system do so either because they cannot afford their own vehicle, or due to age, or physical disabilities of one form or another, are unable to drive.

For those that are in poor health, having to endure waiting for upwards of an entire hour during the extreme heat conditions of summer can, and no doubt have resulted in possible heat stroke, or worse.
This is policy is unacceptable, and is a danger to all patrons.

If MTA (Metro Transit Authority) can supply areas of Downtown Los Angeles with busses that run approximately every fifteen minutes, then they can supply the congested areas of the San Fernando Valley with buses that can run more often than just once every hour.

MTA (Metro Transit Authority) as a public service, needs to correct this problem, and must be obligated as a public service to take proper actions needed to protect the people that it serves. Failure to do so should result in a charge of negligence on the part of MTA (Metro Transit Authority), and should be therefore held accountable.

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We, the undersigned, petition the Los Angeles Metro Transit Authority to introduce and enforce a priority first policy for Disabled Riders so as disabled riders have dedicated seating and service on all MTA services.

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