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1. Raise the base pay from $12.00 to $18.00 and add pay differential for different shifts

This petition's goal is to raise the minimum base bay of $12.00 hourly up to $18.00 hourly for everyone on AOL Tactical Operations. Current pay raises will reset in an effort to restart this programs' pay at a more appropriate pay level. Plenty of other positions offered in similar companies such as Datto and Maximus pay their employees $20.00 or more hourly.

Being that America Online's net worth ranked in at $4.4 billion on June 23rd, 2015, it is fair to say it's small team at the triage desk that is called AOL Tactical Operations deserves a higher pay rate. Companies like Costco pay cashiers a starting wage at $14.00 an hour average up to $22.00 hourly and have overtime. AOL Tactical Operations has no overtime, healthcare isn't covered without an additional fee to your bi-weekly checks, and the requirements of this 24/7 program are extremely high and demanding for a job that doesn't have much opportunity for advancement. This job requires skills that are beyond starter career level, however the pay is equivalent to starter jobs elsewhere with minimal skills.

AOL Tactical Operations has helped AOL raise the profit margin by a huge percentage and deserves to be paid fairly for their hard work and dedication. Without room for advancement, or rewards for going above and beyond, AOL Tactical Operations only true incentive for working is to be able to put food on the table at home and make it through another financially hard month after another financially hard month.

2. Operation Greatsword

It has come to mind that the 3 best wii games, RPG games and overall games of the last few years are missing several things; the first is portability, the second multiplayer, and the 3rd DLC; should you want to have XENOBLADE CHRONICLES, PANDORAS TOWER or THE LAST STORY on 3DS, simply sign this petition.

Anything is possible, so just because you sdon't think they will run on the 3ds (and they WILL) doesn't mean you cant sign it!

3. Plea for Clemency for Dr Looi Kok Poh

It was reported in the Straits Times in September 2011 that Dr Looi Kok Poh, who runs a private clinic at Gleneagles Medical Centre, was sued by his patient, Mr Li Siu Lun, after an operation in 2006 in which Mr Li claimed that Dr Looi had performed an additional procedure on him without consent, and later had the consent form altered.

Parkway Holdings subsequently revoked Dr Looi's accreditation with the three hospitals it owned: Gleneagles, Mount Elizabeth and Parkway East. In addition, Dr Looi will be facing disciplinary action by the Singapore Medical Council for altering the consent form.

While amending a consent form is a serious ethical breach, we feel that there are mitigating factors that should be taken into account when the Council decides on the appropriate disciplinary action to be taken against Dr Looi.

We believe that Dr Looi has delivered a standard of care to his patient that at least equals the level expected of his profession. At every stage during the period of care he had always placed Mr Li's best interests first, and had kept the patient abreast of what was happening. He also informed the patient post-operatively that he had repaired an inadvertently severed nerve during the operation. It was unfortunate that an inadequate consent form was prepared by the nurse prior to surgery, necessitating an amendment post-operatively for which Dr Looi omitted to obtain the patient's countersignature.

Above all, Dr Looi has proven himself a man of sterling character over the years by giving generously of his time and effort to society through his pro bono and humanitarian medical work (see Addendum).

We therefore submit a plea to the Singapore Medical Council to exercise clemency in meting out disciplinary action when it convenes to hear Dr Looi's case. Please help support this cause by signing the petition below.

Yours sincerely,

Drs Leong Yan Hoi & Juliana Ho


We have attached a list of Dr Looi Kok Poh’s contributions to our society, that this may be a testimonial to the compassionate and civic-minded person he is.

Since 2007, Dr Looi has been working for Dr Tan Lai Yong and, more recently, Dr Loh Cheng in Kunming, Yunnan, where he performs surgery for hand and orthopaedic cases once and sometimes twice a year.

Apart from the first trip where he was alone, the regular trips comprise 2 surgical teams consisting of 2 hand surgeons, 2 anesthesiologist and 2 scrub nurses, operating on about 20 cases over a 3 day surgical period in the Stone Forest region in Yunnan.

The doctors would pay for their own as well as their nurses expenses. Surgical equipment and expendables were donated by the companies in Singapore.

Kok Poh's other humanitarian contributions include :

1. Humanitarian Medical Mission to Palawan with the Diocese of Singapore, 1992

2. Surgeon in Second Combat Surgical Hospital, Singapore Armed Forces, since 1994

3. Surgeon in medical mission to China, Medical Service International, 1996

4. Tzu Chi Medical Mission to Batam, 5–7 March 2004

5. Tsunami Relief in Aceh, 22–30 January 2005

6. Hand surgical mission to Jose R Reyes Memorial Medical Centre, 8–11 September 2005

7. Medical Mission to Kashmir earthquake, November 2005.

4. No Tribal Water Industry on Fox Island

Currently, the Nisqually Tribe of Indians is seeking acquisition of the former site of the U.S. Navy research facility on Fox Island through a fed to federal agency transfer process. The Tribe has proposed to relocate its $2.9 Million per year commercial water industry business, Nisqually Aquatic Technologies (NAT), to Fox Island.

The Tribe intends to return the Navy's barge to the site, and conduct industrial operations from the waters surrounding Fox Island. NAT conducts commercial and industrial operations including geoduck harvesting training, commercial scuba diving, salvage, pipeline repair, and other water industrial operations.

Pierce County land use ordinances strictly prohibit water industry in a "Shoreline Conservancy" and “Rural 10” zoning. If allowed to be transferred, the Tribe has the option to have the Bureau of Indian Affairs place the property into trust status. This would allow the use of the property to be unaffected by state and local land use ordinances designed to protect our environment, community goals, lifestyle, and property values.

In 2005, Congressman Norm Dicks acquired $17 Million in federal funding to remove the Navy's operation from Fox Island. He did this because of the incompatible and inappropriate nature of an industrial operation in a residential neighborhood and because of the negative environmental effects the offshore structures had on our shoreline. The U.S. Government must not allow the return of another incompatible, inappropriate, and environmentally damaging industrial activity to Fox Island's residentially zoned community.

5. End the suffering of families brainwashed by Scientology

This petition is to help families who have been torn apart by the Church of Scientology, as part of the Anonymous effort to expose the cult.

This petition is one of many that will be a vital part of Operation Reconnect, and is aimed at re-uniting families, and particularly children, who have been seperated, abducted and brainwashed by Scientology.

6. Stop Firewood Business on County Rd. E, Abrams, WI

We do not want a business in our residential neighbor-hood making & selling fire-wood.

Such a business will depreciate the value of our properties due to, the increased noise level of the machinery & equipment & the semi trucks & other vehicles & trailers coming & going.

The visual appearance will also be depreciating due to the large log piles & skid piles laying all over.

We are asking the Zoning board to stop the operation of the business known as Back Acres Firewood LLC on County Rd. E, Abrams, WI, and not to rezone the property where such a business can operate.

7. For a Youth and Elder Centre

If you would like more information or to help please contact us, leave a comment and fill in the email field. Your email will remain private.

8. Support Mansion House Paintball

Mansion House Paintball field is owned by a local farmer whose farm has been in operation since 1939. This farmer has opened a portion of his property to paintball after seeing that there had been a vast amount of "painting" by the local teens. Teens were shooting at peoples homes and other property.

Mansion House Paintball is a small Paintball field located in Delaware. This field is currently under going up dating in order to make it more appealing to players around the United States.

Recently, someone has submitted a complaint that this field should be closed because paintball is a dangerous sport.

As many Delawareans know there is very little for our children/teens to do in the form of recreation. Mansion House Paintball helps keep children out of trouble and gives them something to do.

Since opening the field the vandalism by paint has dropped drastically and is almost non-existent.

9. Remove health hazards from East Gardena Neighborhood

We have been trying to get a company, Angelus Block, the GARDENA PLANT, 252 E. Redondo Beach. Blvd.
Gardena, CA 90248, (310) 323-8841, FAX (310) 327-2291, to stop making noise 24 hours a day. They have refused to honor our request claiming they have permits that allow them to do as they please.

Our research shows that they are in violation, complaints have been made and we have yet to get a sustained resolution to the problem. Zoning Enforcement, Section I, County of Los Angeles Dept. of Regional Planning, 320 W. Temple St.,Los Angeles, CA 90012 has rendered the following,
"The Conditonal Use Permint (CUP) for the property 252 E. Redondo Beach Blvd. is current. Unfortunately, in reviewing the conditions placed on the business by the CUP, none of the conditions address your concerns. There are no conditions that limit the hours of operation.
Nonetheless, while the CUP gives Angelus Block the right to operate, it by no means gives them the right to operate through the night. If the current operation is in violation of other sections of the County Code, they should be enforced. If the property owner has stated that he has a permit that allows him to operate at night, then that is incorrect and because hours of operation is not part of the conditions placed on the property, it does not give them the right to operate at any hour if it violates the County Code, such as Title 13. Therefore steps can be taken to make Angelus Block comply with the other sections of the County Code."

The materials used to manufacture bricks, concrete, ete contains hazardous material which infiltrate the lungs and Angelus Block does not make any attempts to contain those materials.

10. Wage war against terrorism in India

This petition is to pressurise Government of India, International community to form a group for a massive anti-terrorism operation.

On 11th july 2006 terrorism struck and again on Mumbai (India).Seven Local trains were blown up not in one but at seven different places of mumbai within a span of 15 minutes, leaving more than 190 killed and 700 wounded.

These blasts were followed by blast in Srinagar(Jammu & kashmir),a regular feature in srinagar.While the Assam blast(JUNE 08) and varanasi blast(march 7)are still afresh in the minds of people.

Terrorist attacks have become regular feature in most of the countries including america, Britain,India Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, afghanistan. In month of May, maharashtra police arrested 3 terrorists belonging to LeT (Lashkar-e-tayyaba) and SIMI with 33 kg of RDX,but one car and two of its accomplice managed to escape.

So it was clear that the person who escaped must have been carrying RDX. This should have immediately raised the alarm to protect the nearest important city which is mumbai, but the government did not take careful notice of it and the result is out now.

Two weeks back NSCS(National security council secretarait) official S S Paul was arrested for his involvement in espionage. The above incidences suggest a strong failure of India's Intelligence bureau.

Morever, government is unable to arrest terrorists like Dawood Ibrahim(mastermind of mumbai blast 1993) who is hiding in Pakistan and Abusalem, another prime accused of mumbai blast-1993 who is under custody is not yet proved guilty. And above all banned terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda, LeT, Jaish-e-mohammad, ULFA are creating
attacks on a regular basis.

A recent rise of terrorism in bangladesh is going strong day by day. This shows that either the government is going soft on terrorist based
policies, or is inefficient or are insufficient in their resources to nab them.

Now time has come for India to give its reply to terrorism. India should give an example of its crusader-terrorism image example by arresting Dawood Ibrahim, trying abu salem, Babloo srivastava.

Other nations and oranisations like united nations and other countries should support india and work together to launch massive operation against terrorism.

11. Hopkins street skate park

June 29, 2006

Re: Town of Southport

Issues: Hours of operation are not being enforced. No adult supervision during hours of operation. Underage drinking.

Foul language by minors. Fireworks going off on skate park property & being thrown into neighboring yards.

Vandalizing neighboring property.

Noise ordinance not being enforced.

12. Metro Transit Authority Unfair To Disabled Riders

June 20, 2006

In Early August Here In Los Angeles, I, The Petition Writer, Disabled, Was trying to take the bus here in the San Fernando Valley. It was a day that had 100+ degree heat.

The Bus Line I was trying to take runs only once an hour. The first bus arrived after waiting for some time. The bus was packed! The few able bodied people that were waiting with me, were able to squeese themselves onto the bus.

When It came time for me, the driver just said "Sorry, we're full. There's nothing I can do." With that, he drove off. Another hour goes by, and the next bus shows up. By this time I'm over heated, dehydrated, and angry.

The second bus is also overloaded with riders, and I could'nt get on that one either. That's when I had enough.

I pulled out in front of the bus and said, "If I can't get a ride, then you are'nt going anywhere either! After a short time, the bus line supervisor arrived. At that time, I figured I got my point accross, and allowed the bus to go.

I explained the entire situation to the supervisor, He took a written report, and since then nothing else has been done to remedy the problem.

Due to consistent over crowding of busses in the San Fernando Valley during peak hours, the settlement made in the copied document on the attached page in 1998, is currently insufficient. Furthermore, MTA is currently in violation of this court injunction. And has been, ever since it was written.

Those disabled, are still being left behind. Particularly during the peak rush hour due to overcrowding.

Therefore, more must be done to give disabled, and elderly riders sufficient service. Many of the bus lines located in the San Fernando Valley, have running times of one hour.

During peak hours, weekends, and during the summer season, this practice is not only insufficient, but a danger to those who rely upon this service as their only source or transportation.

An elderly person, or anyone that is in a type of frail health should never be forced to wait sometimes up to an hour in summer temperatures of up to, or over 100 degrees, or forced to wait for upwards of another hour for yet another bus due to extreme over crowding during these peak hours.

Being subjected to such circumstances, is not only an inconvenience, but is a considerable physical danger to those placed in that situation. Furthermore it is negligent, and due to the bill passed on the previous page, of which they, "MTA" are as previously stated above, currently in violation of this court injunction..

This is a document petition designed to force MTA "The Metro Transit Authority" to place the proper amount of transportation needed during these peak hours in to the areas where they are needed most. And to abide by the court injunction placed upon them back in 1998.

The Answer To The Problem: This could be easily done so by pulling busses from other less used areas, to those areas that are more congested.

Furthermore, this signed petition would make "The Metro Transit Authorities", MTA's continued lack of proper action concerning this issue, a criminal act of negligence. And therefore should be subject to legal action to the fullest extent of law.

The following is a statement from MTA of its policy regarding disabled patrons. As you will read, it does not go far enouph to ensure the safety of its patrons. Below the statement is the changes that must be made to ensure the safety of not only those patrons that are disabled, or elderly but all patrons.

"Metro has procedures in place which are to be implemented when a wheelchair patron cannot be boarded. The following procedure is to be taken when an operator cannot board a wheelchair patron.

The operator must stop and explain to the customer that the bus is full and when the next bus will arrive. Central Instructions has been requested to re-issue a bulletin to operators to this affect. The operator must also contact Bus Operation Control and inform staff that a wheelchair patron was not boarded and the reason why. Bus Operation Control Staff will:
1.) Assign a Field Supervisor to the location to contact the individual.
2.) Check the following bus to determine available capacity.
3.) Contact the nearest Division to determine if there is an Operator and bus available to transport the patron." (End Of Statement Of MTA Metro Transit Authority Policy.)

As of: June,15-06, the above policy of MTA (Metro Transit Authority) is inadequate, and needs to be changed immediately.

The MTA (Metro Transit Authority) bus operator should immediately, after explaining to the disabled patron that the bus is full:

A.) Contact Bus Operation Control while still on site with that disabled patron.

B.)Upon contact with Bus Operation Control, the driver must confirm to the effected patron that the contact has been made, and that another bus is then being added to the affected bus line to relieve the overcrowding problem on that line.

Driver must then be able to tell the effected patron the time that added bus will arrive. The replacement bus must then arrive vary soon there after.

C.) A written record of when and where this incident has occurred is to be made.

D.) A weekly review of these records should be done so that during peak congested hours when incidents like this occur, a bus can then be added to the effected line or lines during those hours, to relieve the overcrowding, and allowing adequate access to both able, and disabled patrons.

E. Furthermore, during extreme heat, NO patron should EVER have to wait an hour or more for a bus. Many patrons that rely on this transportation system do so either because they cannot afford their own vehicle, or due to age, or physical disabilities of one form or another, are unable to drive.

For those that are in poor health, having to endure waiting for upwards of an entire hour during the extreme heat conditions of summer can, and no doubt have resulted in possible heat stroke, or worse.
This is policy is unacceptable, and is a danger to all patrons.

If MTA (Metro Transit Authority) can supply areas of Downtown Los Angeles with busses that run approximately every fifteen minutes, then they can supply the congested areas of the San Fernando Valley with buses that can run more often than just once every hour.

MTA (Metro Transit Authority) as a public service, needs to correct this problem, and must be obligated as a public service to take proper actions needed to protect the people that it serves. Failure to do so should result in a charge of negligence on the part of MTA (Metro Transit Authority), and should be therefore held accountable.

Selected Signatures:

Number Date Name Delete
11 7:37 am PDT, Jun 16 Anonymous
10 12:40 pm PDT, Jun 15 Anonymous
9 12:32 pm PDT, Jun 15 scott zinn
8 4:21 am PDT, Jun 11 Robert Lewis
7 1:13 pm PDT, Jun 8 Paula Parsons
6 1:06 pm PDT, Jun 8 Shaun Parsons
5 11:42 am PDT, Jun 8 Don Benz
4 6:50 pm PDT, Jun 7 Cody Parsons
3 10:01 am PDT, Jun 7 Wayne Christensen
2 7:45 am PDT, Jun 7 Anonymous
1 10:29 pm PDT, Jun 6 Michael Ramirez

13. Rizo Asian Bistro Cocktail Lounge License

April 18, 2006

The undersigned support the application of RIZO ASIAN BISTRO for the establishment of a cocktail lounge in conjunction with a restaurant operation at 757 Corydon Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Accordingly, the undersigned request that the Order of the Board of Adjustment be maintained and the appeal of such order be denied.

14. Buzzing Apple iMac G5

I bought an Apple iMac G5 home computer in June 2005, after seeing it advertised as "whisper-quiet". It's not, and it never has been. It buzzes annoyingly throughout operation, and because of its constant rising and lowering pitch (in time with CPU-usage), it constitutes the most annoying noise emitted during normal operation in any computer I have ever used in my 20 years of computing experience.

I have compared it with several other iMac G5's of identical specifications that do not make this noise, of about 20 other machines I compared it to, only one other one did make the noise. Thus the noise is not only in contradiction to the advertising, but it is also abnormal.

Apple has refused to address this issue
satisfactorily for me, the authorised Apple Centre I took it to saying that my iMac was performing within specifications.

After discovering via the official Apple website forums, and via other forums on the web, that many people around the world are experiencing the same problem with their iMac G5's, and also experiencing the same lack of support from Apple, I have decided to start this petition.

15. Operation Healthy Kids

This petition is to get the wonderful Fab 5 to agree to host my charity event, Operation Healthy Kids, for Children's Hospital of Milwaukee. With the Queer Eye name attached, we will undoubtedly be able to raise thousands of dollars for those children

16. Revolution! Are You In for the Greatest Realization of your life?

Are you in for the Biggest most meaningful Revoultion of your life?I am about to at an indisclosed time,place and identity,to start a major Revolution.If you are a minority,female,poor,outcasted,feel powerless,or are discriminated against in any other way,and want to change the world in a way that none has ever been allowed to even dream or think about,sign this with your E-mail address on the comments area.By the time it's over you WILL see,feel,hear,and even experience this world in a whole new way.Ways that lie on the edge of a new frontier-the frontieron the edge of the present and the threshold of a new beginning,The Future.A Frontier of the unknown.Unknown opportunities and perils,A Threshold of unfulfilled hopes,threats,dreams,goals,and destiny's.This is NOT a Hoax,Joke,Product/Media Propaganda,Or A Government related Operation.It is an Indepedent Individually created operation,who is looking for anyone who is tired of being held down by their government.We are seeking anyone who has skills that will come in useful in the Revolution.(i.e. computer specialists,combat/arms specialists,graphics artist/designers,any one who is open-minded,wants what is rightfully theirs,who is willing to work and fight to take it back from those who hold us back and continually strip our right's from us day by day.)We will rise up and become one victorious,multi-cultural/racial,truly equal right's and opportunities,non-outcasted,non ostracized,strong,independent,world of one race,and that's mankind.The following need NOT sign:Government officials,Radical supremisist groups such as the also targeted K.K.K.,the egotistical,close-minded,grandious attituded,unfaithful,non-loyal,or any other who know's that they are the targeted or who know's that they are a "Weak Link." If the formerly mentioned Qualities fit you or how you feel then feel free to sign and don't forget to include to include your e-mail address or some way excluding snail-mail that I could reach you with detail's."Not only the strong survive." " I feel that the more ears I can speak to,the more eye's I can show the way to,The more heart's I can touch,The more cries I can hear, the more hands I can take hold of and pull out of suffering,The more minds I can teach,then free.Then the more love I can Generate for them and the better I can serve myself,my neighbor,my country, my world, My fellow mankind.-Me"

17. Save the Masts at the transmitter site in Warwickshire

An historic trasmitter site in Warwickshire, England has been decommissioned by British telecom (O2). After some 76 years in operation the land is to be sold off for probably housing. We are asking that one of the buildings be saved and used as a museum. We would also like to see one of the huge 820ft masts preserved.

18. Stop the Mining on Moon Hill and Bay

Mr. Richard Schermerhorn would like to buy approximately ten acres of land on Moon Hill and Bay Roads, and use it for a sand mining operation. This would affect the rural residential setting in which it is located, creating dust, noise and diesel pollution, environmental and neighborhood stress, a likelihood that it could hurt water sheds and aquifers in the area. This is located on a corner noted for accidents already.