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- Every year, in Europe, more than 19,000 non-smokers die because of passive smoking!

- Risk of heart disease increases by 25% for those exposed to second-hand smoke.

- 85% of cigarette smoke is produced between puffs.

- 10 times more people die from second-hand smoke inhaled at home than at work.

- Banning smoking in public places reduces lung cancer by 8% and asthma or chronic bronchitis by up to 30%.

- Children under 5, in 3rd World countries have to work on farms and in factories to collect tobacco and produce cigarettes all day, just to get paid in cigarettes which they eventually become addicted to.

For more information and help about Quitting, Passive Smoking, Not Starting etc. Please Go to www.help-eu.com or http://smokefree.nhs.uk/

Non-smokers should not have to suffer these consequences and have our health stripped from us.

Passive-Smoking is almost just as bad as smoking for yourself. In fact, in some cases, it can be even worse due to the fact that you can have other people's breath in the air and they may even have some smoke-related diseases.

The environment is also being harmed by smoke all over the globe!

So please sign to save the you, future generations and the environment!

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