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1. Fine NS for suspending trains for more than an hour

On the 24th of January 2015 .5 cm of snow crippled the train infastructure for more than 4 hrs where no service was available. After which trains were a game of chance due to lack of transparency and information available.

I would like to put pressure on the government of the Netherlands to fine NS heavily if trains are delayed more than an hour and inceimental fines for every additional hour trains are in operable. For a country that relies heavily on trains for transport I belive it is unacceptable that such little snow is even considered a weather condition where countries that get 10 times the amount of snow do not have delays as severe.

2. Family Akbari needs to stay in the Netherlands!

Fam Akbari Netherlands Proviny Leek.

Has the right to stay here, pls sign.

3. Save our Oceans

After the failing of legally protecting sharks, bluefin tunas, who are considered by all to be endangered, by trade or otherwise.

Deep-sea bottom trawling is not prosecuted.

Numbers that were considered to be threatened 25 years ago, are still not protected though now endangered.

Our ocean's health is under threat by pollution but also by our use of the oceans.

This petition is to better our use of our oceans.

4. BBC should apologise to the non-Persian communities in Iran

On Sunday 21 February BBC Persian Television, on the occasion of “The International Mother Language Day” dedicated “Nobat-e Shoma”, its most popular programme to the current state of non-official (vernacular) languages in Iran and Afghanistan.

The BBC presenter as well as its official website chose to use the term “Local” instead of vernacular or non-official languages thus announcing the programme: “How Is the State Of Local Languages in Your Country?”

We are confident that the management of the BBC would not wish to be party to this injustice. We therefore feel that we are justified to ask them to issue a public statement to acknowledge their error and perhaps to apologies to the non-Persian communities in Iran.


Kadınlar, toplumda hala ikinci sınıf insan olarak görülmekte, horlanmakta, aşağılanmakta, “namus” kavramı onlarla bütünleştirildiği için, şiddetin her türünü yaşamakta, katledilmekteler. Hala ucuz işgücü olarak kullanılmakta, cinsellikleri metalaştırılarak fuhuş sektöründe alınıp satılmakta, ev içindeki ücretsiz kölelikleri hala devam etmekte, eğitimlerine önem verilmemekte, siyasal yaşamda ve yönetim mekanizmalarında yeterince yerlerini alamamaktadırlar. Cinsel taciz, tecavüz, enses, zorla evlendirme, kıskançlık, töre ve namus cinayetleri, dünyanın bir çok yerinde kadınların henüz çocuk yaştayken yaşamını karartan suçlar olmasına rağmen, cezaların hiçbir caydırıcılığı olmadığı gibi mahkemelerde de, “kanıtlama” adı altında, kadına olay tekrar tekrar yaşatılarak bir kez daha madur duruma düşürülmektedir.

6. Stop the Trawler

Mr. Steiner, former Director General of the World Conservation Union (IUCN), current Executive Director of UNEP, said "Deep sea bottom trawling is an act of insanity and should become subject to prosecution.

We are just beginning to scratch the surface in terms of our knowledge of open ocean species and ecosystems at all depths, and realize the urgency of protecting them from degradation through over-harvesting and destructive fishing practices such as deep sea bottom trawling. We must protect the high seas before it's too late. It must become priority for UNEP in 2006. "

“Because of dwindling fish stocks, women no longer have sufficient work and do not earn enough to pay for essentials for their families like health, education and three basic meals a day. Europe is playing a major role in this growing catastrophe,” says Faty Kane, campaigns officer at ActionAid Senegal in 2007.

Several years have passed and either the legislation or enforcements are lacking. Still the destruction went on.

7. Make The EU Smoke Free

- Every year, in Europe, more than 19,000 non-smokers die because of passive smoking!

- Risk of heart disease increases by 25% for those exposed to second-hand smoke.

- 85% of cigarette smoke is produced between puffs.

- 10 times more people die from second-hand smoke inhaled at home than at work.

- Banning smoking in public places reduces lung cancer by 8% and asthma or chronic bronchitis by up to 30%.

- Children under 5, in 3rd World countries have to work on farms and in factories to collect tobacco and produce cigarettes all day, just to get paid in cigarettes which they eventually become addicted to.

For more information and help about Quitting, Passive Smoking, Not Starting etc. Please Go to or

8. نامه به دبیر کل اتحادیه بین المجالس

9. erkenning doodgeboren kindjes

Het feit dat doodgeboren kindjes door onze staat niet worden erkend is een regelrechte schande. Geboortebomen, vermelding in het infoblad van de gemeente of stad in de rubriek 'geboortes', allerhande symbolische vormen van erkenning worden je kind ontzegd doordat het simpelweg niet is gekend door onze instanties. Midden in het rauwe verdriet om je overleden kind, is het een kwestie van vechten om erkend te worden in je rol als ouder, om ervoor te zorgen dat de generatie na ons hopelijk jouw kind niet zal vergeten bij het opstellen van een familiestamboom. Daarvoor moet je zelf zorgen, want je kind is niet te vinden in het register.

Als trotse ouders van doodgeboren kindjes vragen wij dan ook dat onze kindjes op hun beurt in het bevolkingsregister opgenomen kunnen worden. Want hoe verschillend ook de verhalen, het verdriet en het gemis van de betrokken ouders voor hun niet-erkende kindje is gelijk. Bij deze willen wij ook een warm pleidooi richten tot onze ministers om, naast het peterschap van Kai Mook, ook symbolisch het peterschap van alle doodgeboren kindjes op te nemen en in overleg met de bevoegde overheden hun statuut bij hoogdringendheid te actualiseren en vooral te humaniseren. Minstens een opname in het geboorteregister. Wat voor een olifantenkalf kan, zou toch ook voor doodgeboren kindjes moeten kunnen? Toch?

10. Honorary Canadian Citizenship for Geert Wilders

Dutch politician and 'Fitna' filmmaker Geert Wilders is a true leader. He is risking everything, from his career to his reputation to his life, by speaking out loud with a vital warning against the growing Islamic influence not only in Europe but to the entire world.

His controversial 'Fitna' should be required viewing in our schools, as opposed to films by Michael Moore and Al Gore.

11. Right to the suicide médicalement assisted

The euthanasia is liable in France 30 year old of prison for assassination. Let us heighten society's awareness of legal Assistance with suicide as accepted for extreme cases.

To avoid the therapeutic prolonging life by technological means to allow those which express the desire expressly of it to obtain a help activates to die by the vote of a law of de-penalization of the euthanasia.

Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, the State of Oregon, Australia, had courage to legislate to make it possible to finish its life in a human and worthy way.

For any being capable of understanding, let us prevent human beings suffering unnecessarily. Let us heighten society's awareness of a legal assistance for compassionate suicide.

No one is safe from suffering one day from an incurable disease or an unbearable handicap and, for this reason, to clearly wish to put an end to life. Many people fear to find themselves one day at the hospital, unconscious or in a despaired state, and then to be connected for one period prolonged with apparatuses which artificially maintain them in life. They fear also the useless operations and the ineffective medicamentous treatments. The spectrum of a medicine mechanized without heart frightens them. Not to be at this dehumanized medicine mercy,
there is a well-tried solution :
a declaration of will to die in dignity, recognized juridically. So that such a declaration be valid, it is necessary, on the one hand, that its text be written by experienced specialists, so that it be deprived of ambiguity and be of a constraining nature. In addition, it is necessary to make respect the Declaration of will, if necessary, against the opposition of others, by legalization.

To avoid the therapeutic eagerness to allow those which express the desire expressly of it to obtain a help activates to die by the vote of a law of de-penalization of the euthanasia.
Vincent Imbert in France asked for the choice of die. His mother “helped” him to shorten her sufferings by managing a lethal product to him. By denouncing the therapeutic eagerness and while protesting against the clandestinity of the practices which lead to medicalized death, the team of reanimation of the hospital of Berck disconnected the respirator artificial and publicly asserted the responsibility for his death. The right not envisaging, in France, the exception of euthanasia, they were continued and judged before a Court of Assizes.

The euthanasia is liable 30 years of imprisonment in France, for assassination. This out of date law, exceeded, must be re-examined and such acts must be dépénalised as in the Netherlands, in Belgium or Switzerland where “the assistance with the assisted suicide” is tolerated. The euthanasia must however be codified and framed to close the door with the drifts of a company in which the marchandisation is moving.

Inventory of fixtures of the assisted suicide:

In Switzerland, each year, some 300 people call upon the support of an association of assistance for the suicide to put an end to their day.
As regards assistance with the suicide, Switzerland makes legal figure of exception in the middle of Europe. Indeed, unlike the Netherlands or of Belgium, the Confederation did not unpenalised the active euthanasia.
On the other hand, in accordance with article 115 of the Penal code, it does not condemn the assistance to the suicide practiced “without egoistic reasons”.

But for that, associations must respect a certain number of criteria. For example capacity of understanding of the patients.

To avoid any unexpected increase, if this condition is met, these associations are authorized to provide to the candidate with the suicide a potion containing sodium pentobarbital, a barbiturate. But to avoid any unexpected increase which would make slip the assistance with the suicide in direct active euthanasia, prohibited in Switzerland, it is imperative that the patient takes itself the lethal beverage. In Switzerland, two associations – Exit and Dignitas – support, each one with its way, the candidates with the suicide.

Exit limits itself to assist people living in Switzerland and presenting physical diseases.

While Dignitas deals with people of all nationalities and agrees to give the fatal potion to patients suffering from psychic diseases. A request on two is refused. Associations affirm to refuse at least 50% of the requests for assistance to the suicide which are addressed to them. Two associations make a preliminary study of the medical file of the people who request their assistance. They generally claim time for consideration. As well as a written request of the patient in addition, they draw up a detailed protocol of the final phase of their intervention. All the documents are given to the authorities of police force after the death of the person.

12. Keep the PBH in Zuidlaren

After at least 40 years of entertainment they decided to destroy the prins bernard hoeve in zuidlaren. Because of this the oldest indoor equestrian competition will disappear because they don't have a new location.

So after 51 years of entertainment a piece of history will disappear just because of a decision by some man with high functions.


13. We want BonusDVD TS2U!

People from Tjechië and Switzerland got a bonus DVD with The Sims 2 University. You can do lots of cool things with this cd.

Why isn't this included with the game in The Netherlands and other countries? We want the same things as them!

14. Manifesto against Bullfighting

The Anti Bullfighting Committee Netherlands campaigns against the cruel tradition of bullfighting. Main tasks of the Committee are informing tourists not to visit bullfights, publishing a newsletter and organizing protest actions. The Committee cooperates with anti bullfighting organisations in Spain, France and Portugal and lobbies on the European Union.

Founded in 1991, the Committee has 18.000 supporters, 4 professionals who work at the central office in Utrecht and 150 volunteers throughout the country.

By giving us your signature, you are supporting the current campaign in which we demand the European Union to discontinue the subventions for breeding bulls.

“Bullfighting is cruel, horrible and unacceptable. Stop the torturing and killing of bulls for entertainment. I demand from the European Union to forbid this useless and barbarous bloodshed in all member countries”.

With this manifesto the Anti Bullfighting Committee Netherlands fights this form of organized crime against animals. In collaboration with several other European organizations struggling for animal welfare.

15. Condemn VOC Celebration in the Netherlands

Dear Indonesian fellows,

Four hundred years ago, VOC was founded in the Netherlands. The purpose of this organization, as we all know, was to colonize Asian and African countries. VOC, which brought wealth and prosperity to the Netherlands, also brought poverty, misery, and death to the people of our country.

In 2002, the government of the Netherlands shamelessly celebrates this tragedy. The official celebration website mentions that the foundation of VOC "marked the start of the world-wide orientation of the Netherlands, and of a period of great economic and cultural growth." (See It fails to mention that the expansion was fueled by the blood of our people.

Kwik Kian Gie, who attended the opening ceremony in his individual capacity, noted that "During the period, a governmental system that allowed the freedom of speech, the rights for representation, and participation was never established, in its place was a corrupt system that was used to exploit to a point of devastation as parasite does."

He concluded that "VOC was a white people enclave with a paternalistic political system which was supported by slavery and arms"

16. Allow access to Polish agriculture areas for Dutch citizens

This petition is to create special status for the Kingdom of Netherlands to access Polish agriculture areas. Holland is suffering severe shortage of agriculture area as trying to cultivate the ocean.