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1. Stop the Development of Old Ship Parish House

ProHingham opposes the development of the Old Ship Parish House property within the context of adhering to local zoning bylaws and preserving our Town’s character and history. Our opposition to this proposed project is based on the fact: (1) the Old Ship Parish House lot is in the Bachelors' Row section of the Lincoln National Register Historic District. Inappropriately developing this lot with condominiums is truly a desecration of this historic area and our beloved Town's history. (2) Building condominiums on this small parcel is not consistent with its size, location, or local needs. (3) A condominium development on this property is wholly inconsistent with the single family zoning in this historic neighborhood. (4) Hingham residents already have concerns with regard to traffic congestion, pedestrian safety, and parking in Hingham Square. (5) There are well documented concerns with already strained Town resources, such as water.

2. Stop Glendale Rd Development

We would like to see the 4 planed affordable home building lots on Glendale Rd reconsidered for other uses.

We ask for this consideration due to the fact that the city is over the recommended 10% of affordable housing already in Northampton.

Additionally, similar projects are currently in process throughout the city that allow for more affordable housing other than the Glendale Rd development.

Within these projects, there are both affordable housing and non-delegated housing lots planed.

The residents of Glendale Rd and surrounding neighborhoods request that this same mixed allocation of lots be considered in this development.

3. Boycott First 4 2016 Regular Season NFL Games

Unless the fans speak out and react, Roger Goodell will continue to arbitrarily penalize the New England Patriots and its players, and subsequently Patriots fans, who are the best, most loyal fans in football. He's been doings this since he was hired!

I'm fed up. The standing penalty for altering football PSI (which there is no proof that ever happened) was a maximum $25k fine. That is of course until Goodell got hired by the NFL, The Patriots were accused, convicted and penalized by Goodell, without any real proof.

Goodell may have been given the supreme power to punish without proof (the CBA does not require the NFL to have proof the penalize or fine), but the fans have rights too. Goodell has tarnished the game, and hurt the Patriots fans in the process. And he did it on purpose. What else would you expect from a former Jets employee?

That's why I put together this petition. At the end of the day, it may mean little, but doing nothing about Goodell's abuse of power isn't what us Patriots fans are about. By signing this petition, you state that you will not attend, support or watch any NFL games on television for the first 4 weeks of the NFL regular season, in protest of Goodell's mission to belittle the New England Patriots, its players and fans.

By the way Roger, where is the PSI data from the 2015 season? I imagine that will come out after TB sits for 4 games?

4. Save Faneuil Hall Marketplace

Faneuil Hall Marketplace is a national historic landmark that belongs to the City of Boston and its citizens. It is private property — our private property — and it is soon to be destroyed.

The marketplace leases three of the four buildings — North Market, South Market, and Quincy Market — to Ashkenazy Acquisition Corporation, a New York real estate company.

Ashkenazy Acquisition Corporation is a threat to our city and is withholding information about the future of Faneuil Hall Marketplace. As Ashkenazy Corporation embarks on an ambitious overhaul we’d like prove the support of the City of Boston, and attempt to stop demolition plans and take stock of the potential value of keeping the building.

There are changes set to take place that will destroy many qualities that are important to the buildings' historic character. Performers have announced they will be on strike in response to new regulations at the venue. Their main concerns include noise regulations banning amplifiers above 80 decibels—which some acts use to be heard by large crowds—and the switch from four-strike to two-strike disciplinary guidelines. A list of the new regulations show that Ashkenazy could also dictate show lengths, performance times and locations, and whether or not performers may cancel a show.

Many vendors were alarmed when they did not see a place for their pushcarts or food counters in Ashkenazy’s proposal. Several of the longstanding retailers and pushcart vendors have been concerned with evictions and being replaced with national and international companies. Those fears were realized when Ashkenazy sent out a first round of eviction notices in November 2014. Many other of the food and pushcart vendors have reason to believe that their license agreements and leases might not be renewed after the redesign.

Ashkenazy’s general property manager, Kristen Keefe, said elevators and staircases will replace the food stalls where the businesses that received eviction notices once were.

The eviction letters have many merchants up in arms. One owner who has been operating in Quincy Market for 30 years, said he has never been late on rent or had any problems with management, yet, was served an eviction notice. Some vendors worry that once renovations are complete, Ashkenazy will push them out by raising rent.

Our goal is to keep this historic national landmark from turning into a shopping mall. Faneuil Hall belongs to the citizens of Boston. Current vendors are small, unique, and local. They are Boston. Don’t let corporate greed destroy our city’s most valuable asset.

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5. Bring back the Death Penalty to Massachusetts

Please sign this petition to bring back capital punishment back to the state of Massachusetts.

6. Citizens of South Massachusetts hereby secede from Massachusetts State

We the people of the counties of Bristol, Dukes, and Nantucket hereby announce our state succession from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to form a separate state government of South Massachusetts.

We Secede on the grounds of mistreatment to the counties, and unkept promises.

7. Move up FA shorts deadline

Falmouth Academy usually allows students and teachers to wear shorts starting may 1, but due to extreme weather conditions we would like them to move up that start date.

8. Make Nantucket Turbine Free

The island of Nantucket is a beautiful, peaceful and unique place. We want to maintain our island's cultural and scenic heritage for future generations.

Renewable energy alternatives to fossil fuels include solar, biomass, wind, gasification, hydro and other methods. Green energy solutions are preferred when properly sited and with the approval of neighbors.

There has been a tremendous amount of controversy worldwide in siting Industrial Wind Turbines in and around residential neighborhoods. This has caused unnecessary splits in communities. There are real health, financial and other concerns about Industrial Wind Turbines that need to be considered by all parties in the debate.

Industrial Wind Turbines are intended to be used in industrial areas - not to transform residential neighborhoods into industrial zones. Neighbors to proposed or installed Industrial Wind Turbines have had to fight to maintain or restore their communities to residential peace and quiet enjoyment of their homes and properties.

Industrial Wind Turbines were always intended to be placed in areas far away from residential areas. Nantucket's leaders, residents and homeowners have fought hard and spent millions of dollars to maintain our historic open space and bucolic vistas. The construction of Industrial Wind Turbines is not appropriate anywhere on Nantucket island.

9. Support a Local Historic District for Newburyport

In support of creating a Local Historic District (LHD) for Newburyport, Massachusetts.

For more information about Newburyport's proposed Local Historic District (LHD) please go to the city's website here.

10. End Occupy Boston

The Occupy Wall Street protests started a movement which spread across the country including Boston, Massachusetts. These protestors have camped out at Dewey Square for more than 45 days, harassed onlookers, closed streets, trashed public and private grounds, and have embarrassed Boston.

Other Occupy protests have been broken up by police and I think its about time BPD ends it once and for all! Other Occupy protests have had death, assault, prostitution, drugs, rape, and concealed firearms tied to it. By signing this petition you are urging the officials of the most liberal state in America to end this and care for the ones who are affected by these protests. Please Sign this petition!

11. Make Abortion Illegal in Massachusetts

There have been far too many babies aborted in Massachusetts. It is a shame that a state where many founding fathers were from, abortion is legal.

This is NOT a religious motivated petition. It is for anyone, whether Theist or Atheist, who knows the truth about abortion and why it is wrong.

Let's stand together to overturn Planned Parenthood in the Bay State.

12. Change the music in Stop & Shop Supermarkets

Any regular customer to there local Stop & Shop or employee can tell you about the music that plays in these supermarkets. They will agree that the music choices this company decides on to play in there stores is horrendous.

I have heard comments such as "all they play is depressing music about breaking up or heartache" or "it seems as though they picked the worst songs from every decade."

This petition was made so Stop & Shop will change the music they play in there stores to more up to date music. Music that customers/employees would enjoy hearing.

13. Better Budget Priorities for Massachusetts

Governor Patrick and the Massachusetts Legislature are advancing a budget plan that will cause deep and permanent injury to people and the environment. Their excuse is that there is simply not enough money. But the cause of the budget shortfall is their insistence on preserving waste and unjustified tax giveaways that they have awarded to well-connected interests over the years.

Among the urgently needed measures that they refuse to consider are:

• ending $1.0 billion in ineffective tax giveaways to corporations
• adding $1.2 billion in revenues by making the wealthy pay their fair share
• achieving $1.5 billion in savings through single payer health care

This totals $3.7 billion in savings - more than enough to close the entire $1.9b budget gap!

The Democratic Party holds the governor's office and over 80% of the seats in the Massachusetts Legislature so its vital to let the Democratic leadership know that they will be held accountable for the warped priorities in the current budget.


Please add your voice by signing the Better Budget petition.

14. Protect Young People from the Tobacco Industry

RCASA needs your support to show that the tobacco industry continues to target young people in communities across Massachusetts by constantly changing its tactics to get around laws and regulations that protect youth.

15. Give Dog Owners a Fine if they don't put their dogs on a leash in Massachusetts

I am allergic to dogs, and have seen many in public parks where there are lots of signs telling dog owners kindly to have their dogs on leashes. However, I have seen many dogs NOT on leashes and this makes me very upset to see that the owners are not paying attention to the signs.

I have been on tons of chases where an eager dog (not on a leash) runs after me. Alot of owners when I tell them I am allergic to dogs they say their dogs are hypoallergenic, and they can be to some people, but not to me. I am allergic to all kinds of dogs, "hypoallergenic" or not. These dogs don't know better than to chase me, but their owners do.

The owners need to be more considerate to people who are allergic to dogs like me and keep their dogs on leashes.

16. Gang Related Violent Acts In Boston Must Stop


In the 80s, there were a mere 15. ACCORDING TO WWW.NATIONALGANGCENTER.ORG THERE ARE OVER 187 CASES (not including the individual deaths and the amount of deaths in each case which numerous have totaled up to 6-7 people in each case.) In an article published by ABC news, 80% of crimes in the US are due to Gang-related activity.

Lives are lost, families are in constant mourning, "retaliation" amongst gangs are ongoing making it nearly impossible to better the situation and something MUST BE DONE! Our community sanity and peace has been taken away...

17. LIVID (Lunenburg Investigation of Verizon's Inferior Delivery of phone service)

Petition seeks investigation by Massachusetts Attorney General into Verizon Phone Service in Lunenburg, Massachusetts.

Residents routinely experience poor service levels and complaints to Verizon do not result in effective, permanent relief. Antiquated infrastructure, including wire which has deteriorated and is damaged after years of service, needs to be replaced but Verizon refuses to invest in replacement cable and/or upgrades.

Verizon field personnel have acknowledged the need to replace circuits and cabling but assert the company refuses to do so despite repeated complaints from its customers.

18. What is WRKO afraid of? Let Jill Debate!

WRKO-AM 680, "Boston's Talk Station", will be broadcasting a live, in-studio debate between Governor Deval Patrick and GOP gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker. Independent candidate Tim Cahill was invited to participate, but has not currently agreed to participate. This live debate will take place on Wednesday, June 16th, from 7-8am, on the "Tom and Todd" show, followed by an hour of analysis of the debate by hosts Tom Finneran and Todd Feinburg.

This WRKO debate is sponsored by the SBLI insurance company, Weichert Realtors, and a lobbying coalition called the Massachusetts Right to Repair Coalition.

There are 4 viable candidates for governor of Massachusetts in 2010, and WRKO and "Tom and Todd" have decided to invite 3 of them for a debate. As the first broadcast debate of this election, it is highly objectionable and suspicious that this corporate-funded debate is excluding the one candidate who refuses money from corporate lobbyists and from corporate executives who hire lobbyists.

Democracy requires that voters have access to all the information and ideas that would make for an informed decision. Excluding candidates on the basis of their ideas, or the size of their campaign warchest, is an attack on democracy itself. Since Stein's poll numbers jumped from 3% to 8% after the invitation went out to Patrick, Baker, and Cahill, and she now trails Cahill by just 6 percentage points, shutting out her voice is inexcusable.

19. Keep Raymond School Open

Oscar Raymond School located on Oak Street in Brockton, Ma. is in danger of being closed. This will mean the other Three local schools will have and additional enrolment of approximately 300 students each.

This will cause larger class sizes, and more kids being lost in between the cracks.

20. Boycott Casinos - Support Local Businesses & Green Jobs

Dear Friend,

The leadership on Beacon Hill is attempting to open the door to predatory gambling in Massachusetts. They have refused to conduct a proper study of the pros and cons of their proposals. The House passed its casino bill without holding public hearings.

They claim casinos will create jobs. But the facts show that casinos are jobs killers and community-busters. They drain so much money from the local economy that they kill 1.5 jobs for every one they create. And they saddle us with social problems that cost taxpayers $3 dollars for every $1 dollar in tax revenue.

Casinos are not part of the solution. We can create more jobs by investing in the energy-efficient green economy of the future. Casino jobs create addictions. Green jobs give us reliable energy, clean up the air, improve nutrition, reduce chronic disease, health costs, and avert the threat of climate change.

Sign our petition to ask the Massachusetts legislature to say NO to casino gambling.

21. End Illegal Immigration in The United States

We The People,

Of FreeThinkUS, and of this Great Nation request that Our Representatives End Illegal Immigration and all its Financial Support, which has been an overwhelming drain on Our Country and its CITIZENS.

22. Massachusetts: End Support for "New Americans Agenda"


is a relatively new grassroots group of ordinary, concerned citizens whose first order of business is to present the Governor and Legislators of Massachusetts with a petition opposing the "New Americans Agenda".

It is our hope that like-minded, legal, taxpaying residents of the Commonwealth will read, support, and sign the attached petition to be presented to Massachusetts Governor Patrick, State Representatives and Senators. You must be a legal, Massachusetts resident to sign it effectively. Thank you.




This action was prompted by Massachusetts Governor Patrick's public release of the "New Americans Agenda" Final Report on November 17, 2009. The 45 page report contains 131 recommendations, all of which would benefit both the legal immigrants and hundreds of thousands of illegal alien residents of this state, summarized from "citizen input" obtained at contrived public meetings.
The town meeting-like assemblies were organized by 10 community-based organizations, each of which is affiliated with or supported by SEIU/ACORN, working in concert with the Governor appointed Advisory Council for Refugees and Immigrants (GACRI). The so-called public meetings, attended by 1200 Massachusetts residents (representative of only .0185% of the state's population), solicited by the organizing groups, were not well publicized to the citizenry at large, if at all.

Among the objectionable 131 recommendations to benefit illegal aliens at the Massachusetts taxpayers' expense:

1. Access to taxpayer subsidized in-state college tuition for all immigrant residents.
2. Access to drivers licenses.
3. Expanded ESOL programs in schools and the workplace.
4. Increased funding for translation and interpreter service in schools.
5. Bilingual education.
6. Translator services available at all health centers.
7. Financial assistance with Naturalization costs.
8. Subsidized Public Housing.
9. Assistance with housing applications.
10. Adult dental services coverage by Mass-Health.
11. Increased access to multilingual support staff in State Agencies.
12. Discourage questioning by local and state police on the immigration status of those involved in crimes - including suspects.

Governor Deval Patrick is fervently promoting his "New Americans Agenda" absent the opinions of the vast majority of Massachusetts citizens who do not support funding, with their taxes, further entitlements for illegal aliens.
He is clearly not only encouraging but supporting criminal intruders at great expense to the legal residents of our state. We object to being overlooked by our government in the process of polling public opinion on the subject of immigration, and oppose the "New Americans Agenda", specifically regarding the benefits and rights of citizenship it proposes be given to illegal aliens. With national unemployment hovering at 10% and families struggling to stay afloat in this economy, we demand our elected officials put legitimate Americans first. We must be our own advocates, and protest with a determined and unified voice.
Please join us in signing this petition.
You and your families will ultimately be the beneficiaries of your support.

23. Legalize stun gun and taser ownership

Massachusetts is one of only 9 states in the US that bans stun guns and tasers for personal protection and has some of the toughest gun laws in the US leaving the public with few options to protect themselves and their familys. Less lethal is one of the best options for safety, pepper spray is effective but not always the best option, a stun gun or taser is a very safe option for personal safety so safe infect most police departments now carry them.

The state of Massachusetts should allow the purchase and use of stun guns and tasers to any one who has a FID card which is currently needed to carry pepper spray. Their is no reason not to.

24. Non-Rutland Resident: Petition of Support for Summer Ban

Whereas, the public health concerns of existing outdoor wood boilers are well documented and recognized by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, the Environmental Protection Agency, the American Lung Association, and countless other local boards of health across the United States, we are hereby signing this petition in support for Rutland residents who wish for the institution of a summer ban for existing outdoor wood boilers in the Town of Rutland, Massachusetts.

25. Rutland Residents to Board of Health: Adopt Summer Ban

Whereas, the public health concerns of existing outdoor wood boilers are well documented and recognized by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, the Environmental Protection Agency, the American Lung Association, and countless other local boards of health across the United States, we are hereby creating this petition for the institution of a summer ban for existing outdoor wood boilers in the town of Rutland, Massachusetts.

26. Impeach Senator Richard T Moore for Suspending the Rule of Law During a Declared Health Emergency

S. 18, ‘An Act Relative to Pandemic and Disaster Preparation and Response in The Commonwealth.

The citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, hereby call for the impeachment of Senator Richard T. Moore, representing the cities and towns of Worcester County: Blackstone, Douglas, Dudley, Hopedale, Mendon, Milford, Millville, Northbridge, Oxford, Southbridge, Sutton, Uxbridge, Webster And Norfolk County: Bellingham. Senator Moore, having taken an Oath to uphold and defend the Constitution has breached this oath by sponsoring the Massachusetts State Senate Bill S. 18, (formerly S.2028)

S. 18 constitutes an act of subversion against the state and federal governments in that it attempts to authorize, under the color of law, an appointed official, unaccountable to the electorate, to suspend the rule of law during a declared health emergency. S-18 denies individual rights and protections designed to protect citizens from tyranny under the law and forces citizens to choose between potentially lethal vaccines or incarceration in a detention center. Specifically, S-18 states a public health commissioner may 403 (1) … vaccinate … individuals” (and) 409 An individual who is unable or unwilling to submit to vaccination … may be isolated or quarantined. 478 … to …private or public premises;

Warrantless Searches Bill S-18
79 permit entry into and investigation of the premises; (2) to close, direct, and compel the evacuation of, or ...
120 public health authority or its designee, an officer authorized to serve criminal process may arrest
121 without a warrant any person whom the officer has probable cause to believe has violated an
122 order given to effectuate the purposes of this subsection and shall use reasonable diligence to
123 enforce such order.
124 Any person who knowingly violates an order of the commissioner
125 or its designee, …shall be punished by imprisonment for not more than 6 months, or by
126 a fine of note more than 127 one thousand dollars, or both

This violates the U.S. Constitution Amendment 4.

Theft Evidence from Bill 2028:
94 (8) to procure, take immediate possession from any source, store, …medical
96 supplies located within the commonwealth …

This bill could endanger public officials who may face stiff resistance from citizens deathly afraid of ® Baxter, Inc.'s bioweaponized vaccines. Baxter: (*Baxter product contained live bird flu virus 27th February 2009, 3:26pm

Unlawful appropriation of resources violates the Fifth Amendment which states, No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

Emergency Management System

Excerpt from Bill 2028: 23 (b) …, the governor may activate 24 the state comprehensive emergency management plan and its associated processes, …
28 (c) During such public health emergency or state of emergency, any person who renders
29 assistance or advice during the emergency … shall be
30 protected from liability …

The emergency management system involves federal agents from the Office of Homeland Security or FEMA. Federal agents denied help to victims during Katrina, which caused thousands of deaths, and are legally prohibited from interfering with a state’s response to emergency under constitutional law, Article 1, Section 8, which requires that Congress reserve to the states respectively the training and hiring of officers. Corruption amongst public officials is commonplace. At the federal level, Congress is allowing fraudulent banking practices to deprive U.S. citizens of their property without fair compensation, The saying, "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely" is true. Public officials, being human, can't always be trusted to do what's right. That’s why citizens must uphold the rule of law during a health emergency. Passage of S.18 would unlawfully strip people of their Constitutional protections, and open them up to every form of abuse, theft, poison and murder, under the color of law. It is passage of Bill 2028, which would create emergency conditions. This isn't right.

We the People of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts shall remain sovereign citizens and shall exercise our Second Amendment rights to to defend ourselves against insurgents, domestic or abroad.

The Powers Proposed in Massachusetts Pandemic Bill S-18:

 Are outside the scope of the Governor’s enumerated powers.

 Violate the rule of law in a health emergency.

 Violate the rule of law in that it disempowers elected officials.

 Empowers the governor as sole authority.

 Endanger the public process by suspending rule of law.

 Endanger the public by process by allowing warrantless searches, warrantless arrests, and of private premises and forced vaccinations.

 Endanger the public by depriving them of their property without fair compensation.

 Fail to set contagion and virulence factors needed to establish a health emergency.

 Endanger the public by removing checks and balances from local government.

 Eliminate second medical opinions

 Transfer health care decision- making powers to government

 Disempower independent physicians to care for their patients.

 Empower governor’s public health designees who lack accountability to electorate.

 Disempower independent health care professionals.

 Eliminate choice in health care

 Could enable Homeland Security and FEMA officials to block a victim's ability to survive because of the involvement of emergency management.

27. Safety and a New Playground for our Children

Magnolia St in dorchester is a long hill like street. On my street theres alot of loving families with alot of children who love to play outside. In the past month, there has been three accidents with children getting hit by speeding cars.

There's no speed bumps or lumps to reduce the speed of these cars and increase the safety of our children in the neighborhood. Also, there are over 8 empty lots on this street, but no playground or clean field for these kids to play in, instead, these lots are being used as dumpsites from outsiders! Adding speed lumps to our street and a playground on one of the lots, would improve effectively the safety of not only the children, but all the families.

As a young Latino I care about my community and the people living in it!

28. End the testing of cosmetic and personal care products on animals

The other animals humans eat, use in science, hunt, trap, and exploit in a variety of ways, have a life of their own that is of importance to them apart from their utility to us. They are not only in the world, they are aware of it. What happens to them matters to them. Each has a life that fares better or worse for the one whose life it is.

That life includes a variety of biological, individual, and social needs. The satisfaction of these needs is a source of pleasure, their frustration or abuse, a source of pain. In these fundamental ways, the nonhuman animals in labs and on farms, for example, are the same as human beings. And so it is that the ethics of our dealings with them, and with one another, must acknowledge the same fundamental moral principles.

At its deepest level, human ethics is based on the independent value of the individual: The moral worth of any one human being is not to be measured by how useful that person is in advancing the interest of other human beings. To treat human beings in ways that do not honor their independent value is to violate that most basic of human rights: the right of each person to be treated with respect.

The philosophy of animal rights demands only that logic be respected. For any argument that plausibly explains the independent value of human beings implies that other animals have this same value, and have it equally. And any argument that plausibly explains the right of humans to be treated with respect, also implies that these other animals have this same right, and have it equally, too.

It is true, therefore, that women do not exist to serve men, blacks to serve whites, the poor to serve the rich, or the weak to serve the strong. The philosophy of animal rights not only accepts these truths, it insists upon and justifies them.

But this philosophy goes further. By insisting upon and justifying the independent value and rights of other animals, it gives scientifically informed and morally impartial reasons for denying that these animals exist to serve us.

Once this truth is acknowledged, it is easy to understand why the philosophy of animal rights is uncompromising in its response to each and every injustice other animals are made to suffer.

It is not larger, cleaner cages that justice demands in the case of animals used in science, for example, not "more humane" testing, but the total eradication of these barbarous practices.

29. Billerica Public Schools Summer/Vacation Homework Petition

We are asking for the Billerica Public School Board to eliminate homework assigned over vacation as most students are on vacation with their families. Many students do not have the time to do Vacation Homework.

We are also asking in the Petition Below for Summer Homework to be counted as extra credit as many students go away over vacation and do not have the time to do the assigned homework.

We are also asking for the elimination of homework assigned over vacation and due, for full credit, during the middle of the vacation.

If you have any comments, concerns, or anything you would like to add please email me through this website or at and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank - You for your Support

30. Improve facilities of Balliet Elementary School

Balliet Elementary school is without a cafeteria, the children have to eat in their classrooms or hallway. They have no gym so they have very limited exercise in the winter months.

The playground is cement tubes which a child could easily get hurt on. There is no auditorium for them to put on shows, they have to have their holiday show in the hallway as well. There is not adequate parking and picking up students can be dangerous.

We believe there is enough land to build another building that could serve as cafeteria, gym and auditorium.