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1. Limit Employment tax to your own town/city for its overall budget

I believe this will allow each community to tackle its issues head on.

2. Let Us Continue To Say "MERRY CHRISTMAS!"


Heartfelt Welcome!

The compassionate and big-hearted people of Canada gave me as well as many other immigrants New Home and PROTECTION, when refuge was desperately needed.

They welcomed us, the new-comers with open arms and let us "BE" in their country without restrictions or barriers (which we experienced in our Native Lands) by allowing us to: Speak freely our mind without being arrested, retain our traditions and our native languages, educate our children instilling our traditions and customs. And, to teach our children our Religion (or a Religion of our choice), build Churches (and Schools) and let us make many personal choices, which were denied in our native lands.

As a "THANK YOU NOTE" we, the new-comers to this wonderful Country CANADA, are TAKING AWAY the traditional CANADIAN celebration: CHRISTMAS.

The End-of-the-year Holiday-Time has different significance to many people: For some it means to have a few days "off" away from the business pressures they endured during the year. Others are busy closing their "Books", while many are just beginning to earn some income, because their business is "End-of-the-Year" oriented, and/or welcoming the NEW YEAR while many nationalities have their Religious Celebrations as well.

And it happened that at this time of the year the Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus – the Son of God, renown in the whole World as the prophet who was educating people to be moral, virtuous, kind-hearted and compassionate to each other.

Because we, the residents of this Great Country, do not follow this kind of teaching, find ourselves facing many difficulties in our lives and consequently blame Christian CHRRISTMAS!

Please, my Friend, sign this Petition and let the Governing Offices know that you do not agree to this extremely discourteous treatment of the host-people's inoffensive tradition to say "MERRY CHRISTMAS!". Let there be "GUIDE" to make people understand that this is not a suitable approach of showing amiability, respect and mutual affinity in our society.
Disrespect causes apartheid and confusion amongst citizens.
Since there are no restrictions to other ethnic groups to the use of their traditional "titles" at the end-of-the-year festivities, so let the word "CHRISTMAS" to continue to be used as customary without criticism, sarcasm and belittling.

Thank you, My Friend, for your precious time and "MERRY CHRISTMAS" to YOU and YOUR Family.

Love and Peace Amongst Nations
Olga O'Mara-Raven

3. People against anti-Semitism

History has demonstrated that wave after wave of anti-Semitism or Judeophobia has provoked acts of incredible brutality against the Jewish people the intensity of which knows no bounds. Almost as bad is the indifference that common people have shown to these atrocities.

As anti-Semitism increases once again, it is time to take a stand. This petition provides a voice to those who would stand against such ignorance. A voice that cries "Leave the Jews in peace", for we will not allow the episodes of past violence against the Jews to ever happen again.

Anti-Semitism; (also known as Judeophobia) is a term used to describe prejudice against or hostility towards Jews, often rooted in hatred of their religious/cultural/ethnic background.

4. Krewe of Chasco: Whites Steal American Indian Culture!

For 86 years, the city of New Port Richey on the Gulf Coast of Florida has exploited American Indian culture and spirituality to sell an 11-day food fest and carnival called the Chasco Fiesta.

They put on a pageant in which children dressed as Florida Indians made stabbing motions into the chests of children dressed as Spaniards, showed Indians practicing human sacrifice, and showed a Spanish priest teaching Indians how to plant corn, squash and other crops, while the priest calls the Indians savages, pagans and heathens. The happy ending of this pageant? The Indians spared two white children making them their King and Queen, then convert to Christianity.

And why are there no Florida Indians today? The Chasco Fiesta brochure says when their benevolent white rulers died, the Indians reverted to human sacrifice, so God killed them all: men, women and children--with hurricanes, not Spanish genocide and disease. The pageant ended only when local citizens took the mayor and the president of the local Chamber of Commerce to court. Also ended were these activities in the Children's Indian Village: "Pin the Tail on the Drunken Indian," and "Find the Buried Treasure in the Miniature Indian Burial Mounds in the Big Sandbox."

What remains is the Krewe of Chasco, more than 300 white local civic and business leaders who dress up in authentic, sacred Indian regalia purchased at great cost, so they can appear in nine regional parades as a living advertisement to the Chasco Fiesta in late March. They are the only krewe in Florida that dresses like an ethnic minority that is not made up of a majority from that group--in fact, they pay a Seminole $5000 to stand on their float--the going price for betraying your heritage here.

Peter Matthiessen, author of several books on American Indians, calls the Krewe of Chasco one of the greatest insults to American Indians in the U.S. today. When the Florida American Indian Movement (AIM) and local citizens protested the float, the Krewe president told a Chamber of Commerce luncheon, "I want you all to buy guns and kill AIM--I'll bury them for free." He owns a funeral home.

On their website now closed to outsiders, one of their photos showed a drunken blonde woman wearing a sacred Plains Indian headdress with the caption, "Even Squaws can be Braves in the Krewe of Chasco"--apparently unaware that the word "squaw" is as insulting as the n-word to African Americans. On their float to "honor" Florida Indians as their non-profit charter says, they have a big brown fort representing the power of the military in destroying American Indians, a canoe and a drum from the Northeast, totem poles from the Northwest--and one paid Florida Indian.

Each year, the city of New Port Richey and the Pasco County Commission uses taxpayer money to rent the float for this private club--$21,000. Letters, lawsuits, protests, arrests and local petitions signed by more than 100 city residents have not been successful. Anyone who cares about American Indians who is considering a visit to this area should reconsider, and let the local governments know why. To freeze American Indians as they were a century ago, and to act as though they do not exist in modern-day American society is shameful.

No American would consider dressing up like blacks, or Roman Catholics, or Jews if they do not belong to that group--why then dress up like American Indians?

5. Kibaki Must Step Down

The international community is very much aware that Mwai Kibaki and his Party of National Unity (PNU) rigged the December 2007 Kenyan presidential election.

In recognition of this fact, the European Union, Britain, and the United States have refused to recognize the Kibaki government as legitimate.

As members of the international community, we do not intend to allow this blatant act of disregard for the rule of law and for the will of the people of Kenya to go unchallenged.

The list of evidence of election irregularities compiled in this petition contains widely known facts and has been corroborated by various news sources.

1) All polls taken before the election favored Raila Odinga and his party, the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), with Odinga leading Kibaki by a margin of 4%. A mid-December report by the government's own intelligence service gave Raila Odinga an even larger lead of 8% to 15% over Mwai Kibaki. As the election drew near, the Steadman poll, which is conducted under the leadership of George Waititu, a close friend of Kibaki's, showed Kibaki catching up to Odinga although the total for the three leading candidates added up to 101%.

2) The Kenyan National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) reported that Muslim voters, most of whom were expected to favor Raila Odinga, were denied voter cards in the leadup to the election.

3) Prior to the election, Raila Odinga warned that Mwai Kibaki and his party planned to illegally deploy Administrative Police (AP) as poll agents for the purpose of intimidating voters. While Mwai Kibaki originally denied these allegations, subsequent events showed that Odinga was correct--the East African Standard reported that 65,000 APs were in fact illegally deployed to various parts of the country.

4) Prior to the election, the impartiality and credibility of the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) was jeopardized by Mwai Kibaki's control over the appointment of foreign observers. The East African Standard reported that ECK Chairman Samuel Kivuitu had himself accused the Kibaki "government of selectively inviting international observers for the December polls." Member of Parliament William Ruto of ODM also voiced concern, stating that "Kibaki has gone against a precedence that even brought him to power. The President alone has appointed ECK commissioners. He alone has picked foreign observers. When you put these two issues in the wider picture of the run-up to elections, you see we have a reason to doubt the fairness of the coming polls."

5) Early in the election, when Raila Odinga went to cast his vote at a polling station in his constituency of Langata, he found that his name was missing from the poll register. Furthermore, names beginning in 'A,' 'E' and 'O'--traditionally Luo and Luhya names--were missing.

6) Raila Odinga's ODM party firmly secured the Parliament, winning more than 45% percent of parliamentary seats--that is, at least 95 out of 210 electable seats--compared to Mwai Kibaki's PNU party which secured only 37 seats in total and lost 22 of its original 32 seats. The ouster of the majority of Kibaki's cabinet was regarded by many as a bold statement to the degree to which the majority of the electorate had lost confidence in the Kibaki administration.

7) In Garsen, a mob destroyed 35 ballot boxes on suspicion of rigging.

8) One constituency, Maragwa, reported 115% voter turnout.

9) Although voting ended on Thursday, December 27, the announcement of results from some polling stations was delayed for more than two days because:
a) The aforementioned irregularities compelled numerous complaints from candidates of both parties.
b) ECK returning officers from disputed polling stations could not be located by Kivuitu and had turned off their cell phones.

10) Samuel Kivuitu, chairman of the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK), himself acknowledged that the delay would have allowed time for these missing officials or others to rig votes. "This is where cooking could be taking place," said Kivuitu.

11) The ECK failed to address the majority of these concerns raised by Raila Odinga, his ODM party, and the general public and proceeded to announce the obviously illegitimate results, thereby failing in its responsibility to the people of Kenya and lending validity to the debacle.

12) After the ECK announced the results, declaring Mwai Kibaki the winner, the East African Standard reported that an ECK officer alleged that there had been "blatant and shameless alteration of documents" primarily by "information technology officials." This officer said that the Coast and upper Eastern provinces were most affected by rigging, but also named the constituencies of Moyale, Laisamis, Saku and Matuga.

13) A Reuters article also quoted an "election observer who asked not to be named" as having "very little doubt" that the election was rigged.

14) Furthermore, before Kivuitu declared Mwai Kibaki the winner, Alexander Graf Lambsdorff, chief European Union election monitor, stated that there was ``a big question mark over the tallying of results.''

15) After Kivuitu declared Mwai Kibaki the winner, Lambsdorff repeated his misgivings. "We regret that it has not been possible to address irregularities about which both the EU and the ECK have evidence ... some doubt remains as to the accuracy of the result of the presidential election as announced today," said Lambsdorff.

16) Lambsdorff has again gone on record as saying that the tallying process lacked credibility.

17) Prior to Mwai Kibaki's secretive swearing in ceremony, the Kenyan government suspended all live television broadcasts. Coverage of post-election violence, including the government's use of armed police in suppressing demonstrators, has therefore been difficult to verify. In view of the above irregularities, this has had the effect of further eroding any semblance of democracy.

18) Finally, tallies reported by the ECK differed from those announced at polling stations and on television news broadcasts. The New York Times reports that, "The European Union said its observers in one constituency last week witnessed election officials announce that President Kibaki had won 50,145 votes, but on Sunday the election commission increased those same results to 75,261 votes."

Taken as a whole, this evidence is more than enough to declare the presidency of Mwai Kibaki illegitimate and to install the legitimate winner, Raila Odinga, into that office.

6. Sign Language should be FREE for Deaf People

Medway Council are making DEAF people pay to learn British Sign Language.

"ESOL (English for Speakers of other Languages) courses are FREE to people from minority ethnic groups who are permanently resident in the area" Medway Adult Service Learner Handbook 2006/07

I am deaf and I have had to pay £150 to learn sign language. Sign Language is a basic communication method.

7. Take Racism off The Radio

Star and Timothy Joseph, self proclaimed, Original Haters of the Star and Buc Wild radio show, which is broadcast on multiple stations nationally, has downgraded radio talk since their arrival in early 2000.

Their attempts to capitalize on degrading, racial commentary are not acceptable or entertaining. Our citizens are not niggers, crackers or wetbacks and we should not have to tolerate being classified as niggahs, bitches, hoes, or poor white trash.

The lots of us are diverse, upstanding, intelligent, respectful citizens who are trying to cultivate, unify and elevate our nation as a whole. At 6:00 am when our young scholars are heading to school, Star and Buc Wild are polluting the air waves in an attempt to signify that it is ok to classify people in racial stereotypes and degrade women of all backgrounds.

The message needs to be sent out that no matter what your ethnic background is racism is not acceptable.

8. Demand Indonesian new VP to apologize for discriminatory remarks on ethnic Chinese minority

Indonesian new VP (Jusuf Kalla) said and published in the "Sinar Harapan" daily 12th October 2004, that Chinese minority in Indonesia had 2 choices:

1. To be discriminated against,

2. To have their property burnt (referring to May 1998 riot).

He also made remarks referring to May 1998 riot that the tragedy was due to wide gap in income between indigenous and Chinese minority, which is totally wrong. The tragedy was yet to be investigated properly as it was believed to be orchestrated by some anti-Chinese groups in the country. By saying, that he also justify the violence against Chinese minority and encourage such sentiment to flourish again.

His remark is regrettable, especially when he is the Vice-President.

9. Boycott Pepsi for breaking their deal with rapper Ludacris

I'm sure by now, most of you have heard about Pepsi Cola breaking their deal with rapper Ludacris as a spokesperson for their company, and products. The decision to hire Ludacris to endorse their products was made to target Pepsi ads to a more "urban-ethnic" audience.

Well, it seems as though conservative commentator, Bill O'Reilly felt that Ludacris the rapper is too much of a bad influence on the "poor" community because of his lyrics, and Pepsi has since fired Ludacris as a promoter of their products.

Obviously, Pepsi had to be aware of the music, lyrics and, achievements (hit singles, albums, awards) of Ludacris, or they would not have hired him as a spokesperson.

If you share in this outrage in Pepsi's decision to stop using Ludacris as a Pepsi Endorser- Sign this petition, and Call their national headquarters at (914) 253-2000, press the option for Consumer Relations, and leave your complaint.

10. Letter of disappointment to EU and UN

Dear Excellencies,

I am writing you in response to your criticism over the Government of Macedonia's latest action against the Albanian terrorists (i.e. as you refer to them as "armed rebels and extremists"). Your "disappointment" on how the latest crisis around Aracinovo was handled, had particularly provoked me to express MY bitterness and deep disappointment regarding the following:

1. I am very disappointed to hear that your excellencies have been disturbedby the fact that the Government of Macedonia had to take decisive action against armed groups who threaten the people of Macedonia and use weapons as a tool to legitimize themselves and their actions (often later acting as "the victims themselves"); furthermore, I am equally disappointed by the actions of the Swedish security forces (Sweden is currently presiding
with the EU) against peace protesters in Gothenburg during the EU Summit in mid-June.

2. I am very disappointed that your Excellencies have not taken into consideration the fact that all parties involved in the process of reconstructing Kosovo have failed to restore a lasting peace, law and order in the neighboring Yugoslav province of Kosovo, which permanently produces negative consequences for the peace and stability of the whole region(including the Republic of Macedonia).

3. Furthermore, I am very disappointed and disturbed to see lack of willingness by your respective governments to build multiethnic Kosovo, as previously pledged.

4. Many Macedonian citizens (despite of their ethnic or religious affiliation) are stunned by the fact that international humanitarian
organizations are vigorous only when it comes to helping unfortunate ethnic Albanians and neglecting the others in need.

5. I am alarmed to find out that you have FINALLY been disturbed by the crisis in Macedonia and kindly ask you to go back in time and figure out when was the exact and right time for you to be really upset!

6. I am disappointed to realize that you think it is the Macedonian
Constitution that generates the current crisis. I would kindly refer you to the Constitution of the neighboring Republic of Albania and ask you to read all of it (including its Preamble).

7. I am very disappointed that all of you failed to employ due diligence as you have done so during the peak of the current crisis and "discover" that there is no "Slav" majority - rather ethnic Macedonians and that there is no one third ethnic Albanian population in Macedonia - rather 22,9% according to the 1994 census, conducted (believe it or not) by The Council of Europe itself and its ICOM (International Census Observation Mission) in Macedonia led by Mr. Robert McMurray of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Certain Media based in your respective countries are still insulting a greater majority of the population by naming them "Slavs" which does not correspond to their true ethnic affiliation. We have never heard an affirmative comment from them talking about "citizens of Macedonia" if nothing else.

8. I am very disappointed that my country's name is still FYROM, thanks to your "proved" interest in defending and promoting fundamental human rights and freedoms (among those let me remind you about the freedom of expression and self-determination). In addition, I am insulted by the fact that the EU mission in Skopje represented by Mr. Teixeira is named the "Delegation of the European Commission to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, FYROM, Skopje"!

9. Let me remind you that you still have an ongoing obligation and a pledge to protect Macedonia and its borders particularly the volatile one with Kosovo), made in the eve of the NATO intervention against Yugoslavia. Kosovo's well being cannot be constructed on behalf of the misery of its neighbors, just for the sake of "showing its success story" which so far exists not.

10. I am very disappointed that some of your envoys are beginning to "shoulder" and chit chat with those who undeniably want the partition of my country. If that indeed is your last word on Macedonia also, then let us not waste more time and lives and let the demarcation begin immediately, rather than pressure for continuation of a political dialogue containing ridiculous
bargaining over rights and powers which involves parties who per se have no legitimate right to negotiate on such issues exclusively. If you all truly want the stability and the peace in this region your missionaries would at the moment be assisting the government rather than act as a "taxi-service" to all those who came in uninvited, to kill, threaten, block water supplies and force civilians to leave their homes and properties just because they do not fit into their xenophobic scenario and "cause".

11. Dear Excellencies, it is true Macedonia has little money to buy weapons and rockets, but when it comes to defending our values and freedom such money is well spent to our minds. Loyal citizens do not fear legitimate security forces. Criminals do!

12. Let me in the end express my hope that you will reconsider your position toward Macedonia and its certainly "imperfect" Government and convey a clear message of support to those of us who act and work toward further democratization and the European prospective of Macedonia. All those inspired by the "freedom fighters" clearly demonstrated fear and disbelieve in the European integration itself. I guess your Excellencies this is the last chance for you to decide are you going to give a credit to those who would rather stand on the demarcation line, than to those committed to pursue the way of the integration toward Europe, without alternatives and preconditions and no matter how hard and challenging it is.

11. Ban Cruelty to Ethnic Students

My name is Luigi and I am a student at Macquarie uni. Being Of ethnic background I have been the victim of much abuse and narrow mindedness.
University officials need to take stronger action so that others like me can enjoy uni life to its full potential.