Robert L Hampton: President of York College: City University of New York

As of Fall 2003 semester, Professor Binta Colley, a fine and outstanding professor of philosophy, education and other related courses faces the possibility of losing her job.

In our education system today, we cannot afford to lose professors with exceptional teaching skills because they are devoted to helping their students gain great knowledge and love for the subject they are embarking.

Professor Binta Colley is one of the most outstanding student-oriented teacher York College or America has today and unfortunately, she was informed that she could be out of a job base on how she teaches and grades the students.

I had the opportunity of taking one of her philosophy classes, and it is unlike any other class that I have taken before. Not only does she use the Socratic method of teaching, but she promotes critical thinking in all areas and also provokes exceptional learning and application out of all her students. No student is left behind. If for any reason a student is experiencing difficulties in any area, Professor Colley is available by phone, office hours, virtual classroom, and email to assist each student in all areas. If by chance she is unable to help you, then professor Colley directs you to the appropriate place.

Great teachers in all areas and levels of teaching should be cherished, appreciated and awarded. If any thing should be done to her, an award should be handed to her. LET US PROTECT OUR HARD WORKING PROFESSORS. KEEP PROFESSOR BINTA COLLEY ON BOARD ACTIVELY!!!

To Mr. Robert L. Hampton: President of york college: City University of New York: We the undersigned, would like to petition for you to consider keeping Professor Binta Colley on Faculty. We would love to have her remain in teaching at York for a long time to come. She is an excellent professor and we do not want to suffer the lost of another great professor in our school. Please reconsider Keeping professor BINTA COLLEY on board ACTIVELY!!!

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