#Local Government
Gympie Regional Council

Lets face it. The Kandanga pool is all we have - but its hardly ever open!

Those of us that live in a small rural town understand the pitfalls that come with it. Generally those are:
- lack of infrastructure
- poorly build roads
- lack of transport for all
- inadequate sporting and exercise facilities for children to keep motivated
- minimal shopping accessibility
- limited activities for teens/youth outside of the family home
- attractions for families to attend and enjoy as a family
- lacking council owned facilities for community groups to attend/flourish

However, those 'typical' rural towns have not also been slugged with:
- a flailing tourism trade
- a dam coming and then going over a 10+ year process
- a local school pool closed to the public
- a weekend market struggling to attract new visitors
- a large caravan and camping park dedicated to tourism removed from the area

However, what is more frustrating, is that locals have access to only ONE community pool between Kenilworth and Gympie (an area more than 55KMs in distance) where locals, visitors and families can meet up and escape the searing heat during summer. It is a family atmosphere, where alcohol is prohibited and kids are welcome!

The local youth can meet their friends and have some fun in a safe and friendly environment, especially with the typical heat that is dealt to these towns during the summer months.

The pool is central to the only RV friendly towns in the Valley. We see a tremendous amount of transient visitors that would continue to use the facilities daily, contributing to our already small economy.

All we ask, is that Gympie Council thinks about the opportunities the Kandanga Pool offers to ALL residents and visitors and reconsiders it opening hours over the school holiday period.

We are asking that Gympie Regional Council re-considers its current opening hours of the Kandanga Community Pool during the summer school holiday periods to give our Children, our families and our visitors access to low cost activities for their social, mental and physical wellbeing!

We ask the council to extend the opening hours of the local Kandanga Pool to:

- Mon-Fri 11am-6pm
- Wed 6am-8am (for morning swimmers)
- Sat-Sun to remain AS IS

Current hours of operation are during school holidays:
- Mon-Fri 3pm-6pm
- Mon/Wed/Fri 6am-8am
- Sat/Sun 10.30am-5pm (to remain as is)

The Keep Kandanga Pool Open Longer During School Holidays petition to Gympie Regional Council was written by Donna Cross and is in the category Local Government at GoPetition.