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Update June 24, 2006

Thank you to all that have signed the petition for Anthony Jr. The focus of Anthony's case has been changed.

Through numerous phone calls, letters, meetings, and outright begging, we have a prominent politician aiding in the case.

Unfortunately, Anthony Jr. will leave the country on July 2, 2006, however with this political connection it seems as though Anthony Jr. will not be gone as long as we originally thought. Thanks again.


June 20, 2006

The goal of this petition is to keep Anthony Harvey Jr. from having to leave the U.S. while his step-mother petitions for him to be here legally.

As an infant Anthony Jr was smuggled to the U.S. by his biological mother, who later abandoned him. He has been here ever since, he is now 18 years old.

For his primary education Anthony graduated from Pope John XXIII in Evanston, IL. More recently, he graduated high school from Loyola Academy in Wilmette,IL. He has been accepted and plans on attending Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin in the fall.

According to the law Anthony Jr has to leave the U.S. and return to his birth country, Jamaica, while his step-mother petitions for him to be here legally.

On the advice of Anthony's immigration lawyer he will have to leave the U. S. voluntarily while his I-130 is being filed through his step-mother.

If Anthony Jr does not leave the US by July 4, 2006 he will be subject to an automatic three year bar from the U.S. Allowing Anthony Jr to remain in the U.S. during the filing of the I-130 will give him the opportunity to continue his education.

If he has to leave the country at this time it will cause a huge setback in his education, since he could possibly be gone for over a year.

Anthony Jr. not returning to the U.S. is not a concern, due to having faith in the system. Also in Anthony's favor is the fact that he has a U.S. citizen step-mother who has been in his life since he was in the second grade.

We believe to send Anthony Jr back to Jamaica would put his life in danger, due to the report from the United Nations regarding Jamaica having one of the highest homicide rates. Also the fact that he has not been in Jamaica since infancy.

While in the U.S. Anthony Jr. has associated himself with peers and other individuals of good character who have been very instrumental in his life.

Again, we implore the Department of Homeland Security to allow Anthony Jr. to stay in the U.S. while his I-130 is being processed.

We, the undersigned, are asking immigration services to allow Anthony Jr. to remain in the U.S. while his I-130 petition is being filed.

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