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This huge issue, that nobody talks about, is described on this website with more celebrities as examples:


Good day! Could you please please report this to the USA-police? I'm not from the US, but I tried to report it myself anyway. Unfortunately my 991 call got redirected to the police of my country, although it has a different number. Also I have a have a speech impairment and English is not my first language which makes this even harder for me to do, but this is a really important issue for the whole world, so I'm asking you for help as my last resource.
Please take what I say seriously and don't just click this away.

This is not a joke, but a very serious problem. Please spread those news on all social media and report it to all video-sharing websites such as YouTube and all TV stations. As you can see in her music video "hey hey hey" Katy Perry is openly confirming herself that she is in illuminati and in her music video "bon appetit" she is litterly murdering people and eating them. As you can see in his music video "supplies" Justin Timberlake is openly confirming himself that he is in illuminati (He has the organisations sign in the background of the video. Illuminati is a secret evil organization from the devil (MK Ultra). (I reccoment watching both music videos muted and halfclosed eyes because of epilepsy danger.) One of Illuminatis symbols are the evil eye inside of a triangle/pyramid which you can see in both music videos clearly. Both music videos use hypnotic special effects.

Why is she the most followed person on twitter (katy perry) and not in jail getting interogated and investigated right now? Why is noone reporting her to the police?
Can you do it please and report her and him to all the police in all countries and US states? Because it seems like nobody else cares or even notices what is happening. The illuminati sign is also on the dollar bills. Why? What does America have to do with the devil? There are many more people, movies, music videos and video games that are now all of the sudden "comming-out" as evil. For example the video game "life is strange" where you can see the sign very clearly multiple times in te background.
What on earth is happening?

This is no art but brainwashing! Please at least ban them from the country you're living in people.

We, the undersigned, call on the UN to ban the sale and publication of their music and their spreading of their secret agenda in the world.

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