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1. Updated Starcraft Art Tools

Starcraft 2 is a game developed by Blizzard, it was released on July 27th, 2010. One of the main features of this game is it's expanding custom content that people still love and enjoy to this day, and with it it also has a big base of custom content creators that are still going strong everywhere from the main starcraft 2 forums to Sc2Mapster, TeamLiquid and Hive-workshop. In 2014 blizzard released Art Tools for the community so we could finally create even more custom content that the players could enjoy.

The Art Tools would be used within 3dsmax to create custom models and effects to be used within the game. The problem, however, was that even back then the art tools were released for an outdated version of 3ds max, specifically 3ds max 2011, with no option to use it for newer versions. Today it is very rare to find and acquire a copy of said program without going through some "shortcuts" to get it, as Autodesk (Developer of 3dsmax) no longer supports 3dsmax 2011, and with no obvious ways to get it, the amount of custom assets is decreasing.
Even the Art Tools themselves have started to age, as you don't find a lot of the newer features and effects that you would see in the newer expansions to Starcraft 2 such as the Legacy of the Void campaign and the Nova Covert Ops DLC.
I am currently running a Starcraft 2 Discord with lots of dedicated modders, and this problem is often something that is brought up as being a huge dealbreaker for many. 3ds max 2011 is more complex than newer versions, the Art Tools aren’t as feature-complete as it "should" be, and, as stated before, it is hard to acquire a working version of 3ds max 2011.

I am writing this petition to let Blizzard know that we, the modding community, still care a lot for it's custom content, and would GREATLY appreciate if Blizzard acknowledged this by releasing an updated version of the Art Tools. By doing so, you would be guaranteed to see a lot more custom content, and also a higher quality overall in said content.

2. Art Exhibition for Khadija Saye

If like me, you have been touched by the recent Grenfell Tower atrocity and would like to give back in some way, please sign this petition to see Khadija Saye's photography exhibited in one of London's most high profile art galleries. Khadija was a budding photographer on the cusp of success but her journey was cut short by the awful and avoidable Grenfell Tower fire. On the day of the fire, she had met with an Art Director with a view to showcasing her work, this makes the ensuing tragedy all the more heartbreaking.

Outside of showcasing her talent, this petition and ultimately the exhibit will be a way to raise awareness for not just Khadija's work, but for all the victims whom will not get the chance to realise their potential and act as a reminder that the fight for justice continues.

3. Brave Frontier RPG - Alt Artwork

With the 3rd anniversary release of Brave Frontier RPG. Players were shown insite on a different world within the rift where several units have alternate versions of themselves. Whilst they generally are the same throughout, the Neo Avalon world mentioned a reality where the characters are opposite gender.
As the Global server of Brave Frontier already have alternate art for some units already, I think it would be nice to see some of our own EU exclusive units get a similar treatment. And a nice nod to their anniversary event for this year and the years to come.

4. Bring BTS to Edmonton

BTS is hugely popular in Edmonton, and they continue to get popular. With people spending so much money on Merchandise and constantly supporting BTS, a concert here will make money like crazy. If BTS decides to come here, people from all over Canada will come. Even from all over the word. People will go out of their way just for BTS. There is such a huge huge number of fans here and it's guaranteed we will sell out the stadium. It would be huge news that BTS would be officially the first Korean band to come to Edmonton and it will create a lot of buzz for our city. From old fans to new fans, so many people will come to their concert.

5. Start a Legal Graffiti Wall in Salt Lake City

“Graffiti is one of the few tools you have if you have almost nothing. And even if you don't come up with a picture to cure world poverty, you can make someone smile while they're having a piss” (Banksy). Graffiti has sprayed its mark all over the world and has become a companion in our daily lives. Whether you’re picking up groceries or going for a walk, everyone sees graffiti in one form or another. Many people find graffiti to be appalling and childish, while others perceive it as art and beauty. So, what should graffiti be defined as? Is graffiti a vandalist act that we need to crack down on and eliminate or a cultivating art medium that could be a breakthrough in modern art?
Graffiti is looked down upon and unfortunately is often associated with crime and filth. However, this is an unfair assumption. Graffiti can be a positive force and should not be generalized as vandalism. There are many instances where graffiti has been used to turn a barren area into a work of art. Like any other art form, graffiti can be an appealing piece that can inspire people in a positive way. In addition, graffiti can be a medium used in the process of making a social and political stand.

The term graffiti is often tagged with a negative connotation, but this form of art has been part of our history for centuries. From the earliest cave paintings in France to relief sculptures in Egypt, humans for thousands of years have used public space to display works of art. However, the graffiti we more often see and associate with had its early beginnings in the city of New York. Graffiti was first an immediate response to modernist architecture. Following WWII, housing projects began springing up outside the city and were designed mainly for utilitarian living quarters. These housing projects separated people and caused a social division within the city. The building projects soon perceived by the people as a “systematic oppression of the lower class” (Eickmier, “Graffiti: Art or Vandalism). As a form of protest, people started fighting back and publicly expressing their opinion in the form of spray paint.

6. Bring Street Art to Downtown Lebanon

Art City, NH is a 501(c)3 whose goal is to revitalize the downtown district of Lebanon, NH. We plan to bring a non-permanent sculpture walk and murals to the downtown area. This will be good for local businesses, accomplish many of the goals set forth in Lebanon's Master Plan, and promote the arts among the citizenry.

7. Children's Museum in Delta, UT (REMEMBER TO SIGN, NOT JUST LIKE)

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+Smaller towns have "high levels of social isolation, which could contribute to feelings of loneliness and depression." "From 1996 to 2010, rates of death from suicide among children, teens and young adults were nearly double in rural communities, when compared to urban ones." -Huffington Post March 17, 2015

+Delta has a shortage of winter extracurricular educational programs.

+Delta High School test rates are below average. "Students who do not have a good start usually do not thrive later on." Chrys Doherty (senior research scientist at ACT Inc)

+"Students with the good fortune to be exposed to rich content in science,
history, and other subjects at a young age may develop an interest in those subjects. Interest, in turn, leads to greater learning. Simply having the content available in libraries and on the Internet is not enough, because children need adults to guide them to the content and help them understand it." Chrys Doherty (senior research scientist at ACT Inc)

+Local businesses would contribute to the museum, a play area would be created to represent that business in play form, and visitors will be encouraged to shop locally.
+Utah State/high school students, scouts, and various adults/organizations would be encouraged to participate in community service hours at the museum
+Other community museums and city buildings would be promoted through the children's museum: Delta City Library, Topaz Museum, Delta City Museum
+People would be more likely to move here


CHRYS DOHERTY:College and Career Readiness:
The Importance of Early Learning,


8. Empower Instagram Artists & Disarm the Instagram Trolls

I am beginning this petition to raise awareness of how Instagram’s current flagging & censorship policies undermines freedom of expression and empowers internet trolls to anonymously get hardworking artist’s work removed from their accounts! I have had numerous photos and videos reported anonymously and therefore removed. All of these photos & videos followed the community guidelines, yet Instagram’s current policy allows for them to be removed without consideration to the content creators or the actual content itself. This is not only an injustice, it is prohibiting my human right, my right as a woman, to be able to express myself freely, and artistically. This is my language, and therefore this directly violates my freedom of speech! I want Instagram to review its current policy and to put the power in the hands of the creators to create, not in the haters to hate.

I am sure Instagram values the medium it has created, so it should work hand in hand with it’s hard working content creators to limit the ability of internet trolls who create accounts to simply obstruct other individual’s right of expression. It is my hope that by beginning this petition, we can have a public discussion between Instagram, it’s hardworking diverse content creators, and the Instagram users who follow our work, in order to craft a more creator empowering policy than the one that currently limits our ability to express ourselves.

9. Free Tehran Art Gallery Owners Karan Vafadari and Afarin Nayssari

March 10, 2017—Serious and baseless new charges have been brought against Karan Vafadari and Afarin Nayssari, the dual-national Iranian-American and his wife who have been imprisoned in Iran’s Evin Prison without any evidence of wrong doing or due process for almost eight months.
The couple, art gallery owners in Tehran who are prominent in the Iranian artistic and cultural community, were arrested by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Intelligence Organization at Tehran’s airport on July 20, 2016—ostensibly for serving alcohol in their home and hosting mixed-gender parties. The new charges, detailed in a blog by Vafadari’s sister, Kateh on March 8, 2016, include attempting to overthrow the Islamic Republic and recruiting spies through foreign embassies.
Their imprisonment, the latest in a long string of cases, reflects the determination on the part of the Guards and their cohorts in the Judiciary to intimidate dual nationals from western countries and exact a brutal cost for those who dare interact with diplomats and foreigners from the West.
The Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI) calls for the immediate and unconditional release of Karan Vafadari and Afarin Nayssari, whose imprisonment on completely unsubstantiated charges and without any evidence of wrongdoing represents a brazen defiance of the law.
“With complete impunity, the Guards and their accomplices in the Judiciary are destroying the lives of innocent people,” said Hadi Ghaemi, executive director of CHRI. “They grab people and throw them into prison without any evidence or the ability to defend themselves, and then hand-pick a judge who will press home the attack with a conviction and harsh sentence.”
The case has been marked by continuous denials of due process from the start. As detailed in the blog by Vafadari’s sister:
Shortly after the couple’s arrest they were taken in handcuffs to their home and then to their gallery, where items of art were either confiscated or destroyed.
They were denied access to counsel for months and held for extensive periods in solitary confinement.
During intensive interrogations, Afarin Nayssari was told to spy on her friends in the art world and her husband; when she refused, she was returned to solitary confinement.
Most of the original charges were dropped by the prosecutor for lack of any evidence.
The earlier charges included serving alcohol in the home and organizing mixed-gender parties for diplomats—even though Vafadari is Zoroastrian and under Iranian law not subject to Islamic laws on alcohol and mixed gatherings.
The judge selected for the case was Abolqasem Salavati, a notoriously hardline judge routinely picked for dual national cases and other politicized cases in which the Guards and the Judiciary are seeking an unquestioning and harsh ruling.
At the preliminary hearing, the earlier charges dropped due to lack of any evidence were re-instated by Judge Salavati.
Judge Salavati did not allow the couple’s lawyer to be present at the preliminary hearing—and ordered the couple to dismiss their lawyer.
“Of course the Guards and the Judiciary are denying due process to those they imprison unjustly,” said Ghaemi, “because if they had to present evidence, allow full access to a lawyer, and let an independent Judiciary rule on the case, these people would all be immediately freed.”
The imprisonment of Vafadari and Nayssari also appears motivated by greed: the Islamic Republic has a long and documented history of unlawfully confiscating private property, especially that belonging to those with whom the authorities do not favor. The family of Vafadari reported continuous calls right after the couple’s arrest demanding money, and noted that the charges brought would allow the seizure of the couple’s extensive properties.
In a public letter by the former Italian Ambassador to Iran, Roberto Toscano, the Ambassador expressed outrage at Vafadari’s and Niasari’s arrest and refuted the authorities’ justification for their detention, saying that “One has to be truly gullible and the easy victim of propaganda” to accept such charges. He continued, “The reason must be a different one…political blackmail toward the US (of which they are also citizens), envy for their success, intimidation toward the Zoroastrian community, desire to grab their properties, [and] repression of contemporary art.”
Vafadari’s sister, Kateh, has implored “all those who stand for civil liberties, artistic freedom, minority rights and Iran’s self-determination…[to] write letters of support asking for Karan and Afarin’s immediate release” to Iran’s Permanent Mission to the UN and to Iran’s Head of the Judiciary.
SOURCE: Center For Human Rights In Iran

10. Keep Locky Dressers "cheese furga buck 20"

We as a group and close occupants to locky dresser have decided it is immature and immoral for Locky Dresser to undergo invasive laser treatment to remove his tattooed art piece titled "cheese furga buck 20"

Locky Dresser has irrationally decided to take on the treatment without consultant of the artist who executed the art piece with great hygiene and sober eyes. The artist "vaughno" is a dear friend to Mr. Dresser and seeing it removed would cause great grief to the individual, his peers and the community as a whole

We want the best for Mr. Dresser and want him to hold his dignity and remain a positive influence within the community, please show your support and sign this petition to show we care

11. Save WriteOn

Amazon, who launched WriteOn in 2014, has decided to close the site due to the fact that it did not generate the number of users they had hoped, leaving an entire community feeling the loss of a place they have come to call home.

We believe that the original goal and expectation (as stated in press releases and articles) to compete with other sites, such as Wattpad, should be amended. The new goal should be to support the writers who so often end up posting their work on Amazon's Kindle Scout, and Kindle Direct Publishing ("KDP"). In so doing, both writers and readers will continue to be drawn to Amazon, where they will make purchases that grow Amazon as a whole.

As a community of writers, we will continue to hone our craft through the feedback we get from both readers and other writers. We commit to the standards and excellence that have made WriteOn such a wonderful community, and an extension that Amazon can be proud of.

Please, join me in petitioning Amazon to find a way to save our site, and to allow us to continue to WriteOn!

12. Bring Fifth harmony to South Africa

There are a lot of Fifth Harmony fans in South Africa. We really want to see them live and meet them. The LGBTQ community would love to see them.

Please help me make this happen.

Thank you.


13. Bring Art Class Back to Charles J Riley School #9 (Grades K-3)

Due to recent budget cuts, there is no longer an Art class at Charles J. Riley School #9, for students in Kindergarten through third grade. Although school funding is limited, we feel that Art is an integral component of our children's development.

14. Phoenix AZ needs a skatepark under a bridge

Phoenix AZ needs a skatepark underneath a highway over pass bridge at the location of 17th ave. and the I-10. This infrastructure will be dedicated in the traditions of iconic skateparks under bridges across nationwide. These skateparks include Burnside (Oregon) , Washington Street (San Diego), Channel Street (San Pedro, CA) , Rhoades park (Idaho) , and even Lynch Family skatepark (Boston). By creating the skatepark at this designated location it will bring skateboarding's own culture as well as any extreme wheeled sport to the arts district in Phoenix.

When this happens, artists and skateboarders will be able to make Phoenix a more lively city for our generations to come. This will happen from the ingenuity and spirit of life that artists and skateboarders creatively convey. So, the skatepark will create revenue and tourist attraction for the city of Phoenix because of the location in the arts district as a result.

Also, the city of phoenix needs to build a skatepark at this location under the bridge for our youth to have an escapade from the hot weather. This will benefit our health, offer skateboarders protection from the heat , and have a place for people to hang out at. In the end, a skatepark under the bridge of 17th ave. and Grand needs to be built.

15. Officialy Recognise Airbrushing as an Art Form

Airbrushing has never been recognised as an art form since the airbrush was developed and used for the purposes of art on many different mediums.

The purpose of this petition is to get airbrush painting , whether it be fine art on canvas or airbrushing on vehicles etc regognised as a genuine art form by the New Zealand Arts Council as they don't recognise it as such yet.

As the Airbrush fraternity did in Australia with their arts council and were successful , we in New Zealand are trying to do the same so as to get equality in the art field in New Zealand.

16. Yes! Anchorage Wants The Writer's Block Bookstore & Cafe.

This petition is intended to show widespread community support for bringing the Writer's Block Bookstore & Café to Anchorage, Alaska. They have acquired the property formerly known as Adults Only in Spenard.

The Writer's Block will be a community-oriented Alaska-focused bookstore, café, and restaurant, featuring events related to literature, local music, and the arts.

They are currently in the final stages of financing and need our signatures in support of this important addition to our community.

17. Pardon Leslie Huggins

Leslie Huggins was incarcerated in 1998 for murder, was sentenced to death, then commuted to life imprisonment in 2008. He regrets the pain he has caused everyone, but with Jesus as his constant companion, he has since learned important spiritual & moral ideals that has allowed him to transform into a Reformed individual. He is well respected by Prison Officers, inmates, & members of the public, for his admirable artistic skills & positive contributions.

His Achievements & Contributions include:
1 Bible Study Course with Pastor Baker of Seventh Day Adventists (2008).
2 Learned to play bass and rhythm Guitar (2009-2010).
3 Joined the Carrera Music Band (2009)
4 Attends daily Art Classes under the tutelage of inmate Alladin Mohammed (2009-2015).
5 Attended School Leaving Classes in Maths, English Social Studies (2010).
6 Played at Annual Calypso and Chutney Competitions at CCP (2009-2013).
7 Awarded 6th Place in the Annual Indian Cultural Show (2010).
Awarded 2nd & 3rd Place in the 2010 Christmas Card Competition (Jan 2011).
8 Favorably featured in several media publications, including print & television, regarding his art (2010-2015).
9 Prominently featured in the Archbishop’s Appeal Auction Catalogue 2011 (Oct-2011).
10 Received a Letter of Appreciation from Archbishop Edward J. Gilbert, for his contribution towards the Restoration of the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception (20th-Oct-2011).
11 Awarded 1st Place in the 2011 Christmas Card Competition held by the Prisons Programs Department. Received a certificate presented by Archbishop Harris (4th Apr 2012).
12 Received a Letter of Appreciation from the Principal of Holy Name Convent, for contributing art to their Silent Art Auction to help raise funds for constructing a new classroom wing at the school (4th Apr 2012).
13 Attended additional Art Classes at POSP under the guidance of then ASTT Assistant Secretary, Mr. Clayton DeFreitas (2011-2012).
14 Exhibited art work with CCP’s Roving Caravan at the Hyatt Regency Hotel & Arima Velodrome (July – August 2012).
15 Exhibited art work at The Military Tattoo Village (July – August 2012).
16 Certificate in Computer Competence from the National Academy of Business & Computing Studies (2013).
17 Member of the Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago (2013-2015).
18 Exhibited Artwork with the Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago (2013).
19 Attended & sold artworks at 5 Prison Art Exhibitions (2012-2015).
20 ALTA Level 1 (2011-2015). Still pursuing Level 2.
21 Certificate in Rabbit Production, from the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Marine Resources (2015).
22 Certificate in Home Gardening, from the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Marine Resources (2015).
23 Attends ongoing Raja Yoga Classes under the guidance of Sister Kay Narinesingh (2012-2016).

 Donates his artistry to many worthy causes, including:
• Paintings as tokens to young aspiring cricketers (Jul 2010).
• Paintings to Prison Fellowship International (Aug 2010).
• Various fundraisers for public schools.
• Painting to the Archbishop’s Appeal Committee to help raise funds for Restoration of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception (6th June 2011).
• Painting to Holy Name Convent, Silent Art Auction to help raise funds for construction of a new classroom wing at the school (2012).
• Paints Portraits of retired prison officers as tokens (2010-2015).
• Decorations at all Seasonal events at CCP (2011-2015).
• Signage at various Prison Institutions (2009-2015):
• Face Painting services:
Prison Family Day (2010-2015)
Prison Youth Club events (2015)
Sangre Grande Regional Cooperation Family Day (2015)

Leslie intends to open an art studio, an art gallery, & help keep the youths crime free in his community.


18. Pardon Alladin Mohammed

During a dark period in his life, Alladin Mohammed was incarcerated in 1996 for murder, was sentenced to death, then commuted to life imprisonment in 2008. Having since experienced the Light & Mercy of GOD, he is currently at Carrera Convict Prison, where as a reformed inmate he helps others by teaching them the Discipline of Art.

His conduct & industry has consistently been assessed as Very Good, as he has made every effort to advance himself through rehabilitative initiatives facilitated by the Prison Authorities.

In light of his turnaround & remorseful attitude towards his past offence, he has become even more marketable, has matured socially, spiritually, academically, & is respected by all those who interact with him.

Some of his Achievements & Contributions includes:
1) Certificate in Bible Studies with Billy Graham Evangelists (1999). Obtained whilst on Death Row.
2) Art Diploma from Penn Foster Career School, Pennsylvania (2004-2006). Obtained whilst on Death Row.
3) Bible Study Course with Pastor Baker of Seventh Day Adventists (2008).
4) Awarded 1st Place in the Inmate HIV / Aids Poster Competition hosted by the Ministry of National Security & Penal Reform (28th September 2010).
5) Invited by the Archbishop’s Appeal Committee to donate artwork to help raise funds for Restoration of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception (6th June 2011).
6) Awarded 1st Place & the Special Artist Prize in the 2010 Christmas Card Competition held by the Prisons Programmes Department.
7) Attended & sold artworks at 6 public Prison Art Exhibitions (2011-2015).
8) Founded an art studio/class at Carrera Convict Prison called ‘Carrera Island Studios’ (2009), & successfully teaches art to inmates who recognize art as a viable career option (2009-2016).
9) Favorably featured in many media publications, including print & television, regarding his art (2010-2015).
10) Prominently featured in the Archbishop’s Appeal Auction Catalogue 2011.
11) Received a Letter of Appreciation from Archbishop Edward J. Gilbert, for his contribution towards the Restoration of the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception (20th-Oct-2011).
12) Awarded 2nd place in the 2011 Christmas Card Competition held by the Prisons Programmes Department.
13) Awarded 1st place in the 2011 Traditional Mas design competition held by Programmes Department.
14) Certificate from the Announcers’ Broadcast Academy in Broadcast Announcing. Achieved at MSP (2012).
15) Exhibited art work with CCP’s Roving Caravan at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, & Arima Velodrome (July – August 2012).
16) Exhibited art work at The Military Tattoo Village (July – August 2012).
17) Certificate from the National Academy of Business, Arts & Computing, in Computer Competence (2013).
18) Recommended for Early Release by CCP Prison Authorities, RE: 4th year Confidential Report (2012).
19) Member of the Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago (2013-2015).
20) Exhibited Artwork with the Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago (2013).
21) Awarded the status of 'Honored Inmate' (Red Band) In recognition of his hard work (2014).
22) Attends Raja Yoga classes under the guidance of Bramha Kumaris Kay Narinesingh (2009-2016).

 Donates his artistry to many worthy causes, including:
•Fundraisers at various public schools
•Paintings as tokens to young aspiring cricketers (Jul 2010).
•Paintings to Prison Fellowship International (Aug 2010).
•Painting to the Archbishop’s Appeal Committee to help raise funds for Restoration of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception (6th June 2011).
•Paintings to Holy Name Convent, Silent Art Auction to help raise funds for construction of a new classroom wing at the school (2012).
•Paints Portraits of retired/deceased prison officers as tokens (2010-2015).
•Decorations at all Seasonal events at CCP (2011-2015).
•Signage at various Prison Institutions (2009-2015):
•Printed or assisted in the printing of over 1,800 inmates’ prison issued uniforms - (Jan 2009–Aug 2013).
•Face Painting services:
Prison Family Day (2010-2015)
Prison Youth Club events (2015)
Sangre Grande Regional Cooperation Family Day (2015).


Contact email:

19. Support Visual Arts Education in Edwardsburg Elementary Schools

The goal of this petition is to persuade Edwardsburg Public Schools to add Visual Art as a "special" in the elementary schools (the Primary, Eagle Lake and the Intermediate).

The creator of this petition, Rebecca Coleman, is a parent of two elementary students attending Edwardsburg Public Schools and is also an elementary art teacher. Edwardsburg is one of only a few schools in the area that does not include Visual Art in its elementary curriculum.

The supporters of this cause understand that it is unreasonable to expect a general classroom teacher to be able to meet the Michigan State Visual Arts Standards while teaching the entire required curriculum for general education. It is also unreasonable to rely on volunteers to teach the Visual Art curriculum that is required by the State of Michigan. Elementary Art should be taught by a licensed teacher who is certified in Visual Art Education.

The elementary students of Edwardsburg public schools are not currently being given the same opportunities as their peers in neighboring districts. Most elementary students in the Michiana area have art once per week for 45 minutes to an hour.

Access to a quality Visual Art Education is so important for the elementary students of Edwardsburg Public Schools. The arts not only provide an outlet for creative expression, but also teach valuable skills that students will use long after high school. The arts encourage children to look for multiple solutions to a problem and that there can be more than one “right” answer to a question. The arts teach cultural awareness and encourage children to appreciate diversity.

The arts help children make connections to what they are learning in other subject areas including math, reading and science. When children learn through hands-on activities, they are more likely to remember what they have learned and be able to apply it to new situations. Please show your support for the elementary students in Edwardsburg by signing this petition.

20. Stop Government Assaults on Music

(To keep the petition short and concise we have posted our fully referenced, extended Preamble on our website )

To the Honourable President and members of the Senate in Parliament assembled:

We are a group of Australian Residents, Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Family Members, Organisers, Promoters, Business Owners, Musicians, Artists and Young People who are opposed to the alienation and marginalisation of youth in Australia, in the form of Government 'crackdowns' on music events.

The petition of the undersigned shows:

The current attack on Electronic Dance Music events (specifically) has caused community wide witch-hunts to shut down anything and everything that youth find even remotely entertaining or interesting - thus driving them further towards unfulfilling and deeply depressing lives where drugs and/or alcohol fill the void.

Fuelling community vexation, NSW Premier Mike Baird, NSW Police Minister Troy Grant and numerous Police Commanders and Commissioners have all repeatedly impressed on the public that the 'nature of the entertainment [EDM] is intrinsically linked to illicit drug use', commonly labelling EDM events as 'a breeding ground for wild behaviour, sexual assaults, violence and underage drinking' among other derogatory and Ad Hominem attacks.

As any loving family member well knows, consistent negative dialogue can only serve to CAUSE anger, resentment and mental health issues in young adults, as does reducing quality of life and choices of entertainment.

Additionally, Australians are being prevented from privacy and undisturbed use of their own homes and many tax-payers (promoters, organisers and venues) are loosing business and/or going bankrupt due to forced closures for no other reason than hosting dance parties for youth.

Hence, we beg the Honourable President and members of the Senate to recall, throughout history it has been proved time and again that assaults on entertainment and music are ineffective in addressing drug-culture. And to please also consider those who are being adversely affected, some to devastating degrees, by the current assault.

21. New Public Art Gallery for the City of Burnaby, Support the BAC Online Petition

The present Burnaby Art Gallery was opened in 1967 in Ceperley House at Deer Lake and it has amassed a collection of over 5,000 significant art works on paper from noted artists including Robert Young, Sybil Andrews, Gordon Smith, and Jack Shadbolt.

This is the third largest collection of art in B.C. Ceperley House is a heritage home and was not designed as a gallery and it has significant limitations. There is no environmentally controlled storage for the city art collection in the building, exhibition spaces are small thereby restricting the type of exhibitions that can be shown, and the building lacks adequate spaces for social gatherings and education programming.

Since the gallery opened in 1967, the population of Burnaby has doubled. Burnaby is now the third largest city in B.C. Similarly the architecture and transportation face of the city has also changed dramatically.

The Burnaby Arts Council believes that it is time for Burnaby to build a new city gallery that can properly host and show its collection and best reflect the reality of our creativity, urban growth and cultural change. Bill Thomson, Burnaby Arts Council Chair, had this comment: “Burnaby is the 20th largest city in Canada.

Every other city in Canada of similar size has a contemporary, purpose-built gallery that provides significant cultural and economic benefits to its community. Why not Burnaby?”

22. Save the 1863 Cochran Train Depot

Why is this shabby little building by the Primary School important to our community? In short, were it not for this building, there would not be a City of Cochran or a Bleckley County. This depot was constructed by the Macon and Brunswick Railroad, which its president, A.E. Cochran, pushed to Dykes Mills in 1863.

The sawmill was constructed to take advantage of the Pulaski pine forest--vast virgin timber that started right here and stretched to the coast. In 1863, timber was a vital commodity for the Confederate war effort---important enough that A.E. Cochran's tiny enterprise was able to secure 38 miles of iron rail to reach the timber stand. Dykes Mills later morphed to Dykesboro--and eventually Cochran--but before the railroad arrived, the area was sparsely settled. The railroad brought not only a modern transportation link to connect timber, turpentine, cotton, and farm commodities to larger markets, but brought the telegraph to town--in its day, the internet, radio, and TV all rolled into one.

Where did the news of the fall of Atlanta, end of the war and Lincoln's assassination arrive in town?----Right in this little building. Without the railroad, there would not be a town here---and this tired structure is the last standing remnant of that wartime enterprise that opened up this region to commerce---and is the only building that our town's namesake actually entered--the terminus of his railroad. A.E. Cochran passed away in 1865, not living to see his railroad reach Hawkinsville in 1866 or finally, Brunswick in 1871. In his day, the line ended here, where his 38 miles of scrounged iron finally reached what has grown into our modern community.

Our little railroad also kept the city of Macon from starvation in 1865, as A.E. Cochran wrote, "...The entire products of the Valley of the Acmulgen from here (Macon) to its mouth are now supplied over this line and we venture to assert that no road of its length in this country has transported more Government Stores and stock than this. The city of Macon and its poor, and its whole people must suffer terribly if they are deprived of this source of supply".

This depot is the last standing link to this man and our town.

23. Save the Dinosculptor

After 11 years working and exhibiting at dinosaur adventure in Lenwade, Mr Tony Pusey (better known as the dinosculptor) has been told his lease shall end on Aug 31st 2015.

The man himself has built his business from the ground up by working 7 days a week, even winning awards overseas and appearing in royal garden shows and is now one of the most popular attractions at dinosaur adventure. Sadly for the visiting public his amazing creations will no longer be on display in this location.

By so abruptly ending the lease it not only takes away the art from view it also leaves the dinosculptor without work space to create such wonderful things. being the only man in the world that can do what he does it would be a great loss not only to the art world but to the many loyal visitors he see's every year.

Please sign this petition and show your support.

24. Stop Visa Wrangle from Preventing Great Art from Reaching the World

A Pakistani fish seller in the UK may soon be as popular as Gangnam Style star Psy, with his catchy song to attract customers notching up more than 3.6 million views on YouTube and landing him a record music deal.

"Come on ladies, come on ladies, have-a, have-a look, one pound fish. Very very good, very very cheap, one pound fish," fish seller Muhammad Shahid Nazir can be seen singing at an east London market to attract customers.

Once you've heard it you can't get it out of your head, and it might just be the Christmas No 1.

Nazir's 'One Pound Fish Song' just reeled him a record deal with Warner Music, The Sun reported.

He was spotted after a YouTube video of him singing at an east London market notched up more than 3.6 million views. Not bad for a guy who was rejected by the X Factor panel.

Now Warner Music executives reckon he could be as big as South Korean Gangnam Style star Psy and are pitting him against the winner of X Factor for the most remembered hit of the year.

Alesha Dixon and US boy band Mindless Behaviour have both recorded versions of the song and Rio Ferdinand has tweeted that he's a fan.In Queen's Market, Upton Park, 31-year-old Shahid seemed like an unlikely pop star in tracksuit bottoms and old beanie.

But the moment he starts to sing was suddenly surrounded by a sea of fans.

Yolanda Riley, 20, travelled from Ashford in Kent just to meet him. She says: "I am obsessed with his song, I had to meet him. He smelt like fish but he was amazing. I'm so happy now."

Shahid says the attention is not unusual."People have come from Australia, the US, Canada and all over Europe. They don't come here to work or shop, they come for One Pound Fish Man," Shahid said.

Shahid moved to the UK just over a year ago with only a bag and the hope of making enough money to send to his wife and four children in Pakistan.

On his first day working on the fish stall, Shahid's boss told him to shout to the customers to get their attention. He didn't like shouting so made up a song.

"My customers said to me, 'Your song is very good, so catchy'" Shahid explained."They said, 'You should be a pop star, you should go on X Factor,'" he said. He appeared on this year's live auditions but was voted out.

25. Protect and Preserve

Please support our effort to Protect and Preserve historical buildings in Downtown Lafayette.

We are primarily concerned with saving 2 buildings, both of which are at or over 100 years of age. These buildings had a tremendous impact on the early economic growth of Downtown Lafayette, the City of Lafayette, Lafayette Parish and much of Acadiana! The wealth created by Merchants' Grocer Company enabled owners and investors to promote and develop our communities, municipalities and infrastructure at an accelerated rate. Bolstered by the recently constructed rail road in downtown this resulted in the early development of our city giving our city and parish a strategic advantage that has continued to pay dividends over the last 100+ years.

There are many reasons to save these buildings and no good reason to tear them down. They are NOT blocking construction of the proposed interchange and there is plenty of room on either side that can be used to insure construction in those areas does not damage the integrity of these magnificent buildings.

Use this link to view the LA State Historical Preservation Office's letter from the Lt. Governor's office ruling that the 2 buildings are eligible for the National Historic Register.

Thank you for your support!

26. Leavers Locks

Our project is called Leavers Locks. It was inspired by the love lock bridge if France.

The purpose for our project is to give students at Canning Vale College something to leave behind to be remembered by. We are designing a statue with a hollow middle in the shape of a heart with two people connecting their hands. In the middle, the keys will be placed inside the heart like a money box representing each year twelve graduate.

The padlocks will be locked to the school fence along side the gym. For our project, we are expected to write multiple letters to our school board, principle and P&C to gain permission and knowledge for the project to be successful.

We have been lucky enough to receive $500 to support our project. This money will go towards purchasing the materials for our sculpture.

27. Start a student only concert band at SLCC

Salt Lake Community College currently only has a studio ensemble for students and is partnered with a community concert band (Murray Concert Band).

Although the community band is very good there is no student only concert band that may help students grow and mature together as young musicians while playing college level concert band literature.

28. Bringing Chingay back to the People!

Singapore's Chingay Parade first started in 1973, as a result of the ban on firecrackers in Singapore. For the subsequent 3 decades, we had a street parade that many Singaporeans looked forward to every Lunar New Year.

However, over the past few years, the event had become an exclusive ticketed event at the F1 Pit - a place where most people would not find themselves headed for if they were not going to the Singapore Flyer (Most performing groups are just walking by the non-ticketed sectors even, not performing). Many people don't even know that Chingay still exist, though most still fondly reminisce squeezing through the crowd just to get a glimpse of the parade.

Presently, even though we have Chingay@Heartlands, only a handful of floats are selected where few, if not none of the performance presented in the actual parade is brought to the people at the Heartlands.

In short, the Chingay Parade has lost its significance to many Singaporeans. It is now an exclusive for the selected few who have the means to buy the tickets/obtain complimentary tickets.

29. Allow Madiba To Keep His Friendly Rabbit!

The sculptors of the enormous Mandela statue now positioned at Union Buildings, South Africa, were not allowed, by our commissioning govt, to sign their work.

So they very, very thoughtfully placed a wonderfully worked tiny rabbit into Madiba's left ear - so small that if you aren't also 8 metres tall, or sitting on his shoulder, you will never know it's there.

Now Govt is angry at the artists and want it out?!
I say SAVE Madiba's Rabbit!
I also say, Let the two artists sign their work, officially and properly!

30. Allow Body Painting on Facebook

Recently there has been a spike in the popularity of body painting and body effects in society thanks to shows like Naked Vegas and FaceOff.

Yet, artists from around the world are having their art removed from Facebook due to the fact that it so called, "violates nudity restrictions" on the social media site. It is time that the restrictions be revised to allow TASTEFUL body art and effects to be displayed and promoted.