#Human Rights
United Methodist Church / City of Brownsville / United Way of Southern Cameron County
United States of America

May 20, 2006

For the pass two years, services at the Good Neighbor Settlement House have greatly deteriorated due to the poor management of employees, facilities and donations.

Programs for children, breakfast for the homeless and other services have declined or ceased to exist for the intended eleigible target population.

Failure to help serve the needs of the poor through lack of disemination and denial of informataion on programs available, such as Counseling, Emergency shelter,rental and deposit Assistance, Moderate Home Rehab and distribution of free house hold needs, such as food, furniture and clothing.

Negligence in the distribution of Postal mail to the homeless.

Abuse of Authority by the Director. Mistreaatment and firing of employees without due process. Overwhelming complaints have caused Public Agencies to cease referrals of clients to serve community service hours. This has caused a reduction of manpower to continue some services.

Using intimidation tactics to ban countless of persons from attendance and participation without due process or cause. Makes threats to close down the services and calls the police to file unjust reports causing reduction of participation for the intended target population.

We, the undersigned, urge you to investigate the Directorship of the Good neighbor Settlement House, 1254 E.Tyler St., Brownsville, Texas. The needy men, women and children for whom it is intented to serve are being deprived of its services.

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