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1. Save Andrew Rose, victim of FBI sting

Andrew Rose is an Autistic youth that was caught up in the Sting Operation Flicker. The FBI/ICE intentionally attached child pornography on P2P programs such as Limewire/Frostwire. Andrew was trying to download a song on Limewire and when he did there was a child porn picture attached to it. He immediately deleted the picture. When he tried to download the song he had the same result and deleted the picture again.

This is clearly a case of entrapment since it was placed there by the FBI with the intent of catch people in their trap. Even innocent people.

More about Andrew can be seen on the following site:

2. Stop McDonald's Employees from Having to Work Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

The Holidays are days of the year set aside, designated to spend with our friends and loved ones. All year we work hard to support ourselves and our families and we sacrifice our time with them in order to do so.

We look forward to Holidays in order to take a step back and appreciate those in our lives. Yet employees at select McDonald's locations will not receive that time. These McDonald's locations will be remaining open and in business 24 hours on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, as well as New Years Eve and New Years Day.

These employees are students, mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters who will not get to experience the joys of the holidays with their own families because of the greediness of the McDonald's Corporation. Please help those employees, who remain loyal to McDonald's, to be given the Holidays with their families.

3. Stop Employers from giving split days off

When most people have split days off they feel as if they did not have any day's off.

I have talked with several people at my work and they have told me they do housework, bills, errands, etc. then they go to work for a day or two (or more) have another day off and end up having to do more housework, errands, etc. and they never get that extra day to relax. They feel mental and physically drained.

4. Change the music in Stop & Shop Supermarkets

Any regular customer to there local Stop & Shop or employee can tell you about the music that plays in these supermarkets. They will agree that the music choices this company decides on to play in there stores is horrendous.

I have heard comments such as "all they play is depressing music about breaking up or heartache" or "it seems as though they picked the worst songs from every decade."

This petition was made so Stop & Shop will change the music they play in there stores to more up to date music. Music that customers/employees would enjoy hearing.

5. Support a Postal Employee Protection Act

Postal Employees are not protected by the No Fear Act Nor The Whistle Blowers Act.

6. STOP SERS Recommendation to ORSC for Retirement Changes effective Aug. 1, 2015

The Board will recommend to the ORSC at its September 9, 2009, meeting the following changes, effective for members retiring on or after August 1, 2015:

- to retire with no actuarial reduction to one’s retirement allowance, a member must be age 67 with 10 years of service or age 57 with 30 years of service;

- a member may retire early at age 62 with 10 years of service or age 60 with 25 years of service;

- f a member retires early, base early retirement reductions on actuarial reductions from the lesser of age 67 or possible attainment of 30 years of service.

To minimize the possibility of making unnecessary benefit changes and increasing member and employer contributions, SERS’ Board opted to periodically examine its 30-year funding responsibility and recommend benefit or contribution changes as needed. Should the recommended retirement eligibility changes for members retiring on or after August 1, 2015 fail to keep SERS within the 30-year funding window, the Board will consider other changes such as reducing cost of living adjustments and contribution increases for members and employers. The Board also understood that it could look at the costs of the Health Care program, if needed. This tiered approach addressed concerns from SERS’ advocacy groups that overreacting to the present funding situation could adversely affect members and retirees for many years.

Even before the current financial crisis began, SERS’ Board took action to keep the pension fund stable. SERS was the only Ohio public pension system to address pension design changes necessary to offset increased life expectancy when it introduced S.B. 148 in 2007 and advocated for its passage.

7. Allow on duty t-shirts for PRO Transport-1 employees

T-shirts are more comfortable, cooler, and easier to work in. If kept tucked in they can look professional.


Hereby join together to register our strong disapproval of pay cut for bus drivers

We say to union 270: NO PAY CUTS!
We say to union 270: The salary of senior employees affected by the announced pay cut of July 1st, 2009 must be immediately restored to the salary they had immediately prior to the pay cut announcement.”

The petition comes in response to reported pay scale change at First Student that will affect about 50 of the company's technical employees. The change, which will reclassify the employees and adjust the mix between seniority employee salary and new employee salary.

9. Employee acts and services at Coudersport Drivers License Center

After visiting the Penndot Drivers License Center in Coudersport PA on two occasions I witnessed and experienced rude behavior by the employees at this location.

These people are suppose to be serving the commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the community mentioned. After talking with several people in the community I am now aware that these acts are not specific to my experiences and it seems that this is the way that these particular PENNDOT employees conduct there services to the community and the people of the commonwealth.

10. The People Against the Employees Free Choice Act

The Employees Free Choice Act is anything but 'free', and offers no choice. It can be deemed unconstitutional inamsuch that it abolishes the secret ballot in regards to decisions for Unionization.

Unionization will be thrust upon Employees and forced upon Companies, with the Federal Government mandating how our businesses should be run and setting forth indisputable guidelines of compliancy.

This is the antithesis of 'free enterprise', and a bid for power by our Government to seize control over our very existence.

11. Mad as hell at financial companies who choose to benefit from the Great Bailout!

Are you mad as hell at financial companies who choose to benefit from the Great Bailout? Are you going to take this anymore?

These financial companies in and outside the U.S. will steal massive wealth from U.S. taxpayers to give to their foreign and U.S. investors, and to their foreign and U.S. management and employees.

Yelling together, we should be able to stop the ill-considered passage of the Great Bailout, and gain the opportunity to quickly implement a better solution.

Note: The "Great Bailout" refers to the Paulson/Bernanke/Bush (Paulnankebush) sponsored bailout proposal (including any tweaks made to it by Congress) that fundamentally transfers massive wealth from U.S. taxpayers to foreign and U.S. investors in, and foreign and U.S. management and employees of, financial companies in and outside the U.S. It does not refer to fundamentally different solutions, such as those discussed on .

12. Keep Factory Card and Party Outlet in Williamsville

Factory Card and Party Outlet has been serving western New York for many years now. It has thousands of valued customers that come not only for the merchandise, but for the smiles on the employees faces.

Corporate has decided to close the store that is located in Williamsville.

13. Vote NO on Bill 4163

You have the opportunity to preserve adult choice, defend small business owners and protect the jobs of hospitality employees by SUPPORTING AN EXEMPTION FOR LIQUOR LICENSED ESTABLISHMENTS FROM ANY STATEWIDE SMOKING BAN.

Businesses that serve beverage alcohol for consumption on- premise and their employees will suffer severe economic consequences from total statewide smoking ban. Consumer choice will be eliminated.

PLEASE don't disregard the interest and concerns of those who livelihoods and adult preferences will be most negatively impacted by legislature's action.

Please let the citizens and business owners of Michigan have a choice!

14. Petition in support of GE

General Electric is an outstanding company, and has been for over 125 years. Motivated and inspired by Thomas Edison, the company has been recently helping countries and people all across the world.

GE not only contributes to the medical field, the first company to ever be assigned to its 50,000th patient, but also helps developing countries and war veterans. GE values creativity and imaginative thinking trying to improve the world one step at a time. GE makes environmentally friendly products, which are also energy efficient.

By exploring alternative energy sources and reducing gas emission by 30% this company is making great strides. The expansive growth in other countries also contributes to opening new jobs and markets to people in need. GE follows the principles in the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, meaning they believe in fair conduct of all workers and taking steps to make that happen by taking special precautions for its workers, making an environmentally safe and impact free work environment. GE is also the lead provider in advanced medical equipment, making them a necessity around the world.

GE, this year, has donated 2.1 million dollars to different organizations helping in Darfur. Overall, GE contributions to Africa exceed 20 million dollars. Each year, hundreds of employees from GE gather together to make communities better. These projects take place here in the U.S and over seas.

The employees reach over 1 million hours of volunteer work throughout the year, helping to once again better our communities. GE has started a Volunteers foundation, which works with local charity organizations and local communities. Recently GE has coordinated Paintfest, the largest volunteer effort ever underway.

By painting hospitals and clinics GE employees teach their customers to imagine. As well as numerous hours of volunteer work, GE also has a Disaster Relief Fund. GE has also been helping to “clean up” Asian countries. They have started projects to help clean up the rivers. GE also employees over 6,000 veterans providing for those who have served our country.

GE is very helpful to not only the United States, but countries all over the world. They provide, help, and give to those in need and have been for over 125 years. Not only does GE serve the medical and appliance industry, but they serve the people.

15. Employee Dress Code at Peppers Beef and Seafood

Peppers Beef and Seafood has a very comfortable atmosphere. Our customers come here for the great food, friendly service and over-all enjoyment.

By asking many of our regular customers how they feel about the uniform change, some have no opinion.

However, most have stated that having such a professional look for the employees will bring the comfortable atmosphere that most come here for.

16. A Condensed Work-Week for Full-Time Employees

In an effort to reduce the rise of on the job injuries, and to also establish the Four Winds Casino as a company who is advancing the cause of environmental awareness, the beverage staff of the Four Winds Casino would like to submit into writing a petition requesting shortened work-weeks with extended working hours for scheduled shifts.

The request is two-fold and is stated as follows:

1. We believe an established four-day work week with 9 or 10 hour days per shift for full-time employees will provide the beverage staff with a needed reprieve to obtain proper physical rest especially after so many consecutive business promotions. These promotions are vital to the success of the company, so being properly rested would be nothing but advantageous to the company as a whole and the beverage servers especially will have more time to rest their arms, backs, wrists and legs so they may be more productive on the floor.

We believe that by shortening the work week, not only will the above conditions create a more productive team, but there will be less call-offs. Multiple call-offs have been the result of extreme fatigue especially during casino promotions. The lack of appropriate staff has not only resulted in an inability to ensure exceptional guest service to our patrons, but beverage employees are already experiencing "burnout" which we believe can be combated once the work-week is condensed.

2. By decreasing the five-day work week to a four-day work week, the Four Winds Casino will be instrumental in promoting environmental awareness as employees will no longer be required to drive in on day number five to work a four-hour shift before receiving an early-out.

We believe that with gas prices increasing and environmental conditions being a factor, bringing people in to work to send them home four hours later is economically wasteful and environmentally unfriendly.

17. Reverse Greenberg Now

1. At the time we received the class notice, (July, 2005) we were not informed and were not aware we had unpaid wages; not by Class Counsel, the Defendants, the Superior Court, the Class Notice or the Settlement Agreement.

2. Now, we clearly understand we have unpaid, due wages that are owed to us by the Defendants. For many, these unpaid wages amount to thousands of dollars per class member. The penalties, damages and fines created by Defendants failure to pay these wages, in many instances, amounts to several million dollars per class member.

a. Overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act.
b. Wages under CLC §226.7-(Meal Delay Payments)
c. Overtime on State Meal Delay Payments.
d. Other unpaid wages at

a. Overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act.
b. Wages under CLC §226.7 (Meal Delay Payments)
c. Overtime on State Meal Delay Payments.
d. Other wages outlined at

3. The settlement relieves Defendants from the legal obligation to pay our unpaid wages. The settlement forever bars us from collecting these unpaid wages if we also happen to claim they are “late.” This is of course absurd! If the wages are past due AND unpaid, how could they be anything but late? This settlement is a sham. It was designed exclusively to help the Defendants evade paying our wages, as well as the liability for failing to pay them.

4. This settlement undermines the purpose of the California wage statutes: to secure prompt payment of our earned and due wages. This is an unfair and deceitful tactic by the Defendants to willfully avoid paying us our unpaid due wages through obfuscation and diversion. If successful in their attempts, they will render the concept of due dates and wages meaningless for motion picture employees.

5. The Defendants were well aware of the existence of our unpaid wages and their obligations to pay them. If they weren’t, they should have been. Many of these Defendants are the largest, most sophisticated media conglomerates in the world.

6. During the entire lawsuit, the existence and status of our unpaid wages was never brought before the Superior Court. This despite 5 years of litigation, the production of over 200,000 pages of documents, the involvement 900 Defendants, and the participation of two Superior Court Judges. We don’t think it is fair our unpaid wages were completely ignored during the litigation only to have them released during settlement, regardless of what label is attached to them. (late, underpayment, non-payment, etc.)

7. We understood the Class Notice addressed wage payments that were paid in full but paid late. But, we DID NOT understand the settlement applied to those of us who still had unpaid wages. Our silence did not and does not equal support. We never would have agreed to this settlement if we knew we had unpaid due wages and if we knew this settlement would be used to prevent us from collecting those wages.

8. So, if the settlement releases our unpaid wages and/or how we choose to enforce their payment, why were these wages never addressed in this lawsuit? We think Class Counsel bears this responsibility.

9. When Class Counsel chose to file this lawsuit and bind us to its class action terms, they had (and still have) a responsibility to vigorously represent and protect all of our interests and claims that might reasonably be affected by this lawsuit. If Class Counsel wanted to release our unpaid wage claims, they could and should have been aware we had unpaid wages in the first place. We don’t think releasing our unpaid wages was in our best interest, but, at a minimum, before they released ANYTHING on our behalf, Class Counsel had an obligation to ensure that our unpaid wages were paid.

10. Class Counsel breached their duty to properly represent us. Class Counsel had no authority to represent, let alone release our FLSA claims as there was never an FLSA cause of action. If we hired them to sell our car, we certainly wouldn’t expect them sell our house too.

11. Currently, there are no published California Appellate opinions regarding application of California Labor Code §206 & §206.5 to large class action wage and hour disputes. In the event you decline to reverse this Superior Court decision, we will request that the Appellant petition the Court for a rehearing, and if necessary, petition the Supreme Court for a grant of review. We believe the California Supreme Court would welcome the opportunity to clarify the rights of employees under Labor Codes §206 and §206.5, especially in the context of a class action lawsuit.

18. Closure of Alley that runs from Church Street to the north end of Poplar

There have been within the last two years several occurrences that could have been dangerous to the employees that work in the business's that surround the alley.

Security lights have been shattered, vehicles have had tires slashed. There have been vehicles that have been broken into. Trash has been scattered in the alley which causes a health hazard.

19. Petition for General ANBOL Election and Agency Shop Election

The most recent Memmorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the City of Newport Beach and active employees with job titles of Lifeguard I, II and III is currently expired.

The petition

20. Renovation for the Logistics Gym

Umjantsi is moving as a result the gym is going to close, there is an old gym at Logitics build which is not being used at the moment.

So the gym members would like the management to renovate the gym at Logistics for all the Spoornet employees around Johannesburg.

Thefore I would like to have your support to convince the management to renovate the gym because most people go to the gym for health reasons and some because they are over weight.

21. All CMS Employees Safety

We the CMS employees, request to get access back into 3 Wall or be escorted to enter or exit the MTC main building for the following reasons:

While we understand your decision, we feel that the safety of ALL Correctional Medical Services Female Employees are at high risk. Females walking the yard unescorted with inmates only a few feet away is very unnerving and frightening.

There is a large number of gang activity and stabbings in the yard, and God forbid; if there was an outbreak between the gangs and a female empoyee is walking through the yard innocently, she could get hurt.

Another reason for our request is that keep in mind ALL CMS employees work around the inmates in the hospital on a daily bases and for example, an inmate may not like that employee because they may had a run in with each other on a particular day or year, and that inmate now would have the opportunity of setting them up by another inmate when they walk across the yard.

22. Doyle Street Parking Permit

As the growth of Riverside Metro Auto Group continues, it has become very evident that they are not providing parking to there employees. Employees from Riverside Metro Auto group are parking all along Doyle Street and blocking our mail boxes, city trash bins, and blocking our driveways.

There has been plenty of resident complaints to Riverside Metro Auto Group and no action has been taken to solve this problem. In addition residents have been issued parking tickets for parking in our own driveways leaving us no other place to park.

Having this petition expresses our concerns to the City of Riverside to issue parking permits to each household to eliminate these on going problems.

23. Sandie Smith-Fuller should stay

We the employees of iHerb, Inc. ask Sandie Smith-Fuller to withdraw her resignation.

24. Resolve New Houseman Uniform Conflict

The new mandatory uniform for the Housekeeping- Houseman, has been a "thorn in the side" of each of the following mentioned houseman from the day it was implemented.

We have recieved random insults from fellow employees and some laughs from department managers, and feel completely uncomfortable wearing this uniform.

The insults, snickering, and the feeling of inequality to other employees (due to the new uniform), has risen to the point where many houseman are becoming stressed and embarrassed while working on the job.

In addition, the design of the t-shirt resembles that of the female housekeepers and doesn't represent the Housekeeping department in a flattering or respectiful mannar. We were not given a fair choice for this new uniform and feel it would be unjust to leave this issue unresolved.

25. Removal of FDNY Lieutenant C. Delucas

EMT Technicians of Battialion 35 are increasingly suffering a steadily low morality rate due to the command and leadership of Lieutenant Christopher Delucas #0145. His continously disrespectfulness, discriminatinatory actions, harrasment and overstepping of authority towards the hardworking members, of NYC FDNY EMT employees of Battalion 35 is the cause of this petition.

26. QIS-UAW Union Members

August 8, 2006

QIS-UAW Union Members request that the Union demand the company (QIS) to abide by the language of Union contract which entitles employees reimbursursement for their gas when peforming work for the Company when required to drive beyond a 60 mile radius of their facility.

27. Mr. S.C. Sharma, CMD: Uplifting Leader of NEEPCO, Ltd.

June 30, 2006

S.C. Sharma, CMD, NEEPCO Ltd. has worked hard towards the uplifting of NEEPCO and its employees which prior to his tenure was going in loss of Rs.4 billion and was recommended for "Disinvestment" by Govt. of India.

Since, Mr. S.C. Sharma took over as CMD in late 2002 NEEPCO Ltd. has not only gained profit of Rs.2 billion/ yr but has also got a Indian Govt. rating of "Excellent" for its outstanding performance in the energy sector.

Its hundreds of employees, who would have otherwise lost their jobs because of the "Disinvestment" have for the first time got a 10 percent bonus. With the revived and profitable NEEPCO not only the employee morale is all time high but there is also an abundance of energy, jobs and economic development in an otherwise insurgent North Eastern India.

Therefore, we the Employees of NEEPCO want to join hands to show our support to Mr. S.C. Sharma, CMD, NEEPCO Ltd.

We also want to clarify that the misleading propaganda against Mr. Sharma is a handy work of certain wasted interests, even Mr. Jayant Barkakoti, (Director Technical, NEEPCO) who along with others are under investigation by Govt. of India for corruption charges and alleged link to the insurgents.

28. Investigate Directorship of the Good neighbor Settlement House

May 20, 2006

For the pass two years, services at the Good Neighbor Settlement House have greatly deteriorated due to the poor management of employees, facilities and donations.

Programs for children, breakfast for the homeless and other services have declined or ceased to exist for the intended eleigible target population.

Failure to help serve the needs of the poor through lack of disemination and denial of informataion on programs available, such as Counseling, Emergency shelter,rental and deposit Assistance, Moderate Home Rehab and distribution of free house hold needs, such as food, furniture and clothing.

Negligence in the distribution of Postal mail to the homeless.

Abuse of Authority by the Director. Mistreaatment and firing of employees without due process. Overwhelming complaints have caused Public Agencies to cease referrals of clients to serve community service hours. This has caused a reduction of manpower to continue some services.

Using intimidation tactics to ban countless of persons from attendance and participation without due process or cause. Makes threats to close down the services and calls the police to file unjust reports causing reduction of participation for the intended target population.

29. Disposition of Donated Funds for Union County Schools

April 24, 2006

Petition created by Maynardville.Com in response to inquiries unanswered on it's public forum.

30. Investigate health effects of Modern Line Products' production processes

January 27, 2006

To detemine cause of employee health problems at Modern Line Products.

The mortality rate for former employees is very high in comparison to other manufacturers in the Mississippi delta.

Modern Line Products used Asbestos, Silicosis, Manganese, Lead Paint, Paint removers, Asbestos & Mesothelioma, Tooling bits known to cause cancer and Oils that cause cancer.

All the abovementioned items are in the courts all over the country. What we are asking is that an investigation be done in a speedy and efficient manner to determining what health effects these chemicals and other hazardous materials had on the
Janaury 27, 2006

Employees and what the effect would have on their offspring in the future.

We also concern about how Modern Line Products disposed chemical and other hazardous materials.

This Petition applies to those who have lost a family member who once was employed by Modern Line Products.