James Merlino - Victorian Education Minister

I'm looking to parents, and teachers in all sectors and across all subject areas to support me in my fight to stop the last of the teacher/librarians in public education from losing their jobs to unqualified or less qualified people. I'm not looking to oust anyone from their existing jobs but to close the gap in the agreement (that is sadly open to broad interpretation) and in the Department of Education guidelines that allows principals to employ whoever they want in the role of librarian.
My job as library manager on a junior campus has been axed and has been advertised as an ES1-ES3 position (cheaper to employ), negating both my Librarianship qualifications and experience, and all the work I put in to the library. ES employees are sometimes not qualified in the role they're employed in, and do not usually have a university degree in librarianship or teaching. Private schools have qualified teacher/librarians, and I don't understand why public school students are entitled to less. Research shows that schools with a qualified teacher/librarians achieve better results overall than those that don't. I am fighting this for our profession, for the students and ultimately for our community. If you care about preparing students (your children) for life and work in the best way possible, please sign.

Dear James Merlino, I (Sharon Brookes) and those who have signed this petition implore you to help teacher/librarians in the public education sector retain their jobs by changing the Department of Education guidelines that allow principals to employ those without relevant university degrees as librarians and library managers. Public school students deserve the best people to educate them, and should not have less opportunity to achieve their best than private school students.

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