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In a matter of weeks a contract which will see the sale of the Federal Government's Comland, the owner of the ADI site, to Lend Lease, will be finalised.

Lend Lease claims the development will create jobs for western Sydney as well as provide much-needed housing.

It also claims the 850-hectare regional park, to be managed by the National Parks and Wildlife Service, will protect the environmental values of the area.

The State Government has already rezoned the land for development as well as the creation of a 850-hectare regional park.

However, the ADI Resident Action Group, wants the entire site saved. This is supported by some of NSW's top scientists who claim that any housing on the site would lead to extinctions of many endangered species.

We, the undersigned, believe you should take the following action at the ADI site,
before a natural wonderland is lost forever.
1. Carry out a full environmental assessment of the entire site (as
2. Organise an independent investigation of designated
development areas for ecological significance;
3. No development be allowed until these studies have been
4. That the public is told about the sale contract and price paid to
Federal Government by Lend Lease for the 1535-hectare site;
5. If the studies show the site is of exceptional value, it should be
saved as a nature reserve open to the public; and
6. Conduct a larger study of western Sydney to identify a possible
network of conservation zones.

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