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1. In support of a cooperative agreement with Autrey Mill Nature Preserve Assoc.

The Autrey Mill Nature Preserve and Heritage Center, is a unique facility in the bustling City of Johns Creek GA. It features 46 acres of forest, woodland trails, winding creek, heritage gardens, historic buildings, and animal exhibits.

The beautiful Autrey Mill of today was built over a 20-year period under the leadership of the non-profit Autrey Mill Nature Preserve Association (AMNP) Board and its talented staff, with the vital help of generous public and private supporters, and by harnessing the indispensable work of volunteers.

With the stability provided by a 30-year lease agreement (originally with Fulton County and now with the City of Johns Creek) AMNP has been able to conduct long-range planning; receive major grants; undertake larger, multi-year projects; and accept donations of heirlooms and important historic items. Operating under this lease, the AMNP Board has provided responsible stewardship of the land and continually made improvements.

On March 11, 2009, the City of Johns Creek took the extraordinary step of suing the AMNP non-profit corporation operated by community volunteers. In its lawsuit the City seeks to invalidate the 30-year lease and seeks control over the historic items that have been donated to AMNP over the years.

2. Keep Bob Talman at The Oak in Ardingly

Bob Talman is being made redundant from The Oak on 10th November, we are asking people to sign the petition to keep Bob on at the Oak or to persuade Richard Vince (the man who owns the oak) to sell the lease to Bob and his business partner Clive Spence, they have the funds but so far have been given lots of excuses as to why they can't buy it (it is on the market at the moment).

3. Petition against the eviction of Spennymoor Town FC from the Brewery Field

Spennymoor Town Council retracted the Lease for Spennymoor Town FC and agreed that if a suitable business plan was created by 24th July 2007 they would negotiate terms for a new lease.

A (what was believed to be) suitable business plan was drawn up. However on the night of 25th July 2007 the Brewery Field was issued with an eviction notice effective in 28 days.

4. STOP The Removal of The CROSS and BLOOD from Soul Chasers Prayer & Outreach Center

HELP SAVE OUR CROSS AND ARTWORK depicting the BLOOD of JESUS. Soul Chasers Prayer and Outreach Center has only been open in Amarillo, Texas since May 1st, 2005. We completely renovated our building which we lease from the San Jacinto Masonic Lodge No. 1330, the Masons welcomed our Christian Evangelistic Ministry with open arms.

The Master of the Lodge gave his approval on behalf of the Lodge for the placement of the Cross on the roof. In addition approval was granted for the painting of the cross on our back door. The Master of the lodge in agreement with our Lease gave us full aproval to paint the outside of the building and create signs and artwork.

The only sign on the building which is on the front wall, consisting of a flat plywood board, was painted in red paint with "JESUS SAVES" written on it. On the corner of the building and directly under the rooftop cross our artist painted red blood flowing down the side of the building. Written inside the red paint are different quotes, concerning the Blood of Jesus, such as "The Blood of Jesus Sets you Free".

Upon completion of all the outside artwork the Master of the Lodge advised us to cease from any further painting, as members of the lodge had complained about the blood artwork. They found the Blood artwork to be disturbing. The Director of our organization contacted the City of Amarillo Code Enforcement Department to obtain what rules, regulations and laws pertained to all the work done during the renovation of the building.

Per the City of Amarillo, no permits were needed for the artwork, as it is not considered to be signage under city ordinances. String lighting (Christmas lights) were placed on the border of the roof outlining it in white lighting. The Cross was lit up with red christmas lights. These lights are not regulated by the Code Enforcement Department and are not considered to be electrical work which normally needs permits and inspections.

On August 15, 2005 Six months into our lease we received notifcation from our Landlord - San Jacinto Masonic Lodge No. 1330, that they wanted the Cross removed from the roof, the Cross removed from the back door. They found the lighting on the cross and roof to be a hazard (in their opinion) and therefore disconnected all lights.

They demand immediate removal of all artwork painted with red paint on the outside of the building. The sign and the artwork of the Blood of Jesus. They state that their membership voted on the issue and want it all removed. They state that it violates the Grand Lodge laws which prohibits the Lodges from placement of any signs or emblems denoting a particular religion.

We are in full compliance with our lease agreement. During the renovation and placement of the artwork and crosses the Master of the Lodge and other members were involved and get informed on a daily basis. They consistly gave their approval for all our work, citing we had done a wonderful job and they were very pleased to have us as tenants.

In addition, the supplied equipment such as ladders for us to place the cross on the roof, and to install the lighting. The Master was constantly encouraging us to paint the outside of the building (since it was in poor condition) and told us to paint whatever we wanted. Furthermore, we had even negotiated with the Lodge about possibly renovated a large historical murial on the North wall of the building, which had started to peel and fade.

We presented them with plans of painting a depiction of Jesus Christ surrounded by drug addicts, prostitues and homeless people. The Master of the Lodge stated we had his approval.
Upon consulting with City Officials and our Attorneys, we our in full compliance with the law and followed proper procedure for approval per our lease agreement.

We therefore refuse to comply with the demands for the removal of these items. In addition, we request your support in standing with us on this issue. The Masonic Lodge is only offended by the Christian emblems of the Cross and the Blood of Jesus, because they despise both and teach against them.

The members of the Masonic Lodge are the only individuals that have made any negative comments about our artwork. The cross and the Blood artwork have drawn the comments and attention of every person that frequents sixth street in Amarillo, Texas.

We have been overwhelmed with compliments from all types of people from various faiths, beliefs and backgrounds. The cross and the Blood Artwork have become the Outreach's Identity as it is located on Historic Route 66 amongst Antique shops, biker bars and clubs. We will stand strong for the CROSS and we Proclaim once again that THERE IS POWER IN THE BLOOD OF JESUS.

We will not back down from what we belief is our right and priviledge to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus, the Death on the Cross, the atonement of our Sins throught the Blood of Jesus and by his death we obtain Salvation, and through Jesus only, not by works or by any other human means.

We are justified and washed in the Blood of Jesus. Satan ! Masons ! You are defeated in Jesus Name and we proclaim Victory so that the Lost may be Saved.

5. Help preserve our heritage - Save the ADI site as a nature reserve!


In a matter of weeks a contract which will see the sale of the Federal Government's Comland, the owner of the ADI site, to Lend Lease, will be finalised.

Lend Lease claims the development will create jobs for western Sydney as well as provide much-needed housing.

It also claims the 850-hectare regional park, to be managed by the National Parks and Wildlife Service, will protect the environmental values of the area.

The State Government has already rezoned the land for development as well as the creation of a 850-hectare regional park.

However, the ADI Resident Action Group, wants the entire site saved. This is supported by some of NSW's top scientists who claim that any housing on the site would lead to extinctions of many endangered species.

6. Promote Native Hawaiian Rights

Threatening abuse towards Native Hawaiian Home Lands lease holders must stop.