East Point City Council and Planners
United States of America

Infinity Developer has proposed to build a single-family house on Glendale Court.

This action has created concerns about the undeveloped land and surrounding infrastructure issues.

We note the following concerns that have been raised by neighbors about existing problems:

. Neighbors have complained of flooding and soilerosion along the creek behind Glendale Court and Pine Valley Circle resulting from poor storm water drainage.

. Storm water from nearby school, Woodland, drains out of a corroded pipe into the debris and eroded creek behind Glendale Court and Pine Valley Circle, creating a run over.

. Run-off water improperly channeled onto nearby land/property has caused damage to vegetation and parts of the landscape on Glendale Court and Pine Valley Circle.

. Neighbors have complained of sewage smell in the area behind Glendale Court and Pine Valley Circle. This is a health issue in the community.

We're seeing the blight in the neighborhood of sink holes, buckling/cracked streets and driveways. The proposed site is next to a vacant house, surrounded by these deteriorating conditions.

We, the undersigned, are extremely concerned of the situation in our community and the proposed 'development' on Glendale Court.

. We call on the Council to immediately halt plans for building on the undeveloped land until a satisfactory review has been made.

. We request restoration, maintenance and safeguards be put in place in relation to:

- All Infrastructure improvements

- Land analyzes survey

- The site plan package prepared under the direction of and certified by a professional engineer, certified for type land and soil

- All pertinent requirements of the East Point Erosion and Sedimentation Control

- A storm drain system and detention facilities as necessary to limit post-development runoff for fifty years and one hundred-year return frequency events to pre-developed (natural) conditions.

- Maintain property line, buffers and trees

- Retain a 5mil bond for pre-development and post-development damages on surrounding properties.

We, the undersigned, appeal to Council Members and City Planners to ensure our neighborhood remains livable and do no fall victim of unplanned development.

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