#Children's Rights
Parents and victims of Sexual Preditors
United States of America

After all the recent violations of our children by sexual preditors I feel a plan of action must take place.

After a conversation spanning many months, an associate and I feel that sexual predators (depending on circumstances behind crime) should be fitted with permanent GPS tracking devices.

Now I am sure this will raise questions about civil rights but to that I ask "What will it take to keep our children safe! from these individuals who liken their crimes to a sickness? All we currently offer is a sort of medication for those who are truly interested in receiving help for their illness and rehabilatation.

To futher this petition we would like to start a non profit organization that serves as a watch dog and monitoring these said predators.

We plan to rally behind this program to keep our children safe. I wish an organization like this did not have to exist. I wish we lived in a simpler time but the cold hard facts are that members of our community feel a program like this has become the lesser of two evils.

If you want to do whatever it takes to keep our kids and others in our community from meeting the same fate as Jessica Lungsford or Coralrose please sign this petition.

Please sign for your support of the G.E.T.S. Bill (Global Environmental Tracking System) for sexual offenders. This tracking system is designed as a permanent implant to track convicted sexual predators to limit the reoccurance of sex crimes against minors and the damage it causes in all our lives.

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