#Human Rights
World Leaders: Royality: Presidents: Prime Ministers:
Palestinian territories

United we stand. We do make a difference. We vote for truth, love, and honest reasoning. Current Issues affecting the children and people of Gaza (just to name a few) :

- Water Contamination, Nitrate levels in some areas 300x's the world health organisation's recommended levels!

- A 12yr old child in Gaza average hight and weight the same as an 8yr old child in West Bank.

- the blockading of education materials, text books, essential items of daily living, building materials, this includes being able to rebuild those that were damaged or distroyed during 2009 Assault: 15 of Gaza's 27 Hospitals; 29 Ambulances; 41 Primary health care centers; 280 schools and kindergartens; 11,135 homes; 700 businesses...

- Denial of civil liberties;

- Please if you are from Gaza and feel there is more you would like to be said... (or Palestine\Israel\Somewhere else in the world)... please write me: peace.ambassador@hotmail.com and I will make sure your voice and visions are heard when I send off the petitions and in any meetings with the powers of be...

subtotal of paper signs sofar... 864: Bulgaria 4;Spain 5; Argentina 1; Turkey 156; Finland 1; Canada 9; Korea 19; China 7; Germany3; Ireland1; france19; USA 12; NZ 1; India12; Italy 149; Iraq 2; UK 12; netherlands 2; Greece 150; Slovakia 1; Mexico 1; Brazil 2; Belgium 2; Tunisia 2; Morocco 6; Africa 4; Cyprus 3; Copenhagan 1; Swizeland 3; Slovinia 15; Lebanon 1; Romania 4; Montenegro 1; Syria 2; Malaysia 7; Serbia 1; Albania 2; Poland3; Japan 4; Israel 10; Pakistan 20; Ukraine 1; Afganistan 7; Egypt 20 (+100 who were too scared of Gov); Denmark 2; Sweden 2; Australia 167 + 500 peace love messages (95% from my community here: WESTEND)


We the Undersigned believe that All countries should be part of the Global Peace and Humanitarian Movement. We believe that higher education is a right of all children.

The Blockading of educational materials among other essential items to the children of Gaza is an embarrassment to the Global community. We are all well aware that War creates a certain amount of revenue and infrastructure; however we choose to support a Government that Supports Peaceful Resolution and the Greater Good. We believe Palestinian children have a right to education, fresh water, balanced diet, homes, peace, freedom, music and the means to achieve their dreams. We know that the situation has reached a critical level between Israel and Palestine.

We need a Strategy of awareness-building Engagement that is made of Infectious love which will inspire and enliven the spirit, this means we need to work to convey the concerns and perspectives of Palestinians and Israelis that dispel stereotypes and promotes better understanding. We need to assist in the empowerment and lifting up the voices within both communities, where everyone is learning more about the experiences of Israelis and Palestinians and their mutual fears, aspirations, and hopes.

We believe in the seeking and implementation of fair and open societies, free from poverty, ignorance and prejudice, and based on innovation, self-reliance, justice and integrity in business and personal dealings. Further it is about competitive economies which encourage growth and prosperity. It is about promoting eco-sustainable environments and communities.

We believe that the People of Gaza have lived in the World’s Largest Prison for too long and that they deserve to be free and deserve compensation. We believe this can be achieved by the Global Community stepping in and creating a Leading Eco-Sustainable Community and a Leading Centre for Higher Learning. Also to be noted the people and children of Gaza deserve the same Civil Liberties and freedom as everyone else in the World. This includes the ability to travel IN and OUT of their country as they desire and need.

We believe that all Governments can be instrumental in creating positive change for the children of GAZA and the need is to make positive moves in this direction starting today!

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