#Law & Order
United Kingdom

After hearing about the death of Mr. Gary Newlove, and the fact we ourselves are fighting the youths. That are allowed to run amok and cause fear, and dismay. These young people are constantly getting away with crime, violence and anti social behaviour and murder on a daily basis.

WHY are they being allowed to run around the country do as they please?

It is because the out of touch Judges and Magistrates and the Courts and ineffective and useless MP's and City Councillors and other "Do Gooders" who instead of helping the victims of crime.

See it more important to protect the rights of the scumbags and little toe rags who terrorise our streets and neighbourhoods around the UK.

We the under signed call on the useless and inept government of the UK to sack every single one of the out of touch Judges and Magistrates, who allow the young criminals to run around causing anti social behaviour, instead of giving the little scumbags proper punishment. They should be sent some 300 miles away from their home and family and made to live in borstals or youth detention centres until they can behave in a civilised manner like other law-abiding citizens of the human race? Not given holidays or free iPods.

We demand that they are no longer pampered but given serious detention and custodial sentences instead of the reward for bad behaviour. If the government is un-willing to act on this, issue and allow corporal punishment by parents police and schools then resign your post as a serving MP and government...


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