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1. Therapeutic Massage is a low cost therapy free of side effects and should be provided by the National Health Service and Private Health Companies

We regard Therapeutic Massage as a cost effective and often cost saving therapy for many diseases and disorders in the UK today.

As a low cost and side-effect free therapy that activates the body's own healing process and reduces both physical pain and emotional suffering, it should be widely available and provided by the National Health Service and Private Health Companies.

Massage is not a luxury for an elite few, it has a valuable role to play in reducing absenteeism from work, improving mental health and reducing the financial burden on the NHS of repeat prescriptions, consultations and surgical procedures.

This petition was created by Gill Tree, founder of the UK’s leading School of Massage and Sports Massage, Essentials for Health.

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2. In Support of Glamorgan Primary School continuing to provide sports uniforms for students

The Glamorgan Board of Trustees has stated :

- that it is not an option for them to replace the current sports uniforms due to the cost;

- that from 2013 all students who represent the school in a sports team will need to purchase their own uniform.

The cost of these uniforms indicated by the Board of Trustees in the quarterly newsletter on November 2012 will range from $85 - $95, but these costs are indicative and have not been confirmed.

We believe that there are alternative ways to fund a 'set' of school uniforms. For example, fundraising, applying for grants, sponsorships etc. There are parents who are willing to assist in these processes.
Parents would also be willing to pay a 'rental' fee for uniforms which would recoup the cost of the uniforms over a few years.

Many families in Torbay are struggling financially. Currently registering for sports teams is a large expense especially when there is more than one child attending the school. Netball in particular has raised the cost of registering significantly. This could ultimately determine whether or not a child would sign up for a sport.

3. Good touch / Bad touch needs to be made compulsory in the curriculum

Helping Hands Against Abuse would like all schools in the UK to teach Good touch/Bad touch as part of the national curriculum as well as the dangers of grooming and internet grooming to be taught in secondary schools as part of sex education.

4. Conjugal Visits for all Federal Inmates who are married

At the moment only 5 states allow conjugal visits. It is cruel and unusual punishment to keep a union apart from touch. It would allow for inmates to still be given human rights.

It would allow for the spouse to be receiving warmth and compassion from touch from her mate through "tough times" and through the rehabilitation process.

This law should be passed for the rights of our citizens of our country.

5. Fighting For Public Justice & Common Sense

After hearing about the death of Mr. Gary Newlove, and the fact we ourselves are fighting the youths. That are allowed to run amok and cause fear, and dismay. These young people are constantly getting away with crime, violence and anti social behaviour and murder on a daily basis.

WHY are they being allowed to run around the country do as they please?

It is because the out of touch Judges and Magistrates and the Courts and ineffective and useless MP's and City Councillors and other "Do Gooders" who instead of helping the victims of crime.

See it more important to protect the rights of the scumbags and little toe rags who terrorise our streets and neighbourhoods around the UK.

6. Allow Appropriate Touch in Paulding County Schools

Several middle and high schools in Paulding County are disciplining children for sharing appropriate touches with each other, touches like holding hands and hugging. Touching is natural and necessary for life. Well-adjusted children touch each other.

Touch is an accepted expression of friendship and acceptance in our Western society. The school system does not have the right to enforce a no-touch rule if the same touches it seeks to prohibit are readily accepted in mainstream society.