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1. Dog Park For Iloilo

I would love to have a dog park here in Iloilo. A fun place for our pets to play, socialize, excercise, and just basically have some space of their own. Walking a dog can be hard, especially out on the streets, with many possible dangers. It'd be amazing to have a park that eliminates these problems and gives an owner a sense of security. Toss some simple basic training equipment, some pathways, a fire hydrant to pee on, and that'll be a great place to go with your pooch; as simple as that. The dog park should be in a safe location, walled and guarded.

2. Reform Muswellbrook Animal Shelter

Muswellbrook Shire Animal Shelter is a very old run down place.
This shelter has a HIGH KILL rate and is only open for 2 hours per day.
Monday to Friday 😡 12noon - 2pm.
Why have their KILL RATES soared in 5 years?
Some wonderful people and rescue groups help the animals here and this place hasn't always been so quick to kill.
This Shelter in fact several years ago had a very good reputation and a low kill rate.
So, what has changed at this Shelter over the past five years or so?
Recently 2 dogs named Buddy and Bandit were surrendered there.
Both dogs were desexed, microchipped and lifetime registered.
Their owners paid $102 surrender fees to this Pound for them to be rehomed.
If per chance someone had seen Bandit and Buddy and wanted to adopt them, they had to be able to attend the pound between noon and 2pm weekdays to do that.
From 11 April until kill day 21/4 there were only 5 days that were not WEEKEND or PUBLIC HOLIDAYS.
This Council and Pound offered Bandit and Buddy ONLY a total of 10 hours to be adopted and saved.
This pound does not have a website that lists available dogs and cats.
They only have a Facebook page where they post a photo of the animals.
They won't respond to messages or comments and they don't have Albums of current dogs or list adoption prices or opening times for the pound.

3. Fenced Dog Park in Cannonvale

In Cannonvale there are no fenced offleash areas to exercise our dogs. This has led to numerous complaints that dogs are running offleash in various parks and on beaches in the region. In the wake of Cyclone Debbie, with so much redevelopment set to occur, I feel now would be the perfect time for Whitsunday Regional Council to build a fenced offleash dog area in Bicentennial Park, Cannonvale, which is already a popular spot for dog walking.

4. Leash Your Dogs

Salt Lake City, Utah unfortunately has a problem with unleashed dogs. Personally, I have been bitten by three unleashed dogs and my dog, Skip passed away due to an unleashed dog. Therefore, I have started this petition to help bring awareness into our city. It is the law to leash your dog and dog owners must be notified of this.

5. Revise the "doggy dining" permit

Regulations already established by the City of Pensacola's ordinance mandates that restaurants construct a physical barrier around outdoor seating areas that would prevent pedestrians passing by from coming into contact with any dogs on the premises. Most restaurants on Palafox Street have outside seating on the sidewalks in an open setting. There is no place for barricades on our sidewalks, and this requirement places an undue burden upon business owners. Dog owners avoiding the downtown area would have a negative impact, and result in loss of business. Please support a revision to abolish the barricade requirement. Let's continue to move Pensacola upward by retaining the dog friendly environment which boosts our local businesses.

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6. Make the government pay for everyone to have a puppy

We all need a puppy.

7. Revoke Randwick council intention to declare my dogs meanacing dogs

On Friday 6 January 2016 at about 6:30pm I went to Centenial Park as we do almost every day with my 4 Malamutes. We met with a friend and her dogs Odin (Malamute) , Loki (Germs Spitz) and Thor (Pug) and several other regular park visitors with their dogs french Bulldog, Staffy and some others...

At around 7:30 PM as we ready to go home, after more then an hour in the park ,I had Atka on the Lead with me, while talking to my friend with her dogs. Anouk and Sinaaq were still running in circles and playing around my immediate vicinity.

This lady whom we have previously seen approached us and started talking to us about the weather, while all our dogs are just a few meters from us, her dog followed her and Sinaaq and some other dogs approached her dog to greet him and sniff, as they always do with any other dogs.

At that point without any provocation or any signs of aggression or any bad intentions from my dogs on any of the other dogs, the lady owning the cavalier panicked and picked her dog up, and immediately started screaming repeatedly, uncontrollably and hysterically.

Although we were all trying to tell her to calm down and put her dog back down as there was nothing wrong and there was no reason to pick him up, she did not listen and kept screaming hysterically.

Due to her uncontrolled behaviour and the continuous loud screams the dogs that were around us started jumping up on her, (not just my dogs).
I approached very quickly to try and get my dogs away from her, and my friend got there to help getting the dogs away from her uncontrollable behaviour and screaming.

As the lady was lifting her dog up in the air and turning and tossing him from side to side, she lost her balance and fell to the ground. Sinaaq managed to get hold of her dog.

While we were trying to get the dogs away and calm her down very calmly , (my friend and I had Sinaaq by his harness. Within a few seconds we got Sinaaq to let go of her dog.

Sinaaq did not bite down or shook the dog as a typical aggressive dog would do. He held him in his mouth softly for a couple of seconds with his head pointing towards the ground as if he shielded the title King Charles Cavalier from the commotion with his own body.

All my 4 Malamutes were a couple of meters away from the scene within seconds and were calm, we were also trying to calm the lady down as she was still uncontrollably screaming and laying over her dog. My Friend and I managed to inspect the dog for visible injuries.
Her dog seamed to be frightened from the hysterical behaviour of his owner, and he did appear to have 2 minor and superficial scratches on his belly, which did not look like a dog bite, but more like scratches from human nails.

Several people who were on their way to the movies (Moonlight Cinema) in Centenial Park that evening, parked their car on Grand Drive between Loch Avenue and Hamilton Drive opposite to the public Toilets.
They were running towards us as they heard her screams from a distance, they pushed us away and took over in attempt to assist and calm her down.

However, they were quite offensively impolite to us and told us off. It appeared to them that we were the bad people as they have not been at the scene at the time of the incident and only arrived at the scene after it was all defused.

At that point we all stood back from them while these strangers were supposedly helping her and taking her back to her car with her dog.

A few days later, Council received a complaint from her with the allegation that my 3 dogs attacked her dog. As a result, Randwick Council imposed an intention to declare my dogs as Menacing Dogs and issued 3 fines of $550 for each dog.

Here are the results of the temperament tests for one of them.

8. Laney & Lady's Doggy Park Petition

Alayna Jeanne Ertl of Watkins, MN, was tragically taken from her family & friends much too soon in August of 2016. Little Alayna's heart always had a giant soft spot for animals - dogs in particular. As a tribute to Alayna's memory, we are asking for your signature in support of the creation of a dog park to be named "Angel Alayna's Doggy Park" in the City of Watkins where we'll create a safe, fun space for the dogs of our community to run and play.

This petition, supported by the undersigned, is directed to the City Council and Park Officials of Watkins, Minnesota. Its goal is to support the construction of an enclosed, off-leash dog park in a centralized, convenient location within the city of Watkins. A full proposal is currently being developed that will be presented to the Watkins City Council along with this petition and signatures in April.

The park would be a designated area where residents and their well-behaved canine citizens can exercise and have fun in a clean, safe environment. We want to create a beautiful, well-maintained space open to all dog lovers and friends who will be willing to uphold the park’s rules and restrictions. This park will be designed to satisfy the needs of dog-owners and non-dog owners alike. We aim for this park to be a community project, supported in large part by volunteer dog advocates and maintained in partnership with the City of Watkins.

In many cities, dog parks are very common. You can view the list of dog parks in each city and state by visiting this website: . However, there are no public dog parks anywhere within a 30 minute drive of Watkins! The large number and success of dog parks all over the country demonstrates that when a group of concerned and responsible dog owners work together for a leash-free dog park, not only can this concept work but it can thrive and enrich the community.

Therefore, we are asking the City of Watkins to allow the construction of a dog park for the following reasons:

- To honor, celebrate and always remember Alanya and her love for dogs.

- There is not a current public dog park in our area to accommodate safe, off-leash dog activities.

- Such a park would allow families with dogs to spend more quality time with their pets.

- This park would increase opportunities for residents to interact with their neighbors and help create a sense of community.

- Many dogs need exercise above and beyond human limitations; furthermore, many dog owners do not have a yard where their dogs can spend time outside, and leashes greatly limit the dog’s space and pace.

- Socializing dogs is very beneficial to the community, since it makes them less skittish and can mitigate aggressive behavior when meeting other dogs and people.

- Regular exercise is great for any dog's longevity and weight control, and the overall effect of regular exercise makes most dogs calmer and better behaved.

Please help us create a dedicated space that allows our residents to exercise their canine family members and themselves as well as benefit the community as a whole!

9. Support People With Pets

As people with large dogs, we know how hard it is to find housing that allows pets and doesn't kill you with fees. We feel discriminated against by home owners and apartment owners. They allow children! To us our pets are our children, part of the family. We are just supposed to 'Get rid of them' when hard times come? We think there should be a law against charging people with pets so much and just being able to flat out say no. It is discrimination. Pets are family and have no one besides us.

10. Plan to Cut Funds from the ACFA Program

Governor Eric Greitens of Missouri wants to cut $433,000 from the Animal Care Facilities Act Program. As a member of a dog rescue group, Act Now! Rescue, this cut would encourage the continuing deplorable conditions and abuses of Missouri puppy mills. We would like the Governor to reconsider this cut in funding, so that dogs currently covered under the ACPA will be treated humanely.

11. Free Shelter Dogs

Instead of keeping stray dogs caged in shelters, lets set them free on a large fenced-in tract of countryside. Dog sanctuaries already exist in many spots around the world, and are a much more cost effective and humane way of housing homeless animals. We want to create one in St. Louis Missouri to act as an example of how animals can be given better lives.

12. ASPCA Please Stop the Horrific Ads!

Toward the end of every year, charitable organizations run ads or campaigns to boost their funds for the next year.

The ASPCA is no different, but their methods are different from most animal rescue groups. They spend MILLIONS of DOLLARS every year with the saddest ads that show animals in the direst of straits. Here is the latest Annual Report.

We can't tolerate it anymore! It's exploitative and reprehensible.

13. Prevent municipalities in Lebanon from shooting stray dogs

After the heartless shooting of a stray dog in the region of Jdeideh, that had recently given birth to a number of puppies (left afterwards freezing in the streets), by a police man of the Jdeideh Bauchrieh Sed municipality, we ask the municipalities and the relative authorities to take action against this kind of procedures in Lebanon.

The systematic killing of stray dogs is a barbaric and middle-aged act that doesn't represent or reflect the opinions and views of the people. This is unacceptable, especially given the recent decision made by the North Lebanon Governor, Juge Ramzi Nohra, after his meeting with BETA, following a similar case in Tripoli, to forbid the shooting of stray dogs for all the municipalities affiliated to the North Governarate.

14. Valparaiso Public Dog Park

Valparaiso is a great place to live with a lot of wonderful attractions and businesses to offer. Our town is beautiful and full of life. One part of our lives are our fur-friends.

Valparaiso already holds a great event for our dogs, and our town is supportive of our members. Valparaiso Parks are a great part of our town, and there is room for us to improve. A safe space for our dogs to run free and mix with other dogs would be a great addition to the quality of life in our awesome town.

Since 2010 Valparaiso has understood the benefits a Dog Park can provide. We ask that this idea is implemented post haste.

15. Beware Bobcats

Bobcats and coyotes are a growing problem for both pets and people in North Texas.

Currently local government is reluctant to even acknowledge the problem, much less address the severity of this epidemic.

16. HELP SAVE Brechfa Forest Barns - totally dog friendly holiday cottages


We stand to lose our home, our business and the dream that we have worked so hard to achieve if permission for 9 ENORMOUS INDUSTRIAL WIND TURBINES (the largest in Wales) are granted for placement within a stone's throw of our home and business - THE NEAREST JUST 1000M FROM US on Llanllwni Mountain. They will be 500ft TALL (150m) with a propeller span LARGER THAN THE LONDON EYE.

Our 2 multi-award winning tourism businesses which thrive on the beauty of the local landscape plus the peace, quiet & tranquility of the stunning local area will suffer immeasurably. The sight of these from the cottages plus the noise and underground vibration they omit will be the death of Brechfa Forest Barns - totally dog friendly holiday cottages and MudTrek Mountain Bike Breaks. Worse still, there are very real potential health threats due to the proximity of them to us. Our property will be devalued or worse still become worthless and therefore unsaleable.

This affects not only us but the whole of the local area and it's economy. We are not against green energy. We are against the energy companies putting these monsters so very close to dwellings on low populated countryside just because there are less individuals to fight them.

PLEASE - we are not asking for money - just your signature. We need as many as possible. And if you think it won't help you are wrong - we have fought and won these greedy companies twice already in this way and YOUR SIGNATURE WILL MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE. How will it affect you? It won't. All you will receive is a letter of acknowledgement.

Thank you, thank you, thank you in anticipation.

Nikki & Jason


Please help us stop the euthanasia of thousands of Pit Bulls and dogs that even resemble Pit Bulls.

Statistics show that this kind of action does not help nor stop incidents from happening!

Knowledge and being a responsible pet owner is the key.

18. Off Leash Dog Park for the Rittman area

Many people have dogs and know that a socialized and exercised dog makes a good dog.

To live in Rittman Ohio if we want to take our dogs to an off leash dog park we either have to drive to Wooster or Medina which may be time consuming to those who have a busy schedule.

19. Save Gannons Dog Park Peakhurst

On Monday 5th September, council began works on the Gannons Park Shared Pedestrian & Cycling Path. This new development has apparently had extensive residential discussion about this topic, however, myself and MANY other residents who live within a 5 minute walk (including someone who has live across the road from the dog park for 20 years) have never been consulted or warned. I have lived here for approximately 5 years and have never had any information about this.

There is an extremely large amount of people who love using this off leash dog park, it is one of a kind! There is no where in Sydney like it. There is enough space that even dogs who are a little anxious can enjoy some off lead exercise without having other people and dogs (and cyclists) intruding their space.

People come from all over to enjoy this space with mans best friend. It is beautiful, spacious and safe. No where in Sydney can we enjoy such a large open space, without concerns of traffic nearby, without fences that force us to be too close to every other dog in the area!

Not to mention Hurstville All Breeds Dog Training. This is a fantastic volunteer run organisation who help 100's of people learn how to train their dogs every Saturday afternoon. Imagine how this will turn out with people speeding around a cycling track! They have been there for years helping the community learn how to train and handle their pets - and they weren't even made aware of this development until works were already underway!

People who try to do the right thing and train their dogs will have an awfully hard time doing so if there are cyclists speeding around. On any given Saturday there can be up to 50 people training down there.

Most afternoons there are so many people and their best mates enjoying this space. This will be destroyed.

No matter how well trained our canine friends are, a bicycle speeding past can set them off. They may be scared (i know my beautiful boy is scared of bikes, this is why we hang out down there as there are none), they may be excited and chase them - dogs chase things!

We dont let them off lead in upper Gannons for 2 reasons:
1 - It is not allowed
2 - sports with people running, balls flying and people riding bikes are a huge distraction and encourage dogs to chase!

Perhaps creating a cycling track in Evatt Park in Lugarno would be more appropriate? It is not an off leash area, therefore would not be affecting the small amount of freedom our dogs get.

The idea of putting in a bike track in an off leash dog park is clearly a bad idea. What is going to happen when a cyclist comes speeding through the park and a dog becomes over excited and chases it, or a small child riding their bike down there scares a dog and it chases them. Small children on bikes and scooters are generally a scary situation for dogs!

Please stop the works, please don't take away the best thing Peakhurst has! Please dont take away our only safe space to play off leash with our dogs!

Save our Dog Park!



Ова е петиција од името на сопствениците на домашни миленици од Општина Аеродром, Општина Центар, Општина Карпош и останатите општини во Град Скопје за изградба на парк за миленици во Општина Аеродром и Општина Центар и оддржување на единствените паркови за миленици во Населбата Козле (на улица Т. Гологанов) и во Градскиот Парк.


Паркот за миленици кој се наоѓа во Градскиот Парк на Град Скопје околу четири години односно од самото отворање не е оддржуван и реновиран. Во најавата за отворањето на паркот на следниот линк: ,

е најавено дека:
"во внатрешноста на паркот има чешма од која ќе можат да пијат вода миленичињата, поставени се и клупи за одмoрање на сопствениците на миленичињата и три специјализирани канти со ролна со големи и мали кеси за собирање на изметот од кучињата."

Би сакале да пријавиме дека:

- цевката кај чешмата за вода е распукана и постојано тече вода од страните,
- повеќето клупи за одморање се искршени од несовесни граѓани,
- од трите специјализирани канти со ролна со големи и мали кеси за собирање на измет од кучињата останати се само три обични скршени канти и без никакви кеси кои беа поставени еднократно на самото отворање на паркот


Паркот за миленици кој се наоѓа на ул. Т. Гологанов околу три и половина години односно од самото отворање не е оддржуван и реновиран освен реконструкцијата која ја изврши "Паркови и Зеленило - Скопје" пред 5 месеци, а во најавата за реконструкција на паркот на следниот линк:

е најавено дека:
"Во Паркот за миленици деновиве екипите на ЈП“Паркови и зеленило„ извршија реконструкција на веќе постоечката опрема за рекреација на миленици.Со вкупно 24м3 се изврши промена на старата, со нова бела ризла, а се изврши и бојадисување-премачкување на реквизитите од дрво со соодветна боја за заштита."

Би сакале да пријавиме дека:

- цевката кај чешмата за вода е распукана и постојано тече вода од страните,
- од трите специјализирани канти со ролна со големи и мали кеси за собирање на измет од кучињата останати се само три обични скршени канти и без никакви кеси кои беа поставени еднократно на самото отворање на паркот
- нема поставено ниту една клупа за одморање
- опремата за рекреација на милениците е повеќе од 70 проценти уништена, а од самите даски излегуваат зарѓани шајки кои можат да повредат или трајно оштетат некое милениче или некој човек, а одговорност ќе се бара од Град Скопје


Сакаме да ве известиме дека бројката на домашни миленици во Општина Аеродром и Општина Центар е огромна и постојано расте. Поради високите казни и глоби кои повеќето од нас ги имаме платено за несоодветна прошетка на куче (без маска или висечка маска и пуштање на милениците од ланец во локалните зелени површини или паркови), секојдневното сме приморани да ги носиме нашите миленици до најблискиот заграден парк за миленици, а нашиот избор е лимитиран (парк во Козле, парк во Градски Парк).

Исто така направивме истражување и се информиравме за пописите и популацијата на кучиња во Град Скопје, а бројките се следни: (ова е неофицијална информација, се претпоставува дека бројката на нерегистрирани кучиња е многу поголема)

- повеќе од 14000 регистрирани кучиња / со педигре или родовник
- повеќе од 20000 нерегистрирани кучиња / без педигре или родовник
(извор: Кинолошки Сојуз на Македонија, Агенција за храна и ветеринарство)

АПЕЛИРАМЕ до Советот на Град Скопје, градоначалникот на Град Скопје, советот на општините Аеродром, Центар и Карпош и градоначалниците на овие општини да се спроведе систем за неделно одржување на веќе постоечките паркови за миленици и да се изгради нов парк за миленици во Општина Аеродром и Општина Центар.

21. Stop Bulls/Horses used as "Bait"

To use these horses in Bullfighting... arggg!! They blindfold them...stuff their ears with cotton...vasoline in their nose...vocal cords are cut, so they can't Hear, Smell. See or Cry out in fear. Horses are a "prey" animal, they run if they are afraid.

This is a BARBARIC practice! It's CRUEL!

22. The Georgie Movement for Responsible Breeding

Recently my 1 year old puppy died as a result of over breeding and in-breeding. His death has been very hard but it has also made me realize it's time this ridiculousness stops!

I'm sick of seeing flat faced dogs and cats who struggle to breath properly, I'm tired of seeing sick dogs with a very under developed immune system just because the breeder decided to rip the litter away from their mothers breasts to that they can remain small.

Georgie was a casualty of this greed and stupidity! It's time it stops!

23. Allow acces for Django and friends at KOA Wakebord Brasov

Ni s-a interzis accesul cu Django si alte animale de companie intr-un mediu in aer liber pe motiv ca deranjeaza clientii. Eu personal l-am tinut langa mine tot timpul si nu i-am permis sa deranjeze pe cineva, ba din contra a incantat multa lume.

24. Reconvene CKC Disciplinary Committee Now

We are people active in the world of dog sports. We pay our dues, enter trials and shows, and care passionately about purebred dogs. We are the People the CKC needs.. We are extremely disappointed that the CKC disciplinary committee chose to defer a hearing on a case where both parties were present and the evidence was available for review.

A CKC judge has been charged under the OSPCA Act with permitting animals to be in distress and 4 counts of failing to provide standards of care. These are serious charges. Not making a decision at this time is unfair to both parties. The accused, if guilty, is continuing to represent the CKC and all breeders and judges and it reflects badly on all of us. If found not guilty he will be able to get on with his life without these charges hanging over his head.

25. Planning Permission for a Canine Rehabilitation, Behaviour and Training Centre in Norwich

Having been a professional in the area for the last 20 years, I have tried 3 times to set up a Dog Training Centre in industrial units with non-slippery rubber surface and management facilities to help finally settle my dog behaviour counselling and training business - give it premises -, but I got rejected.

When I realised that I would not get a planning permission for any industrial unit in the city, I purchased a land close to the A47 bypass, on Intwood Road, Cringleford - a woodlands and meadow area -, with the purpose of building a Centre for puppy / dog socialisation and training.

Currently I am applying for the Change of Use and to put a Pre Fabricated Building on the site.

The Building would be placed as a continuation of the access track, and would only take up about half an acre out of the 5 acre Meadow and Woodland area that belongs to me. So no wildlife - birds, rabbits, squirrels - will be affected, once all the services will be provided indoors.

26. Remove and stop Facebook profiles that promote Animal Cruelty

Facebook has a policy on human rights and you are able to make a compliant about a profile if it's human based.

There is no provision to ask Facebook to remove or ban profiles that are promoting or bragging about hunting or cruelty to animals.

Animal do have rights and as a race should respect every living creature on the planet.

27. Create an off-leash dog park within Orchard Community Park in Burlington

The purpose of this petition is to gather signatures from residents who support the creation of an fenced off-leash dog park within Orchard Community Park in Burlington.

28. Designate the Border Collie the Official State Dog of Wyoming

Paws and Claws is proud to support the efforts of the Kemmerer Student Council of Canyon Elementary School.

The children along with Student Council sponsors Ben and Audrey Anne Weber have started a petition to have the Border Collie named as the official state dog of Wyoming.

29. Urging Alan Tobin to remove the dangerous breeds signs in Meath

These signs need to be removed until Alan Tobin goes and educates himself on dog breeds and attack rates of which breeds are not mentioned on his signs erected in Co. Meath.

He states on his social media account "I can't believe people still think these breeds are ideal family pets" insulting millions of pet owners worldwide. It is unacceptable and scaremongering people on certain breeds does not make the current stigma against these breeds any easier to get past.

Please sign!


30. Help Preserve Golden Forest Pond as a Clean, Safe, and Enjoyable Park

There are a number of parks in Vaughan that are littered with garbage and dog excrement. Golden Forest Pond is just one of them that I believe needs immediate action due to the impact the litter has on the environment where ducks and other wildlife live.

Golden Forest Pond is located in Maple, just west of Peter Rupert Avenue and north of Rutherford Road. For years, this pond has been littered with trash such as plastic bottles, coffee cups, bags, paper, beer cans, wine bottles, boxes, old toys, food wrappers, shopping carts and more! Not only is this garbage unattractive to look at, even worse, it is having a severely negative impact on the environment where the ducks and other wildlife live.

The garbage that is scattered near the pond is now getting into the water where wildlife swim, which could cause them to become trapped and die. It is upsetting that in this neighbourhood such a beautiful pond is being littered with trash—this is unacceptable. On October 16th 2015, I contacted the City of Vaughan, and a work order was created which addressed the problem of littering and people not picking up after their pets. I also sent them pictures as evidence. I emailed a list of the actions that they should take immediately before the problem worsens.

The list included:
1. The garbage needs to be picked up and properly disposed of soon.
2. There should be garbage bins placed along the pathway.
3. There should be “No Dumping” or “No Littering” signs near the pond.

I never received a response from the City. On Monday May 2nd and Wednesday May 4th 2016, I went to Golden Forest Pond with a garbage bin, gloves, and signs, and started cleaning the park myself. During the seven months since I made the work order no changes were implemented. The littering problem actually got worse…much worse. On May 2nd I took pictures, and I removed a shopping cart that had been dumped right beside the pond. On May 4th I spent 5 hours cleaning, and I ended up clearing out one full trash bag of dog excrement, and two full trash bags of recyclable materials. However, I was not able to finish; I only cleared about 20% of the garbage in the pond, and there’s still lots more that needs to be done.

On May 5th 2016, I called the City for an update on the work order. They told me that on November 17th 2015 City employees went out to inspect the site. They concluded that: “No dumping was found. Regular debris and garbage picked up. No illegal dumping signs required.” They closed the case. I refuse to accept this response from the City. Much more needs to be done.

The next step will be to escalate the issue by contacting the Councilor for Ward 4, as well as the Mayor of Vaughan. In order to do that I need the public’s help. Please support this cause by signing the petition. Together we can make change happen!