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1. STOP Apollo Borough Council’s Unethical Ordinances, NOW!

Apollo Borough is a small town with mostly non-wealthy residents. The Apollo Borough Council decided to put some Ordinances into effect that is totally unethical and discriminating to the local property owners. Here is one example:
Vacant Property Registration Fee Schedule (if a property is not a residence, rented or running a business the borough charges $35-40 fee for an inspection [invasion of personal privacy] in an attempt to find something that they can complain about and charge property owners to fix within a specific short time as the council determines) and if the property isn't inhabited:
less than one year the fee is $250
1 year vacant the fee is $500
2 years vacant the fee is $1000
3-4 years vacant the fee is $2000 each year
5-9 years vacant the fee is $3500 each year
10 years vacant the fee is $5000
An additional $500 will be applied for every year of vacancy beyond 10 years!
This even includes property that is being used as a storage garage - totally unethical!

There is a lot more that the GREEDY council is trying to get out of the property owners in Apollo but too much to add in this location. It is all about GREED! and is destroying the peaceful residents and property owners of our small town. Many just don't have that kind of money to waste on nothing by being forced to pay exorbitant fees to Apollo Borough Council. This has got to STOP!

2. Pennsylvania to legalize marijuana

Pennsylvania is in desperate need of a change.

We need jobs, and most importantly, a new sustainable revenue source. What if there was a way to create hundreds of jobs, explode the housing market, and create 100 million dollars per year in new tax revenue, without costing taxpayers a dime. The answer is quite simple, legalize marijuana.

Instead of waiting, and being the least progressive state in the country.. Let us get on board a booming industry in its growth stage. How about Pennsylvania becomes "One of the first," instead of "One of the last."

"We the people," need to let our voices be heard.

3. Save the Stone Barn on Illg’s property

There is an English style stone barn on the Illg property at 356 Folly Road in Warrington Township PA. This type of barn was replaced by larger Pennsylvania bank barns in the early 19th century. There are very few English style stone barns remaining in Bucks County. According to a 1988 Heritage Conservancy report, this stone barn dates c1802. In preserving the barn, its not only a tribute to old barns but also the history of the Illg property, the Illg Family, and their hard work and dedication to Warrington.

The developer, David Cutler, has submitted a development plan to subdivide the Illg property. We are interested in seeing the developer save the stone barn. Our attempt to communicate our concerns with the developer has been unanswered.

We have also voiced our concerns to the Warrington Township Planning Commission. One of the Warrington Township Supervisors is also aware of our objection to the demolition of this rare barn.

We make the appeal based on the Warrington Township Zoning Ordinance, General Provision, Ord. 85-2,3/5/1985, § 105; as amended by Ord. 07-05, 3/27/207, § 1, which (in part)… “mandates standards to minimize negative impacts on natural environment while preserving the environment which includes the cultural and historical resources of the Township.”

4. Stop Service Cuts for Mental & Physical Health Services

According to the DPW, Erie, Pennsylvania has been classified as a rural area instead of urban based on average income for the area. Erie fell short of 'urban' status because it was grouped with smaller counties such as Forest County, Clarion, Warren, and Venango.

Because of this, a lot of organizations (Barber National Institute, etc). that provide services to those with physical and mental disabilities (such as autism, down syndrome, visual impairments, hearing impairments, mobility impairments etc.) are getting a 7% decrease in state dollars for funding. The reclassification from urban to rural means that the DPW reduced reimbursements for caregivers of those with developmental disabilities.

According to Erie County government director of human services, Shari Gross, the new model cuts funding for Erie, and doesn't produce any overall savings.

This will not only affect certain people. It will affect a ton of children, adults and families who suffer and need mental and/or physical health services.

5. BARCO Dog Park

This petition, supported by the undersigned, is directed to the Mayor, Borough Council and Park Officials of Boyertown, Pennsylvania. Its goal is to support the construction of an enclosed, off-leash dog park in a centralized, convenient location within the Boyertown Area School District. A full proposal is currently being developed that will be presented to the Borough along with this petition.

This park would be a designated area where residents and their well-behaved canine citizens can exercise and have fun in a clean, safe environment. We want to create a beautiful, well-maintained space open to all dog lovers and friends who will be willing to uphold the park’s rules and restrictions. This park will be designed to satisfy the needs of dog-owners and non-dog owners alike. We aim for this park to be a community project, supported in large part by volunteer dog advocates and maintained in partnership with the Borough of Boyertown.

In many cities, dog parks are very common. You can view the list of dog parks in each city and state by visiting this website: . However, there are no public dog parks anywhere within a 20 minute drive of Boyertown! The large number and success of dog parks all over the country demonstrate that when a group of concerned and responsible dog owners work together for a leash-free dog park, not only can this concept work but it can thrive and enrich the community.

Research shows that property values near dog parks increases, sometimes significantly. For example, in one San Francisco neighborhood, property values rose approximately 900% within five years of the construction of a dog park (and that’s not a type-o!) Consider this: parks increase the livability of a city and provide for a better sense of community. The more parks a city has, and the more variety of parks a city has, the higher its property values tend to be. Moreover, research shows a great reduction in crime in neighborhoods with dog parks. Who would want to commit a crime with fifteen dogs and their owners watching? (source: )

Therefore, we are asking the Borough of Boyertown to allow the construction of a dog park for the following reasons:

- There is not a current public dog park in our area to accommodate safe, off-leash dog activities.

- Such a park would allow families with dogs to spend more quality time with their pets.

-Having such a park located in the rear wooded currently unused portion of the Boyertown Community Park would promote better use of this land area and deter crime through higher foot-traffic and video surveillance.

- Such a park would reduce angst between dog owners, non-owners, police and park authorities regarding dog access to other city parks.

- This park would increase opportunities for residents to interact with their neighbors and help create a sense of community.

- Many dogs need exercise above and beyond human limitations; furthermore, many dog owners do not have a yard where their dogs can spend time outside, and leashes greatly limit the dog’s space and pace.

- Socializing dogs is very beneficial to the community, since it makes them less skittish and can mitigate aggressive behavior when meeting other dogs and people.

- Regular exercise is great for any dog's longevity and weight control, and the overall effect of regular exercise makes most dogs calmer and better behaved.

Please help us create a dedicated space that allows our residents to exercise their canine family members and themselves as well as benefit the community as a whole!

If you would like to be involved in our efforts, you can email or visit . We can update you on our next steps and see how you may be able to help out.

6. Neshaminy Mall (Bensalem, PA) is NOT a Babysitter!

I believe Neshaminy Mall should implement a Parental Escort Policy for the safety of others & to increase revenue for the stores of Neshaminy Mall.

Malls across America have started implementing a "parental escort policy," which means that teens under the age of 18 will have to be with a parent/guardian who is 21 or over in order to enter the mall. Most malls have these restrictions only on weekend evenings, but some are going so far as to keeping them in place 24-7.

The Mall of America has implemented this policy. Their website states the following…

“At Mall of America®, safety is a top priority.
We welcome all youth to Mall of America®, however on Friday and Saturday evening’s youth under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult 21 years or older from 4 p.m. until close. One adult may supervise up to 10 youth. During the Parental Escort hours, anyone 21 years or younger should be prepared to show a Mall of America employee identification card or one of the following photo I.D.'s:
▪ United States Driver's License
▪ United States State-issued I.D.
▪ Resident Alien Card
▪ Passport
▪ United States Military I.D.
▪ Mexican Consulate I.D.
▪ Canadian I.D.
No form of college or high school I.D. will be accepted, even if accompanied by a state driver's license permit application.
To obtain a Minnesota State Identification Card, contact your local driver exam office, driver’s license renewal office, or call 651-296-6911”

Since Neshaminy Valley Mall has a movie theater, another mall, Boulevard at Capital Centre in Largo, Maryland, has implemented this policy as well…

“Youths under the age of 18 must determine pick-up arrangements prior to 9:00 p.m. or immediately upon store closing or end of movie. Youths remaining at the Boulevard for the purpose of shopping at a retail establishment after 9:00 p.m. must be picked up at that location.”

An article featured in Time Magazine entitled “Bye-Bye Mall Rats” by Julie Rawe; states, “46 of the 1,200 enclosed malls in the U.S. have adopted parental-escort policies, and others are likely to join them soon…” The article goes on to later state, “As more kids flock to shopping centers, walkways get blocked, older customers jostled and strollers overturned amid the horseplay. Even teens blame their peers. "People just hang out there and do dumb stuff, and we have to pay for it," says Jordan Keinert, 17...”

The safety of others is not the only reason why this policy should be set into place. Mid Rivers Mall (St.Louis, Missouri) put their "parental escort policy" in action and they reported a higher percentage of customers and sales. After a month, their mall traffic was up 5% on Friday/Saturday nights, and depending on the category, sales went up 3% - 10%.

An article featured on ABC entitled “New Policies Exterminating Teen Mall Rats” states the following “…"There has to be a balance," …"The problem a developer has is if it becomes a hangout, it becomes scary for older customer. That's the department store customer, and that's the anchor of the center.” Castaldo of Crossgates Mall said sales across his mall have gone up as older customers have felt welcome again, and now that kids come in with mom and dad's wallets. "Now instead of teens just spending $10 on something, parents are coming in with their credit cards,"

I believe Neshaminy Mall should implement a Parental Escort Policy for the safety of others & to increase revenue for the stores of Neshaminy Mall. Help make this happen by signing this petition & writing to Neshaminy Mall through their website,

7. Save the Dover Post Office

The Dover PA Post Office has been one of the 3700 post office's listed nationally by the USPS on July 26, 2011 as being reviewed for possible closure. The USPS has indicated that in replacement of a closed post office they would like to create what they are calling a "Village Post Office".

These types of VPO's will only have limited services available unlike a real Post Office. The Post Office's listed for possible closure on average turn in $50 in revenue a day, are not on major roads or near major intersections, have limited parking to list a few items of concern, all of which do not apply to the Dover PA Post Office.

8. Support children riding the bus in the CASD...

A family just moved within CASD and they have a 6 year old daughter that attends school. The parents were informed by the Transportation Department that the school bus WILL NOT transport her child due to the "Adopted Board Policy #810", which states the following, State law permits schools to have a walking distance of 2 miles for secondary school students and 1 ½ miles for elementary schools.

Our District's School Board of Directors has reduced these distances for our students. As indicated in Board Policy #810, the walking distance for secondary students is 1 ½ miles and 1 mile for elementary students. The State laws has the walking distance for secondary students to 2 miles and 1 1/2 for elementary students.

9. Make it illegal in PA to protest funerals

We have all heard of the Westboro Baptist Church sometime or another. They picket at soldiers funerals,little children's funerals and anyone they think is a "act of God" or a punishment for sins PA or the US has caused.

I want to make sure that they can not legally petition in PA ever again! This is not a fair to the families in mourning, or respectful to the dead. It is a form of harassment and it needs to end.

10. PA Equality

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

11. Parental Alienation (PA) is Child Abuse just like Sexual or Other Forms of Abuse

What Can a Court Do About PAS?

Research and applied knowledge of PAS in the UK legal system appears minimal, though this does seem to be slowly changing. It has been noted in recent court cases in the UK that PAS is not an accepted legal entity in UK law or in mainstream psychiatry and psychological practice.

Most legal systems usually require that the views of the child are considered. According to the Children’s Act of 1989, the first item listed is establishing the wishes and feelings of the child concerned. The problem with this, as some Father’s Rights advocates have pointed out, the courts are not trying to determine if there is alienation happening on the part of the mother and consequently the father is unjustly deprived of the child due to this possible programming.

Some father’s rights groups have lobbied for PAS to be accepted in courts of law, but the concept has met with some resistance as it has not been recognized as yet as a legitimate syndrome. Advocates of the concept have avoided this debate by simply referring to it as Parental Alienation and sidestepping the legal issue of whether it’s an accepted psychological syndrome. Women’s advocacy groups argue that it is gender bias or biased on favor of the non-custodial parent, which in the majority of cases happens to be the father.

Courts in the UK have generally been reluctant to rely upon Parental Alienation Syndrome in deciding custody cases. Critics of Parental Alienation Syndrome claim that it is not a widely accepted theory and that it lacks a widely agreed upon definition. This is why some parents in court cases have simply referred to the situation as Parental Alienation. It is obvious that in many cases one parent will alienate the other in order to win their case and therefore, custody of the child. The end justifies the means, as it were. Arguing the case from this point of view seems to have a better chance of getting heard than if one went directly for PAS. Of course, even Parental Alienation is difficult to prove. Often the arguments dissolve into hearsay. Keep a diary of daily events and communications between yourself and the other parent. This helps a great deal in custody cases in general.

The key to success when arguing for PAS in a custody case would appear to hinge on obtaining a psychologist willing to go out on that limb and argue that it is in fact PAS. Once past that hurdle, it is then a matter of whether the court will accept this testimony or not. As it is with many cases, this might simply depend upon the judge.

The good news is that all of this is changing. It is a slow process, but it is moving in the right direction. If you are getting a solicitor, it is possible to find one who specializes in this field. There are some who are familiar with it, but who do not focus on it. Magistrate’s courts tend to be dominated by female magistrates. These tend to be less sympathetic to the father’s case that the judges in a higher court would. If possible avoid a magistrate’s court and try to get a county court. If your Court Welfare Officer is not reporting your case correctly, you can refuse to accept the appointed CWO. Make a list of questions that you would like the CWO to ask and prepare the answers as well. It is important that you notify your CWO of any mistake or omissions early. Keep a diary and copies of all communications between yourself and the other parent.

Essentially, when dealing with PAS, there is much that the court can do, but everything depends upon a judge’s willingness to accept PAS as a real syndrome. Barring that, the only other option appears to be to avoid the legal ramifications of trying to push through a theory that is not universally accepted and argue simple alienation. The concept of one parent alienating the other is easily understood and then the case will be decided upon whether alienation itself is proven.

12. Philadephia, PA area Dallas Cowboy Football Fans

There are lots of Dallas Cowboy football fans in the Philadlephia, PA area. Let's host a rally during the upcoming 2009 season, the day before the Dallas-Phillly game played in Philly.

I have the perfect place in mind.

13. Bring Britney Spears to Philadelphia, PA!

I was happy to find out that Britney Spears was going back on tour in 2009, but then I found out she wasn't coming to my city...Philadelphia, PA!

Philadelphia is one her of her top 10 sale markets so I was confused as to why she wasn't making a stop in Philly on her Circus Tour?! Philly loves Britney Spears and she is welcomed with open arms!

14. Criminalize Marital Rape in Pennsylvania

A woman has a constitutional right to be safe in her person. That right should not be sacrificed upon marriage.

Marital rape in Pennsylvania is NOT a crime unless the parties are legally separated.

15. Lift PA parole ban

Gov. Ed Rendell on Monday halted the early release of state prison inmates. Stopping the release of inmates because of what one person has done is unfair and unjust.

16. Erie County needs more animal control officers! STOP SHOOTING DOGS!

I have lived in Erie County all of my life.

I know these events are true from the media, and witnesses. I also know Erie does not have a reduced cost spay/neuter program, nor a catch/fix/release program for feral cats.

17. Verizon DSL for rural Osceola, PA near Pleasant Valley Rd

The town areas of Osceola and Elkland, Pennsylvania have access to DSL.

The Elkland and Osceola town areas have access to both DSL and Cable internet access.

It is unfair that the town areas have access to high speed internet service through Verizon and/or broadband access, when the rural areas have access to only slow dial-up.

Verizon has stated that if 13 households in an area that does not have access to DSL signs a petion stating that they would be willing to sign up for a one year contract for DSL through Verizon, then they would use this to speed up the process of connecting this area to the service. The more households that sign up, the faster the service will come to us.

18. Do not prosecute the 3 Cubans who entered their waters peacefully


For 42 years the Cuban military government has divided the Cuban families and their nation and has established a very lucrative industry from that division at the rate of one billion dollars annually. Practically every family unit has been divided. Even Castro's own family has been affected from his own totalitarian policies with his daughter Alina and sister Juanita both living in exile.

To keep this infamous policy in place (and the profits from family division), Castro discriminates his own countrymen who live outside Cuba. A "visa" system has been established for Cubans living aboard to return to their homeland to see their families. They have to acquire a visa as if they were foreigners in their own homeland so that they can be limited in the days that they may stay in Cuba. Castro then uses the visa to discriminate who can visit and who cannot. This is a clear violation of Article 13th of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of which Cuba is a signatory. More so when Castro allows American vessels from the Florida Keys to enter Cuba without a visa for 72 hours while prohibiting Cubans from the United States from doing the same, a clear practice of discrimination based on national origins.

For many years now, the Democracy Movement, a non-violent, pro-democracy civil and human rights advocacy organization has been struggling to reunite the Cuban People in their homeland with growing support both in exile and in the Island. Requests addressed to the Cuban Government have been ignored. Attempts to peacefully exercise the "right to return" have been met with violence. Unfortunately, the US Government has succumbed to Castro's threats of a massive exodus to the US and Washington came up a Presidential Proclamation (6867) under which it joins the Cuban regime in discriminating Cuban nationals --more directly the members of the Democracy Movement--in what relates to the right to return to one's homeland. Presidential Proclamation is selectively enforced against the Democracy Movement: in the six years since it was enacted, three thousand permits have been given by the US Coast Guard to Americans to enter Cuba by boat and only three have been denied--all three from the Democracy Movement. This is even recognized by the US Coast Guard in their own web page Under the Proclamation only three vessels have been confiscated since it was enacted: the "M/V Democracia", the "M/V Human Rights" and the "M/V My Right To Return Home", all three from the Democracy Movement. Since enacted, only three people have been criminally charged and are now facing trial: Ramon Saul Sanchez, Alberto Perez and Pablo Rodriguez, all three, leaders of the Democracy Movement.

These three men are facing 15 years incarceration each and $10,000 fine for having peacefully entered their waters on July 14, 2001, during a memorial flotilla to drop flowers and say prayers for the innocent children and adults that had been murdered by Cuban gunboats in those same waters on July 13, 1994.

Serious constitutional violations exist in this case. Equally serious are the violations of universally recognized rights, such as the right to return to one's country, the right to free travel, the right to freedom of expression, the right to equal treatment under the law and to not be discriminated against based on nationality and beliefs, etc.; all done--according to the Proclamation's main objective--to preserve "international relations" with the murderer of thousands of Cubans, a renown sponsor of international terrorism, a denounced torturer by the Geneva Convention on Human Rights, and a preacher of hatred and violence against the People of the United States and other nations of the world he dislikes.

Please, make the difference by petitioning the President of the United States, Mr. George W. Bush, to stop prosecution against Ramon Saul, Pablo and Alberto, and to rescind Presidential Proclamantion, 6867. Help us bring down the walls of family division that have caused and continue to cause so much suffering to millions of human beings both in Cuba and in the US.

For additional information, please e-mail us at or call 305-264-7200. Someday the today oppressed people of Cuba will be able to reunite freely in their homeland, and we will not forget those who raised their voices for us in the midst of our plight.