Minister for Education and Skills, Jan O'Sullivan T.D.

Reform the English language learning sector for international students in Ireland.

In the last year, 15 schools have closed without notice. In nearly all cases, students were left entirely out of pocket, and no recourse or remedy.

In one instance a student from Nepal lost four times his annual salary on pre-paid school fees. In another case a Brazilian family lost half of their life savings on fees, travel and accommodation for their daughter's wasted trip to Ireland.

Will the Minister recognise at once;

- The disarray in the English language school sector
- The distress caused to students who have lost money this way
- The anxiety among students who fear their school might close

Will the Ministers seek to reform the sector immediately;

- By conducting more rigorous due diligence on prospective entrants into the education sector
- By ensuring companies providing education to international students, have capital reserves robust enough to withstand cash flow problems
- By vigorously monitoring English language schools balance sheet, via the Dept of Finance
- By creating a dedicated office to assist students bereft in this way

In order to restore and protect Ireland's reputation as a destination for International Students will the Minister make a statement outlining her concerns, and what plans she has to deal with this egregious situation?

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