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1. payza scaming poeple

Payza is an e-wallet in it terme of use they say that if a costumer make a dispute against a merchand in 45 days and if the merchand dont respond to the dispute payza has to refund its costumer , but in the case of they didn't refund poeple , and claimed that the fund are hold by the SEC in USA but it's not true because the land bank of payza is in Estonia (Europe).
هذا البنك بان على حقيقته ، بالرغم من أن الناس رفعوا نزاعاتهم ضد ت.م قبل فوات المهلة المحددة لذلك و هي 45 يوم إلا أنه استمر في المماطلة تقريبا سنة كاملة و في الأخير أغلق تلك النزاعات كلها مدعيا أن الأموال في يد السيك ، و هذا كذب لأن الألايد وولت أرجعت أموال الناس بالرغم من حجر الهيئة ، لأن هذه الهيئة لم تحجر على الأموال المودعة في الأبناك الإلكترونية بل حجزت فقط على حساب شارل سكوفيل ، و خاصة أن بنك پايزا موجود في إستونيا و ليس في الولايات المتحدة

2. Unban Account

Ive been playing ourworld since 2011.
Ourworld Zoe is who took a look at my ticket. Ive never had problems with them before until now, because you know you can't just let go of an account you've been on for year, and have spent time on gaining items.
I couldn't get on my account, so i asked why. Zoe replied with its been banned for selling items its theft. Something along those lines. I never forced someone to buy an item, nor did i scam anybody. I know its against the rules but i was just trying to get back some of the money I've spent on the game.

All i want is my account, obviously i probably won't sell anymore because i can't risk it. Its just really unfair that people who do scam get away with it "virtual theft". They won't do anything to a scammer. But, they will to someone who hasn't scammed.

3. Stop Hippo Cull in Luangwa

The Zambian Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW - formerly ZAWA) has issued licenses to professional hunting outfitters in 2016 onward to ‘cull’ hippos in the South Luangwa, Zambia. DNPW are calling these hunts a wildlife management tool.

The number of hippos set to be slaughtered: “The bag is 400 a year, there is talk of the bag being 4 hippo's a day for 5 years in four separate locations along the Luangwa River. The hunting season is 4 months duration. If this is the case, then it is potentially running to 2,000 hippos over 5 years, … a significant proportion of the hippo population in the Luangwa Valley.”

4. End English Language School Scams

Reform the English language learning sector for international students in Ireland.

In the last year, 15 schools have closed without notice. In nearly all cases, students were left entirely out of pocket, and no recourse or remedy.

In one instance a student from Nepal lost four times his annual salary on pre-paid school fees. In another case a Brazilian family lost half of their life savings on fees, travel and accommodation for their daughter's wasted trip to Ireland.

5. Shut Down the Scams - Bring integrity to Facebook

Facebook has become a place where people successfully circulate misinformation while hiding their identities.

6. Against the scam of the V.I.P made by weird-world

During the GazettE's show, two kind of places had been sold: regular and V.I.P. They both were expensive, however we absolutely wanted to put an end to this 6-year wait and to see at least this band live. We were joyful and very happy.

Some of us paid about 100 euros in order to have favours. We didn't expect great things, but maybe goodies or these kinds of things. We weren't expecting much, but not only a little cardboard around the neck and an hour earlier than the others.

I spoke to different leaders who told me that it was the group "weird-world" which was in charge of the organization in Europe. So I tried to speak to a man who worked for weird-world, and he was vague, bothered and he wasn't able to give me one explanation.

We can't blame it for the price, and we don't want a scandal which may scare the GazettE (after all, we are all eagger to see them again in our countries!)

That is why I decided to create this petition. In order to get an apology and explanations.

No matter if you had a regular or V.I.P ticket, if you didn't go to the concert or if you don't live in Europe. We only want support!

7. Dismiss Tony Abbott as PM & Employ a Biased Media Clause

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*** This petition will be updated each time we find new evidence to support the petition herein. Updates will be announced via the Facebook page mentioned above. You will have the opportunity to discuss the change, or remove your signature from the petition.


We, the undersigned, have read the petition herein and call upon you to:

1. Develop and employ a clause or Act in a Convention (or any appropriate documentation where it is not permitted to be altered or abolishing by any current serving Government) that prevents fictional articles and biased material, of Political nature, be published within media.

2. This clause/act should also stipulate that during an election campaign, policies are released, IN FULL, a minimum of two weeks before the end of the campaign.

3. Dismiss the current Prime Minister, Mr. Tony Abbott for acting unlawfully; for not acting in the best interests of Australia. Parliament should be immediately dissolved.

4. Upon point-three being unviable, a motion of no confidence be called; Any members who have ever been found guilty of parliamentary misconduct should be exclude from participating.

If a vote of no-confidence is successful, we request a new election campaign where
a) the Coalition is removed from representing, or
b) a temporary law be in place to insure the said proposal, in point-one and point-two, above.


Employ a clause or legislation:

Motivation for this proposal starts with the unjust media influence during the election campaign. We believe PM Tony Abbott won by default, rather than ability.

Our supporting evidence claims a Rally of powerful Liberal right-wing supporters bound together to politically “murder” their competition, Mr Kevin Rudd.

a) Rupert Murdoch's News Corp Australia and Fairfax Media Newspaper article's copiously displayed anti-Labor Government influences.

b) News Corp Australia:
i. publishes approximately 30 magazine titles across Australia and approximately 146 daily, Sunday, weekly, bi-weekly and tri-weekly newspapers. These are distributed nationally, within capital city metropolitan areas and groups of suburban newspapers in capital city suburbs.
ii. owns 50% of Foxtel and has a strong interest in many digital media companies such as Under the Abbott Government, the NBN delivers an advantage to Foxtel.
iii. Sydney Morning Herald reported that “News Corp hates the Labor government's national broadband network. The company has formed a view that it poses a threat to the business model of by far its most important asset in Australia, the Foxtel cable TV monopoly”
iv. Rupert Murdoch deployed Col Allan, who has a long history of producing pungent front-page splashes and pugnacious campaigns.
v. These media influences include one Daily Telegraph front page screaming “Kick this Mob Out”, another depicting Mr Rudd and Deputy Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, in Nazi uniforms, in an apparent homage to the 1960's TV show Hogan's Heros. An issue of News Corp-owned Sunday Telegraph showed Mr. Abbott's portrait in front of an Australian flag, above the large headline “AUSTRALIA NEEDS TONY.” The page nine editorial section stated “The Sunday Telegraph believes Mr Abbott is ready to lead Australia.”

c) We believe the conclusion of all the unfair media influences resulted in Mr Abbott needing to do nothing during the campaign, except deflect questions that he was asked and to avoid fully disclosing his policies. We believe he won by default, rather than ability.

Dismiss Prime Minister Tony Abbott:

We, the undersigned, believe that to rectify this scandal, the current Government should be directly removed. Alternatively, a motion of no confidence should be called.

To ensure media abuse does not occur in the future, a clause or Act should be inserted into the Convention (or any appropriate location) where it is not permitted to be altered or abolishing by any current government and where a representing party is to released their policies, in full, at least two weeks before the end of a campaign.

If a vote of no-confidence is successful, we request a new election campaign where:
a) the Coalition is removed from representing, for a period, at your discretion, or
b) a temporary law be in place to insure the said proposal, in point one, above.

8. Stop Free Parking for Councillors and Senior Officers

Councillors and Senior Officers of Wrexham County Borough Council receive the benefit of free parking at the Guildhall in Wrexham. The Council are reviewing parking income and this would be one way to raise income.

It is also unfair that those that earn the most (senior officers) get free parking whilst those that earn the least have to pay for parking.

Councillors receive allowances of between £13,500 and £47,000 and should pay for their own parking.

9. Stoping Illegal Marketing On YouTube

The amount of people promoting illegal scams continue to grow.

We are tired of this, and we want to shut them off of YouTube.

10. Change Mandatory Car Insurance Law

Several Canadian provinces (British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Quebec) provide a public auto insurance system while in the rest of the country insurance is provided privately.

Basic auto insurance is mandatory throughout Canada with each province's government determining which benefits are included as minimum required auto insurance coverage and which benefits are options available for those seeking additional coverage. Accident benefits coverage is mandatory everywhere except for Newfoundland and Labrador.

All provinces in Canada have some form of no-fault insurance available to accident victims. The difference from province to province is the extent to which tort or no-fault is emphasized. Typically, coverage against loss of or damage to the driver's own vehicle is optional.

11. Unfair eBay and PayPal Policies

Many people who use eBay, regularly or not, are probably aware of the restrictions set forth by eBay and PayPal's "Buyer Protection" scheme. Unfortunately what most people are not aware of, are the hideous policies that undermine the entire premise of "Buyer Protection".

eBay and PayPal both make buyers and sellers aware that Australians are legally entitled to a refund when an item is bought at a buy-it-now, or, store price. This means any items which you pay a set price for fall under Australian laws regarding refunds. However, eBay virtually enforces PayPal as a payment method which attempts to make purchasers feel safe. But, PayPal walks all over the law with the following two restrictions:-

1. PayPal will only allow you to dispute a transaction ONCE. This means that should you for any reason start a dispute for an item, be it not received, or not matching the item description etc, and you accept a partial refund for minor discrepancies, that is it. PayPal WILL NOT re-open the dispute should you wish to claim for the items warranty and the seller refuses. You are also NOT ALLOWED to start a second dispute for the item. This means that any and all warranty terms are thrown out the window.

2. Should you have a problem with an item AFTER PayPal's 45 day window of opportunity, the decision to refund falls entirely on the shoulders of the seller. Which means, even though they are required by law to give you a refund for an item, and should they refuse to respond to contact, refuse to issue the refund etc, PayPal WILL NOT assist you in obtaining the refund, even though they are the financial institution, or, "middle man" who handle anything from giving/receiving monies for the transaction to international exchange rates.

Contacting the police (as suggested by eBay and PayPal) WILL NOT help you in these matters, even if the items are counterfeit and you have an admission of that fact from the seller in writing, unless the value of the item you bought is worth $8,000AUD or more.

12. Stop illegally built homes in Spain

My Wife and i retired in England in 2002. Came to Spain for our Health. Found a Nice House in the Country side in Crevillente Alicante. Paid a Abogado or Solicitor to Protect us and Guild us through the Spanish Laws.

We did say to him that we want everything Legal. He said Solicitors in Spain do not Deal with anything Illegal. So we went ahead buying the Property. Next was the Notary who checked out Everything the Solicitor had done and checked with the Council.Signed the Deeds. Passed them onto the Land Registry.Who passed them back and the Notary Stamped the Deeds. Saying all is Well.

We Paid the Notary for the Value of the House, And his work he done, 4 000 Euros The Solicitor another 2 000 Euros.we moved in some days later. Found no Water. Got in touch with the Crevillente council who said your house is illegal;ly built so you will not get any mains water you must have the water delivered by truck now i am not the only is estimated by the European parliament to be well over a million of people who haven't got fresh mains Water.Paid out for Protection in buying a House by Solicitors and Notary and Land Registry and found we had been caught up in a S candle,You talk about your Human Rights, They have taken away all our Rights.And with it Committed Fraud. All the MEPs in the European Parliament, know all about this Scam.

Please get in touch with marta andreasen @ all the others MEPs in Germany. France. Britain Ireland. Belgium. I have, And they all are Fighting it.A friend who had Mains Water for 6 years has had it cut off last week. Here in Crevillente.If the Human Rights People want a Fight This is a good one, Where all of the European Parliament know about it. A Million or more old age People here in Spain. Are bringing in their Pensions to Spain Every Month from all over Europe, Think how many Millions of Euro s this is. Spain best Financial Gain.and they are Treating us like this. Going without Fresh Water is a must. But being Caught up in this Scam.By Spanish Legal Lawyers. Who are Laughing at us all. Please Please Help Us.

13. Boycott History, Discovery Channels for 2012 Prophecy Scare Tactics

It’s a well-known fact that since we first learned of the end of the current Mayan calendar on December 21st, 2012, there’s been much adieu of what will happen to the world. Many people believe that the world will come to an end in a “doomsday” fashion, destroying all of the worlds and plunging it into chaos. This is very similar to what would’ve supposedly happened if the Y2K bug shut down computers and caused widespread panic on January 1st, 2000 – a bug that never came into fruitation.

Many people who’ve fallen for this “end of the world” hype, and other related prophecies, including an alleged “Large Hadron Collider” that would cause a “big bang or create a large hole to destroy the world (this cited by the website,,) have either have fallen into a depression so deep that they can’t eat, sleep or focus on school, work or other life priorities. Even worse, these same people, many of them young children and teenagers, have either thought of, attempted, or committed suicide. A note-worthy example was a 16-year-old girl in India, who drank insecticide when she heard of the aforementioned LHC hype, courtesy of poorly-made and overhyped reports in the media.

The truth about 12/21/2012 is that is the world as we currently know it will come to an end, and will bring in a new era of perspective and (hopefully) a peace-loving future. However, according to, people such as Jose Argulles, Nancy Lieder and RJ Stewart, and websites as, continue to feed many people this disgusting lying nonsense for profiting purposes. “First they scare people to death that something terrible is going to happen, then publish books and videos on how to survive the apocalypse”. This is nothing more than a money-grabbing scam.

What’s shocking is that educational TV stations such as History and Discovery Channels, and National Geographic, are airing shows and specials that are backing up the claims to put more fear – using theories and false “evidence” rather than credible research – into the minds of those who already believe, or the more gullible who know nothing about this. This includes young children who watch these stations for educational purposes, in which many parents come to sites like 2012 Hoax for advice on how to tell them the truth about it. When these parents do, these children become confused until the truth sinks in after some time. It’s very unlikely they will stop this on their own, as this hyping is bringing in ratings and profits.

It’s unbelievable that networks such as History and Discovery Channel, which have earned reputations of educating students on history, nature and science with facts, would act so irresponsible with their target audiences.

I call on everyone reading this to sign this petition, telling them we will limit our time watching these stations, or stop watching them altogether, until they cease and desist with these lies and hokum about 2012.

14. Remedy Xbox 360 E71 E72 E74 errors, Red Light, Red Ring, etc...

Microsoft is running an ongoing scam with their hardware game system Xbox 360. I purchased the Xbox 360 thirteen months ago for 400 dollars. Recently I have received an error from the system where it flashes a single red light and reads E71 and E74 error.

This is a very common problem reported by extremely high numbers of people all over the internet. The system seems to fail after the included 1 year warranty for many people. On top of this, there is speculation among many tech savvy people that E71 error is caused by software updates to the system provided by Microsoft.

Another error common to the system is 3 or 4 red lights coming on or more commonly “the red ring of death” which is a hardware manufacturing defect, this is covered under a longer warranty thus repaired for free. The single red light E71 error has no such warranty.

Judging from the endless number of consumer complaints I’ve found online this would seem to be a built in flaw with the system to keep revenue flowing for Microsoft.

Microsoft by their own claims has sold 28 million of these units, this is an alarming at 100 dollars each to fix an error the company is creating. The errors created by the company, should be fixed for FREE.

Upon calling technical support they have a long list of “blaming the consumer” tactics.

This is not what an honest law abiding international company partakes in.

15. All loan officers and mortgage brokers should be licenced

With a large amount of Mortgage companies and Mortgage holders collapsing and defaulting in their loans, it is time to rein in the unscrupulous loan officers.

16. Stop scams on MMORPGs

Scammers cause chaos on many MMORPGs and the people who do them are bastardly.

17. Ban Bonsai Kittens Forever

Jan 26, 2006

There is a discusting website called where they put rare kittens in jars and put them on drips so their bones change to the shape of the jar.

Also they put them in the dark with no light or movement!

So please sign our petition to stop the horrible thing continuing!

18. End the Bonsai Kitten Terror

January 19, 2006

Young Kittens are being put into glass bottles for the public's mere amusement.

Please stop this discusting custom and stop these sick diseased pervert's ways. It is cruel and sick.

Kittens should be free and loved and not kept in small glass bottles. I will fight till the End to stop the terror.

19. Against Kitten Art

January 12, 2006

People have been taking kittens, stuffing them in jars feeding them unil they can't walk and the shape of the jar and then putting them on their shelves and considering them art.